Tens of thousands of Hungarians CROWD THE STREETS Celebrating as Anti-EU, Anti-Religion of Cuck™ 3-Term PM Viktor Orban WINS SUPERMAJORITY!

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You know OP, you must be giantic dick-sucking faggot to believe this.
Central Europe had always been away from Western madness. Europe is saved indeed, but the West isn't neither is Western nor Northern Europe.
How fucking stupid are you?

(((Every fucking time)))

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You know the news are good when the first post is a kike already oy veying.

If the wall holds, the problem with getting rid of the immigrants is a lot easier

Be gone, kike!

wait he said something completely reasonable and pro orban and you're calling him a kike? can you read?

If he was actually a threat to the EU then he wouldn't even be alive, let alone winning an election.
The real proof is that he hasn't been killed. Forensic evidence, you will need to wait for, but when it comes think of it as babby's first "politicians really do tell lies."


European Jewish group congratulates Viktor Orban for his re-election
And there it is.
Orban is an obvious crypto, nice everted lower lip. Nice nose. Nice droopy eyes


Fucking TORpedo. That's fucking close to the 14 words.

Where do you think you are, dumb kike?

hungary isn't a threat to the EU, the migrant quotas aren't something that can make or break the union

i'm done talking with retards

As globalist and as jewish as they come, and the dumb Hungarian goyim are in the streets celebrating electing their own genocide.

Just how blind do you pricks actually think we are?

Are there really Zig Forumsacks who don't realize this?

Wish you were right.

But my guess is: Just Eastern Europe will be saved.

The Western part is already pozzed beyond any point of return.

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No one trusts or believes you.

Always has been.

The point of no return came after Merkel went nuts in 2015.
Before that there was still hope.
Even if it was a shitty one.

Orban is doing what needs to be done but hes there as a release valve for the actual right thats been rising for years.

The remaining strong germans need to regroup and spread their seed within the vicegrad.

Even through rape?

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I take this as a 'yes'.

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Gas yourself

Blackpill kikes get the rope first.

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Holy hell. I guess this is what happens when i post before sleep. A half way bastard between shit and shillpost.

Let me refrase that mess with what i had in mind at the time.
Orban being re-elected works in two ways in favor of europe as a whole.
In one, he is maintaining one of the borders to immigrants closed to his country and therefor europe.
In second, he is consolidating the position of nationalism inside europe. Hopefuly other countries people nearby will take the hint and go along.

It would be too hopefull to think of something like a domino effect however, but by fixing one of the hole from where the water is poring in, there might still be hope for the sinking ship.

I Will blast Cara Al Sol in full in celebration

Stay safe magyar-chan.

Holy shit, this is NOT a kike-free first post.

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Orban talks the talk, I'll give him that. Now it remains to see if he walks the walk.
This is a question that does not broker an answer other than yes or no. By the end of his term, Soros and his rats should have no power in Hungary at all. If this is the case, then Orban is as good as we think. If it's not, then Hungary is in big trouble. So, let's wait and see.

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not if Howard Dean has anything to say about it

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Regardless of your true beliefs, being pinned with anti-semitism is pretty much a no-go. This guy MIGHT be a shabbos goy, but it might as well be a play for time and a deflection. In the grand scheme of things, Hungary cares fuck all what happens in the middle east. Of course Israel is not just an ethnostate in the middle east, but politics is all about appearances.

It all depends on what actions he takes next. Even uncle Adolf was very concilliatory towards kikes in his rhetoric when it suited him. I'm inclined to give Orban the benefit of the doubt simply due to his overt racial remarks. Contrast with fags like Tommy Robinson who strongly and immediately distance themselves from "evil racists".

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this guy gets it

ok so has anyone figured out why is hungary like this, and how to make everyone else like this too??
what is the thing that makes hungary and poland the only sane euro countries? could something be learned from their examples, and applied everywhere else too?

Is there a better version of this book? Apparently the reviews on (((Amazon))) state this is an abbreviated version and cuts out a lot of important parts.
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They have been getting fucked by kikes since the Middle Ages, and had just about enough after the last time (communist rule). Now Soros is trying to roll in with his multiculti poz. Read up about the anti-communist revolt in Hungary. Kikes were getting strung up on lamp posts when people decided they had enough of their shit.
Same goes for Poland, kikes fucked them badly by first provoking Germany into attacking them and then imposing communist rule and attempting to destroy the Polish language and heritage.

but how cant the brits, germs and scandies realize that multiculti is a seriously bad deal, when they too are getting screwed by the jew backed multiculti insanity all day everyday??
surely your average hans and pierre can see how dodging vans on the streets can be a minor inconvenience in their day to day life???

