Orban: Election win means I have the mandate to pass anti-Soros laws

Among other things, the proposed laws will require NGOs that work on migration-related issues to seek registration from the interior ministry. They could be rejected on a national security basis after vetting by security agencies. Any foreign funding for migration-related activities will be subjected to a 25% tax. Those found to be "undermining the interests of the Hungarian nation" could also be subject to charges of treason or espionage, which under proposed legislation could include the death penalty as a consequence.



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I've had a taste of sweet justice, and now I'm Hungary for more.

lmao, this means Hungary must leave the EU then

A number of EU countries already have it on the books as a law. There is no enforcement mechanism for it. Once you are actually inside the EU you can mostly do what you like as long as another country can veto any moves against you.

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Glad to see things are looking up in Hungary. I'm American and was in Budapest last June, one of the whitest and nicest cities I've ever seen. It would be a shame to see it trashed and mongrelized

What's the story on the 3 red and 1 green areas on the map? pozzed urban areas?

Jobbik is ultranationalist, so likely not.

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It's the current year meme user.
It's everything else but a shabbos communist dictatorship that glorifies castration of it's children.

Don't you know democracy means doing what the Democratic party in the US wants?

Looks like Hungary is on my vacation list.

Hurray, more kosher "nationalism" from Zsidesz! Meanwhile gypsies are still breeding like rats, they still won't do anything with the health care and education systems that were established in the commie times, the taxes are still ridicously high, and they will steal even more money now.

The green is Jobbik, and in most areas outside of Budapest it was ~40% Fidesz, ~40% Jobbik, and ~20% for various leftist parties. At this point it looks like the people of Orsós mostly won because of "creative vote counting".

Looks like you lost on your way towards plebbit.

Hi schlomo.

Helló röfi!

Should we have waited for Hitler?

I retract my accusation of jewry, this guy may just be a Hungarian to the right of Orban.

You should just commit suicide tbh famalam.

In other words, I'm a Hungarian with an IQ over 99.

>muh (((jobbik)))

please stop pretending there's a difference between the two political parties in the states (at least when it comes to foreign policy)

Did the jews and the left infiltrate institutions of Western countries over night? It took generations of gradually shifting politics (known as the 'long march through the institutions'). Yes, the people should have voted for Jobbik, but unless Fidesz is passing hate speech laws and rigging the votes then the groundwork has been set for Jobbik.

Furthermore, with Jobbik neck and neck with Fidesz, then that will absolutely put a huge amount of pressure on Fidesz to address and even mimic their policies. In the UK, the 'Conservative' party had to give a referendum on the EU even though the anti-EU party (called UKIP) had 2 seats out of 650 in the parliament due to fears of increasing electoral power.

David Cameron promised a referendum because he wanted to desperately win the election and for no other reason
I'm just surprised he actually kept a promise
Brits should leave the EU anyway as they are the eternal enemy of continental Europe

Jobbik is cucked now

I don't see the GOP pushing regime change over trannies.

please be a newfag

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It's likely a huge gypsy vote went to Orban this time. Probably several 100k out of the 2.5mln votes that Fidesz got. Also what's the problem with the 27% sales tax going to based Orban. Without him you'd be jewed out of your money!

Kikebart pumping Orban? I raise you a Jerusalem Times backing Orban based on intel from ex-Mossad agents or something. Btw. speaking of media, do you also know the Hollywood Jew that owns a significant pro-Orban media network?

Orban is literally Netanyahu's 2nd best mate after Trump.

The moment we get Hitler come back in time to save us you'll accuse him of being a kike.

It was actually a criticism of the jews here shilling for ZOG every fucking day

keep crying torpedo
how many times did you get banned before finally giving up?

TOR is actually 100% CIA/NSA, retard

You're not a Hungarian if you're not white, and jews aren't white. jew.

Orban is a zionist and probably a crypto. This was fully demonstrated in the first thread on the topic, which is why the Orban shills made another two threads and let the first one drop.
Mods have removed the screenshots showing his various defenses of the kikes and their lauding him as a "defender of israel."
>b…but he's making vague (((BASED))) statements which I assume completely without basis means he's going to take action.

The only people pushing Orban here are not Hungarian and are either jewish or the retarded alt-right.

Orban is literally the jews last gasp chance at preventing a real nationalist uprising in Hungary.

