This board is literally unusuable

>Don't even have the sack to actually argue, just edit other people's posts to include their (((argument)))

The sum result is the complete destruction of what made even cuckchan's Zig Forums a significant influence. There isn't any argument, there isn't any debate, there isn't any convincing anyone of anything, there's no back-and-forth sparring of ideas… there's just some powertripping soyboys so insecure about their ability to argue their own ideas that anything outside of their "correct-think" is a ban.

Considering THAT is the ultimate weakness of the left; attempting to ban ideas instead of argue them, it's utterly disgusting to watch the same behavior go on here.

Do the fucking retard mods think that a single person have ever been convinced by the argument "LOL UR A JEW *BANNED*"? Before today, I would have said either Zig Forums of Zig Forums were the two absolute dumbest communities ever, but at least those I could laugh at, due to their crazy mods, and even crazier users.

This place is just depressing.

It's literally removed embraced everything that made cuckchan's Zig Forums awful, and rejects the freedom that made it good.

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fuck off


Well you're right OP. But where else can we go? halfchan? Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit?

(((mod))) free first post.

God, how bathetic can you more get?

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Don't forget
>Mods conveniently ignoring slide/shitpost threads ("NEED GF") for (((no apparent reason)))

We aren't here to argue nor debate. The time for talk has passed.
If you are not convinced of the Jewish Problem by now, then there no use for you.
For those who are weak of mind, maybe.

Eh, there is this thing called a catalogue, learn to fucking use it.

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ayy, why not make some more. Maybe this time it will convince someone. Or are you getting tired now?

Then what are we here for? Stroke our collective ego? Have a neetsoc hugbox like a bizarro tumblr? You sound like a woman.

Which boogeyman am I supposed to be?
I mostly came to Zig Forums to laugh at the leftist boards, but have already been banned from both.
The fact that this place is just as bad, or worse, is just depressing.

Slide threads aren't a thing here, because this board is too slow. Unlike cuckchan, you'd literally have to spend half a day making dozens of threads to even push one off the board. Shitposts are certainly a thing, sure, but how many people have actually been banned for shitposting, compared to legitposting?

Maybe cry more of your fagotry and kill yourself. Or promote the usual "alternative" as always.

Reminder: Posters who constantly create threads bitching and moaning about mods are most likely butthurt shills that can't get their way on here like they could on halfchan.

You're right about slide threads. The board is BY NOW too slow for them to make sense. I wonder why that is. Could it be related to the complete lack of consistent moderation I wonder…?

This board would be a lot more interesting if we didn't have as many clickbait threads and just had a general for it. 9/11 clickbait threads go no where and are just confirmation or just turn out to be bullshit.

See, this is what I'm talking about.
I'm not promoting any "alternative", I'm saying the mods (and it's entirely the fault of the mods) have rendered this board unusable, and certainly nothing that could ever spread any sort of awareness or ideology.

What exactly is it that I'm shilling for? Open discourse? Guilty as charged. Who exactly do you expect to convince by banning half of your user base? Unlike you, I'm logical and well versed enough in my views against unlimited immigration, useless blowing money on Israel, the ineffectiveness of the UN, and the undermining of soverign rights of the EU to actually argue against these things, not immediately devolve into the lowest state of butthurt and start banning people.

It could be worse - ever tried to search for Religion of Cuck™ on Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter?

point proven

>where can we go? halfchan? Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit?
>only knowing about Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit-level chans

You can't get anything there other than your name on a watchlist after opening the wrong thread.

Did you not read past the first point?

Better yet, try searching for Religion of Cuck™ on Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter

Imagine discovering that your entire fundamental heritage that you been faithfully told ends up being a complete fabrication. A lie. You dig deep to discover that your ancestors were just cogs in a wheel hellbent on control over human civilization in its entirety. G-d has plans for other indoctrinated pretenders like yourself, but you're stuck with following the doctrine of nepotism handed to you freely to survive. Your rabbi friends get you a job at the local JIDF so you can shitpost unironically as a based nazi, continuing the endless cycle of jew-blaming to suppress further thought or discussion. Your kike superiors dont want you to talk about things, but to just shut the discussion up. So here we are… Lets talk.

Stop shilling whatever the fuck you're shilling.

