Stop the rapes, penis control now

Apparently there is a serious, unironic basis of leftist logic that justifies leftist men removing their penises as a form of rape disarmament?

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How did we manage this level of idiocy?

is it a bad thing if extremely left wing men remove their ability to reproduce?

You already know the answer

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Crop dusted botulinum toxin down the California coast when?

In a way, they're better at summing themselves up than we are.

I'd want to cut my dick off too if I had to stare at this over breakfast.
Fun fact: This beast claimed it was raped and Stoltenberg didn't believe her, so he's being called a "bad ally".

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apparently i raped my wife's mouth twice and vagina once yesterday… damn. we didn't even realize.

What about fart rape, attention rape, lack-of-attention rape, eye rape, soul rape, fact rape?
Hell, half the time they mention rape their is no penis involved.

dont forget about think rape

if this radical logic was presented in a serious and convincing way, without cracking obvious jokes, and relying on that paper from Stoltenberg as the strongest evidence (peer reviewed and already cited over 600 times claiming that erect penises are only a rape weapon)… along with plenty of alarming campus rape statistics from feminist sources, together painting a picture that penises are unconditionally bad and dangerous and their only possible use is as a violent rape weapon and therefore "something must be done to protect women"…

I wonder how leftists might react to this info.. and how others might react to their reaction?

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wtf is a prolapsed Lutheran?

The bad part happens when they spread this propaganda to the rest of the US thorough the school system and media and then finally enact laws that reflect this kind of thinking.
This is what the jews do, they did it with homos/trannies.

look at this disgusting kike, hes probly raped about 20 kids.

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That's when the kikes fuck your religion so hard you no longer see them as christ-denying heretics, the synagogue of satan, but the (((apple of g-ds eye)))

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i hate how rape has become "i let my friend fuck me even though i didnt really want to, but i wasnt able to tell him no before it was too late, and now i dont want him to be part of my "count"'
and the worst part is i honestly dont know how to turn this back.

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This has been around for years. From 2008-2016, however, these insane people had funding from the public.

Which means he fucks little boys.

They only whine about that kind of "rape" to beta soyboys for sympathy.

Last one is the appropriate response to this drivel

If we only castrate lefties I am fine with it.

OC Green Text. Show me where I am wrong. Open to critique. I am thinking of making an info-graphic.

The United States Gold Standard
History & Terminology…
Timeline & Setup
>By 2012 the US Dollar has lost more than 96% of its value since 1913. *
In the mean time since 1971…
Fast forward to 2018
The future Possibilities

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what kind of spoiled cheese do you think her cunt smells like?

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Pastebin containing the text of the article. I copypasted it from a PDF, so I might have fucked up the formatting.

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Because the whole thing is utter shit, here's a summary:

He's a man who doesn't like masculinity. He makes a point of not thinking of his sex partners as "objects," and claims that masculinity demands this sort of thought about sex partners. He meanders on about this for half a page, but this isn't the central point at all.

A key thing that he says is this: "The truth of my body contradicts cultural masculinist expectations." Translated from cuck-speak, this means "I believe what my body tells me. My body tells me I'm not manly at all." A large part of the rest of the paper elaborates on this, and in fact it is the central point of the article.

He says he can't have sex with people who expect him to be manly. He denounces bisexuality, homosexuality, and heterosexuality on this basis; gay/bisexual guys want him to be manly and straight/bisexual women want him to be manly. He's just too unmanly to sexually satisfy either of those groups, and he gets buttmad about this and rejects all of those categories. He proceeds to bitch about bisexuality for a quarter of a page.

Halfway through the fucking article, he gets to his first point: he doesn't have normal orgasms. He has female orgasms. He doesn't have any fucking clue that this is what he's feeling, because he's never brought a woman to orgasm so he hasn't had it explained to him, but that's what he describes. He says that this means that the male orgasm is a lie, because he believes more in what his body tells him than what other people say about their own bodies.

Second, he talks about how he can't get his dick fully erect. He says that full, rock-hard erections are a lie because he just can't get hard. He then bitches about people who can get rock hard erections because he's a fucking wuss. He bitches about the society that makes people think that their rock hard erections are OK.

An analysis of this summary is in the next post.

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Here's an analysis:

Everything in the article boils down to him being incapable of getting an erection and being able to use it to get off. All of his conclusions stem from this. He trusts in what his body tells him, and makes the erroneous assumption that other people feel the same way he does.

Basically, "my penis does not work according to the definitions. Therefore nobody's penis works. The definition of "penis working" is a filthy lie."

The writing quality is trash. I am a student enrolled in STEM, and I am capable of writing a better explanation of my bodily functions. I could also make it more poetic.

