Fun thread Chess World Championship memes

Caruana just won the candidates tournament. While I'm a fan of his chess and temperament, his winning could mean a massive boost of confidence for the soy-boy community. We have to shame him into beefing up and shedding his image as a soy-boy jogger.
Please help with this special project to shame Caruana into hitting the gym by creating Chad vs. Virgin memes.
1. make one with only chess moves like virgin: 1. h3, Chad 1. Bxf7+
2. quotes from interviews. Magnus has some good ones.

On another note, though Steven Pinker is fond of saying that 50% of Chess world champions were Jewish, there hasn't been a Jewish chess world champion since Fischer. Gelfand was barely a challenge for Anand a few years ago.

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I don't consider Kasparov Jewish. For one, he doesn't identify as Jewish, also by talmudic law, he isn't a Jew because only his father was Jewish.
Where are the Jews in explaining their absence in top level chess these days. What happened? I wonder whether they were only able to rise to the top because of communism.
That wouldn't explain RFJ, but he's not the Jews best friend, neither. Though, his proteges, the Polgars, are Jewish. disappoint.

Top Jewish players above 2700 by ranking:
11 Aronian
13 Svidler
16 Nepomniatchi
18 Radjabov

4 out of 45 players over 2700

I read somewhere that Jews tried to copyright chess moves sometime back in the early 20th century. It's the main way they make a living off of chess. Check any list of chess authors and you'll find a long list of Hebrew names.

Nimzowitch's "My System" is nothing more than a positional approach to playing against the French as white. But, it's lauded as a universal positional approach to chess.

It doesn't matter because Jewgle already built Alpha0.

Lot's of problems with Alpha0
non-reputable experiment
other engines could find the astonishing moves given enough time
Stockfish opening book disabled, also on relatively weaker computer


Your move faggot

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1… e5

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2… d7-d5

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3… Ng8-f6

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5… c7-c5

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6… Nb8-c6

More like "The Chess Virgin" vs. "THE POKER CHAD" soyboy cuck niggers

But Caruana is a jew though

What?! He doesn't show up on the wikipedia page for Jewish chess players. Where's the proof?


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7… e5-e4

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8… Bxc5

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in what I'm sure is a complete coincidence he's also endlessly screeching for the US to nuke Russia

Chess isn't European.
Play Europe's best strategy game: Hnefatafl.

Strategy game the Vikings played to hone their strategy skills for battle. Superior to chess.


I wager I'll beat your set. Wait wrong game.

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It looks like someone took over the game, and has played Qb3, and Ng1.
This ain't gonna work, apparently.

Sorry. I thougth it was abandoned. Just ignore my moves.

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Slide thread


>Not Yu-Gi-Oh Chad.

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>Not playing Stratego.
A strategy game is not a strategy game if it doesn't have some form of Fog-O-War.

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weren't they all Soviets, though? Communism had this weird way of finding a niche and then drilling their robot population into doing it

who hated jews… and wasn't he even only half jewish anyway?


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He (RJF) was matrilineal-descended, therefore auto-Jew

As for the effect of the Soviets on chess:
I've read in several places that the Soviets were intent on cultivating a perception as being cultured, intellectually superior to the West.
A few of the early Chess world Champions were Jewish: Lasker, Steinitz.
Botvinnik was the first Jewish Soviet chess world champion. He was defeated by Tal, a non-Jew, and Botvinnik won it back.
Smyslov and Karpov are both non-Jews, so it seems there were more non-Jewish Soviet chess champions than Jewish. I'd have to check wikipedia to be sure.
The Jewish influence in chess is primarily in attempts to make money off of it, writing books etc…
I wouldn't be surprised if WorldChess's warnings that their broadcast of live games not be mirrored comes from some Jewish influx of money and demands in exchange for that money.

Stratego is the shit.
Also, CASTLE RISK, and Axis and Allies (of course!)

He was still a great player, sure, but NEZHMETDINOV was a Gentile (Tatar) and even more exciting than Tal, by Tal's own admission!

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kasparov is jewish , sorry

Kasparov is extremely Jewish, dude. He's like an ultra kike