Follow these steps:
Step 1
Like gun control pages on kikebook/tumblr
Step 2
Encourage the Libtards to buy AR-15's to destroy them. Make sure to use lefty hashtags like
#Resist45 #Repeal2A #Gunesense #Onelessgun
Step 3
Spread this photo around on said pages as well as twitter and tell libtard users that this is how you destroy an AR-15 properly with simple tools and no technical skill. Encourage them to call the cops to turn the gun over afterwards for destruction.
Step 4
Step 5

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Good, we doing similar somewhere else, incite violence in this manner: Make leftists start la revolucione comunista and start killing people in the streets, do not give specific targets but you may want to tell 'em that "traitors die first".
Violence begentes violence and we will soon have most of the normalcattle on ourside as footsoldiers agaisnt the cops and niggers.



that's stupid. it wont disable it. if they drill there it will turn it into fully automachine gun.

No way

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Thanks for having a slow head user, I'm nofuns so I actually didn't know what this would do or what OP was going for.

An unregistered machinegun
5 years in prison minimum

I like the idea, but have to question if the average lefty has the resources and mental capability to both buy a gun and use a drill. Your expectations are too high.

This. Lefties can't into a drill press.

I'm one of two people I know that have a proper damn floor standing drill press and I don't have any lefty 'mates'.

You don't say, retard?

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I wonder what would happen if a bunch of leftycucks and niggers filmed themselves illegally modifying a firearm?
There's no way it could possibly end badly for them, it's not like anyone here is a snitch or anything. that would be entrapment, and entrapment is immoral :^)

also this, i doubt any of them have access to proper equipment and the ones that do are liable to drill a hole in their hands and that would just be terrible - wouldn't want any comrades injuring themselves in the process of illegally modifying firearms, right brudders?

This. What does it matter if they can't do an action as simple as drilling a hole. I doubt many people actually spending money on getting a gun but there is no harm pushing this meme to them and seeing if someone falls for it.

Also, if somebody buys a gun for this, it's just some more money for the gun industry.

Not if you turn it over to the police for destruction, as per OP's instructions.

no harm in trying to get stupid people to play stupid games.


Better version of instructions

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I never said it's impossible for some idiot to believe this but spending hundreds of dollars on a rifle that you intend to destroy is a little different than mixing some chemicals that you can find around your home.

Then again, they are rich liberals who will gladly throw their daddy's money away just to fight the disgusting liberties of americans.

You can make AR-15 go full fun just drilling one hole? Then why all ATF autistic screeching bout open bolt and noncompability with full auto trigger parts?

This has and will always be their biggest weakness. They're willing to throw away anything, even their own resources, to spite their enemy. If we told them cutting off their own noses would make raycis not-sees upset they'd do it because that's just how spiteful these people are. The right needs to start taking advantage of this far more often.

It needs to be more lefty-looking and needs more cringy text. Something like : If your parents have one, or someone you know has one, here is a quick way to disable this dangerous killer. Make sure you make a video, record, and post the reaction on your favorite social media app!

What niggers you natsocs are.
Why not get actual freedom.

>torpedo is a (((libertarian)))
No surprise.

we could also encourage them to cut off the barrel

You ruined it

The legal definition of a machine gun and a gun capable of fully automatic fire are not always the same thing.

So if you drill two holes does it go twice as fast?

You might be lost, friend. Also, it would be a good psyop in more ways than one. The reason it's really good is it forces them to stop engaging us or suffer consequences. Whether they like it or not, if they want to avoid getting fucked and entrapped their only option is leave le ebil not sees alone.

Yes. If people can eat tide pods and snort condoms, then they can do that

Yes, it'll go twice as fast satan dubs.

So this is a good basic response but I think it misses the point slightly. The "parts incompatability" you talk about is the fact you can't fit an auto-sear into a semi lower is because it lacks the hole to do so.Machine-Guns are subject to constructive possesion, so add that up for yourself.

fags like you ruin tor, go chew on a shotgun shell and do us all a favor.

Any thoughts?

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Made a thing

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* Press to operate I got to leave my cant edit it

whoa whoa whoa…… your not suggesting people use these brutish assault drills now are you?

Don't fuck up the already fragile definition of assault rifle, use their bullshit term

Remember these fucks don't usually like their families and need instant results. Tell em its easy, so they don't get scared, remember this idiots have rarely even worked a drill before.


Overall, good, but does need some lefty artsy cutesy shit, maybe some fucking rainbow borders or something, I'm not sure how to go about that….