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A meaningless gesture because Hungary never was their destination. All (((Orban))) has achieved by doing that is to give his fellow kikes an excuse for even greater immigration to the UK, Germany, Scandinavia.
He's a fucking self-described defender of israel and a highly praised zionist. Just how fucking obvious does it have to be?
>inb4 b…but he said , he is legit

He hasn't stopped refugees from entering Hungary, the only states manfully defending the borders are literally committed individuals like Toroczkai working against the constraints Orban is placing on him defending the fences Toroczkai put up.

Exactly, there is no welfare state in Hungary which is why they are all heading for Germany France once processed in Hungary.

Yet every day we see more blacks on the metro, and all the lying neocon kikes of the alt-right are claiming Orban is the saviour, when he's simply their last chance at stopping nationalism rising.

Kosher conservative isn't good, no matter how many jews on here tell us so

then why is (((EU))) trying to pressure Hungary into taking them?
it's the fault of Hungary these countries are too cucked to stop the "refugees"
when are torpedos finally getting banned?

I think it's rather pointless to argue that Orban himself is a jew. But it looks like there's ever more evidence that he's acting as a proxy for them.


Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto expressed his country's support of Israel and told the Post that "I feel that both in the UN and the EU there are biased positions against Israel."

Budapest is committed to combating anti-Israel bias in the United Nations and the European Union, the country’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told The Jerusalem Post.

“On many occasions I feel that both in the UN and the EU that there are biased positions against Israel,” he said on Thursday.

don't care
the only thing that matters is immigration

Haven't the Fidesz government sold like 20k residency bonds mostly to Chinese?

Mostly isreali jews, Russian jews as well as chinks.

>then why is (((EU))) trying to pressure Hungary into taking them?
>w…why this filthy goy not listening to the (((NEWS)))?
It isn't. That's nothing for bullshit drama for the (((TV))) and already explained, to give plausible excuse for even more immigrants in Western countries, i.e "sorry we really did intend to take less this year but Hungary didn't take its share so have another few million".
Typical "Western countries want the immigrants but Eastern are based and stop them, because they're better etc etc" d&c.
It's the fault of the kike zionists, of which Orban is one. He is playing his part like all the others, in the present case as safety valve, to calm the frogs while they boil because "IT'S OK, EUROPE IS SAVED!" actual title of the first thread they made, more or less
You are here to demotivate and play down, with the false claim of "real action" being taken by an outright globalist zionist crypto kike.
Where the fuck do you think you are that anons won't see right through your shit and your shitty puppet?

they haven't done anything to stop them

I agree, his actions speak on their own to his agenda and his allegiance. There is mountains of not just evidence, but PROOF of his zionism.

Here he is laying the White guilt thick on the Hungarians.
Fucking pathetic.
By the way re: crypto, this video really reveals his facial features, wonder if he's related to Netanyahu.

The cucks ruling Western Europe would still be flinging the doors open for niggers and Muslims, no matter what Hungary did or didn't do. They started implementing multiculti bullshit half a century ago.


I think Arthur J. Finkelstein worked with Fidesz until recently. (He died last year.) He also worked with Netanyahu in 1996 and that might have been arranged by Ronald S. Lauder who knew Finkelstein from earlier and is alos a friend of Netanyahu. (Lauder is also president of the World Jewish Congress and btw. the 'Chairman of the Governing Board' there is David de Rothschild.)

Lófaszt vagy te magyar!

Sand covered hungarian ass of approval.

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It always looks different from the oustide. Or inside.

Be happy that Hungary isn't going to be nonwhite by the end of the century, if nothing happens.


Trump will save BASED Soros from these horrible Hungarians
US government sure seems worried about the fate of these non-governmental organizations
really makes you think

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Hungary and Poland are setting a beautiful precedent of standing up to (((their))) agenda. Hopefully something similar can happen here in leafland.

Sure thing kike, nice try. You'll get a special room in the oven.

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It's funny that Soros is listed first as "American" yet refuses to live there. He is a foreign agent, a subhuman kike.

Kek. "Democracy" means the left getting everything they want. If they don't get what they want, then its a "regime".

Pic related was an article from nytimes, it was a long rambling article that I skimmed through and I'm not entirely sure what point he was trying to make.

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Doesn't count. They voted wrong instead of voting for an enlightened leftist who'd bring millions of immigrants to bleed the country to death.

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Behold an example of the USA absolutely not subverting another sovereign nations election processes and national politics.

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Based mongols


This. Going to a place where I can agree out loud with people about things? Amazing. I might even learn some Hungarian on general principles.

Yeah but who cares? Anything less than gas the jews is seen as supporting jews.
That said I dont see a problem in emulating Israel on border control.

Top kek


Get back in faggot

You didn't miss it, you said it. Democracy is the enemy when it fails to produce results for the kikes.

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