If your enemy shits on you, you win

Trudeau's India trip is a total disaster

How did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the world’s favorite liberal mascot — a feminist man, with movie-star good looks, a 50 percent female cabinet and a political lexicon that has replaced “mankind” with “peoplekind” (making millions swoon) — end up looking silly, diminished and desperate on his trip to India this week?

Trudeau’s eight-day India expedition has been an absolute fiasco.

Hours before meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his journey hit a dead end when the Canadian high commissioner invited a Sikh extremist named Jaspal Atwal (who has been convicted of attempted murder and was previously affiliated with a terrorist group) to a dinner to honor Trudeau in Delhi. Atwal was found guilty of trying to kill an Indian minister in 1986; he was also blamed for an assault on Ujjal Dosanjh, the former premier of British Columbia.

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what the fuck is his problem

A strong desire to make himself look like a "good person" without any of the strength of character required to actually be one.

Same as any leftist, he's just more visible.

He's what soyboy betacucks wish they were. If you have above-average good looks you can get away with a lot.

When a soyboy betacuck cucks, he is instantly laughed at and ridiculed. When cuckdeau cucks, it took years for it to catch up because he exhausted any unwarranted lenience people had for him.

Unlike a lot of politicians, who play lip service to multiculturalism, this idiot put it into action and has showed the world how fucking stupid it actually is.

Fails in china, fails in fucking india FUCKING INDIA and is praised as a statesman by the media.
Trump wins everywhere he goes even when the country supposedly hates bmhim before he goes and the media loses their shit.

Look at all that shameful cultural appropriation.

This is old news, Chaim.
What are you sliding?

and many keks were had

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P-please, can't we all just get along?

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Even though he is the soy supreme, these images are still further proof that practicing Hinduism will always make Aryans look a gorillion times better than any streetshitting Dravdian subhuman.

pic related

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Is Trudeau going to be implementing the Aryan caste system?

This is why brown women are so assblasted by 'cultural appropriation.' The instant a pretty white girl puts on some kind of native costume she looks a hundred times better than they ever did.

None of the women in the first picture are attractive on their own, they just look like they are because of the cheerleader effect.

Front-right in the yellow and light pink 3rd place are decent.

who do we side with?

Is Trudeau larping as indian? Imagine he going to the US and dressing like a cowboy and saying yeehaw all the time or Germany and wearing their green shorts. There's no way he doesn't look way too tryhard to Pajeets. How is it possible whoever is responsible for his imagine thought that was a good idea? Or cacucks think it's good to larp as a streetshitter instead of wearing a suit like every other politician?

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Never got why liberals hate religion yet want to look for something spiritual.

Shitskins of all stripes only respect strength. He should have visited them in full colonial British dress and executed a few untouchables to show them what's what.

B is wrong to say they're all unattractive, even if a lot of them are. I could see that which is why I said the white girls had to be pretty before the browns began to take offense.

Absolutely, he always does.

A perfect summation. Virtue signalling and putting on these little stunts of shitskin worshipping allows an empty headed faggot like Trudeau to sleep easily at night because they are far, far easier to accomplish than undergoing the rigorous challenge of actually adhering to strong ideals and upholding the actual virtues they promote.

Trudeau is the kind of person who would feed his kid ice cream for dinner if they cried enough, because he wouldn't want to feel bad for disciplining his child and telling them no, even though being firm with an unruly child is far better for them in the long term.

And another one, during this year's fiasco trip.



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He just loves playing dress-up, doesn't he?

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It's called Exoticism, watch Xavier Renegade Angel, there's people who really spout the same crap he does.

Surprise, the faggot is a fan of these turbogay bollywood films

The more I look this guy in the eyes the more I see how he basically lived on weed from an early age.

This is true, potheads have an unmistakeable look.

Uh… user?

The sad truth is that these low iq subhuman streetshitters would've done so, had he done that.

Trudeau Status: Shitted.

Is this relevant enough for its own thread, tho?

Is this a joke?

Is is faggot representing Canada or India?

Canada really is a challenger for the cuckathlon 2018

I was speaking of pic related of course (polite sage)

I fail to see how he is good looking. Simply average. Look at those hamster-checks and the whiny eyes. Also high amount of estrogen. Can easily find better looking men by just stepping out of the door.

He is simply swooned over, because he is rich, famous and "powerful" (we know he isn't, but female sheeps don't).

For low estrogen also see his ring-finger / index-finger ratio. He is a fag.

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He's a trust fund brat who never really had a job in his life and has rode his family's name which is basically royalty in Canada. As a result, he's used to doing ineffective things but always getting good results because most Canadians he encounters are going to kiss his ass. I stress Canadians give him a by because the stupidity he showed in India is exactly the type of shameless larping as virtue signalling he's always done including when he successfully campaigned as prime minister. Canadians simply overlooked all the stupid shit he did because his last name must be honoured (his father was actually worst prime minister by far in Canadian history).

He's a marxist. Deconstruct and gas lighting whites while jerking off the shit skins.

India can have him but I think they have more common sense than mainstream Canadians

2 seconds in and that's all I could take.

obligatory, as every single one of these photos has his wifes son grimacing from the sheer global level of cringe that trudy exudes

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this is a serious case of your mom and dad gay together.


Holy shit, he's the weeaboo equivalent to the poo in loos.


