The biggest Black Lives Matter page on Facebook is fake

(((Kikebook))) BLM Page run by Australian Shitposter

More at…

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Top bantz.

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Genius. I bet he posts here, too.

I hope you Aussies never change

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Truly the shitposters of the world.

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I once hated every aussie but that has changed

The best thing is that CNN is reporting this

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KEK! Even pulls out the phone to take evidence of it.
Thats some high level shit right there.

Holy fucking shit this is amazing

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@ 1:11

The eternal Anglo striking again.

Or should I say: the commonwealth cancer?

All of these disgusting vassal hives are nothing else than extralegal CIA shitposting outposts.

(Goes for the South Eastern Asian cesspits as well, by the way. Webm strongly related.)

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this is a good thing, he was ripping them off

holy fuck I can't stop laughing

ʞǝʞ doʇ

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absolutely fucking brilliant m8'ys. keep it up you aussie cunts.

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The ABSOLUTE madman from /r9k/ actually did it, fucker actually did what I told him years ago, top fucking kek
But the question is, what he did with the money? Probably fairy bread, the faggot

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Pics or didn't happen.

He told me to cap but I didn't thought he would, he typed like he was underage. But he did made a scene so ask around, someone ought have it.

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truly ironic but if you reverse the rolls, as often is never done if you've used facebook as a means of advertising or public relations you will see how this hits at the heart of individual freedoms, no person or news source or business will be able to promote themselves using Facekike.

hopefully facekike will become a dead PLATFORM

nonetheless I worry that issues are defined where the populace supports their own loss of rights, as that is the case here.

an aside, with the recent attack in germany, Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns twitter now, in real time evaluates news sources at the scene as to whether they are worthy of reporting. Meaning is, you can have a guy screaming the truth at a street corner and Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns twitter will call it fake news.

btw, I hate BLM

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so jewish

jesus fucking christ I used to like Zig Forums was owned by the adl but now it's become more apparent that in posting her all you are doing is flagging you home IP for law enforcement and adl research

You aussies are equally laudable and retarded.

oh jesus christ, this place is so jew pozzed


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We need to build a trolling hall of fame so this great deed can be recorded in it, especially if they donated some of the money to pro-white causes.

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I find this very interesting because I got one of those Tumblr notices about (((fake accounts))) and there were several BLM accounts listed in the notice. I wonder of this guy had a jigaboo account on Tumblr too.

Fucking LEGEND

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Very nice, well done!

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I only have one question:
Do they do it out of misery or just because they can?
I wish to learn the art of Australian shitposting.

I'd assume it's a bit of both. They started out as a prison colony, after all.

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It seems to be a combination of historical selection pressure, "us versus the world" culture bred of isolation, and alcohol

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fucking lol

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Birds, they fall for the rustle. every. single. time.

Sorry no Mr. FBI man, I will not be entertaining you, nor your pack of goons.

You pay five time for your blasphemy. Six months of chaos.

After watching this I realized I needed to make an "Australian" folder. Turns out I already had one, because of course

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Shitposting to the very end

How? Is he not allowed to buy or sell now unless he has the mark of the beast nigger skin?

Mate I swear the heat must do something to the white man's brain. Day after day of incessant heat and burning sun makes you unable to give a fuck about anything.

I'll bet this mad cunt donated at least half of it to Darren "Pulling the Trigger on Every Nigger" Wilson and sent the other half to Benny G. to enhance his Zylkon-tipped nuclear warheads aimed at pissreal.

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Probably why Southerners and Australians get along rather well.

That he's an Australian makes it even much funnier.

What if it's an Australian Jew?

