Trump beginning to go Super Saiyan, bashes anchor babies
It's beginning.

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Nice to see him back in form.

i like when trump takes the mask off for a second and lets the GE shine through, it's really only ever at rallies or town halls but it's always a nice reminder that he really is in the WH and he really is shaking everything up

Realistically, how plausible is repealing birthright citizenship? Of course everyone with a brain realizes the 14th amendment only applied to freed slaves and confederate generals, but the lemmings are too brainwashed to realize it.

If there's one thing I like about Trump is he's making common sense laws.

It'd be great if he made a clear program of how to gauge your contribution to the country and where you stand on your route to earn a citizenship.

Too many people look at their sole POV and never try to see what the whole country is trying to achieve.

That's what made it easy for shit to start slipping

I think he's getting sick of Congress' pussyfooting and his cabinet being full of backstabbing cucks.

I'll admit, I was one of the TORspammers who was really mad that Trump fucked up on the omnibus, but I am back to full on Trump supporter. Vid related.

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all he has to do is say the word and the action is fucking go

He also needs people to draft the paperwork. It's not instantaneous.

I'm fairly certain it would require an act of congress, but the will isn't there.

The God Emperor has returned.

Glad you back on the train Satan.


Way to be wish wash torpedo Satan

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you misinterpret me, you're discussing policy, i'm discussing face to bloodshed.

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It's hard to say since "birthright citizenship" is just a footnote written by Justice Brennan in 1982, it was literally his opinion slipped in. But it is treated has gospel by the established government, so getting it revoked would take a pretty massive effort.


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If he can get the anchor babies' not counted as citizens, I'll do my best to see his face on Mt. Rushmore

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Loyalty is the most valuable resource on Earth and you have none.

That's not how a representative republic works. There is nothing improper about retracting support from someone who is not carrying out the policy you specifically elected them to carry out. However, to go full shill over it is pathetic.

Never do that again, user

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In all seriousness, do you think Trump gives good headpats?

The best, but you have to prove yourself to earn one. He's a senpai with high standards.

Lucifer, I…

OC was made for this

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I was listening to some nigress on NPR whine about Trump on the way home from work the other day. NPR is great for lulz
The negress was whining about how Trump "changes his mind all the time" and how this unpredictability obstructs congress's agenda. Of course by "congress," she means "da demakrats" agenda.
She ascribed his unpredictability to stupidity and I believe that she is being sincere. She is an idiot and idiots fail to understand the strategy behind seemingly incoherrent actions.
By being unpredictable and flipflopping on a daily basis, he intimidates congressional representatives. How can you work with a man who might change his mind in a day? She insinuated with fear that congressmen tried to appease Trump more than they otherwise would have in an attempt to get him to work with them.

I bet those dems feel really stupid for not negotiating with Trump on DACA now.


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Stop issuing bonds based on birth registration then.

It's the dirty little secret of anchor babies. They are a net asset.

I hope he points out the hypocrisy more. How Mexico has some of the toughest border laws there are - and we're supposed to just open the door and let them in. When they'd never let us in.

Agreed. He came back, which is good.

< ahem, I believe you are referring to ASYLUM SEEKERS
< t. MSNBC

We'll keep our eyes on you buddy.

You ready for a fucking trip?

Red pill: Don't say I didn't warn you. The original 13th Amendment was the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA). Some of the greatest jurists believed it to be the 13th Amendment. How was it erased, not only from consciousness, but also as law? The former, by kikes. The latter, it was because of a question of process which hasn't been clarified. TONA achieved approval per the time it began to be approved. However, more states were added to the Union, and insufficient, by this later measure, joined. What is the TONA, you may ask? "If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."
Blue pill: As you were.

Minding that the 14th is the one which grants birthright citizenship, the 13th eliminates slavery.

If he removes anchor tacos and locks up assassinates all the leading members of the kike cartel ruining our country I'll see to it that he's all 5 faces on Mt. Rushmore.

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'Who the hell wants to take care of them?' Trump says deporting MS-13 gang members is cheaper than housing them in jails and says visa lottery system has to end
President says he doesn't want to spend money to incarcerate violent gang members and would rather send them back to El Salvador
'You know, the jail stuff is wonderful but we have to pay for it, right?' he told graduates of a program at the FBI Academy in Virginia
Trump said that in 2017 the Justice Department has collaborated with authorities in Central America to arrest and charge about 4,000 MS-13 members
MS-13's motto is 'Kill, Rape, Control'; its primary weapons are baseball bats and machetes

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The best thing he could do is write a memo saying it'll no longer be considered. That memo will not be brought up to the SCOTUS because they all know it's not an actual law or act but just a fucking opinion.

