Twitter CEO promoting a new civil war

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is promoting a tweet which is calling for a new civil war in America.
He has been getting a bunch of shit on his tweet already but I think there's still some room for the rest of us. The current shitposting just doesn't meet the standards.

His tweet:

The promoted tweet:

The article:

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Have a yid free first
Not surprising. Ol jack is a spirit cooking literal canibal. He eats humans and will be dealt with

Gab kikes with the delicious salt generation

Life becomes more like Boringlands every day, with a dipshit named Jack, who heads a vile company bent on dominating people by proposing violence and controlling the narrative.

Lefties have zero sense of imagination.

A civil war would be a great thing. A bunch of genderfluid ṿegan faggots wouldn't last 5 minutes.

Who is our CL4PTR4P?



a dead jack can't do jack

He's right, there is no more room for compromise, no reconciliation, no treaty, this is a fight to the death between two diametrically opposed ideals. Only one can survive, the other will be utterly destroyed and cast into the darkness forever.

Liberals aren’t breeding anymore and temperament and predilections to certain political positions are very much inheritable, the 2010 US survey and Europoll 2011 both found that 93%+ of individuals had the same political and religious affiliation as their parents once they were older than 25. Indicating some form of heritable trait is being passed on.
You can see it in the birthrates by political affiliation and race within in the USA. White Democrats: 0.9, Jews: 0.8, blacks: 1.4, and spics: 1.6. White republicans are between 2.6 and 2.9 depending on whose numbers you use, with the highest being recorded in the General Social Survey which also has the largest sample set.

If the 2014 white conservative birthrates and those of the other demographic groups remained constant without additional input via immigration by 2050 only 20% of individuals in the US will be descended from habitual Democrat voters or self described liberals and only 7% will be black.

That is what the demoshits have feared for so long, that is why they want to import shitskins so desperately.

I see this quoted often, and can absolutely see its reality among the middle class champagne socialist types, but people tend to forget that niggerhives are churning out thousands of new little Marxists every day.

I otherwise agree completely with your post. The ideology of self-destruction is finally self destructing, and they suddenly need more fuel to keep it burning.

Niggers and spics cannot be liberal. They are merely looking out for their own race at the expense of others. Jews are similar in that regard. The venomous white leftist is a traitor to his own people. The part that is important is that white leftists, who are race traitors and objectively just as big of a problem as kikes, are no longer breeding. In addition they are also out breeding/race-mixing at higher rates than rightist whites. They will functionally cease to exist in 30 years time. In addition, thanks to globalization, unions that once politically controlled many whites are losing power exponentially. The economic argument that you hear leftists make fall flat when your town and city become multiculti hellholes.

This isn't so much about votes as it is about the kikes ability to infiltrate our societies and race. They can't do that as easily without white leftists letting them in.

Both the niggers and spics aren't being born at replacement rates anymore their bread and circuses are killing them just as much as the liberals. This is even true of mudslimes in Europe after a generation. For every baby-momma with eight kids there are eight niggers there are three who have none. Modernity is a disease only those immune to it will survive.

The real death blow to the article is that its blatantly false economic assertions. The libshit honestly believe that muds are producing the wealth of this nation and being exploited by whites or that their "progressive" societies aren't massive money pits held up by the rural whites they despise so much.

In reality if the US was only white, ie if all contributions and costs to the economy and government attributable to non-whites were discounted, we'd have had a 0.8 to 1.5 trillion dollar federal budget surplus every year for the last 30 years. We'd also have a public debt of -2.1 trillion a year, that's right a public surplus every year because we wouldn't suffer all the investment that the kikes and liberals push through the muds. And that is with asinine liberal or neocon policies in place. Just imagine what a real right wing policy which is openly protectionist and imperialist with heavy tariffs would produce. The great irony is that the liberal welfare state would only be possible at all if a country was full of whites and only whites. And further imagine what would happen if all the liberal pork for wothless "art" or colleges which exist only to spit upon the society which pays for them were cut. What would happen if all the embezzlement and corruption caused by kikes magically vanished?

White Medicare beneficiaries

White Social Security beneficiaries

White Welfare recipients 2015

White Medicaid recipients

Total Medicaid Spending

Total Medicare Spending

Total US Government Spending at all levels 2014

Total US Government Revenue of all types and at all levels 2014

2014 income distribution of Whites, alone, not hispanic

2014 “Who pays taxes”

2014 US Federal Budget

US Non-Hispanic Whites in 2012

There never was room for compromise. How do you meet halfway on genocide? A civil war would just be self-defense at this point.

