Jason to debate Richard Spencer


It's on a rightwing youtube live show, so Jason will be outnumbered in the comments and the moderators will probably be biased towards Spencer, tune in and show your support for Jason!

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I will definitely tune in despite not being a huge fan of Jason for his LARPing and third-worldism autism. I’ve watched HEELTURN before when Cultured Thug was on and it is full of Zig Forums-browsing autists. The only issue is that Spencer may out-charisma Roo. As long as Roo keeps his cool it won’t be a total disaster


He should debate Finnish Bolshevik. He's smarter than Unruhe desu.

Finnbol is autistic and would sperg out

Well this is going to be a disaster and great propaganda for the nazis. Jason ragequit from debating no book muke on whether the USSR was socialist.


are you implying that the roo won't do the same?

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Roo will probably embarass himself

you underestimate the power of weaponized autism. It is a chaotic energy, it has to be harnessed correctly.

unstoppable autism meets immovable retardation. I wish there was more left/right debate streams

to be fair muke was arguing very badly, even if i agree with his position now. it wont be a disaster if jason talks to spencer. the communist party of canada (super pozzed) is already denouncing jason.

No thanks. It's basically two monkeys throwing shit at each other, without any other purpose.


What the hell will they even debate on?

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Dude, it´s basically "muh ethnostate" vs "muh kulaks". What's funny about that?

how is this not worth your time?

You must have a lot of time on your hands to waste it on irrelevant garbage

Bus driver, no shifts available while college is out

Can we get someone else?

Spend your timing reading theory instead of watching a brainlet slap-fight

Currently reading and listening to a audiobook of the bread book for the third time.
Where can you find a audio book on socialism, utopian and scientific?

I think Jason will do well.
On MRN he reminds me of Max Headroom, of the original made - for-TV short film, resisting the neo-fascist future:

8 Eastern, that's 1AM in British time.
I think I've going to stay up late to watch it.

Spencer is nazbol, so whoever wins we win.

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who is who, or does it even matter


lol that Jason guy is hilarious. I always thought he was a right wing troll.
This is gonna be a trainwreck.

comrade pierre tru-dank would have been a better option. He's most & well read among all of the leftytube.

Who's idea for the debate did Spencer approach Unruhe, or the other way around?

Third worldism is the antidote to white supremacy and all forms of white idpol. Jason will probably do fine. I won't watch it though because I am not a loser who thinks debates are important.

Jason sees Tru Dank as beneath him. He's not popular enough to even blip on Jason's radar

Also pretty sure half of Tru Dank's memes about Jason came from Jim Profit

Jason is probably going to lose, Richard Spencer is a very eloquent speaker and Jason is the exact opposite. Though I have to say that I am proud of Jason for not backing down to the woke no platform anarkiddies/tanks, Jason simply willing to go on Richard Spencer's show may benefit us a little since it shows that some communists are at least trying to have an argument

Yeah, Jason is thankfully autistic enough not to care about this peer pressure shit. It's kind of funny, in the vampire castle context autistic tendencies are actually a bonus because they inure you to the peer pressure that's used to manipulate people.

So, NazBol (Spencer literally has read Dugin) vs Mautist?

Richard Spencer is going to surprise Jason by taking surprisingly leftist economic stances. In fact, I'm…actually thinking that you might see more agreement than actual disagreement. (I mean, Spencer's ethnostate ideal probably meshes well with Jason's anti-imperialism.)

I'm interested to see what happens. Perhaps, there will be a sort of reconciliation, and Jason will understand the alt-right better. (And, a good portion of the alt-right would not be autistic about 'muh gultural margism')

if the roo knows anything about Spencer that wouldn't surprise him. Spencer likes to try and court people on the left by pretending to care about stuff like employment and healthcare. It's a useful propaganda tool too, considering how many centrists unironically believe the red-brown alliance is real.

I could only see them agreeing on liking Assad and hating sjws
their entire worldview is based on cultural marxism so i doubt anyone committed to the alt-right will give it up easily.

You're seeing politics through a very 20th century praxis. And, how is having those stances a propaganda tool? Why does being 'racist' disqualify you from having stances on other issues? Is Jack London's work entirely just propaganda because he feared yellow peril?

And, hating the American liberal establishment. Really, the only area of huge disagreement is that Jason is in favor of the Third World, and Spencer is in favor of the First World.

But, I guess I'm being too optimistic with my predictions. Still, I have to have some hope that LARPing would disappear, and we can have politics that is untainted by ideology trash.

Since you are using the expression "literal" you are wrong. Jason disagrees with pretty much everything tankies claim, he disagrees that China is anything else but capitalist and he doesn't even think Cuba is socialist.

