Weird lightning storm in Lithuania

Is Russia testing/demonstrating some new weather technology?
You can find this here:
Set date to April 10 01:00 and 12h loop

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This does look very weird.

Got an examples of previous lightning storms in the area we can compare it to?


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Can't find the link right now, but HAARP is conducting tests right now.

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the fact that the lightning "wave" followd state lines exactly is very conserning, also it started in russian controlled prussia or kalenigrad.
no matter how you look at it, this isent good

Or the neighboring countries don't contribute to the map.

Or it's amazing if it's stops a syrian war.
Even if enough people got spooked as to thinking it's intentional it'd be beneficial.

it honestly just looks like a cloud front but the fact that it sweeps an entire country is interesting.




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From the look of it it is a storm front following natural boundaries. I would presume that Lithuania is bordered by mountains on the south and east?


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Plains. We have some elevation, but wouldn't call it mountains.

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Talking about the areas to the south and east of Lithuania itself

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Wow, that's very weird indeed.
I think something had to happen in Königsberg. I guess, they put some stuff into the air, making it more charged, which turned into a wall of lightning.
Actually this speaks volume, set it to 12:00 on a 48h loop, and you will see what I mean. It's clear that this involves the pollution of the air with some form of ion chemicals, like they used in Chernobyl back in the 80s. Silver-sulfid ions, I think?

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these strikes are probably detected via satellite

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OP is not shitposting, I am Lithuanian and there was infact a shitload of lightning

This map does not even have borders for my country, fuck you Ivan
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How is this autistic thread related to politics

How is high tech weaponry related to international conflicts? describes how the lightning detection works using VLF detectors and triangulation from multiple observers. No radar involved, not using satellites either. The number of shills spreading disinfo in this thread makes me think OP is on to something.

Could be Russia, could be kikes/nato/deep state.
My guess is that it's testing in a country that isn't huge so that fewer people notice the testing.
Also, if you want to know more about what could possibly be creating this, it's worth looking into WeatherWar101, they've got a website and a youtube channel that goes into detail about how weather can be made/controlled by people, using steam from power plants, Doppler radar(NEXRAD in the USA), and other tech.
Another thing that might explain it since it's electricity related, is the electric universe theory, ThunderboltsProject is a good place to go for that.

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Thanks, threads like this every now and then are nice, even if they bring a lot of shills.

HAARP is an installment in alaska. You don't need to go far for the same technology of HAARP. In the USA it's NEXRAD, in other countries it's doppler radar stations. Embed related.

Because the OP got spam reported by some butthurt shills, and mods reversed that decision after realizing it.


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Great thread. Thanks OP. I just emailed this and social media'd this all over the place.

Well i'll be, that's the queerest looking thunderstorm i've ever seen.

Yes the great Baltic Mountain Range, they're taller than the alps and form a natural barrier north, south and east of Lithuania only allowing the Daugava to flow east through the great Lithuanian eastern valley.

HAARP is just a proof of concept. the real stations are in the terawatt range (1000x haarp) and are a global installation

Not a lot of people know about the great mountain range, sadly. A good opportunity to advertise it.

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And do you have any information on where these are, what they're called, who owns and runs them?(pictures would also be nice) And why do you think it requires something like that instead of the full nation coverage of the NEXRAD network in the USA(Which uses the tech which HAARP was the proof of concept for)?

Forgot pic

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The web site OP used is a world wide volunteer effort using radio receivers which coordinate over the Internet to detect lightning and plot the location of strikes using time of arrival.

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HAARP is old tech nowadays and not used. If anything unnatural even happened it's not HAARP. There are fucking ionizing laser satelites used for storm guiding technology for example, why would anyone use some high powered antenna aray?

It's like you didn't even read my post or watch the video, you just saw HAARP mentioned and replied ignoring everything else.
And you didn't even bother to properly explain how such satellites would function in such a way. Please, provide some more info on that, if you're serious.

Maybe, got any proofs?

Nigger did you not read any of my posts? HAARP tech is used in NEXRAD and doppler radar stations, not at HAARP.

it's not used because it's from the 80s and uses ionosperic bouncing, today it's easier and more efficient to manipulate weather from low Earth orbit with sattelites, 40 fuckign years in blackops military tech, 40 fucking years, you think it's stil in use? No, it's a honey pot and low hanging fruit for conspiracy guys to swarm

What exactly did I ignore to trigger you? I ackowledge HAARP's existence and it's usage years ago, just saying it's garbage by today's standards. Are you using flopdisks perhaps? NEXRAD's grid is fucking scary(they went with quantity over quality) and used on mainland; laser sattelites are consequently used over the oceans.

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I love how the mods sticky a thread and destroy it then call it >/x/
when in reality weather weapons are more real than most people could ever think

Thanks for the actual response. I thought you were implying that I was claiming HAARP was still in use(I was talking about NEXRAD using tech that HAARP tested). Satellites would make sense over the oceans, especially when the electric universe theory is factored in.
Also part of the reason I may have overreacted a bit, is that usually whenever I post about this sort of thing, there's usually a lot of shill activity without any actual substance. It's nice to actually have a proper response on the topic for once.

The thread got bumplocked and the OP banned due to a mass spam of reports from an IP hopper, then reversed that decision after they realized what happened, as stated in this post

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Sounds like you just made that up. HAARP is still used.

It's called mega lightning. It's a fairly new discovery.

Related to my post here

What we're seeing in these images are red sprites (charge coming from the sun and space), etc. All natural, nothing to see here goyim

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looks like a retro-videogame "Flame sword" effect.