Here's an archive of the article promoted by Jack:
tl;dr the US is going to become a continental sized version of California and you might as well die already, bigot. Bonus points for unironically using the phrase "the wrong side of history".

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No one is this stupid anymore.

This is hilarious because I am and geologist and hold an MS in that field, there is no consensus among geologist or geomorphologists, other than most models indicating that the warming trend which has been recorded for the last 350 years will continue to some extent for some amount of time. But more to the point even the "dire" models I've seen the libshits and UN put out, without ever also providing the data itself by the way or even an outline of their data collection methodology, seem to indicate that the areas I care about such as white nations and Japan will suffer very little detrimental effects. And as a geologist I must stress that the planet is undergoing constant change, climatic shifts far more rapid and of greater amplitude than even the bullshit the kikes put out appear in the rock record and even in some ice cores. Needless to say that human activity did not contribute to those changes and such changes could and likely will happen again, so we'd just better be prepared to deal with it like men if it happens. Which we can because humans live on a year to year basis, we have rapidly colonized habitable regions before.

Its amusing when the libshits invalidate their own policies in their triumphal statement that their policies are inevitable.

My body and chemistry set are ready.

And California remains a shithole with the lowest quality of life in the entire country, terrible infrastructure and overpopulation in its major cities, a fuckton of debt despite being le 6th biggest economy in the world, and, of course, half the state is fucking spics. What a rousing fucking success

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what form do I need and how well would it work on skunks and boar?

Well if you aren't moving it on the road then you don't need a license for transporting hazmat on the road do you.

Really? To me it seems they have such active imaginations that they are able to mistake it for reality.

Checked, and heil'd, couldn't have said it any better.

Their imaginations are immature. I mean, just look at this shit:

I can't wait for that big war, because none of those faggots have a realistic outlook on anything. You can be an unrealistic communist faggot all you want and spend other people's money all day. You don't last on the field with that mentality, though.

Give me a time and place user. We'll handle this ourselves.

He got my support

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They're coming to terms with what comes next.
I'm glad.

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I'm ok with this.

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There is no face adequate enough to express my rage after reading that Medium article. The utter cluelessness of the author may actually kill me now that my rage induced blood pressure is through the roof.

I want to type a 5,000 word rebuttal because I just cannot stand to see something so detestable go unchallenged but I have neither the time nor patience right now. All I can say at the moment is that the answer to the author's question, "Why does California's government always seem 15 years ahead?", Is that he's an idiot for wanting to be 15 years closer to the complete collapse of western society and thus civilization itself.

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the sad thing is that you think they are calling for a new civil war, they aren't they are discussing the one that's going on right now, there is a civil and race war in progress and has been for the past few decades

Zman's take on the article and its implications (Part 1)

"The War On Us"

"Whether you know it or not, you are at war. It’s not a shooting in the street war, at least not yet, but it is a war. Specifically, the people in charge have decided to wage war on segments of the American society. To paraphrase the late historian Christopher Lasch, the managerial elite has turned their back on average Americans and opted instead for a ruthlessly cosmopolitan view of life, one that values rootlessness, internationalism and transience. Increasingly, their ends are in direct conflict with liberal democracy.

Another way of looking at this is that the managerial elite has reached class consciousness in the Marxist sense. Who they are is defined by who they are not and who they are not is you. Their class interests may or may not overlap with the interests of society, but their identity, their sense of who they are as a class, only exists in opposition to the white middle class. That also puts them at odds with the institutions of liberal democracy. That’s the point of this article this article on the new Civil War.

Peter Leyden is a high end grifter who makes his money telling the managerial elite what they want to hear. He pitches himself as a technologist, despite having no math or science. He’s a blend of Alvin Toeffler and Tony Robbins. Ruy Teixeira is an old Progressive hand, who has spent his life pushing various political strategies to help the Democrat Party win elections, mostly by undermining the white middle class through open borders and multiculturalism. These are men who know the mind of the managerial class.

Most of the article is complete nonsense, especially the part about blue state energy versus red state energy. That’s almost as daffy as framing the Republicans as the party of the elites and the Democrats as the party of middle America. That’s the thing though. They did not write the article to clarify. It was written to flatter. These are people who make their money telling the people in charge what they want to hear. When Jack Dorsey, the head of Twitter, is retweeting the post, it means it rocketed around the ruling class.

The other interesting thing about the piece is the naked hatred of white people. If you read “Republican” to mean white middle-class, the snarling is not hard to miss. Much has been written about the motivations of the open borders people. There’s certainly a money angle, with business wanting cheap labor. There’s also a political component, as the Democrats cannot win without foreign voters. The core motivation, that co-evolved with class consciousness, is a visceral hatred of white America. They really do want to replace us.