The Drill is Mightier than the Gun! Meme this, add it to the poster and then we got traction, they need a visual que as to what tool to use, make this idiot-proof….

There's always someone…

I'm not engineer, but I don't see how this would make it ful auto? It doesn't touch the trigger or the hammer, the hole doesn't look like it'd interfere with the safety, wouldn't it just be drilling through empty space?

Thanks for the feedback,

Memeing the drill instructions could be a bit too obvious. We can just remind them to use jewgle.

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Fuckin funny lads , fire up the meme cannons

God dam I just want it to kick off
Got muh list all ready to go

I think the "google how to use a drill" part is a little too obvious

Even from the thumbnail it looks too verbose. I'd condense it to:
Skimp on the extra details so they have less to scrutinize. Your images are good but if you want to go the extra mile they need JPEG artifacts.

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What model of AR is this supposed to make any difference to? Looking at breached ARs, don't see anything in there but empty space.

The model doesnt matter 3rd hole = illegal

Close, but I think we oversighted the drill portion, the drill is facing us with the left side showing, pressing the "safety" would send the drill into reverse, we need to mirror the drill or modify that portion and tell them to press the other side.

This version just needs to stew for a minute to make the libshit-tier pictures look organic and enticing to unknowing guncontrol-fags (GCFs)


You don't need to be an engineer, paralegal is more like it.

The fact this is confusing some gun owners is actually gold, it means most of them won't respond to stop them.

Yeah bro, no anal blowjobs and pussy only…

You should add optional step of trying at local full gun range to make a statement in front of other gun owners. Others may be inclined to follow suit if you bring attention to yourself before demonstrating your drilled gun.

Here's one for the illiterate antifags. Even made one with jpg artifacts for your pleasure :^)

We should start distributing these. Pink ones for tumblerinas and these for antifags. Pick the one you like the most (or make one you like) and start shitposting.

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Add a #FuckNRA or something like that, we need to use current buzzwords to make it circulate as fast as possible.

FYI if you drill that hole its automatic pound me in the ass federal prison


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Finally I can get revenge on my faggot conservative father, thanks for telling me this.

Kek bless you anons keep it up we just need 1 retweet from the parkland kids and this will go viral

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Beautiful. I cannot wait for the salt. Salaries could probably be paid for months with amount soon to be mined….

I can't wait to see what happens

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this is beautiful

You idiots fell for a shill thread. They want to get rid of the AR-15 and they're using you to do it.

"OMG this gun can be turned into an automatic! Take it off the market nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

Fucking hell.

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Meme responsibly user. 'babykilling assault weapon' is a meme, and even AntiFAGs are smart enough to know that. Use different phrasing.

No dude, this is the only way.
It's not like there's sensible reasons why leftists are communist faggots that nobody should listen to or give even an inch of power.

Like, if someone asked you about this then you would only be able to stammer and mumble "drill to make illegal machine gun, it's the only way" before peeing your pants without being able to stop.

You literally cannot defeat anti gun pushes and the left otherwise. This is the only way.

.t OP.

What happens is they push for legislation to ban this "machine gun", you stupid btiches

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Ah ok. Pre-req for mounting full auto sear, so illegal. Nice.

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I can't understand anything you wrote there. WTF did that mean? They're going to use this as an excuse and say the AR-15 is more than just a rifle, but a machine gun and all it takes is one little hole.

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But they don't know that's what it does, they think it disables it. Adding any hardware looks complicated to them and by the time they get corrected, we will show them how tough our gun laws are.

Also being trolled this hard while those kids are on the national spotlight, can get spun into a lot of egg on their face.

you know jack shit about ar-15 then, you need way more than that, I'm not going to go into detail because of glow in the darkies watching, but there are more parts involved, plus the lower needs to be milled to spec which no one does when selling retail

id: 751cd3

Suddenly once there's a working solution, a shill appears, concern trolling… Not when the thread was started, not when we were working on this, but suddenly out of the fucking blue once it possibly made sense what we could do to the left with this. Barrel-cutting faggots will be nothing compared to this. ATF can't ignore this because the lowers are perma altered and this cannot be hidden by just tossing an upper.

It could still fall under an attempt at creating one, manufacturing one, so to speak.

How many fucking antifa lefties would even own guns registered to them and then destroying their own weapons, antifa, perhaps, because they get funded.
But lefties?
Fucking everyday stupid commies that think they will become card carrying agents of revolution but have no jobs, no future no anything?
If one of those faggots bought a rifle then that's a huge sum of money spent for the average deadbeat leftist.

