No More Jewish Wars
The kikery surrounding the Syria (((gas attack))) has been full throttle and the kvetching has come thick and fast.
We should start propagandizing the phrase
Not only is directly naming the kike, rather than simply naming Israel, guaranteed to create a kvetchstorm, we could stir up a shitstorm of anti-semitism if we pushed this one in anti-war leftist spaces. Attached are some shit 'posters' I made in five minutes. Something more emotive may be better, soldiers' faces with greater Israel map or something.

No More Jewish Wars works better than "No More Wars for Israel" as it's shorter and kikes around the planet push for these insane yiddish conflicts, not just the Israelis.

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Put archive links to the articles on image #4 and state what news sources it is from. That way people can't handwave it away.

I agree with you in principle, only it's too late, the orange kike won the election for all the based neocon kike-jews and he is determined to do their bidding.

You've already got the enemy's attention, means it is a good idea.

Will try to remember to do this later and try to produce some more propaganda images too.

We a;ready seen what the best of America can offer by going along with your jewish plan to elect the orange kike.

Personally speaking all that's left is the retarded jew-controlled right to snap out of their NeoCon lovefest and march down Washington DC fully armed, but you won't wn'tme to say that and you'd squeal like a bitch stating that doing anything actually productive was "FBI".

Anyone that voted for the orange kike or Hillary Cankles Clinton is part of the festering problem in America

Notice how they immediately try to pivot away from Israel to abstractions.

Step up.

Really makes you think

What sort of shit tier shilling is this? The images in OP clearly have a map of greater Israel.
Reported for being a kike. Gas soon, rabbi.

I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about this retard.

I was responding to one of you doing just that.

We're on a board run by kikes, who managed to astroturf and gaslight the goy into championing ZOGs neocon puppet, now he's in office working for jewry and this board is still cheering on the orange kike.

Democracy won't fix this, in fact war with Syria is just about the final stage of the jew world order, pat yourself on the back.

If by some slim chance you aren't jewish try and do something productive for a change, and no by productive I don't mean vote even harder for NeoConservatives in your state but actually achieving a few less kikes in real terms

No More Wars For jews
No More Wars For jewish Finance

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putin memed this into reality
you broke it, you own it, commies

Ate you just reading off the bingo card

I can't help but notice that you and your mates here have added absolutely nothing of value to this thread, which at least the OP started a good topic, for you kikes to flood in and detract from the main point and derail one of the very few valuable threads left on this board

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tfw the only people who want peace are internet nazis

What a time to be alive

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When you make posters like these, export them as png. It allows better quality when there's a lot of high contrast areas in your photos (like text). It usually makes these kind of files smaller, too. Jpg works well on photos, but it's not the best for these posters.

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Take this, for a good cause.

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Oh good the ozkike is shitting up yet another thread.

Reposting for the nigger tier typo in the original.

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Yeah I know but the file sizes are too large when uploading multiple images, unfortunately. Niggaz just gonna have to live with jpg artifacts.


t. (((Allison Kaplan Sommer)))
The audacity of these kikes

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fuck yourself faggot

ok tough guy, how about you lead by example. I'll wait.

get some new lines faggot

Oswald Mosley and his followers were jailed for not wanting to see millions of Europeans killed in a pointless war. Let that sink in.

We need to signal boost this

Today -
My mission now is to redpill this guy

Got a better pic of that, id like to go online and find the date. Especially if it gets memoryholed.

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I believe in you user

thank you sir

bbbut, muh gases

Reported. Enjoy your ban, kike.

But that's not true.
>Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit thread where a kike literally.can't.believe that he keeps running into White leftists who support Assad.
Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal.
Why do you think that the jew is so desperate to completely alienate far-left and far-right through use of socially engineered crisis actor memes like "autistic screeching"?
It's because those factions of right and left who fundamentally agree on the jewish question were allowed to work together, they would present a much more formidable problem for the jew.
Luckily they have both sides under total memetic control. As an example I will probably be banned just for posting this.

Who do you goyim think you are? You couldn't even keep traitor Pollard locked up.

looks like a sad turtle.

i remember when i got called a shill for saying this here a year ago

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gibs more propaganda

This post is an example of how kikes divide and conquer. Filtered faggot