Something tells me the "australian men" are named gold and berg

It's even more brilliant as the time Russian shitposters were behind the online retail of the blue and yellow paint and flags in Ukraine and were donating the profits to the rebels…

That one really slaps me on the knee,
more aussie appreciation jokes

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/r/ banner

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Top shiggy

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Somehow I doubt that CNN would be crowing about having busted them if that were the case

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I'm good at banners. I maybe have three up?
This will be a nice addition.
I also want the mod to be reminded he will die this year each time he opens Zig Forums

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Shut your mouth!
Fukkin mods are based, reported for sliding, mods give me a cookie now.

Nah mate, not a jew at all, worker union offical - working class.
Malcolm Turnbull (our Prime Minister) IS a jew however.

It's illegal to pretend to be black on facebook? Is that really a law at all?

Aahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha – niggas aint gonna do shit.

ABC Aus Article
Malcolm Turnbull

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Australia is the faggot pedo nation. It's going DOWN HARD!

Breaking big news - Jewish pedo judge's days are numbered in the legal community working with pedos to cover up mass tranny aids rape gate. Court documents galore everything here. Here's the letter to Pakistani government I am writing.


My name is Luke McKee.

I am a well known anti-gay-pedophilia activist and UNHCR confirmed political refugee and dissident from Australia.

It has come to my attention that a leader of the Australian Greens Party whilst supporting pedophiles on the run from the FBI for child porn gave a public speech at a protest outside Australian Government Immigration offices in Sydney claiming that Pakistan wholesale kills homosexuals. (video)

Even Wikipedia says that is a lie. Sodomy laws are normally only used against pedophiles - and not enforced. Your country even has transgender rights.

Please read the top story about this saga on the world's #1 anti-pedophilia forum:

(lots of other links about the Pakistani child porn visa saga here - including mainstream news)

Gave visa to this Pakistani national.

Australian government has ruled you don't have bad a character if you download child porn - because the pedophile above whilst in jail in the USA is still sponsoring his boyfriends visa in Australia right now. Under Australian law you must be of good character to sponsor a migrant into Australia - and visa's are cancelled if immigration is informed otherwise. Immigration blocked my email because the manager was gay - and decided that child porn isn't bad character - as exposed above.

Background on other pro-pedophilia actions the Australian government is taking involving myself, my friends and my family.

What am I seeking from Pakistan?

A public statement that you don't kill gays to restore the honor of your country on the international human rights stage contrary to the public statement's by Australian political leaders - and that this homosexual put in Australia near Australian children by the Greens party lobbying and a pedophile singing the sponsorship forms is removed as per the law. He never had a right to stay in Australia even before the visa was granted as he was an illegal immigrant over-stayer. Greens used gay rights as a platform to help him queue jump, avoid deportation and a 5 year ban that even non-homosexuals get for breaking the immigration laws before they can marry.

What you choose to say about Lee Rhiannon of the Australian Greens party is not my decision but I know what I would do. She's already lost the ability to rejoin the next government, and has under investigation for parliamentary expenses fraud. There will be little detriment to international relations condemning her actions in league with pedophiles to attack Pakistan with baseless lies, and to be honest the majority of the Australian voting population will THANK YOU!

Warm Regards,

Luke McKee UNCHR Ref 2010-000092 HK.

Luke, Please make your own thread.

I can't find the last one I made.
I am Aussie but I fucken hate /aus/ with a passion. I'm an expat and I'm not in that shit hole that's why you tolerate me boys.

Get me some interviews to fuck these aussie fags and i'll try and jump on other peoples posts with shorter comments in future. See my latest story on pizzagate on the jewish pedo judges attack on us TODAY.

Tick tock…


Where's my fucking cookie??

Turnbull is a Sydney grammar old boy like myself (country kid on half paid scholarship expelled for bashing the head of the p&c's son - a jew). I went to the same school as that faggot and it's full of pedos. The master of the lower school Mr Sheldon as it turned out is linked to that I exposed linked to pedophilia here:

It's karma that I got to the bottom of the saga. Sheldon and co let a faggot child who put out for the gay Design & Technology teacher who FAILED into the select class in form 3. I got second in the school and my application was rejected forcing me to do latin a 3rd year. I was done at that point. The faggot child shared around the school was Matthew Loftus.

