Chinese General admits that the country wants to annex entire nations

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Doesn't the government pretty much brainwash the population to make all the ethnicities there believe they're Han to inflate their numbers? I wonder what the actual numbers of Han really are, probably at least 10 times smaller than what they actually claim.

No, it is more that the Han were so numerous historically that they just assimilated all the other smaller nations. For example there are an estimated 80 million Manchu in China, but only about 200,000 are aware they are Manchu because they got overrun by Han migrants into Manchuria and became just like the Han.

Only the Hanminjok are Han.
Chinks are not Han.
They are Chin/Qin.
The jews of Asia.

Meanwhile you inherited your culture from white tocharians.

Why doesn't Macro-polo remark on the Great Wall and why is it facing into China, as it if to contain it? I'm sure it nothing–It's almost as if the Cultural Revolution rewrote history.


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Why even bother militarily? They're already successfully conquering places like Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as parts of Africa through simply exporting masses of people and buying up properties.

You do realize states are capable of seizing assets, right?

History is written by the victors. Does anyone give a fuck about Tibet anymore? No.

The difference between Nazi Germany and China is that the Nazis cared about the German people, the Chinese do not care about other Chinese.

You misspelled "perverted beyond functionality through legalistic bootlickery, bugpeople conformity and confucian sophistry to the point of ultimately becoming opium bitches of the kike and then double jewing themselves through marxist self-genocideof both cultural and physical nature".

The only redeeming values of chinks were a colorful native culture and isolationism, and the later still did not manage to keep them uncucked since it ultimately made them ambitionless and complacent.

Sounds like the rambling of a US propaganda kike, for a US audience.

Fake and gay

I've been saying that war between the US and china is inevitable for over a decade now, but 99% of the responses are:

Tend to to agree with the torpedo on this one.

Anyone knows how pozzed the site it is?

I've been saying for years I could live with a white europe, russians, chinese and it's the niggers in africa, spics in europe and south america and the indians and arabs in the sand that need to be genocided

It's no more inevitable then open warfare between the US and USSR. Once states become a certain size, they use more subtle means of violence.

America nuked the wrong asians.

Tough times are ahead

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tbf I don't think the nips would be much better in these aspects if it wasn't for their early dutch influences. At best they would be just less honorless due to their insular militaristic conduct and lack of unwarranted masturbatory self-praise.

The lack of poor and innocent black people and arabs are disturbing! Oyy!!!!

Its afraid. Reminder Chinese is not a race or ethnicity, that China is made up of many different unique peoples all forced together under communism, the same communism which:
Are responsible for China throwing away 4000 years of history and therefore only having less than 100 years to speak of. They destroyed all their own culture and history under Mao and now want to do the same to all those around them. Fuck China and fuck anyone who suggests China should remain a single country.

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Laws dont exist in Canada. The government just throws people in prison without them having done anything, just dont get caught not dying.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I judge races based on how well they cope with plastic, especially plastic trash because the lower the race the more they think it's a weird wood you can just drop on the ground and have it rot away because natural resources like that is all their ape brains know.

Chinks are bottom tier.

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Ffs cannot stand the nesegroes

Btw he gave no primary source only the archive and the link is to a story from 2005.

it's no longer 1980 boomer cuck

post all the retarded pictures of the chinese you can find, dog cooking pictures, street shitting, and ugly girls but you are seriously fooling yourself to under estimate the chinese. I worry about this much more than anything else

the US and NATO countries are in significant decline compared to a china which is booming.

They specifically names Australia - which they have been buying huge chunks of. NZ has sold a great deal of land to them as well, and they seem to have rights to build private lodges on public land.

So they admit their mass migration to Canada and Australia is to overtake it eventually

And Canada which the same shit is going on
I don't think they named them out of Coincidence

Worry more about the misplaced generosity of whitey.

I wonder how much of a threat china really is. We are fortunate in that Vladimir Putin is the Padasha Czar of Russia right now. The moment the chinese misbehave, and expand too far into the pacific and the east, is the moment the Russians invade from the north.

The Chinese will do very well with occupying other nations however, because they will simply slaughter anyone not chinese.

