Report: U.S. Confirms North Korea Wants to Talk Denuclearization


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How bum-wrangled are the left right now? Even though this is a good thing, they will still bitch and whine and try to drown everyone in salt.

Nah, the left will like this. It's Israel that doesn't like this because once NK loses their nukes all eyes will turn to Israel about their illegal nuclear program.

Arizona was a fun fun time.

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Korea will keep bidding their time until Trump is out of office.


China has already broken international sanctions by giving NK resources.

Who the fuck cares about North Korea? They want the US to fuck off, it's as simple as that. No US meddling, no NK problem. Even if they denuclearize, they're a Chinese puppet, so if it becomes necessary, China will give them all kind of nukes in the future.

how is this a good thing?
kikes consider norks their enemy
giving away nukes isn't going to make the neocohens go away

neocohens out

can't unsee

And which ZOG country do you think is going to criticize them for it? Israel wants North Korea gone because they arm their enemies.

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Israel is focused on invading Syria right now so much they forgot about North Korea.

They aren't mad, they're happy. King Nigger set this up and did all the work for this to happen!

polite sage

Yep. We can remote detonate any nuke anywhere on or under or above the planet any time we wish
Get fucked rest of the world

They still want them gone as soon as possible, especially since they're giving arms to Syria.

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as long as Kim leads North Korea it will remain one of (((their))) targets
go as Qaddafi what difference disarming makes

go ask*

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Unless Israel collapses first under the pressure.

North Korea will be around in 100 years, just like it was 100 years ago. Americans? truly fucking doubtful


They are a proxy of China used to negotiate trade. Everyone knows this. Trump called them out and they flinched.

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nobody gives a fuck about chinks or muh trade
the only thing that matters is doing the opposite of what kikes want

This is your brain on Marxism

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If anything it's a great loss of a boogeyman for kikes.

How did Best Korea get all the good pussy while Worst Korea got all the plastic surgeons?

They will do it, theyre as good as dead. Good luck best korea.

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How’s the weather in Tel Aviv this time of year?

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