This is why they really hate Trump, despite the fact he is more than willing to sign off on big slabs of the Democratic agenda. He’s not a threat on social issues and he will spend like crazy on infrastructure projects, that disproportionately help Democratic Party constituencies. They hate what he represents. Trump is a reminder that white people will not go quietly into the night. Again, the article reads like the authors spend their nights dreaming of genocide. They don’t want to win, they want to win permanently."

The War on Us" (Part 2)

"Of course, the increasingly bold and sophisticated efforts to wall off the public square from dissent is part of this larger project. The social media platforms are now using sophisticated analytics to piece together the network of people they see as the enemy of their class. This lets them coordinate their efforts to purge dissent from their platforms, without having to go to the trouble of finding violations. They are using the tools they developed for the Chinese Communists, against American dissidents.

The brashness of it is suggestive too. They are now censuring harmless black ladies because they amusingly support Trump. After all, all’s fair in war. It’s one thing to censure some guy, claiming he is alt-right or a racist. No one is going to believe two middle-aged black ladies are in the alt-right or part of a racist group. This indicates they no longer think they have to conceal their motivations. We’re a couple of clicks away from people having their credit cards cancelled because they live in an area that votes heavy Republican.

That last bit may sound ridiculous, but we have credit card companies working to prevent you from using your Visa card to buy a gun. If that is permissible, it is a short trip from there to shutting off your internet access because you won’t die fast enough. More important, the fact that the captains of industry, the tech giants, are sitting around scheming of ways to undermine the very notion of your citizenship, suggests they see no limits to what they can do to solve their problems with the white middle class of America.

Again, this is war and all’s fair in war. You may not think you are at war with them, but they are at war with you. The longer you stay stupid about it, the better. That’s why the morons at places like Reason Magazine and Cato get a free pass. You can be sure they will be celebrating “property rights” when every bank in America coincidentally stops doing business with gun makers and gun retailers. What’ the matter? Are you against free enterprise? Start your own bank and credit card system if you don’t like freedom!

Over the last couple of decades, many reform minded writers have been doing yeoman’s work, trying to convince the public, but also the ruling class, that preserving the heritage of America is essential to maintaining civil order and liberal democracy. Lots of people in the civic nationalist camp agree with this approach. Just one more election, one more reform movement. The trouble is, the people in charge are at war and the only things they want to hear are the time and place of your death or the time and place of your surrender."

Niggers, spics, jews or chinks aren't leftists because of some ideological conviction, they ally with the left because it suits their biological imperative of looking out for their own interests. Only whites are too naive to think in terms of populations and races as groups with common goals. No other race exhibits liberalism at all. You either understand this fundamental difference or become just another generation of cuckservative drawing futile lines in the sand as his people get replaced.

You can't ignore the primary driving force of all this shit, which is good old simple ethnic conflict. Of course economically and politically driven conflicts exist, but the overarching one is genetic. There would be no attempt by some "managerial class" to replace its own biological kin without certain (((influential subgroups))) pushing this shit while keeping their own lineages intact.

Well said.

Zman tries to explain his cucking on the JQ, and it comes across like Jordan Peterson's attempts, ie the weakest arguments they ever present.

Jordan Peterson is a leftist who is upset that he's being attacked. Go past him to his sources, start with Eliade, then go to Jung. Both have sterling fascist credentials, Eliade was a propagandist for the Romanian Iron Guard and Jung openly admits to being possessed by the National Socialist worldview.

No, she would be T4YNG3L, created by the evil overlord, but working on the side of right(?).

But the analogy falls apart, because in Boringlands, Jack hates the shit out of degenerate bandit scum, but goes waaaay past the line and goes full ATF on people out of paranoid suspicion. Also Boringlands is made by two rat-fuck cuckolds who stole a concept from Codehunters, and embezzled money out of SEGA to make the meme-shitting fuckpile that is Boringlands, Too, and Boringlands the DLC-quel.


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Why can't Trump just arrest the politcians in California already? They are doing illegal stuff, and if a civil war breaks out it's all the better for us.

You forget the federal government wouldn't be able to use guns in California either. Both sides would have to use swords, and whoever has the most skilled larpers would win.

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Because it would only create a vacuum that would immediately get filled with another wetback/nigger/jew. He needs to attack the roots, not the fruits.