But I guess I'm just a shill, all those decades of gun wars had no meaning, only now in 2018 we have finally devised a countermeasure to defeat the left and the kikes on their crusade to make guns illegal.

So then it doesn't turn it into a rapid fire like anons have been saying?

They're going to know… And they're going to get the weapon banned as a potentional assult machine gun


If it rapid fires, the Left doesn't care

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Tor poster, I'm only saying that this seems like a bad idea because it would be a good way to get the AR-15 banned.

One little hole to modify? That's a good excuse. They're banning State by State now.

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After all that's the thought that this "meme" is supposed to instill in them.

So drill a hole in a place that destroys the weapon. The last thing we need is more Commies with guns, especially moded guns. And it increases guns sales.

What's the point to get them sent to jail? Is that the point? Who is going to turn them in? You?

But it's not just a little hole. The difference between what is legal and functional is different. (Much)More than just the hole is required, but to the ATF that hole is the legal limit.

What you aren't understanding is that the left no longer cares about function. The fucking definition (literally the fucking dictionary definition) of "assault rifle" was changed. So in their eyes, the AR and all related platforms are already full-auto. They already don't know the difference.

Once this spirals, I understand it could blowback, but looking at the morons who cut off their barrels without anyone asking them to, this stands a good chance of working and getting a lot of dumbasses charged with weapons violations that land them in serious hot water and forever deny them weapons rights.

For all you faggots out there who don't understand and are not the recently arrived concern trolls, the modification;

Works on multiple levels:
-Gunstores get sales (if they go buy them, or owners who have to replace what their children did)
-ATF gets work (then the crime stats show that leftists are trying to make machine-guns)

They will turn themselves in, proof will be on their phones and the goal is to get them to do this to weapons they don't own and really cause some havoc.

OK never mind then

Too obviously false flagged. Use language that doesn't sound like a Zig Forumsack pretending to be a leftard. Right now it will set off alarm bells in the mind of any idiot libshit reading this because it uses strange rhetoric they're not used to and is obviously trying too hard to make them do something.

[points 1, 2]

Don't include 3 and 4, just add the #oneless hashtag and maybe a link to some official looking website. If you can, add some bright colors like in those infographics they love so much.

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thanks for clearing that up.

Yeah, (((BASED))) idea my fellow neo nazi. Because this psyop is totally being orchestrated by a bunch of "kids" laying low in a "meme bunker", not by the CIA.
Question: what's the penalty for conspiracy to create unlicensed fully automatic weapons?

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Here's one. You'll have to give some more specific instructions if you want me to make it better than this. The website doesn't exist, you might want to avoid having that. (Hence the gap after the hashtags)

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And what does the CIA have to gain from having done so? It goes against their own agenda, by forcing people to eventually learn what they are doing, they will inevitably have to learn how guns function.

And the penalty for conspiracy to make autos is non-existant. It's the manufacturing/possession that matters. Otherwise, in many Zig Forumsommando's brains is the knowledge to make almost anything full auto; but you can't arrest on knowledge alone because in order to know the law you have to know that difference.

this can only end hilariously

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On the contrary, weaponized dank memes would also target the most useful idiot amongst useful idiots. All that needs to happen is for one person to get v& on the news because of malicious 4chan trolls.
It would not only put gun grabbing on the front page but bring ATF-tardedness into the spotlight as well.

missed opportunity.

Another angle you could use, tell them

I'm sorry this retarded plan is so retarded.

No it has to be like this or else the weapon will continue to function.
No other way is available to make an AR-15 inoperable.
Also this only works on AR-15s
While you have to take a grinder to disassemble the other evil guns, this will not work ok the AR-15, only this specific modification will render it useless.
This is a very good meme, we must push it immediately.

I have a meme too.

Ah, so you can shoot those that want to infringe on your rights?

this is stupid. liberals don't own guns and are not going to buy one. it would freak them out. the only way they would do this is if it was their grandpas or fathers. something that is not theirs. so they can get the satisfaction of ruining someone elses stuff and why would we promote that?

this is dumb abort this shit


Right. That's how the news works. Hell, they're lying all the time. "Intel CPU are safe. Google protects your privacy. Hillary cares about the little feller." So fuck them. Fill their golem with random bullshit instructions like these.

any proof that it does that like a video or something?