Once they made the petro yuan, they sealed their fate. They are nothing more than parasites that require a stable economy to mooch off of. Once the regressive leftists are removed, and the trade war starts, the chinese will collapse under their own weight and incompetence.

I have wondered about this. It was very similar to what happened with the Japs in the 80s in America. The problem is that the chinese seemed to have bought the property during the recession, where as the japs got wiped out by a real estate bubble. It almost makes me wonder if the 2008 recession was planned. After all, the wall street firms love to hire asians. and kikes will sell anyone for half a penny.

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You must be pretty fucking retarded to not be able to get your firearms license since it's a pretty straight-forward process.
I know a guy who is literally retarded and on tons of meds who got restricted and non-restricted no problem.
Or maybe you're just on the government shitlist for something you did?

If I recall correctly the Jap economy was crushed by influencing their central bank to inflate a massive housing and stock market bubble. I believe they forced the Japs to follow neoliberal economic policies , whereas before the Jap central bank could simply tell banks to give more or fewer loans to control the pace of the economy. Could be off with those points but the linked documentary was a good watch.

(Oh Mein Gott)

pic related

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you really don't make much sense. there is inner and outer mogolia, and khazastan, in the east the border with china most of the russians there are of an ethnic asian mix. China and Russia will not war with each other. And calling Putin czar may sound effective in your own mind in the very same way calling trump orange potato sounds cool but makes you look like a damn fool to people with common sense.

get the fuck out jew

"summer is coming check out my new haircut" and then incomprehensible gibberish.
I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with that kid's head. And I live in China.
-Chinese spy

Well, Han is actually an ethnic group, and refers to the Chinese people who come from China proper (the costal central region of China). It's just more diverse because people mix with the other ethnic groups in China.


Only proxy war. Nukes made direct confrontation impossible.

That must be the reason why so many Mongoloids get plastic surgery to look as white as possible haha.




The chinese have far too few nukes for MAD.

Fuck off Zang. I work at a chink restaurant and my boss said the Chinese have a word for canada that literally means "for the taking", he laughed about it.

Also this. They have a tiny amount of nukes, less than France.

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80% of the country is Han. And all of the other minorities consider themselves Chinese first, then their other group second. This is a massive advantage over America

Funny this guy does not mention Apefrica, although it was big on their agenda ten years ago. Did AFRICOM suceed in driving the chinks out or did they simply decide that colonizing Apefrica is economically unfeasible?

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Over 90% isn't it?

They are atm because everyone is buying into the "next global superpower" meme, and mostly people who don't understand the place. It's becoming like a self-fulfilling prophecy, hopefully until someone finally calls a stop it.

There's no original source for the article so it might be fake. Still, I have no doubt this is how the chinks think.

I attended a conference by a chink company a month ago or so. Nothing special, just your typical supplier of shitty goods introducing itself to local suckers who might buy its goods. The company's rep made a presentation in which he unironically described entering the new market as "thousands of warships entering unknown waters with the blessing of the Han people's very soul".
Something tells me that it won't be another ten years before kikes completely switch from niggers to chinks as their new golem.

He said that in English?


The history and culture cannot be replaced since they burned all the books they could get their hands on, hacked apart statuary and historical buildings, and literally ate anyone even suspected of being mildly cultured.
1980 or not, the old China is and will remain dead.

Fucking kek, unreal. And how did the crowd react?

Pic related.
I was the only one alarmed, as far as I can judge. If chinks really are autistic enough to view even fishing for shitty business deals as conquest, we're in deep fucking trouble.

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Go read a history book, you fascist-hating kike.

See above, hate legalism/fascism? >>>Zig Forums

What exactly are you aiming for here?

Here's the goriest historee proof for their chronology.

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I don't have as much contact with chinks as some here may have but from what I've seen so far, Chinks are massive LARPers, easily on par with niggers. Look at their big budget movies for example. LARPing which would put Wakanda to shame and I'm not exaggerating.

And then there is also the completely made up theory that China discovered America, which has been debunked over and over but is viewed as fact by China and IIRC taught in schools.

China has one thing to do before it can do anything for itself. Expel its Jews.