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its funny how he was stupid enough to think that he would be better off visiting their country and its major leaders, en costume and half the time, wearing a traditional wedding suit. it shows confusion, weakness, and a desperate need to be validated (by himself and others). generally not the vibe youre trying to put out when youre the leader of a world power.

the funny part of all this is (and im assuming that he MUST have close friends who are indian) that indians (who actually live in india) pretty much unilaterally despise it when westerners try to stumble into their traditions and appropriate their culture. and they are right to do so, as their culture is VERY fucking old and insanely complicated. and to cap it all off, he had dinner with a convicted sikh terrorist. i know it clearly wasnt his intention (honestly he was probably looking to give rimjobs to all the indian politicians) but he did absolutely EVERYTHING he could to piss off the indians. there is no way that india as a nation has any respect for the man at all. he really did just do an unprecedented amount of political damage simply by going there and being such a "weapoo"

funny that he did a very similar thing when visiting china, and the chinese left the negotiation table with a similar distaste for his cuckwizardry.

should be censored honestly…

i seriously feel bad for his kid. i can see it in his eyes. he knows goddamn well that it is retarded to go to india and try and LARP as indians and wear the culture like a goddamn costume. like they werent already going to have everyone looking at them anyways? why not look like retarded fools while doing it?

i see a painful self awareness in that kids eyes. an awareness that trudy lacks. look at the picture . its in reverse. its like a father standing around with his children doing something retarded/messing around with him. they are his kin, so he doesnt hate them (though clearly annoyed with them at the moment of the photo) but he knows they are just being retarded little kids, and that everyone will grow up and look back at these photos and laugh, and feel embarrassed at how stupid they were when they were little kids.

i have no doubt that trudys wifes son is going to become some sort of right wing political magnate in his time. he has been dragged through the ring of cuckoldry, molded by a deep hatred for his fathers childishness.

Trump's bad treatment by the media is nothing new. A certain French leader received similar treatment from Jew media in his time.

Tellingly enough, nine years earlier, during his first stint as Emperor of the French Empire, Napoleon had granted citizenship to the Jews of France. This is how they showed their gratitude. They prop up Trudeau because he's a good little cuck doing his part of the Jews' plan to destroy Canada, just like his Communist father.

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its funny. i always hear about how trump is the most unprepared politician on the planet from liberals around me. on a couple occasions i have proposed that trudy is, to much autistic screeching from his supporters.

but truly, his desperate need for attention is something that, while simply embarrassing to a teenager or a child, is actually politically destructive and incredibly dangerous when put in the position of power.

its hard to take more than a couple seconds of this at a time. the man has absolutely no self awareness.

It's called narcissim. I would say more than 50% of politicians are narcissist. The other are plain sadistic or homos. Plus of course overlaps.

Kek. This interview with senior Times of India news editor is priceless. She says that Trudeau's trip to India was a 'colossal failure of diplomacy and leadership', and an embarrassment to both Indians and Canadians. Wew. CBC liberal host desperately tries to portray the trip as having some merit, but pajeet is having none of it and doubles down, reiterating that Trudeau is a colossal faggot. Almost as cringe a performance from CBC as Trudeau himself.

Yeah the dude clearly has a warped sense of what paying respects to another culture is.
If I was leader of Bongland and wanted to visit him I wouldn't put on their formal attire. I'd be rocking my formal attire, kilt, sgian dubh and shortbread.
Same as if they were visiting me, I wouldn't want them wearing a kilt, mainly because brown people in kilts trigger my autism something fierce, but it's retarded just thinking about it. Bugs the hell out of me when politicians wear a yamaka or kipah or whatever the fuck it's called when visiting Israel.

true. theyre all charlatans. its just trudy is so much more flamboyant than the rest of them.

Dear fucking God …

Counterpoint: Trudeau is trying to take Hinduism back to its Vedic Aryan roots.

This is his stepfather.

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I know, he's a cubano marano.

This is his biological father.

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This sums it up
They want the feel-goods of being a decent person, but lack, or even fight against, the strength needed to be one for real.

That would actually work, he would get the conservative hindhu's and some sikhs on his side.


The juxtaposition between him and Trump is really jarring. Trump is a entertainment celebrity who became a politician, while Trudeau is a politician who insists on being treated like a entertainment celebrity.


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Checke'd and kek'd

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dressing like a cowboy you say?

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Literally Prime Minister Barbie, jesus fuck.

A colonoscopy is when they stick a camera up your ass. There's no such thing as a "colonoscopy bag."

It would be really easy to turn divide the shitlibs by calling out Trudeau for cultural appreciation.

Absolutely brutal takedown of that faggot, holy shit. Not what I expected.

What the actual fuck?

You know how hard it is to wash off all the poo some of it lingers around for a couple of weeks.

Appropriation user.

Fucking autocorrect

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Vid related, a story told by a texan about complications from a colonoscopy.


The loos fear the mounties.

You got it backwards. Hinduism wouldn't make Aryans look good. Being Aryan makes Aryans look good. Dravidian Hindus look like shit because Dravidians look like shit. You could dress Dravidians up in any clothes you want on the planet or even undress them, they will be disgusting no matter what.

Fagdeau is an elite level cuck. Run of the mill cuckservatives simply cant compete with this level of cuckoldry.
Look at the joy in his face (pic).

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Trudeau indian version of Ken-sama when

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