The theory only makes sense on fast boards, like cuckchan's Zig Forums.
It's not even like "bumping it to the first page" does anything, considering this entire board is just pinned threads of mods pet projects anyway.
And even if it wasn't, they wouldn't only have to show up about once every three days to "bump" a thread from getting it deleted. And, if it's literally some blatant shill thread… it would get ripped to shreds if it's wrong. That's what happens even on cuck/pol/.
This place is utterly ridiculous for thinking that its average users are so easily swayed by literal shitposts that they'll somehow "turn into leftists" if not for their brutal oversight.
That's a leftist tactic… consider that both moderates and rightwingers are objectively correct on most issues, this does nothing but hurt their position by resorting to random bans for wrongthink.

Look at the stickies. Look at the filters. Look at that new spoiler every time you mention R-Eddit. The intention is to make Zig Forums as unusable as possible. This board was never about honest discourse.

sure, sure

The stickies are relevant, but I disagree with the fact that they're "stickied" in the first place. Natural posting would have kept them on the first page anyway, since they're current events… there's no need to dictate to the userbase "THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT!"

And shittalking something about r.eddit or i.slam or t.witter should be fucking word filtered, because all it does is make nobody understand what you're talking about, even though everyone agrees all those things are completely indefensible shit.

This board is for LARPing and ironic shitposting, newfriend.
If you want actual political discussion, try >>>/zenpol/

Defend this right now.

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Cool strategy (((mods))) so just add a bunch of ghey filters to stifle interest in posting on Zig Forums. I suppose if you were busy watching midget porn you dont wanna be disturbed by a bunch of autists being intelligent and things.

And so it begins.

What do you want me to fucking defend? That those stickies make your autism bloat like some sociopath who doesn't get the attention?

But I like both.
What I dislike is insecure soyboy mods being in a perpetual state of butthurt over wrongthink.
I was banned from Zig Forums for pointing out how their ridiculous anti-capitalist propaganda wasn't supported by their own links in their dumbass meme.

The fact that the entire first page is nothing but stickies? The mods telling you exactly what it is you should care about? The fact that, regardless of how much or how little anything has to do with jews, every single thread here starts with a shitpost? The fact that literally half of the userbase as been banned in the last few months?

Maybe you could start with those. Because even cuckchan is looking like a beacon of hope compared to this pile of shit.

And yet you used the fucking catalog to show it. Nice going.

Yes. I personally do.
What's your point? Is it

Assuming you aren't kvetching, which you are, is fucking off not an option that crossed your mind? If not, how about fucking off.

…Do I unironically have to explain how retarded this position is? I'm literally embarrassed on your behalf, because I at least have the minimum amount of intelligence required to understand how ideologies are spread, while you're content with stabbing yourself in the dick.


Pack it in, OP shot himself in the foot.

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Sorry if I rustled your jimmies, sweetie. Remember, fucking off will take you straight to your safe place.

It's funny how people are unwittingly proving OP right.

Because you shouldn't have to wade through an entire page of mod bullshit before actually seeing what feeling Zig Forumslocks are interested in… until, of course, they get banned like thousands of others for being far right, but not the correct kind of far right according to the honey-pot mods who are out to destroy this community.

I'm not a creative person.
I can't even imagine what a proper memeface should go here to express exactly how wrong you are.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was supposed to be a "safe place".

I thought this was Zig Forums. You'll have to forgive me for the mistake; now that I realize that the mods are a bunch of butthurt teenagers out to undermine the entire rightwing community, I now realize this is a leftypol community.

I don't want to be right; I want them to get their shit together. As in, stop banning everyone for wrongthink, and instead destroy them with arguments, and thereby gain another person in agreement.


Can you even read? Do you know how prepositions such as "your" work?

The board has been taken over by "based" muds, nazbol slavshits and other assorted non whites.
What did you think was going to happen?

>>>/polmeta /

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Mods are faggots. This board hasn't really had any successful ops in a while. If you question merica you get banned.

A primary indicator of a civilisation in decline is the hallmark of intellectualism and debate. We here are men of action, not talk.

And what have "we" achieved lately?

Men of action on a board based around discussion.

go back to mexico if you don't like it here

forgot to sage [cute chirping fades]

Why take the bait? report and move on it's obvious this guy is trying to fuck up the thread.