Go fuck yourself. Support during the tough times is how you power through your opponent.

Please god let this be true.

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Because we have a judicial tyranny where anything good Trump does gets stonewalled, we need a constitutional amendment that repeals the birthright citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment, and clarifies that only children born to US citizens are granted citizenship at birth.

You might think it's a perfect storm for such a common-sense constitutional amendment with a Republican House, Republican Senate, and Republican White House. But the problem is we've still got the same cucks in power that we had in 2016. They can't even come to a consensus on funding for the border wall, so they're not going to do anything about birthright citizenship.

Good work, user.

I'd like to see more of the "Why can't they dream in Mexico?" meme, personally.

Enough with the tricks, Satan.

the guy is David Seaman best friend stabbed to death when he reported on Pizzagate and warning left in FB from a stranger, and poisoned. He's seen one of the sealed indictments and isn't a LARPer.>>11458751

I don't care who he is. The idea that our president browses the chans while watching Alex Jones Batman style when he's not fucking porn stars and playmates is something out of world.

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Because cartel civil war something I guess.


An invasion can occur many ways

disloyal cuckold

Mexico should surrender to the beautiful constitution of the United States of America

Gas yourself kike.

Updated edit of OC
The Q mention isn't Zig Forums but is very relevant to

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Kek was assaulted by a Blue Black Dumbledore Tara and someone else at a Rootin Tootin or Red gasoline station in Amarillo off exit 68.

He’s not playing this game with niggers anymore, fix your shit niggers.

That guy at the start is a kike, by the way. Could be a true story, though.

Too many traitors in congress + the kiked up jewdicial system means it will never happen.

Getting tired of these games

The time has come for a new government. Some say a constitutional convention. I think this goes not far enough. We need a fascist government. Nothing else can save us now.

You're a fucking faggot.

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If you want to see more of it THEN GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO IT

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you saw where the "republic" got us … those days are over. Its time to pick a side. You have shown weakness.

Any amercian would have been for trump because its clear everyone not for trump is not for american freedom. He is , he is leading the way.

You dont know what side you are on, we see you are not an ally. Get lost

This, if they betray their base they don't deserve support.

Him making comments against the 2A are not going to be easily forgiven by me.
The Zig Forumsube provides an orange boomer with a shitty wig doesn't.

Ave nex alea

They might be able to get it done for future births but probably not past, since they have all the paperwork.

We have to get them all out anyway though, so long term it wont matter.

austria is currently kicking out turks with past "paperwork".

instead of conservative vs liberal it should read American vs anti-American.

lets start calling these cucks what they are

it should read American vs Un-Americans.

Not all of us misinterpret you, brother.

Kek was assaulted by a Blue Black Dumbledore Tara and someone else at a Rootin Tootin or Red gasoline station in Amarillo off exit 68.

Fuck off Progressives. Quit screwing with maps

I am not Q or T

Heterosexual Emporer.

He’s not playing this game with niggers anymore, fix your shit niggers.

Neither am I X

Well, that was okay. I already know a lot more about US history than most burgers, so it was okay. Tl;dr the USA hates man-monarchies, because in the USA God is already the King, and man-kings are a heathen attempt to steal the glory of the King away from God for nefarious gain.

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Hey guys if I get my American GF pregnant and she gives birth in Canada would the child be an American or a Canadian?

t. Canadian

Read Heinlein's 'Starship Troopers', chapter 8.

jus soli AND jus sanguinis

No non-citizen has right-of-birth to thus grant citizenship by being born. Birthright is reserved for those who have right. It is that simple. It always has been. Right is reserved, hence why it is a right. Those who have right, have right. Those who do not, do not. Non-citizens do not have the right of birth to bestow citizenship.

The land thing is a meme. An exploited meme that will now be discarded. The spics, nigs, and asiatics did it to themselves by overloading the account so much that that account, even being just a meme, is now going to be removed. And must be removed.

Only citizens have right. Only those who have right can grant birthright, by definition of right.

Here is the form.
18: Mother's Birthplace
23: Father's Birthplace

18b: Mother's SSN
23b: Father's SSN

AMEND: by State adoption or by Federal Law:
Registrar shall verify and confirm 18a+18b+23a+23b. If not, then this form shall be forbidden to be signed and shall not be acknowledged under any. Form BirthCertificateLongFormTemporaryVisa must be filled out instead. Amend all policy accordingly.