I feel like everybody is going to miss the hilarious scenario where Jason's Third Worldism is being put on its head by Spencer to reconstruct it as an argument for a brown ethno-state. Something that Spencer claims not be against. Too bad Jason is an economic Third Worldist and not a post-colonial one. I'd love to see some of these blood-and-soil but for natives types debate Spencer and see if there are any disagreements.

I can't tell if this is going to be good or terrible or so terrible it's good or so good it's terrible.

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No, he believes that Cuba is Socialist. He just thinks reforms that are happening could lead to Cuba abandoning Socialism.

because spencer's entire worldview is predicated on muh race and muh heritage. Any time he mentioned taking care of another political issue his solutions always mean creating an ethnostate, which would require deporting/killing/exploiting millions of people to accomplish.

He has literally said that Cuba isn't socialist anymore, stop making things up.

Spencer: I think we should drop nukes on all African countries.
Unruhe *half asleep*: Mrrm. Let's agree to disagree on that one.
Spencer: Now, I want to talk about the best anime of all time: Naruto.
Unruhe's hands are moving down, out of the field of view. A strange glow appears from below. As his hands come up again, the picture turns almost entirely white and it looks like he's holding something like… a glowing ball.
Unruhe: Kame.
Spencer: *?*
Unruhe: HAME.
Spencer *whispering*: Oh mein Leben :(
World: *explodes*

isn't dick spence the guy with the hardon for old-school imperialist exploitation? might-makes-right, no-apologies and so on?

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Even an anticapitalist revolution would involve killing/forcibly dispossessing millions. Any regime change in America is going to lead to a brutal civil war. You might as well go blackpill and quit if you're not willing to spill blood. (Honestly, sometimes the situation does make me have a sense of hopelessness and I've been withdrawing generally from politics for that reason. I only come back in occasional spurts really.)

Still, considering Stalin's success with population movement with early 20th century technology, I think we easily deport the entire illegal and legal immigrant population of America. And, that doesn't even require a regime change. Of course, it practically will since the pro-immigration capitalist interests are so powerful. So, my hopes aren't up for even that.

Still, white nationalists often promoted the idea of having a white ethnostate in the Great Plains or Northwest, both nearly unanimously white and having plenty of spare land.

No, but yes. He has a 'might makes right' approach to politics. But, it is in the sense that it is only through arms that liberty can be accomplished. For example, in a speech back in 2017, he mentioned the ideal of the citizen-soldier that existed in republican societies (the closest precursors we have to socialist states, in where the citizenry is compromised of small farmers and artisans who own their own means of production.) and how only through having an armed populace to enforce their right to free speech can free speech truly exist.

Basically, rights are not given but have to be defended. This is something that unions should have learned back in the 60s and 70s. Hell, this is the line of logic where syndicalism came from. Relying on the workers themselves through unions to seize the means of production instead of relying on the state to implement 'social reform'.

You're the one making bullshit up. If you're talking about the small business in Cuba video rewatch it.

He's definitly criticized Nazi Germany and the British Empire before so I am not sure.

third worldism is just communist ethnic nationalism for brown people.

Why is Jason giving this faggot a platform?

Isn't Spencer a lot more known than Jason? For views probably.

Isn’t Richard Spencer pretty anticapitalist? I’m certain the only thing they’ll disagree on is white nationalism and the status of the third world.

only in the sense that he doesn't like unregulated markets and supports a welfare stat (for whites only, of course)

Jason is it odds with a lot of the left, that he calls liberals (go read his Twitter feed)

Wow, it’s almost like Jason is a Marxist and hates liberals. Lurk more

Wtf is that even supposed to convey? That you are miserable as some kind of stalinist anarchist?

Yeah he said that Cuba isn't socialist anymore.

Jason's got a new video up about tonight's debate, and the backlash to it.
Someone's put in the comments they think it's a bad idea because Jason's views are shit and not representative of the majority of Marxists.
That might be the case, but Jason seems to be the only one to step up to the plate. So for that reason he should be given credit.

Lol what a dramatic bitch. Still hope he does well

Libertarian Socialist Rants, anarchopac, Contrapoints, and Three Arrows are all smarter than Jason, and I'm sure any of them would he happy to destroy Spencer.

Oh boy, we're out to a good start

What did he mean by this?

I don't know.

It’s starting, get in here fags


nvm here it is
It's on the channel "Heel Turn" guess that's the moderator.

I can’t believe Unruhe just associated the Manifesto with the Paris Commune and got called out by fucking Spencer and the other sperg. Jesus

And who in that would even identify as Marxist, I guess LSR? The second and third would make the left look bad just by first impression (people are superficial like that). The fourth one uses a symbol that has been (ab)used by western socdems to disingenuously equate the USSR with the nazis and as far as I know that person is also very new to politics.

