Japan activates first marines since WW2 to bolster defenses against China

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Once they've dealt with China and Korea, America is next

Hooray! Good on you Nippon. Hopefully this and some conscription helps your grasseater problem.

Neat. Will their ships have smug anime girls on them?

I like where this is going.

It seems extremely fucking likely.

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If they come out as Rankafags I retract my support.

Need to clean their country from filthy yanks first.


Instead of playing Ride of the Valkyries they will play some vocaloid

I can get behind this.

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Hi China.

Ganbatte Nippon.

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that better be real and not photoshop
i was stationed in japan years ago and remember these anime type statues they put in front of the JMSDF buildings and thought it was stupid at the time. shits cash though.

just imagine being a ground pounder that gets his ass saved by that thing giving cas.
or worse getting airstriked by it, shits a whole different level of psychological warfare.

Imagine having your squad members airstriked, you look up and it's a fucking smug anime girl face

Can you even imagine the level of psy op

i mean if that was used in combat, im not sure if id even notice until after the battle someone told me lol
id pay good money to fly around in that in an airshow. just imagine the smug look youd have on your face while looking down at all the spectators

vid related

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Imagine a squad of a 100 UAV helicopters with smug anime girls on them. SoftBank did acquire Boston Dynamics afterall.

does boston dynamics even do uav's?
i thought they specialized in r&d for ground drones and robotics.
also back on topic, what is the size of that marine group the nips activated, are they even capable of any force projection with that or is this the first trial run for a future marine battalion?
anything less then a fully equipped battalion would be a bad joke against chinese expansionism in the south sea.

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too little too late

by the time they are combat ready we will have entered the age of massproduced drone warfare

there's like a 70% chance japan has actual EVA units or Gundams that they've been dying to deploy


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Oh you of little Zig Forumsnowledge.

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truth be told i want china to conquer and purge afrika but thats all they can have for lebensraum.

Because whites are too pussy to do it am I rite?

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But in that case I'd rather Japan rule than China.

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TFW the US goes REICH and together with Imperial Japan, 'liberate' the world.

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You forgot one: Switzerland just sitting there.

They are part of the Aryan European Union tbh, they joined for trade, but weren't conquered 'cause to much hassle.

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You disgust me

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The do mess up the facial features (same face) and make the ships look weird. True.

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Drafting all the neets would be a great thing. Force them in the army, then give them a rifle and some farmland in hog country.

They made Kircheis look like a backstabbing shifty cunt.
Not to mention that according to them Lohengramm needs a deep voice and animu-protagonist shit to say so people realize he is cool.

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maybe its me being a massive faggot but legend of the galactic heroes was fucking boring to me.
the old battletech novels were a million times more interesting.

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While my opinion of you could hardly be worse for saying that, I do somewhat understand.
LohG is not about action or star wars stly ship battels, rather it's more akin to a simulation with the care and detail of a documentary or historical tale.
As such, it is not for everyone.

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In 2015 Japan was legally remilitarized.
It gave itself legal right to rearm to "help or defend allies"
Some of Japan's allies include USA which has bases and deployments all over the world

Sup shill, see
Japan will save the white race and kill your golems.

This is the best thing to happen. Trump said he wanted Allies to have a standing army to help defend themselves since the U.S. is sick of playing world police.

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wut? They made the men more square man jaw, and have less subtle features.

This they completely messed up Kircheis. Reinhard is not as bad.

Some of the graphics are better and more dynamic but yeah.

People keep on thinking about democracy as if it is one system. It isn't, there are many ways to organise democracy, just as there are to organise an autocracy.


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Why are there no drawings of nuclear bombs fucking japanese women with a superior-sized white penis.


There likely are. NTR (cuckporn) is huge in Nippon.

It doesn't get exported outside of Japan.

NTR is actually dying, finally. Polls show audiences would prefer scat to NTR by a 3 to 1 ratio. Studios infamous for producing cuck shit have noticed they can make way more money with a simple vanilla harem game than thier usual shit. Future is looking bright.

not surprising at all, the expreme shit always leads to the endpoint of pure vanilla, just check out the monsterfags.
also ive heard a bullshit rumor that abe black budget financed industry trends towards impregnation and female submission.

Good for you Japan go kill some chinks.


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Sorry, rice terrace hills.

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It is not bad news. It means people have a stronger disgust response to ntr than shit. That is a good place to be.

Fucking finally. I swear, we're going to dig up some documents someday showing a shady organisation bought hundreds of thousands of racemixing cuckoldry mangos to make it appear popular. No person in their right mind could prefer cucking to vanilla, let alone a majority.