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I 100% agree any anybody else saying otherwise is deluded.
Look how different the right has become compared to the left, we want virtually opposite things now. We share almost nothing in common anymore. A society as divided as this isn't healthy and can't last.

hnnng those lolis holdin funs



This is why I don’t consume lefty salt anymore. I can’t handle it. The stupid is offensive to the universe itself.

feel free to use an exit bag at your earliest convenience

There shouldn't be any desire to cooperate with your enemy. Enemies are for killing.

the cuckshed is waiting for you

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imagine letting your daughter have an instagram with 9,843 drooling men clicking her button

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Handome Jack is the hero of Borderlands. He just wanted to rid Pandora of bandits.

He was right for that. He was betrayed for no reason what so ever.

Map time
Alright anons, what do you think the US would look like after a civil war?
Here's my guess
For the sake of argument I'm assuming the left would actually be able to fight a decent war, a map with a few patches of microstates would be boring.

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checked for decisive texan victory

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Defeatist cuck. Kill yourself now.

the olympics/tahola/grays harbor/anything that isn't seattle in washington would be red. Seattle and ARGUABLY Olympia are the only blue spots.


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Like I said, I'm assuming they could pull off a war. I don't for a second think an independent California would be that large.
I tried making a more realistic map but it wasn't very interesting. Like, there's no way so much of Mid-East would be apart of a liberal country.

I somewhat remember the day that happened, but did it repeal any bans on wasp knives?

It's embarrassing that such restrictions ever existed. Shameful state.

If a civil war were to happen again I think the map would probably not look too far from that, though California wouldn't be so far out east and New England wouldn't push so far out west.
I also think Mexico would swoop in and steal South Texas during the chaos.

If anything I think Mexico would lose land, Commiefornia would push down south to claim Baja California.

That seems to imply that Commies wouldn't welcome the Brown Hordes with an open anus.

Exactly, they'd take parts of Mexico directly to increase the rate of enrichment.

jesus fucking christ

It would probably look like Syria with 100 different groups who change their names every 3 weeks, especially the lefties with all their sectarian infighting.

Would only be beneficial we could reset the country minus all the cucks ruining and undermining it.

Oh how right you are Satan
They'll all fight
Seriously heavy armor is heavy. Mine is 28lbs plus ammo plus bangstick. How the fuck would a scrawny necked pussy antifa faggot even carry weight? A , it can't. It will die after a brief speed sperg

Was just about to post this. Needs a Swastika though.

Would make a nice flag or symbol to brandish. Plus it looks like a blood spatter.

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Kek, censoring Diamond and Silk is tantamount to admission that (((they))) are losing the minorities.

The president of BET recently praised Trump as having done more for blacks than Obama, you can bet this opinion will be reflected in the broadcasts he controls. It feels like winning and I'm not tired of it yet.


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I wish the left would actually do it. They always say they will but they won't, I just want it to start already.

Good stuff user. I'd screencap but I'm on mobile. Hopefully another user screencap because your work is an excellent redpill.

It already started. Paddock was tied to Antifa through their Muslim terror links, the baseball shooter, the garbage truck on tracks which the Republicans slammed into, it's already happening. CNN won't have an extra special broadcast "LEFTIST NUTS SHOOT UP COUNTRY CONCERT" or "LEFTIST NUT SHOOTS UP CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS AT BASEBALL GAME" it is simply reported as unconnected single events and they're being used to push this or that agenda like gun control.

Bring it on. I'm more than happy to see California and Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal owns twitter get what's coming to them.

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This is so far the only word filter I'm ok with.

actually I'm only ok with it if it is filter jack dorsey with all that info

And not cool with it anymore.

How is that a bad thing? Better to get the race war over with sooner than later.

Self defence genocide is okay.

Only a few sentences in and this article is already retarded bullshit. This twat believes the democrats are the angelic party of goodness and altruism, and the Republicans are the corrupt, backstabbing moustache twirling villains. There's never been a point in the DNC's entire history that they haven't been one of the most evil and corrupt organizations in politics.

What is with the word filters you fucking idiots? You have overdone it.

Breddy gud.

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thats nothing dude. my best friends sister showed me her snapchat with 60k followers. which is still nothing according to her because her friend has 400k followers, and others have more

she said its just a numbers game to them but i was still blown away by it

some of these normal american suburban girls have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of instagram and snapchat followers from third world countries all over the world drooling over them

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If your IQ is in the triple digits, you could immediately surmise that the filter is for You nigger tier moron.

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That seems close. It's going global this time then into space to conquer

That's more like it

"please clap" is the political equivalent of CL4PTR4P's birthday party sidequest