LSR may be the most SJW of all those and would denounce Marx for being problematic, telling you to instead read some trans women of colour.

roo is such a fucking cuck

It is kind of funny how in this case the alpha/beta worldview is getting validated by Spencer controlling the dialogue so much while being much less offputting as a person (regardles of political beliefs). Fucking called it

That was embarrassing

is that you, jason?

It would have been much better just between Spencer and Unruhe. Including Striker into the discussion ruined the dynamic, esp. since Striker wanted to debate a lot of tiny historical details.

I wish Jason was anprim

S-So do I…

Because FDR thought The Nazis represented a greater threat to the world than the Russians.


lel someone posted Unruhe’s dox in the Zig Forums thread

That was painful.

I talked him once on discord. fucking high pitched, had to been 13 year old kid into Posadism wouldn't shut the fuck up.

that being said Striker is ok but real bad on the incel issue. Unruhe has good economic beliefs though.

Growing disillusionment with the system.

Contrapoints hasn't destroyed his penis yet, though.

Anarchopac I think : youtube.com/watch?v=1mmqeP6xvaQ
In any case, if Spencer wants to debate a well read Marxist he should invite Jack Angstreich instead of the Roo. That would be a live worth watching.

Anarchopac knows more about Marx than most Marxist youtubers(with Muke that ain't saying much) and has previously btfo Molymeme. Would be a better choice than the roo or someone like the Finnish Pedophile it no book muke.

How do people think Spencer is a Communist?

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I watched part of it. I know Jason is an idiot, but this was offensively bad, above all because he spends a decent amount of time basically trying to make friends with Richard Spencer and that other white supremacist.

It's only natural to make a personal connection with the people you come into contact with. But, as a self-respecting adult, you should avoid that tendency when interacting with one of the nastiest reactionary white supremacists in the world. Further, in a separate video Jason bitched about the criticisms he was getting from people on the left, and then literally complemented alt right white nationalists for being "mature," which is ironic coming from a piece of shit like him, who whines about anyone on the left that doesn't agree with him.

Jason is a stupid LARPing loser with authoritarian fantasies, who knows very, very little about political theory, statecraft, warfare, or economics. As a result, he's just really fucking embarrassing.

I think three arrows is the only one with a bit of intelligence in that group, the only thing I’ve ever noticed that was wrong with anything he has said is that the nazis didn’t research nuclear tech because hitler saw it as “jewish science” which is retarded

I disagree. Three Arrows is certainly the most thorough, and for that his videos are the best at standing up to scrutiny. ContraPoints is goofy, but she's thoughtful, and I think she makes a lot of good points. What's most important is that she makes her videos accessible and entertaining, so she's good for reaching out to the public, when a lot of other leftist youtubers just preach to the choir. Anarchopac does a pretty fair job of addressing the topics he chooses to tackle. Libertarian Socialist Rants clearly has a lot of personal issues, and he's the least polished in his presentation. But if you give him a chance, he makes some important points, and it's obvious his heart's in the right place. All four are far superior to Jason, and I'm confident all of them would've handled this debate much better.

people assumed this was a debate, but it was never intended as such. it was meant to be a discussion but it sort of devolved into a bunch of weird arguments about why the Allies fought Hitler and not Stalin, why the US invaded Iraq, etc.

Look, contra hasn't even had surgery yet. I know you're really adamant with the whole >she business, but it doesn't change the material reality of his genitalia.

Not watching this unless we mirror it. They don't need my views.

Why are you so spooked on pronouns? It's a word, nigger. If someone wants to be referred to by something, I'll do it within reason. She doesn't identify as a male

Don't use "spook" if you don't know what it means.

Acting like pronoun-use is a God-ordained law seems pretty spooked

No. Read Stirner. Also, fuck off.

No thanks
K, reactionary

I'm not adamant about saying "she." I just don't care and I know that's how she identifies, so I go ahead and call her that because I'm not a dick.

You seem more invested in this than anyone, which probably indicates you have some issues with your own gender identity or sexual orientation.

What a dick does is to substitute his own fantasy for reality and then expect everyone else to play along.

Why does it bother you so much? Is it really a thing of concern to you? Why create unnecessary drama by intentionally disrespecting and antagonizing the person by throwing an autistic fit over “WAHH YOU AREN’T USING THE PRONOUNS I THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE”. I used to hate trans people until I realized it doesn’t affect my life in any way and that people in other cultures distinguish more genders than there are biological sexes (hijra, faʻafinine, etc) maybe you should adopt a similar mindset.