I doubt the Chinese, as nationalistic and pragmattic as they are, are ever going to willingly submit to itsnotrael. Sure, maybe some kikes will tell them to go and conquer the world "for them". Even IF that were to happen, say they eradicated everyone. Nothing but Chinese and kikes left, you don't think they would let inferior lower iq people be their masters? I know what people say about jewish influence in the early chinese goverment, but I have seen multiple accounts of kvetching yids talking about how they're "afraid of the nationalistic capitalist direction they're taking". Just like how many in Russia long for the days of the Czars before the jews fucked them in 1917, The Chinese want nothing more than what they call the "dream of Chinese Rejuvenation" which from what I read from Xi's speech is referring to bringing back Chinese greatness to what it was before the chaos of the opium wars in the 1800s. People / groups act in their own self interest. I keep trying to tell people this, China is communist in name only. If they wanted a "communist" government they would have had one by now, so why does Xi talk about his heralded "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics"? It's Chinese National Socialism. I read this interview about this "liberal" guy who was a teacher over there recently, he said they're going through a sort of cultural revolution currently, but unlike the one that happened with mao, this one is right wing. Probably thanks to the internet and they can observe all the cucks and niggers out in the world.

Can I have sauce, please? This is fucking hilarious.

Australia is more stable than USA and Canada. They don't want to kick the white people out of Australia otherwise it will turn Australia into shithole. No chinks will want to live like that. The white lifestyle is better than chink lifestyle.

The Chinks were sucking manchu cock before during and after the opium wars.
Also, the height of China - techwise - was the Song dynasty. It was all downhilld after that

He's referring to Zheng He's voyage. The problem with that theory is that most of the ships in the flotilla were not meant to travel through oceans. They were too big and too heavy, and they required frequent resupplies. So yes, basically wewuzkangz tier

It's called "1421 the year China discovered America" by a British faggot named who also authored several follow ups (1437 how China ignited the italian renaissance and 1421 the year China discovered the world).

And heres a site debunking it:

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How new are you not to know how Jew controlled and created China is. Communism started in China because of Jews, and those Jews remained influential all the way to now.

Rothschild and related families destroyed China through opium. They then fomented rebellion and insurrection in China, then used the opium epidemic to spark the cultural revolution, which us a catch phrase for what equates to cultural destruction.

The bug men of China are a modern phenomenon. Some of the best poets, artists, medical research, mathematics, architecture and military strategy came from Chinese culture, that culture was utterly demolished, resulting a soulless raceless mob which could easily be manipulated, just as the Protocols implied would happen and the Kalergi minded individuals whom started the EU planned for Europe.

True National socialism would exemplify those qualities of China, not mass production, slave labor and profit over quality. It's still communism no matter what they publicly claim it is. In order to become National Socialism in any likeness of the Third Reich they'd first have to rid themselves of the very influence that first destroyed that commonwealth.

Holy shit, this is unbelievable.

I believe it is based on that but I'm not sure right now. Zheng He's purported ship in pic related compared to a Spanish ship.

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This is part of why I think countries allow foreigners to buy property; it lets them steal that shit the second relations go south.

China did have large ships, though not that big. The problem, though, is that these ships were meant to travel through the Yangtze, not the Pacific or any other sea for that matter.
The problem with large ships is maintenance. The larger the ship, the more crew it needs. The more crew it needs, the more supplies it requires. An ocean going ship shouldn't be that large. It should be fast, efficient and logistically sufficient.

The chink tale is the almost exact opposite of yours. IIRC they claim that because their ships were so big (they believe they were as big as on the drawing) that enabled them to "dominate" the waves in the first place and that therefore Columbus ship was way too small for ocean travels.

There's also a reconstruction of Zhang He's ship (which seems to scale) in some chinese city and stamps.

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I'm not going to link to Wikipedia, but tl:dr; he's basically a Chinaboo whose mouth writes checks his ass can't cash. This part in particular raised an eyebrow:

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Then why does China support Iran?

fake copy pasta is fake

What a crackpot, can't say I'm surprised.