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If you weren't a newfag, you would know you can at least try the second page


Perhaps ask yourself what you have achieved.

Reports are entirely useless. The sole reason this thread is up at all is because mods are asleep.

Nice try Schlomo

Create your own board, OP, then shill the shit out of it on other boards.
If you can moderate better, your PPH rate will increase, you'll climb the board rankings and your board will grow.
Anything short of that is just beta whining. This board has been subverted. There is literally nothing left to "save"

Hide your nose next time kike.


I'm OP.

Look, I'm not trying to "self destruct" the board.

I'm simply asking the mods to stop fucking everyone every which way about their own goddamn threads.

If you got shit to say, make your own goddamn post.
Don't just edit everyone else's posts to state your own views.
Don't ban people because "le jews", just tear their arguments apart, you dumbass cowards.
All you're doing is making this place as an utterly embarrassing shitshow as Zig Forums.

Maybe you're not better than them, but I am.

They can throw whatever bullshit propaganda they want our way, and I'll tear it apart.

If you're so insecure that such a simplistic task is above you, then kindly fuck off forever. You have no business moderating this forum.

there are absolutely shills on 8/pol/ and there are absolutely shills complaining because they got btfo (((For being too obvious))) but you have to be absolutely stupid to believe that the (((mods))) aren't shills too.

this board has been Long Live Zig Forums!ed for longer than I care to try and remember. they wont respond well to this and the only reason we can even complain is because they're sleeping or something. the moment they wake up everyone in this thread who was willing to post any sense of disapproval will be banned and the whole thread deleted.

mark my words

Any threads about /oursemite/ Assad or based Jewtin get instantly stickied by the mods.
Tells you everything you need to know.

But this really bears the question, "Why?"

I'm about as right-wing as one can except, despite diverging on minor points, and I've been banned multiple times for "QTDDTOT".

This place is in serious shit, and I'm far from the only one to point it out.


op here is your archive so you have proof when this shit gets canned

I like Assad for being the only secular leader left in the middle east.

This should be able to be debated here. So why the fuck is whatever opinion the mods want is "objectively correct", and everything else is "the jews"?

because shills always are quickly the first to "found" the most popular boards so that they have the highest governing control possible and can play thought police which is exactly why (((they))) are upset trump won because they wanted to be the boss.

if a good person creates a good board first, they get "disappeared away" or given obscene amounts of money for control of the board, or hacked to have it stolen, or the board is mysteriously given away by Zig Forums's own rules without the BO being absent.

Just saved it, thanks, but that's not what I want.
I want an open community of discourse.
This community is beyond fucking ridiculous. We have no moral ground to stand on compared to Zig Forums or Zig Forums, even though their arguments are easily demolished.
Who the fuck is ruining this board, anyway? Who's top dog making a mockery of us all?

tell anything too close the the truth on Zig Forums if you want to find out if it's true or not. if it's "meh" it will just sit there and get some or no attention. if it's really close to the truth your thread gets banned right away and deleted and you get banned for enough days to not be able to come back and make a new thread to complain and get people aware of what happened.
ban reason is usually spam or something else stupid. most Zig Forums type boards on and off site are owned by the same shills, regardless of their outward political opinions or standing.

How did it get this bad? I haven't visited cuckchan's Zig Forums in months, and was immediately banned from here due to some random "QTTDTOT" bullshit.

I'm telling you we wont get what we want here. the moment they wake up this thread is poof. we will get handed bans just for wanting freedom of speech and open discussion on basic topics. this happens constantly. don't be surprised when it happens, I'm just filling you in and I know I'll be banned for it just because I'm telling the truth, another week of being unable to talk to politically minded people…

more recent archive, since it's relevant. don't delete your old one in case something changed in this one.

Thanks for the heads up, but I think I've been banned already from another hub.

But as long as we're not banned… literally, why the fuck WHY?

I'm not insecure about my beliefs. Any fucking commie wants to question me, I'll logically fuck them six ways to sunday. What is this place's problem?

Religion of Cuck™
i s l a m

Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit
r e d d i t

Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter
t w i t t e r

v e g a n

Probably the last one was IOTBW. Is d.e.a.t.h t.o a.m.e.r.i.c.a still filtered? Anyone remember the time when an user was banned for a post that got word-filtered?