What about loliz. S Ramune and other good stuff.

Can we get a full-on metal slug army?

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I always thought the monster girls thing was just a typical harem story with bird girls or whatever, but the first game that did it was some seriously weird shit. Everything since then has been getting much tamer it seems.

The funny thing is I believe that movie was made by chinks to make the japs look bad, but instead it made them look like some kind of badass dance troupe.

We will likely see its continuation for the near future within 'black routes'. All the degenerate shit being confined, segregated, to a seperate half of the game. Sales numbers going forward will likely disfavor this last ditch compromise to try and appease the vocal cuck minority.

It was, but they fucked up and made one of the Japanese characters sympathetic (I think it's the guy in the thumbnail in fact) and got a bit of backlash for it.

Monster girl quest vs. monster girl encyclopedia.

The former had some real fucked up shit. The latter has succeeded it with a more 'start a family, challenge the world and pump out lots of kids' message.

they are back

I believe in you Japan, you can do it!

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That has 'bad ends' of fetish shit.
The true final ending is vanilla extract, loving couple who have cemented their foundations for prosperity, producing the healthiest, strongest, offspring possible in a monogamous marriage.
Hell, main character's grandma is spoiler blond haired blue eyed mother of all angels.

I swear, if they removed the monstrous elements from monster girls it would be the most 'pure' porn on the market. That said its porn, and fulfills the position of what should be reality like a pacifier.

speaking of that, here's a meme

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Faggots in general is on the decline, and they know it. Why do you think the LGBTQMNOP groups are up in arms? Very few humans are gay or this stupid genderqueer shit, but they want everyone to base everything on having stupid sex. It is, was, and always has been the idea of using physical pleasure to placate the mind. Let the fags fade back and let men reign as men once more.

Was it the chinks or gooks they were thumbing thier noses up at with that?

I'm not even surprised.

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This is how I imagine china getting butt fucked during WW2

gross dude

Nice. Jews fear the Samurai.

JewTube video embedded. Don't know how to webm and I hate Hooktube.

Notice the jomon features.

This meme still feels like a D&C angle.

Grab youtube-dl

Because it pretty much is.

Hey remember how Britain destroyed its empire and gave it all back to the fucking niggers just to spite Germany?

If that's the case, it's pure concocted Kikery born of complete historical ignorance.

They did all that because of commie infiltration goy.

I hope Japan destroys those commie chinks.

Not surprising honestly, it was bound to pop. It was mostly Korean artists flooding the market with shit ton of cuck porn obviously emulating the kikes with their tendencies of pushing interracial cuck porn. It almost like the Talmud is popular with Koreans.

The study of the Jews is, not their 'holy' book. We got something of a false impression because of a clickbait article of a children's book called Talmud becoming popular.

Fucking fitst-post, d&c kike. We know you fear the samurai. This time when nations start marching to war we shall be their ally, and we will eradicate you.

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They also cut dicks.
Jew-murican import.

Post some good anime porn next time

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Did someone watching jizz all over them or something?

I took umbrage with a detail, not the premise. That Eight Goddess shit was crazy.

That is shitposting brought to a whole other level.

Now that you mention it lel. Guess you the viewer came. MFM sandwich. Is that bisexual?

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It's cuckoldry

Not only that. But people raised fapping for 13 years to "normal porn" will find it dull, plus have conditioned themselves to watch 2 people fug rather than actually be part of the sex.

This mix of boredom plus training to watch two people rather than partake in it creates the cuck.

Now cuck/NTR, despite it's apparently exotic boredom breaker, is suffering from bredom aswell, thankfully.
The only way to way to re-wire your brain is to learn to de-attach yourself from pornography within the realms of possibility.

Really? Fucking really? Did they ask the citizens to vote on it? Because that's a fucking retarded policy to make in any country. No wonder Russia and China have been acting like chimps since WW2. I am thoroughly convinced that all of the wrong people won WW2. America should have stayed the fuck out of that war.

Youre about to see some
Real samurai hours


The chinks are the ones that study the jews, gooks are basically the lost tribe of Israel at this point.

They voted to rearm in 2015 and the US couldn't block it, the kikery is coming to an end.

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Good. It warms my heart to think that the US military has been so cucked, so deracinated, and multicultural that when the nations we once subdued finally do get their shit together the US won't even be able to consider military action. All the trannies will be too scared to fire their guns, and the latinos won't be willing to fight in a real war either.

Here you go user-kun.

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Only if we remove vodka first

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