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Have a semite free first

That other thread needs to be deleted then, because it's blaming US and Trump.

It was the fuckin heebs
Us is denying and I'm laughing my ass off

Also read that they are still anticipating more significant US attacks soon to come. These could be probing defenses or something. I still don't rule out ZOG action. Maybe Trump actually doesn't want WWIII. But that doesn't mean other fuckheads up there don't. But as always DEATH to PISSRAEL.

Totally bro, I'm so on that.
Oh, Syria. I thought you said "cereal." I've been destroying these Cookie Crisps.

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He just started a trade war with the chinks. Probably not cashing any checks quite yet. Something something chess.

Shit, and so suddenly too

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I'm more okay with dueling with chinks in the pacific over a $0.10 increase in shitty car import prices than I am with fighting ragheads in the desert so Moishe can have more sand in his sandbox.

Exactly. The plus side most probably a few million dead chinks from starvation (probably much, much smaller scale famine than then 1950s) along with some dead kikes in the desert.

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The other thread is moving fast and hold more info. No need to clutter the catalog.

Lol no, fucking yid

Holy shit did Trump just throw Israel under the bus??

Not just Trump but most of the US military

It was set straight 20 posts in and includes updates and webms. There is also the sticky. This thread is spam.

looks like it doesnt it?

does anyone have any pentagon or official white house press statements related to the US denying involvement? all i see is fucking tweets. show me something real

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Deuteronomy 28:15-64

(((They))) really shoulda seen this one coming before they went and got the whole godless-nihilistic-consumer-whore culture ball rolling… And not waiting for the coming of (((their))) Messiah before setting up shop.

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Hope you enjoy being on fire, yid.

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Wait so did the Jews do an offensive strike assuming Trump would back them up and now hes saying "Nah jk"?

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If the other thread isn't a kike psyop the owner should delete it and post all the webms/pics here. The title alone smells like moldy male genital mutilations.

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Trump will always support BFF jews.

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Follow OP's ID. He was posting the news as it was coming out. First reports WERE US strikes.

Fucking retards.

nigger you really think Trump doesn't have the taste of jew cock in his mouth, how retarded can you be?

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proceed to

think of the poor poor babies

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where's the sauce? BN and ISIS are done for

If you think that Trump and Putin didn't OK any Israeli action you might be stupid.
If you think that the Skripal hoax isn't a bipartisan operation involving both the UK and Russia, you might be stupid.
If you think the Cold War was legit, you might be stupid.
It's all drama for the Goyim. The game has been rigged since WW2 ended.

lol you're all going to die.


Nothing will happen, I don't know if you're a kike or just woefully naive.

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If Russia backs down from this without doing anything then nobody will take the seriously again. They've given us so many warnings. This is happening.

I should have known right away, but what made me realize the Skripal thing was bipartisan was the scripted exchange between the UK and Russian ambassadors, trading quotes from Alice in fucking Wonderland.
Fucking think about it, they're mocking the goyim, they're practically telling you it's fantasy. As if the UK ambassador would be able to quote Alice in Wonderland on demand.
can't embed so don't whine


Needs to be a global red pill for normies to wake the fuck up, like every possible place to set the facts.
Can't let them cover this shit up with damage control.

No, the drama now is obviously

Israel just tried to start WW3, user. That warrants at least this much.

The jews.

The Pentagon denied it. Israel did it.

hard to argue with really

The amount of corruption in the US is at an epic point.

If you want to believe it's not staged drama for the goyim then let's pretend for a moment.
Who would benefit the most from bombing of Assad?
The answer is Assad, because if he bombs himself and successfully lays the blame on the US or Israel, then supposedly Russia will attack them, thereby taking out his mortal enemies.
but it's not real, it's drama for the goyim
The news is going to be Miss Marple on steroids as they try to "figure out" who is responsible and the goyim will lap that shit up.
It would even make sense for Russia to stage the attack and use it as leverage against an enemy, Obviously Israel has a motive, as do the kikes in the American government.
Multipolar politics is a lot simpler than "x hates y, so x did the attack"
Try playing Balance of Power 1990, you'll learn a lot more reading 10 fucking textbooks.

And they will have it. Nothing can or will ever stop it. It obviously won't begin based on today, but it's coming within the next decade.

You get a "star" for that.

They said the same thing about Hillary.

Fuck off hasbara. YHWH abandoned your people in 70AD after you failed to keep the covenant and allowed the Second Temple to be destroyed. You are nothing and will return to nothing.

Didn't say that.

Try another buzzword from your list.

Your fallacy is to assume that Assad would still have a country after WW3. Starting WW3 is not good for Assad.

You sure seem to have an overly intimate knowledge of kikeology.
Oh, btw I never said it wasn't Israel.

oh the utter horror

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Funny you don't seem to realize that your argument also negates the possibility of an Israeli attack.

I would be excited, but I'm honestly scared shitless.

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Reichstag, heard of it?

You literally just said it was Assad that bombed himself

I thought Jerusalem was sacked in 140AD.