This is just paperwork+procedure. Procedure failure = wrong form. Form grants citizenship validity. Append the ShortForm AND LongForm, and confirm ShortForm AND LongForm are to be signed for validated citizenship ONLY. Noncitizens cannot be validated / authorized by the Secretary Registrar. The Registrar exceeds its literal authority by signing a form on which it has no Constitutional Jurisdiction to do so AND MUST NOT SIGN. The end.

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woo, seems my child won't even have to be born in Canada, and will probably have dual-citizenship.

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This is no permanent solution OTHER then having secure ports of entry and not allow the parasitic vermin to enter in the first place, you will always be sweeping while those who seek undermine you push their cancerous population towards you.

The left in Europe has circumvented the fact that these countries do not recognize illegal aliens shitting out a child as one of their countries nationality thus they don't get citizenship, but the left circumvent it by simply issuing a directed or even a blanket general pardon for the child(ren) and thus grandfathering in the illegal parents as citizens as well. The US could do the same thing by having congress legitimately nationalizing a whole group of people, a president could have a presidential order naturalizing them through mass blanket pardons.

Most European countries only recognize a child of a father, not the mother. So when a men impregnates a subhuman from other country, that child is automatically given the citizenship of that European country. If he marries the subhuman women she gains automatic citizenship as well.

The only solution is to have near impenetrable border walls to reduce the numbers significantly and too catch them and deport them, eventually they begin to self deport even when they have citizenship, much like operation wetback.

Loyalty? Loyalty to what? Trump is a battering ram, a tool. You don't have loyalty to a sledge hammer, do you? No you use it and when it breaks you grab another one and keep hammering away until the job is done. Trump needs to be constantly reminded that WE (pissed off white men who are SICK of seeing our country crumble) put him in power and WE can take him out when he goes off course. We're using the system to fight the system, just like how the kikes took over in the first place. Can't you see that? You can't ignore the game just because you don't like the rules.

They just haven't seen who Trump really is. Remember, there's a constant media barrage demonizing him 24/7.
Vid related, should break the conditioning on Trump

Red red

That's changing, people do realize just how kiked out the judiciary is. The kikes took over the courts, because the US constitution is retarded and allows the courts to reinterpret the laws. How ridiculous is that?

yes, lets.

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fucken' saved
Expert-tier memes. Word replacement is extremely powerful
racist — race-realist
nazi — anti-loxism
jew — holocaust victim
black supremacist — black rights activist
neo-nazi — alt-right played themselves kek
conspiracy theorist — truth seeker cringe
fake news — alternative news
SJW — feminist
undocumented migrant — illegal trespasser
undocumented migration — illegal trespassing

You can make anything sound good or bad or neutral by choice of words used

That doesn't work, being patriotic is a bad thing in their eyes. Instead, call them something like:


Only watched was that the "service guarantees citizenship" part?

Me again. I'll just answer everyone at once:

You should never owe a PERSON your loyalty unless he gets what you want accomplished. Prior to us getting angry at him for the omnibus debacle, Trump did not do anything that we are now seeing. It's highly likely that Trump has a long list of 'things I can do by executive fiat' that he has up his sleeve in case he needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat to impress his base. You're saying he would have done these things already, but the timing says differently. Trump knows his base was mad at him, Pirro and Hannity had a meeting with him explaining how angry his base was getting over the omnibus. That plus a shouting match he had with Coulter really did let him know that his lack of action re: immigration was not tolerable anymore. Make no mistake, the shitstorm raised caused Trump to do all of these good things, and it's our job to get angry with him so that he can deliver us these things. It's how he can explain it to his GOPe cohorts who want no action on immigration.

So it's possible that Trump wants us to kick up shitstorms every so often so he can use that anger as justification for getting it going on immigration.

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You’re being stupid fake blue Masons.
Sure won’t you retard. You go do it, so you can wear orange too.

He doesn't stoop to that level of faggotry.

You want to be a Mason, join a lodge. I did.

Someone better than at meme-ing than me, consider doing something with this idea:
If a baby born in America is American, is a baby born in prison a criminal?
Being born somewhere because your parents committed a crime should not have an impact on a child, whether positive or negative.

You can thank the boomers for that. But that really is a more glaring issue.

No thanks.

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Here's the relevant part.

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