It cites nothing. It does not need to - the article is a case study. An uneducated detractor might point this out as a flaw, but it's irrelevant for this type of article. To explain it in one sentence: "This is a life story. There is nothing to cite."

What's more interesting - and thankfully, other anons pointed this out already - only three other papers cited this. The GWST crowd likes to cite all sorts of irrelevant bullshit because the field's standard writing style is utter shit - reading a paper takes fucking forever in that field. Because they don't like to feel like they've "wasted work," they just cite whatever shit they read.

This is, however, still a worthwhile insight into the GWST field. A post on the broader implications of this paper follows.

I always knew this day would come

thanks very much for the summary, it's a glimpse into sheer madness

no apparently it was cited over 600 times, pic related
according to this tweet (this is what Jordan Peterson retweeted):
perhaps the exposure of the tweet caused someone to get scared and anxiously hide the citations?

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About the broader implications of this article:

I don't think this paper had any real impact on GWST studies itself - the book with the same title by the same author is much more well known. I am not about to read this myself; another user with more time may attempt to do so and produce a reading report.

Even so, this provides an excellent window into the mind - and body - of the GWST academic. This displays a key lack of understanding that other people's bodies may function differently than your own. The claim that "Penis in Vagina is always rape" stems from the belief that "Vaginal penetration is not pleasurable for me, therefore it cannot be pleasurable for anyone else." The OP probably mentioned it only as a joke, but the two beliefs stem from the same lack of understanding of others.

This paper lays bare the flaws inherent in the GWST crowd's logic, but in a way that men can properly understand it. Although Jordan Peterson is probably posting this in a very "smhtbhfam" way, the paper itself is actually an excellent illustration of the intense lack of empathy that this group of people has.

I wish to say this: having read this article, I understand the author better. I believe him to be a selfish man robbed of all empathy, yet one who understands that he lacks this in a shallow way. He attempts to make up for his broken sense of empathy by projecting his feelings onto other people, and it comes across as disgusting.

I hope that this article - and perhaps these posts containing this analysis - is spread among these circles. It lays bare the creed of the GWST crowd:

"What happens inside me is my truth."
"I don't care what is happening inside of you, my truth is supreme."

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There's a book of the same title by the same author that had a notably larger impact.

They're two different things.

I wish to follow-up with this.

The book is a 200-page long screed on related topics. It appears to be less personal in nature, and more deeply projective. This makes it more easy to cite, because it delves into deeper and more novel explorations of this idea.

I would say that this article is necessary reading for the book so that one may understand where these ideas come from, but this article is so deeply hidden away that the majority of the 600 or so people who cited this book probably missed it.

but that's clearly a screencap from google scholar showing 600 citations, and the abstract is exactly the same word-for-word
that's also one of the tweets that Jordan Peterson shared

I think the work that was cited 600 times did include the part about erections being "necessary only for the penis to be used as a weapon in rape"

but it appears that the widely cited work still has the same abstract which includes the part about erections being "necessary only for the penis to be used as a weapon in rape"

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It appears to be some glitch which Google has rectified since. The google scholar page - and the number of citations - is clearly about the book and not the article.

Yes, slow man is slow. It does not mean that we cannot discuss this idiocy.

This indistinguishable from 4chan trolling. That said: Meme it. Meme the hell out of it. This will go just as well as passing out white privilege cards to niglets.

already started, the "penises don't rape people, people rape people" and "progress beyond the penis: male feminists against rape culture" and the rape culture stats with "100% of rapes require a penis" memes are my OC

i did a half chan LARP earlier today as a radical feminist pushing these ideas, /APG/ Anti-Penis General:

Did he even chop his off or is he just telling the goyim to do it?

How's he going to rape little boys with his limp dick if he chops it off?

He's already impotent, hence this nonsense.

I'd feel bad for this guy if he wasn't such a gigantic faggot. Imagine going through your whole life without being able to get a proper boner, only half-chubs. No wonder he's a miserable cunt

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no penises = no more human race

Don't be naive. This means white penises.

The stupid bitches just don't get it, do they?

College rape doesn't exist.

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Jeez what kind of fringe lunatics published that retard his unscientific anecdotes?

The goal of the left is to reach children and target middle and upper class. The elites who push leftist shit know that leftist ideology is compromised mainly of Beautiful_Lies. They don't buy it, they won't buy it and will shield themselves from the lies.

The goal of the left is to shield the elite at the top and prevent middle class and upper middle class from existing or climbing, preferably make them closer to the lower class. So you get a bigger lower class which is easy to control. Most of the lower class are debt slaves, or slaves to government checks etc.