It was a false flag, conducted by Israel. Which will fail, because everyone already knows globally, and Israel is fuuuuuuucked.
I hope they bomb your house, kike.

That's just part of the excitement, user.

Happened both times, but the temple fell in 70AD to Titus.

No I didn't. Thanks for confirming you're either a kike or a woman, probably both. Only kikes and women lie about what another person said when arguing in a textual medium - they're so used to doing it in verbal conversations where the accused cannot readily disprove the lies, and too anal retentive to give up the tactic over text.
What I actually wrote regarding Assad:
Now tell me how Hitler didn't bomb the Reichstag because bombing your own shit is "illogical" and "no one would actually do that".
Let me guess, Arabs did 9/11?
Spot the fucking kike.

before the world blows up

can we at least get a proper exposay on all the fruity shit that went on ? All of it, the trannies, the psyops, all of it. Seeing these people discredited beforehand might even be worth it.

You're right. I am excited. Scared, but excited because this could very well be what vindicates Zig Forumsacks to their families and others.

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Wrong. The argument I made does not negate either possibility. I just pointed out that your assertion that Assad stood to gain from bombing himself was retarded. Try harder, TORfag.

Look at the jew as he attempts to justify his lies.

Congratulations, for a few hours/days until this blows over/is revealed to be just more drama for the goyim, you get to experience the constant existential dread of nuclear annihilation that 70s and 80s kids went through every fucking day for years.
You get used to it.

Is this unironically what the kikes expect us to believe?

Ain't got time for these reindeer games tornigger. Filtered.

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>I'll just keep repeating the same thing and hope no one actually checks the post I'm referring to, because it works so well in spoken conversation, he he, I make those dumb men so angry when I falsely accuse them and there's nothing they can do to disprove it :3
Go to hell cunt.

They're attacking SYRIA, not us in this instance.

You goddamn pussy.

When you misrepresent what was written this egregiously even after it's been posted a second time, you blow your cover. Your choice of reaction pictures are also totally incongruous. Spend more time lurking to understand your enemy and you won't glow as badly.

I got into a huge argument with my parents tonight. They believe it 100% and think I am the one who is crazy. It really hurt my feeling, and they DO NOT see it.

Stop fucking trying.

Attacking Syria by hypothetically striking with subs with cruise from coordinates related to U.S. ships with said missiles
Throwing a dagger behind a curtain

Interesting how strong the reaction to the suggestion of false flag is. Multiple shills deploying hard shill bingo to shut down the suggestion.

He's only here to sow confusion, just filter and move on.

I suspect they are boomers. Lie and deny, that's the boomer way.

Another one.
Someone obviously called for backup.

They worship the TV instead of God. Show them the better path and always keep your cool. Normalfags view emotion as discrediting.

As a point of interest, I wonder who tracked the ballistics of the cruise missile. Did Russia see something breach? Was it Assad's people? Information was flying a bit quickly, and I don't seem to recall who originally accused the US to begin with.

You should have kept reading. They start adding U.S. denial, syrian blaming pissreal, and then pissreal admitting. Try reading a bit faster bucko. An user called trips and all jews are gonna die now. You are missing it!

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Do you realize how obvious you are?

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That's why it's important to check the first two threads.

user, don't argue with your parents. It isn't worth spending energy to convince them (what would that do anyways?). Take solace that they created you, and you were smart enough to come to better conclusions on your own. Also consider that they've grown up under an intense sphere of propaganda, without having the luxury of the internet to offer contrary opinions to them, especially during their formative years. If you must proceed, just plant small seeds, but don't force it.

Why would the guy winning the war in Syria, risk it all in a gas attack on the very people he's trying to free from isis?

Why would the Russians use a chemical weapon in the middle of londonistan to kill a guy they could have easily killed years ago when he was in a Russian prison?

Why do we have to take retaliatory actions ASAP, before any investigation or any evidence can be collected?

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That's fine, I had that covered. I said that if it was Israel then they had the green light from America and Russia.
Watch and see.
Nothing will happen.

it can be hard to look at a boomers book cabinet and then accept that they aren't also in on it somehow

I've found that making predictions is better for convincing people outside our circles than explaining the reasoning behind those predictions.

These, boomers sole benefit of existence is pension money for allowance and inheritage assuming they haven't spent all their wealth on their materialistic pursuits.

Oh yes, I do this all the time. "Oh you know, you're going to see Asad 'use chemical weapons in the next few days', Trump is talking about wanting to leave Syria".

Any solid proof of it being pissrael?

I know its them, but I need an easily digested redpill to show my normalfag friends so that we can control the narrative better, because you know (((theyre))) gonna spin it as hurf ebil drimpf

All you need to do is say that Syria has oil on their border with isreal and suddenly all the anti-bush programming gets turned on and they'll follow you perfectly.

who knows, Brits ? They might just have the shits with the jews, Britian really has been fucked beyond the pale if you ask me.

You mean besides their defense minister said they were going to "go at it alone" earlier today?

The news is reporting one story, totally as cover for their Syrian incursion. The kosher headline is:
Israel attacks Hamas in Gaza