The Hamilton Anarchist Bookfair Raided

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Good day

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indeed, figured this would cheer someone up

They certainly sound upset about the government violating their property rights. hmmmmmmmmmm.

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I bet if you went to one of their free discussion workshops and started talking about (((who))) the 1% actually are, they'd be reaching for the phone.

Well, it looks like they got what they asked for - defloration.

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Big kek. Probably a lie but god damn that was funny.

these people literally pick garbage




Wasn't "The Tower" one of the orgs that was up to jewish tricks?

It was. The Tower insisted heavily that they had nothing at all to do with the vandalism that had transpired on a local street only a little bit away. Not even a couple of weeks later, thanks to Zig Forums operatives and police, it was determined that not ONLY was it The Tower that did it, not only was every single person involved a Tower member, but the bookfair had been the place where they organized it. Very recently one of the organizers has been nabbed on conspiracy charges, which are usually an indictment and result in prison time.

lol omg it's just so unfair they dindu nuthin

They had my sympathy until this:


seems legit.

they probably broke the postcard frames and threw it in the toilet themselves to frame the boys in blue

Re-read that 3rd paragraph. It's pretty much "yeah, he's guilty of rioting and planning the destruction and pillaing of an entire street, but here's a bunch of buzzwords that will make you say 'fuck having laws and courts and shit', now let us go so we can pillage another day, shitlords"
No fucking sympathy for this scum.
The folks at Locke St. didn't do anything to them. They had nice, calm lives until this assholes came around smashing shit because they're to dumb to realize (((who)))'s fucking with them.


I don't get how they can complain at all. Isn't the point of anarchy that private property is oppression? Why is keeping that photo on a shelf objectively better than keeping it in the toilet? Is this scum suggesting that the police have less of a right to use this object than the anarchists do? Don't anarchists go out of their way to invade small privately owned businesses and break shit just to prove that ownership is an invalid premise? Turnabout is not fair-play in this scenario; turnabout is the only rule that applies! These faggots need to be force-fed their own shit until they choke on it, then just skip the eulogy and bury them in their own shit.

Commie bashing should be a holiday, tbqhwy

Vladmir Lenin was not an anarchist, but he did have an answer for this apparent hypocrisy when it comes to Communism. tl;dr Because the Capitalist is too strong of an enemy to fight head-on in his own territory, you must pretend to play by his rules until you can become the new rule maker.
This is also one of the reasons why true/hard Communists hate, hate, hate Anarchists, because Anarchists are too retarded to realize the idea of needing to pretend you care until you can change the rules.

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….and it's a tranny of course.

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The Anthem of the lowest order of lifeform.

The only accomplishments this faggot can name in a week period is eating food and watching cartoons, why the absolute fuck do my minimum wage paychecks get taxes taken out to go to this faggot

That's a good tactic tbh. If only nationalists understood it.

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Steven Universe is demasculinzation pornography created by a pedophile jewess.

that's an incredibly shallow analysis you shat out because you don't care about exploring alternative avenues for leading children away from leftism. your myopia will lead you to accomplish nothing with your time here.

Nigger that faggot shit unironically states
Go past that gatekeeping faggot to Jung and Eliade, the actual sources of the information that he is constantly twisting and diluting to justify multiculturalism.


You do realize that your ideological assumptions are a lot more relevant here than your fanboying little girl's cartoons?

you're assuming every detail of a person's stance and goals based on a single sentence they wrote among hundreds because he mentioned finding value in something you despise. i don't know how else to tell you how you're closing your mind against information that could be useful to your own purposes. i guess you might as well just insult me a few more times while you're at it. that'll really get your point across.

I'm sorry that people not agreeing with your "deep analysis" of jewish children's cartoons reads as an insult to you. Get your head out of Peterson's ass and read a real book.

I'll even give you a suggestion for free, start with Mitra-Varuna by Dumezil.

What are you even trying to communicate? That getting people to watch Steven Universe is a productive redpill process? Are you retarded?

That is some fine work user.

It's the little things.

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or, there was a shelf over the toilet and they figured framed generic magazine cutout depicting no one of value only served to conceal narcotics.

Am I the only one who noticed these disgusting fucks are too lazy to flush after wiping their own ass?

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t.paedophile jewess

Does it happen to be a lesbian too?

They are "Anarchist" trannies. Surprised they even bother wiping tbqh.

Yea, but no one other than ultra right wing autists will be able to decipher that "supposed" redpills. The fact of the matter is, the show is ultra feminist, and panders to tumblr rejects. Wheather or not the creators were aware of their unintentional redpills, it will still be seen by regular people as an ultra liberal show.

You can make anything look like something else by careful analysis, you can even make the Soviet Union seem based in certain things, but that isn't really the case.

Those aren't "unintentional red-pills," it's just the standard leftist critique of hierarchy, but this time there are girl villains. That's it.

Devoting any amount of time to your soyboy CalArts-tier cartoon for manbabies is 10000000x less productive than spending 5 minutes to read a book from Rockwell, Feder, Hitler, or literally any author you will find on /pdfs/. Consider your opinion discarded.

Besides, considering the weight we put on creating or imitating certain aesthetics and sticking with them, Steven Universe shits on all of those with its estrogenic imagery.

Commie shitholes assravaged in mein own backyard. There is hope for Ontario yet!

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this is an example of something liberal marxists do which I call 'inoculation'. Basically, they inoculate themselves against guilt by symbolically clothing themselves in the purported legitimacy of certain vanity causes. The goal is to make their own positions unassailable, while making that of their opponents indefensible.

With anarchist marxists, who have disavowed adherence or simple observation of the law, particularly prohibitions against violence, to make this inoculation in person is a sign of impending violence against you. While it is important to publicly oppose and expose marxist theology, you must never make the mistake of getting close enough to argue with leftists; they are blind and diseased, and will attack you merely for presenting a target.

In spite of the article's claims of the legal system being rooted in colonial white supremacy and patriarchy, the police are not your friends either; this could be your house if you ever publicly denounce mass immigration, white-male discrimination, divorce law, race mixing or any other core values of the system.

Well, the one genderbaiter I actually used to get along with went full retard over that hockey team accident. It's the kind of day it's been.

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Pilpul: grebo edition.

lol, talk shit get hit, commies.

They are a "people" that value themselves by their consumption. Complete trash.

I know an anarchist got older and was paid off u>>11464070

It's actually Occupied New France. Vive le roi.

(two can play that game)

The jealousy is positively radiating from that post.


I know of an anarchist who got older and was paid off until he got used to the luxury. He'll be one of those types first killed in any revolution, like the Khmer Rouge killing everyone with glasses.

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Former Canadian Federation Suing, er, I mean Students bigwig, but she's like to gender how Nasim was to fagism.

Connie reminds me of the logo for a dollar store in Quebec.

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heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D