Have you tried taking this to A Current Affair?

You mean the one that has faggot journalists doing child porn making dramas about gay dads fucking their sons?

This same one?

Look at the image montage of all the gay politicians being best mates with that child fucker journalists in OZ on the link above censored by order of the gay kiddy fuck cult that founded gay pedophile protection squad.

Trust me click on the links to that letter to Pakistan. The fact you said ACA to me you need some serious fucken redpilling.

Schizoprasia (prasia) is a real disorder symptom you know.

Not really. I vaguely paid attention to your posts & threads previously.

So how are you going about getting this out there? There's a lot of noise on the wire and a blog and shitposts on image boards aren't going to get a ton of traction in the MSM.

The ACA poster is likely a police member… or just a shitposter.

I actually believe you about this.. I went to a school in Sydney City. Not saying which but you can figure it out..
Br David Standen, my headmaster - was busted recently about the shit he had done in the 70's and 80's at different schools - got moved to our one, our previous headmaster Br. M Hoffman was moved out and in his final speech to the school said he couldn't figure out why he was being replaced. I know now. Anyway keep it up.

Did you not see the MSM news and images about A Current Afair reporter Ben McCormack. What a fucken shill trying to debunk MSM exposing faggot oz pedos journalists working for ACA.

"A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack charged over child porn offences" was the headline. That story was pulled because it was wrote by a homosexual transvestite gossip reporter for the SMH Andrew Hornery friends with all the celebs that put the spin on it for the faggots.

I'm sure you can google all the better news about his gay dads son sex love drama gay film he started in. Maybe someone can webm it here. The point is this is off topic you fuck anyway and I only brought it up because someone told me to go to ACA - and I said fuck no they are pedos.

Yeah it's not just my high school. Here's an email I sent to my primary school last week. Australia is a fucken pedo paradise nation and it's government needs to be strung up. I threatned to kill my first gay pedo judge by name this week on Zig Forums and I"m not ever saying sorry - I linked it above in my email to Pakistan.

Oh don't tell me you know about Mr Miller and his big chick and little Chick.

I think the girl he had a big crush on was Erin Sook but that was 3
decades ago. Ben Currey is the person you want to talk to.

Why don't pedophiles get arrested instead just transferred to regional
office. Mr Miller liked little girls not little boys btw.



On 16 March 2018 at 08:14, School, Scarboroug-p
> ________
> From: Luke McKee
> From: Luke McKee
> To: Geoffrey McKee

We had a large paedophile bust last year if I remember right, a number of headlines for various busts around the same time almost.

So we laud kike scams now? Until he was caught he was doing exactly what kikes have been doing to keep the race bullshit going and make shekels. oh it's OZ time no fucking wonder

probably the easily found shit.
This shit is every where.
Pic related (very related to each other).

Attached: TELEMMGLPICT000133301262_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqSOSrow2dp9q0oap3culGc4ruEuLnfWioJFqE4iaQuA4.jpeg (600x900 239.5 KB, 27.3K)

It's hilarious when Aussies do it to a bunch of negro yanks. And the only way to get them is if they file a police complaint… in Australia.

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Looks like gibs will transcend borders.

This thread is in need of an on topic meme. Though trump is linked to Jew Epstiene child rape island and the Lolita express - even alex jone sheklestiene admitted it when he was campaigning….

This is worthy of merit…

I did a whole post before the child fuck club got a court order to censor it - about Turnbull being a Sydney Grammar Oldboy (elite pedo school).

And it had this picture ;)

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That's a stretch, he knew him but he also raised the alarm with a "he likes girls on the younger side" press quote then banned him from Mar-a-Lago for his creepy behavior.

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No we're from similar stock. Aussies are the bad goys who were just shipped to Australia right away. Many southerners were criminals too but we're given the choice or fled to the new world.