Death to the jews

it doesn't matter if your the goodest "Zig Forums goyim" and follow their rules and suck their dick to the max. if you tell anything that's too close to the truth it gets banned because this board and boards like it are a living working example of interactive controlled opposition.


today op was not a faggot and was right

Everything you said is true and every oldfag knows it. But you seem to forget is that Zig Forums as we know it simply doesn't exist anymore. Today's "Zig Forums" is there to push a certain POV and we all know which POV that is and why.

This. Truth died a long time ago on Zig Forums.

and don't worry, we will be banned just for voicing our opinions. this board is more strict than Religion of Cuck™ic extremists on their women.

if we don't get in trouble even though we did literally nothing wrong at all it's because they know you're a newbie to the whole ban problem and want to leave you unbanned so that you think I was wrong and keep your opinion of (((the mods))) better. if they ban you they know you will suddenly believe me, so they will likely leave just you unbanned so you assume I was just crazy. just because I've said this, they are now more likely to just say "fuck it" and ban you right along with me. just because of the last sentence they will be more likely to not ban you to prove me wrong, and just because of that one they will do the opposite, and so on and so on. enjoy your headache mods, hue hue.

I'm shilling free speech, have I been banned yet? Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter Religion of Cuck™

they leave some truth tellers that don't get way way too close (or tell truths everyone already knows) unbanned on purpose so that there's always one or two people going "huh? everything is fine I don't get banned for telling the truth" or you're just one of their shills.

besides that, the mods are sleeping right now, or watching this thread and sniffing their own farts.

Why do you care, OP? This is a containment for all the OG Zig Forums outcasts. There's nothing you can do to reverse anything because the users are what make up the board, while this one is populated by Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. redditor refugees LARPing as oldfags, ruled by a fanatical manchild with an ego complex. Halfchan has more legit users at this point, why do you think a halfchan thread complaining about no threads being visible can pop up on the catalogue without anyone telling OP to go back? Because we **(muh le epic old fag >we) already went back there for greener pastures. Caring about something you have no control over will only turn you into a little, erratic, forever butthurt little bitch that no one likes akin to the mods on here; let it go, and move on, this place isn't exactly bustling with life.

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I've been banned a few times - I was never sharing any great facts, just opinions which the moderation was threatened by. This board was clearly co-opted in the last year, never saw any word filters or bans until a year ago.

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The first real sign was when literature and self-improvement threads became off-limits. It's been pretty steadily downhill since then. The election certainly didn't help, but what can you do in that regard?

Good. We have come to realize we are better, smarter, better looking than them. The Zig Forums brand has been hijacked for far too long, we have been stagnant for far too long, with Trump marking our death a year ago without us wanting to accept the dreaded fact. We had our fun, now we move on and formulate in a different fashion or pester ourselves with peasantries; did you want an anonymous MySpace where everyone shitpost to pass the time, or do you want change? We're growing up, time to leave it behind, we'll find eachother again.

Because becoming legit more informed and more /fit/ is a threat to power.
Besides, this is a "satirical" board designed for ironic shitposting.

no good info spreading allowed! *ban hammer*

Except when a Brazilian stabs some fag. Then you're banned for not being edgy enough.

Dare to say anything that isnt a alt-kike copypasta, and youre out.

Never said they were, in fact I respect them, its the jewish nazi-larpers Im calling out in this thread. Are you unironically pretending they dont exist?

trump may be really jewishy in many ways but that doesn't mean he's bad. the Zig Forums mods are extremely compromised but I don't understand the sudden massive anti trump attitude that's taken place. I'm not okay with choosing the lesser of two evils and I'm not in agreement with those who say trump is perfect, but I'm really really happy that he's our president right now and I like almost everything he's done.

I'm already gonna get banned for disagreeing with the mods so I might as well say what ever I want.

there's a bunch of jews out there who are good, and there's a bunch out there who are bad fake jews of the synagog of satan. I've met plenty of both. the facts are that some bearded guy blessing some wine and bread in his house while praying to god isn't a threat to us, it's the fake satanic jews that drink blood and worship money like a false idol that are the bad guys. just so you all know the difference, but always don't trust all of them until you're sure anyway.