Kek, that's another typical Chinese lie btw. As everyone knows, China claims what they call the 4 Great Inventions: Compass, Paper, Printing and Gunpowder. Except that paper was invented in Egypt. The whole "but papyrus wasn't paper" thing which CIDF shills pulls is just semantics.

Actually, both Western and Chinese civilization both have a literary tradition that goes back a little under 3.000 years.

The difference is that Western civilization experienced two major (Greece and modern Europe) and Two minor (Rome and medieval Europe) periods that allowed it to develop further, while the Chinese had one Golden Age and then the occasional minor rennaissance in their medieval period.

At the end, the Chinese failed to move on, while the West did.

Relevant and very recently published article.

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Been thinking about this since I've been getting into Chinese history lately. Compared to the European timeline, the Chinese seem to be just sputtering along with constant infighting and nothing new really happening. Doesn't help that they've basically stymied themselves with confucianism basically turning their entire society into one end ruled by clerks and eunuchs.

I wonder if the migratory period enriched Europe despite what it did to the Western empire.

I doubt they've thought it that far through tbh. They all want to leave China so there's going to be a shit ton of migrants. They want the resources so they're going to go after those. They want control and say on a local level so they'll chase that too. Not sure if "we don't want the place to become like China" has entered into the thought process.

Didn't China sink its entire trade fleet at one point because Emperor Qin Shi Huang decided that all who want to trade with them will come by themselves?

anybody have any ideas on whether this is fake or not?

Both the West and China had two similar events happening:

One a related but foreign people take over parts of the culture cores, in the West that's the Germanic tribes in the East thats the Mongolians.

Two a foreign culture introduces itself on the old core of the culture, in the West that's Christianity and in the northern Europe Greco-Roman culture in the East that's Buddhism and Vedic culture and then later Christianity, Religion of Cuck™ and Persian mysticism.

The West absorbed those influences, learned to understand them and then abandoned them for modern Western culture, while the East just kept on chingchonging the same way they have done since the Tang period.

China is by it's very nature a society unable to change or grow or enrich itself beyond a certain point. They are a fossil.

I can't believe people are scared of China invading. They couldn't even invade Vietnam after the US killed thousands of them for fucks sake and people are worried about these little shits with one aircraft carrier that was designed in the 80s by the Soviets and they don't even have as many nukes as the fucking French. Christ how could anybody be afraid of the fucking antmen who think body armor spoils their troops?

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Chinese can't fight worth shit, but they are excellent at assimilation and annexation via mass immigration. Look at the Russian Far East: in about ten years it will be Chinese Far North, as they have purchased almost all of the land there and settled there in millions. And they shit up areas they live in as fast and as badly as niggers.
Nobody's fucking worried about fighting these bug-people, we are worried about there being too fucking many of them on our turf.

China is the world record holder for getting their asses kicked when they have a massive advantage.

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Stop pulling this retarded shit out of you ass nigger.
Those ships have been traveling all over South East Asia and South Asia up to the Middle East. No one ever claimed they made trips straight across the pacific leave alone atlantic.

Holy shit did you ever look at a map? A trip from historical China to continental America is almost as short as traveling accross the eniter coast of historical from North to South and easier than a trip from Denmark to Greenland and people discovered that on fisherman nutshells.

Fuck off, Chang.

With how good they are at fighting I wouldn't even worry about that since eventually they will have to actually try and take over through force since countries can't just keep letting them in forever and based on their history of fighting ten white men could kill a thousand Chinese no problem.

Just google for it. You cant find this fake transcript on any "reputable" news source. Only on obscure blogs and the usual China smack sites bookmarked by curry niggers and gooks that publish any shit.

Not an argument Pajeet

Where's the lie faggot? ZhengHe's voyage hugged the coasts of India and SE Asia. It was not meant for long voyages without ressuplies.

Build another wall in the Rocky Mountains.

No it's not, unless you go way up north, the distance across is much larger and faster then a trip from Denmark to Greenland.

Maybe actually look it up on a globe.

Imagine a billion slightly smarter jews. That's China.

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yeah, it's starting to look like that.

I think you made a mistake there user I don't remember the jews starving billions of their own people through sheer incompetence.

What is the holocaust?

Literally what the fuck else would it be for?

Something that didn't happen.