Bravo Hungary.

Your average Hans and Pierre do not care while they still have hot food, cold beer and internet acess. Not to mention that Hans was brainwashed with "feel guilty forever" since the day he was born and Pierre gets told "having mudslimes in your cities is just your colonial heritage, goy" by his kike professor every day. Pic totally related.
People go out and start lynching the guilty only when they have been deprived of their most basic creature comforts. It's not about having or not having leaders, either - Uncle Adolf wouldn't have achieved anything had he been active in the 70's and 80's, when Germany was happy and fat. No, revolutions happen only when a full TV can no longer compensate for an empty stomach. Eastern Yuros know full well what it's like to have your children starving to death while Commissar Trinkenblut eats caviar and drives whores around in luxurious cars.

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If you stand with jewry, as Orban does, then you're on the side of White genocide.

im an eastern euro and can confirm, when a gypsy begs me for change and touches my clothes i punch him right there on the street and proceed to kick him a few times just for good measure, because i myself lift concrete 10 hours a day and sturggle to pay rent on time
if a jew asked me for holohoax bux while im not sure i can afford the cheapest beer or a shitty internet connection that day, i'd reply to him 'wish they killed you too so there would be 1 person less to pester me today'

so if your average hans and pierre have it good in your 'upside down' crazy world over there… what seems to be the problem anyway? if he has enough cash to raise his family in peace and not care, why then should he care?
seems like they have a 'enough stuff for everyone to go around' situation going on over there, so why should they care the scum is stealing from them, when they cant notice the theft anyway?

Oh, it's all fun and games until Pierre gets laid of at work to make space for Mguba, and Hans' child gets shanked by Mehmet at school. Then these people realize that all is not well. Especially after Pierre applies for unemployment benefits and realizes that Mahmoud's and Ququmba's families are prioritized over his, and Hans gets a visit from BfV telling him to shut up or he will go to jail for racism.
It's a slow, slow process of popping the bubble of delusion. This is why most fervent supporters of multiculti and kikery live in 100% White gated communities, while the regular, working class folks suffer. However, some people are too brainwashed ever to recover - you can still find Rainbow Nation true believers in fucking Johannesburg.


i still find it hard to believe they are THAT short sighted
i mean being an eastern europoor, my instinct is to just say 'if they are that stupid, then that is what they deserve'

naturally i hope they recover, for the past glory of their civilization, and for the unknown glories they could achieve today, white man's civilization gave us all sorts of useful stuff, such as internet and regional stability and so on, i would be sad to see it all go to shit because of shitskins

but if they don wise up i dont see how do they deserve any better

Reported and filtered.

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Since 1945, they have been living in a bubble. A happy, prosperous bubble that told them every day "all is well, the world is a nice safe place, everywhere it's nothing but rainbows and unicorns". Many of them still believe it, because the alternative is simply horrifying. This also explains why they refuse to acknowledge kike influence: "No one would do such a terrible thing!"
In the meantime, Eastern Europe was getting buttfucked by communism. The 90's in the West were a time of lazy prosperity - in the East it was an Africa-tier nightmare, with civil wars, insurrections, genocides and crime sprees.
Our collective experience both helps us and destroys us - we have become mistrustful, suspicious and selfish, which makes it hard for us to organize, but the same mistrust and suspicion keep kike influences (mostly) away.

Nice fairy story. Anyone actually from the East knows what happens if you attack a gypsyhint: they don't work alone
Most British families have barely enough money for one child, few can afford any more because paying for the children of foreigners and the burden of immigrants bleeds them dry.
Nice to see the real attitude seep through the cracks. You feel entitled to the money and resources of Germans, Brits and Frenchmen because they "have enough already" and "won't even notice" if you take it.
Or at least, that's the way you're trying to swing your West vs East D&C, I highly doubt you're from there.

The fact that Hungary just elected an openly globalist zionist tells me you're talking shit.

he talks shit about everyone except white christians daily
you're gonna have to apply some highly advanced talmudism to make me see this your way, eli

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D