Back then they'd possible sentence you to move to America and assign a "ex=prostitute" as your designated wife. Mostly for the purposes of land claiming.

Renegade Broadcasting thinks not. Trinks for Trump exposed:

I'd link the Milo parody hitpiece against Laura Southern with an Aussie Blondie cover but jewtube marked it as hate speech against Milo the PEDO.

Why don't you float the school related emails within your own community and give updates to funny reactions?

You are not going to tell me not to agree with other people on the thread talking about schools… fuck all this started when someone here told me to go to a pedo news outfit that used to praise brother sister sex (incest) in the 90s as victims of judicial persecution….

I'm done with you trolls. I'm leaving this thread. You win.

Mostly it was Drunks they'd send to America. So Australia is a hot land where there was nothing to do but drink. The south is a hot land they sent dudes who just loved to drink.

Heat and booze is the shitposting formula.

There was also the Rum Economy in Aus.
That probably helped.


Expose the JEW MOSSAD INTEL INSIDE BACKDOOR. So yeah your meme is true - jew pedobears have their own Goldman's Sachs VC funded ARC processor in your intel CPU always on even when it's off.

The jews have been caught using this against my friends and I - and it's disabled at my end now.

1. Yes, they should issue ME disabled bioses (see #2 comment) on their download page or make bios patcher

2. No, I am a patriotic (cucked) American / Jew. NSA and Mossad have every right to see(or sell) my wife's naked pictures saved on my HDD (hint: Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns twitter Operation Veritas). I do nothing illegal & I've got nothing to hide

3. I don't care for anything except my favorite game and higher FPS speeds, and ETH/BTC Mining too (oops they can get my crypto $$$ #[email protected]#$ where's option #1)
I don't understand any of this.

That's not even what I…

Makes me proud

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auto @jack replacement text. Nice!

It's like when I doxxed the cryptolesbian of sydney and published the home address of every leftard in Australia hacking the NSW Election Commision. Fucken nice.

An enemy of my enemy is my friend. Aussie shitposting faggots have been mass doxxed. I can put the torrent back up of where all the leftist policitans and their staffers live if you want. (you can use Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns twitter's find a friend feature to unmask all their troll accounts in operation fuck the fag mass dox - i just never had a team to do all the work or the time to finish of my suga crm system with facebook / Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns twitter plugins)

The dyke mayor of Sydney Clover "No" Moore - 37 Kepos Street Redfern NSW.

" Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns twitter Operation Veritas"

I only typed 3 word above - lets see what happens.

Same here with bourbon and whiskey.

36 kepos sorry.


The funniest thing is the fucker possibly was rambling about this in a drunken stupor and no one paid attention to him.

"Them BLM cunts is all me!"

Working class isn't PC class

Kek, too bad they found out, good that they don't know how many more honeypots and cashtraps there are still out there. I remember threads from years ago where fuckloads of anons admitted to be doing or planned this and similar shit, for example some Gamergate dude selling SJW garbage.

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Commies don't understand money so they just blindly throw it at their enemies in rage.

Attached: topkek.gif (430x215, 4.7M)

…… Working class is not leftist you jew.

Soros funds these astroturf schemes, true. And he is put of the (((scheming individuals))) who campaigns for the agenda… But these so called movements and the way they're mainstreamed into a trend opens a million doors for crafty people to turn a tidy profit.
In order to beat the Jew, you must first become the Jew :^)

If you come across a buttmad libshit who cries that evil whitey is taking money from the black lives matter movements just remind them (((who))) funds the movements in the first place. Then use an example of the establishment literally doing the same shit… Like how the Clinton Foundation took most of the money for the donations for aid after the Haiti earthquake and pocketed it. Literally less than 4% of donations even went towards it… If that.

They still haven't learned from Bernie Sanders campaign and and Jill Stein "recount" thing.