Oh no strong pajeet women upset over Trump tightening the H1B loopholes

Thousands of Indian Women Find Their American Dreams in Jeopardy



Some comments on NYT.

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The kike definition of "unemployment" where people who can't find a new job right away don't count as "unemployed" even though they aren't employed.
Well, tough shit. It has to be done.
Where "the economy" means "kikes' wallets".
Niggers aren't people.
The (((Immigration Act))) is un-American. Let's have the Naturalization Act back.

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ahahaaha "kum kum"

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Reminder that Kali is only the action of Shiva limited to the materium, only a tiny third of the World.

They also don't count people as unemployed when they've been unable to find a job and given up.



It's better spirited than allowing foreigners to steal US jobs right here in the US.

Like those 550,000 wetbacks employed by government subsidized soybean farmers, Peter?

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Save forehead? Is that a "so damn ugly" red dot joke?

"Save H4 End Anglo Dominance"

My friend, there are only so many streets and so many poo doo divers. We cannot employ everyone in the most glorious of trades.

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Not only is the labor force participation rate at one of the lowest points in US history, a disproportionate amount of newly created jobs go to recent immigrants.
Anybody who thinks there aren't at least 4 to 5 white men and women who are just as capable as this poo-colored abomination, who aren't hired because US corporation prefer cheap indentured servants needs to be nailed on a cross.

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Remember a few years ago when there was a war in Ukraine and shit-tons of people poured out of that country as, oh I dunno, what's the word… "refugees?" Not one word from kike media. Nothing done by kike NGOs. No virtue signalling Jews or leftist Christians collecting money to have Ukrainians airlifted into North America and Europe… but every male between the age of 15 and 45, from anywhere in Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, or South Asia, is a Syrian refugee.

I'd also like to know how Jew York Slimes readers would react to an article like this:

American companies are so fucking stupid. We have to force them to do what will benefit them in the long run. Every single one of them just copy their competitors 100%. We just need to tell the executives and the board that jumping of bridges is the hit new thing in the fortune 500.

Good they need to get the fuck out.

Companies don't make harmful decisions because they're stupid, they make harmful decisions because they're kiked to the gills and will happily knife their host country in the back to benefit the (((tribe))).

That's right.

Are white working class Americans supposed to feel bad about the potential halt of this sort of thing? Who is this article aimed at? Who is supposed to have sympathy for foreigners living the American dream while so many Americans can’t?

user, your post is not unappreciated. There should be copies of these types of articles with the ethnicities swapped dumped over every college….


Probably how to get poo poo of the computer constitutes "biotech" over there.


That pajeet is probably a young looking 85 and will live another 20 years despite his autistic hobby of shitholing.

Me, I probably have only days to live, my eyes feel as if they host a typhus-diptheria hybrid and that tickle at the back of my throat is surely GRIDS. That is one infectious thumbnail, user.

TL;DR "Abloobloobloo"

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That's an oxymoron if I've ever seen one.

Most companies literally exist solely to take out loans and drive down the value of the USD. This isn't even a joke.

You know an article is complete bullshit when not only did a shitskin claim to give a shit about financial security before squeezing out another leech, but also they fact they have less than half a dozen.

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The most profitable ones provide (((government services))) and let the taxpayer take out the loan.

>Ms. Jalakam and thousands of other spouses of skilled workers have been told that their special work permits — authorization that can mean the difference between struggling and thriving in their adopted homeland — are likely to be revoked.
I don't know what she's done, but clearly she upset the gods somehow. Also "adopted homeland" doesn't exist, do leftards have no respect for dictionaries?

She's not an American.

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What the fuck are these even doing in the US at all?

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Of course she did.

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A lot of them are stupid though. There are only so many Jews to go around.

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It's clearly aimed at leftist cucks that hate themselves and the US and won't be satisfied until the US is nothing but a brown shithole under sharia.

And that will just launch a new wave of fighting when the poos inevitably rebel against the Muslims.

They would instantly claim that Mrs. Hendricksen was not a victim because being white she had white privilege and it was her own fault for relying on her husband; who was also to blame because he was enforcing archaic gender stereotypes and denying his wife the right to independence.

Quadrouple of truth

fucken lol