Words have meanings

Country = geopolitical border

Nation = Group of people

State = Government

Nation State = Government for a group of people

A nation is not a country, stop letting the jew wash out your ability to speak and think by using words incorrectly.

We need more subversion of language threads.

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OP is autistic, but he is right. A nation, a state, and a country are not the same.

He's also wrong by omission
A group of people united by common kinship

OP = faggot

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Good post.

latin root = gnasci
PIE root = gene

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Nothing has struck me as hard as Evolas explanation of the concept of Nationalism

We need an empire, and fides towards it. A constant center with a transcendent and centered leader.

This makes nations and soil secondary, this makes our center home, and as long as were centered we are there.

Nati = Latin for race.

Nati-on = a people bound by blood, not a group.

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Evola was a psy-op. Empires lead to race mixing. Unless you intend on killing everyone everywhere who isn't white.

pic related

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Uh, I assumed that was the plan.

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You assumed wrong

Don't have to, we are not jews, we should not try and kill off the diversity of the earth. Just stick the non-whites to their places and let them lead their lives without influence from us.

Wait, what is your intention?
And Evola makes it clear he doesn't even consider the colored races people, they aren't a part of the game in his mind.

I see your point, and have not just bought into everything Evola says, nor have I abandoned nationalism.
But it is something to ponder..
Nationalism could easily be subverted to so called civic-nationalism

This tbh. I believe every race should be allowed their own ethnostates where they can govern as they see fit. Not a very popular opinion on Zig Forums though.

This is perhaps the most autistic thread in the catalog.

Everyone has had that opinion here.
It's a lie you tell yourself.

Are you aware that this planet has limited resources?
Are you aware of the massive pollution?

There are too many people.

consider the fact that a race will struggle to maintain peace amongst itself; do you really think it could tolerate a completely different race for any extended period of time? dont be such a naive schmuck.
the dumber ones (negro, mestizo, etc) are a threat because of the constant possibility of interbreeding (also they'll kill us the first chance they get), and the smarter ones (japan, etc) are a threat because of their potential to go to war with us. race mixing with those ones isnt good either

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Nope. Nation refers to an ethnicity since modern Europa. Nation or Ethnos in koine greek if you wish to go back that far. i.e. A people of a select group who reside in that area. i.e. Hungary = White European = Nation. The nation of Hungary is White European, the nation is white and shares itself with other Europeans but when looking at the country it is in-itself, a white European country and anything else is a non-requisite to the State, Nation and Country. This is how people have been brainwashed to think that all of the above are the same when the reality is not.

That's a phase most people go through.

Since when is it an unpopular opinion? The USA had segregation, the UK had their shit, SA had apartheid. If you look to the basic functionality and ignore the PC police, it's essentially how mankind has operated forever and Israel is the only "state" that is still allowed to operate in a similar manner but yet they exponentially take it further than all of the countries mentioned. As a believer in Jesus Christ myself, I am not a fan of the filthy jews and their kike'd up schemes but one thing that bothers is the fact that your point is spot on and that religion and religiosity is one of the many roots of evil to mankind. Man made doctrines have destroyed western civilization. Man made doctrines and their ongoing cultural influence have made man an excuse - a pussy to use such crassness if I may. It's sad indeed. However, it's this very reason why places such as this exist. Places such as this exist for the remnant to wake up and change the world for what it is. Never hide your power levels.

This is a very good and healthy idea. Only thing preventing it is Jewish influence.

lurk for 2 years before posting cucks all nonwhites get sterilized or killed

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Makes me emotional each time. don't even save it. It's something that needs to be played at the right moment at the right time. Godspeed user.

You don't know what you're talking about.


Hence 'Nation-State' is not redundant, but describing a State created by and for a particular Nation of people.

The struggle for existence mustn't be denied to any people by saying they should not defend their Nations. But that does not say that Nations may not or should not attempt to conquer others. While some exterminations were objectively beneficial to a group North American Indians being nearly annihilated by American ancestors stopped raids and constant warfare from afflicting us their descendants and rightful inheritors., others caused massive damage to themselves without a common enemy as with Rome utterly destroying Carthage, which was almost directly followed by civil war and the fall of the Roman Republic. Or Africans exterminating whites and then starving to death because of it. Biology and ecology are not as simple as mere antagonist parings, though there are plenty to point out on that front.

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I have soft spot for Japs, Mongols and Finns.

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What about Burmese?

A conspiracy is something real. People are charged for committing them thousands of times a year. Many plead guilty and provide clear evidence. We wouldn't have used leaded fuel for decades without a loose one. They are not always bad. If large scale ones were impossible to pull off, we would have no secret military technology. The a-bomb for instance would have been no surprise to anybody.

A conspiracy theory on the other hand is speculative and may or may not be correct.

I'm sure most anons are well aware of this, but make sure to use correctly and tip others off so the word meaning is not degraded.

A better term might even be found.

Or maybe call it what it usually actually refers to, a crime investigation.


Yes good point. Think about these words: I spent the weekend in the country. Do you live in the city? No I moved to the country. I enjoy the countryside. Country refers to land.

Nation refers to birth. It's cognate with native, natal, and nascent.

OP is correct. This topic is more important than most people realize. Humans think in words. Also, it is important that what is said is what is meant, and what is meant is what is said.

Take "politically incorrect" for example: At what point did the commies succeed that OUR political ideology, that goes back to the great philosophers of the "West", like Plato, is suddenly "incorrect" and letting your country get overrun by sandniggers is now "correct"? Likewise, since when did democracy mean "everybody is egligible to vote", including women? Or, how did "one man, one vote" become "one woman, one vote"? You think it said "man" just because they were not as "politically correct" back then? See how this all goes back together and connects?

Why do even some people in our lines shriek and go defensive when called "racist"? (I will leave out for the sake of this discussion whether the word was invented by Lenin or not, which I doubt). Are there not RACES in this world? Oh, you say no, you say "ethnicities", at best? When did that happen, because every scientific book until about mid 20th century was talking about races. We should have immediately asked: Why are you inventing new words for when words already exist for x?

Words, the meaning of words and staying in control of the language is extremely important in our struggle. Anyone who doesn't realize that is retarded. You know, one of those people who probably wouldn't have been eligible to vote in Plato's Republic.

There was a Chinese ruler once who was asked what was his plan to reinstate peace in the lands, and he said: "The restoration of the language and the meanings to the words". So that what is said is what is meant, and what is meant is what is said.

That is the name of the Hungary's ruling party.