We used to lock up crazy and "violent" people, now they are given meds that the public cannot know what type because of medical privacy laws.
Extremism; Psychological;
Among the explanations for extremism is one that views it as a plague. Arno Gruen said, "The lack of identity associated with extremists is the result of self-destructive self-hatred that leads to feelings of revenge toward life itself, and a compulsion to kill one's own humanness." Thus extremism is seen as not a tactic, nor an ideology, but as a pathological illness which feeds on the destruction of life. Dr. Kathleen Taylor believes religious fundamentalism is a mental illness and that is "curable."
Laird Wilcox identifies 21 alleged traits of a "political extremist", ranging from behavior like "a tendency to character assassination", over hateful behavior like "name calling and labeling", to general character traits like "a tendency to view opponents and critics as essentially evil", "a tendency to substitute intimidation for argument" or "group-think."

This is shitposting at its finest :^)

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Heeb gets foreskin chopped off by pedo cannibals, dick doesn't work, calls all men rapists. Leftism is nothing but a collective suicide fetish; if it wasn't, this thing would be in a mental institution rather than an educational one.

As someone who is cut, rock hard erections are not quite comfortable, but are still more pleasurable than less hard erections.

I don't think he mentions having been circumcised, but I might have missed that.

Cum and take it.

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A kike, as protestantism is/was a movement of judaizers. Though even then Luther took their orders more seriously than any kike.

I'm not an economics guy but wouldn't the resource have to be on hand for a currency basis to mean anything?

It was cited over 600 times by other "feminist scholars." Citations are important in actual science since it means you are probably on to something, or at least getting closer to the truth. However, in modern academia, citations merely reflect an incestuous self-referential abyss. Kikes discovered that promotions and tenure were decided in large part by the number of times an author is cited, so they gamed the system to increase the number of times they are cited, even if their papers were nonsensical. That way (((they))) can push for their the most useless and subversive tribe members to infiltrate education and corrupt the youth by hyping a paper at a conference. Thanks to the citations, Schlomo becomes an endowed professor at a major university taking in $250k per year and cannot be fired while further corrupting the goyim.

What do you think?

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That is not a good idea.

Science has proven that almost (maybe all) murders are committed by a person who has consumed the chemical dihydrogenmonoxide (DHMO) within 24 hours of the crime.



implicit rape
dream rape
wish rape
neglect rape
apprehension rape

this is fun

They've been pushing this line since the seventies (at least). That's why lots of boomer men are castrated, like Bill Clinton. (NOT the father of Chelsea, as a result.)

Throw out accusations of transphobia just to add more chaos.



Jesus christ, the absolute state of (((academia))).

Hindu worshippers of Shivas phallic lingam take objection.


>tfw your penis is now a weapon and you're conceal carrying it everywhere you go unless… Well… I suppose nudist beaches are now open carry areas…
The shitlordery has just been upped a notch, fellas!

So are black men *the main perpetrators of rape*, the ultimate enemy now? The meme that black men have bigger penises than whites could be turned against these idiots.
*Just remember, that meme exists only to demoralize already weak willed Men and to push the racemixing agenda further. The fact is that the average nigger isn't naturally stronger or naturally fitter than us. Those so called 'whites' who are portrayed as very meek, weak and maggot looking individuals in the media are more often than not… (((your fellow whites))).

Hindu worshippers of Shivas phallic lingam take objection.

Top kek I forgot about that. Best fun thread of last summer.

t.level 27 fartrape Mage

every day we do not heed Kek's call to action is another day sliding into a worse hell

nice glad you stuck with it and leveled it out - does it end game play justify the weeks of symphony work?
some anons are finding that the necessary time to become a fartmage isn't worth it because you can become a master wordsmith and take minor points in astral rape to accomplish the same goal
but I've been slowly working on progressing to necromancy and spiritrape, my respec went alright just have to solidify and focus a bit more to accomplish the necessary goals

Just checked the thread if this was already posted.

There is still hope left.
Thank you.

This is irresponsible memeing

my gf does this almost every time we have sex to warm me up. am I suppose to stop her? lol

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I'm ok with this.

you forgot anal rape

every time

>check his Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter
>mfw he's going to die being a self loathing retard and likely won't even have 1000 Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter followers (assume just ten percent of your followers give out an "RIP" that's only 100 people for this attention whore)
top kek

Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal.

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Oh fuck fuck's sake, you nigger mods. I'd been seeing this filter in other people's posts and not realizing what it was until now. Piss off with this autism.

So this jew's $$$ angle is selling shitty books? Tell the faggot he's a failure and that his whole family hates him. Probably neck himself live on periscope if that's still a thing.

Some kike lawyer who did fag marriage cases immolated himself two days ago because you drive a car that uses gas. Yeah, really. I think we have a number of these nuts at their breaking point. A strong push forward here is needed.