People help me to find a girlfriend?

You people all know that I need a girlfriend.

She should meet 5 requirements.

1.) taller and stronger than me
2.) Sexy hot
3.) Should have a job
4.) An atheist and an awesome.
5.) She should dominate me.

I will have gf not just for sex.
Give me an advice how to get it in an easiest way.

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Some information is there

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Most Indian mom sometime dad can be Included in case of both should be gassed because they are defective

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First Crush.
She is hot

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2nd crush

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In 6 april 2018 I was on street.
In 27 March I was in street
You won't even fucking know which Cities I live

Also another 6th requirements is that gf should be from 18-29


I am not pajeet dumbass.
I am an Indian.
I look beautiful

Check your local designated shitting street, pajeet.

I don't shit in street.
I only shit in toilet

My Indian brother, why haven't you contacted me on Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter?

If you have criminal record then I won't contact you.
I need gf


You are not hacked dumbass.
I need gf

Well, why havent you messaged me on Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter yet?

Because you are a criminal.
Remember I am sexually frustrated doesn't mean I am a rapist dumbass

I'm getting tired of this bullshit, anons, please, report this faggot.

Well you are a Stalker, whose to say you want take the next step and rape someone


You live in Bahala

Just admit you want her to peg your ass sissyboy

Stalking woman is cooool even on public as long no body harming her.
Stalking I love it.
My 2nd favourite hobby

I love to be dominated by woman.
I will have gf not just for sex also for talking to her, helping her and she will help me too. Dumbass

So what you will not find me

I don't believe in a reincarnation.
I am an atheist

Deal with it.
Need hot hot hot gf

Take this shitposting back to 4/pol/

Lmao you can't do that.

I need gf

neck yourself you fucking pajeet

No I won't hang myself dumbass.
I need gf

Pajeet admitted to being jewish last nite in a photo , I have the evidence right here!

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Edited photo dumbass.
Original photo

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Edited photo dumbass.
Original photo
I am not jew either.
I am just an atheist therefore an ex Hindu

No Yours is edited! I have proof that you are jewish now! Big liar!

I am not liar.
My photo is original one.
I am not jewish.
I won't be any religion. Dumbass.
I am an atheist

This is you in your bathroom being Jewish. 100 percent original unedited photo

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Lmao edited photo
Mine is original

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I need gf.
In street I seen some westernised Indian woman are taller than me

Fuck off with these threads already. Lift, bathe, poo in the loo, be employed. That’s all you have to do.

I always poo in loo as my house has toilet. Dumbass.
I will be businessman

What makes you think you will ever have a girlfriend?

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I will have a gf.
If I have a gf I will share lot of things to her and she will also share lot of things to me. Dumbass.

I need gf.
I will have it


They ban lot of my IP address but they can't stop me.
I need gf

Why do you respond to those posts over and over.
You have already said before that you don't shit in the street and look good (in your opinion). Stop repeating yourself and just ignore them if you're serious.

Then why don't you want your parents or anyone else to know?

If they find out that I am stalking woman on FB then I would be f*****

Then you know what you are doing is wrong

Try this @ /r9k/.

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I forget to add don't.
I don't shit in street.
I told you 100000000000 times you fooooooooooooool

Fuck r9k

In my opinion stalking woman even on public is good.
Idk why people find it wrong?
There is nothing wrong to stalk woman without her consent.

Go to r9k you stupid Jewish fag.

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Doesn't stalking someone already make you a criminal?

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nice quads

You edited it dumbass

I think stalking is nothing wrong.
Stalking woman without her consent is coool

stalking someone makes you a sex offender and encouraging stalking is another crime

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People find it wrong because you are trying to get intimate information about them that they don't want to share with you.
How can you justify this behaviour? What benefit does it have?

Stalking woman can't be sex offender as long she is not harmed.
It doesn't make sense.
What type of law is?
Stalking woman even on public is best

To collect infos about her.
I like it.
Favourite hobby

Why collect this information?
Don't tell me because you like it. Some people like heroin.

Women with female penises are the best tbqhwyf

doesn't matter if she is harmed, what matters is the legal definition stalking makes you a sex offender under the law

I like it and I love to collect infos that she doesn't want to share.
I really like.
I see what she eats, do, where does she goes.
I love stalking woman since 2014

Fucking transgender.
They should be gassed

It doesn't make sense.
As long stalking woman even on public doesn't harm her then the person shouldn't be sex offender.
This make sense
But the law said even stalking doesn't harm her then the person will be sex offender. Doesn't make any sense

Transwomen are best women especially when they have big female penises tbqhwyf.

ITT: Zig Forums tries to teach a genetic dead end the concept of privacy


You have no idea how fucked up you sound. People can sense if you are a creep, and you do a poor job of hiding it. That is why you have no gf.

Homosexual detected.

Nobody knows that I am stalking woman

I will have is not creepy you fooooool

That toilet

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I am not homosexual.
I am 100% straight.
I believe gay should be in torture camp and should be eliminated

That is not toilet

If nothing else, we can't say we didn't at least try to improve the man a bit. It's better to try and help him than just tear him down.
At this point, though? It's casting pearls to swine now.

Yes it is, Pajeet.

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hah, fag

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Stalking is not creepy.
Privacy???? Lmao.

Yes it does take some sort of privacy out.
But it doesn't harm her.
I like stalking woman.
It is in my blood.
2nd favourite hobby since 2014

Traps are not gay Sweetie.

Transgender pics.
I hate them

No it is not creepy dumbass

Do you want her to find out you are stalking her?

What a sexy Lady.

It does actually, it prevents people from doing this which ruins the lives of your victims

Remember to screencap

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No. Otherwise her friend will unfriend my fake fb account and they will realise dumbass.

Lmao. Stalking woman is coolm
What victim? She is not vitctim as long nothing harms her

Just Bee your self.

I will.
In India it is difficult to get gf due to society pressure and woman even wearing westernised clothes won't be open minded again society pressure.
I need gf

You sound like a virgin Honey.

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Why should they care? You said stalking is fine.

Yes wanna lose my virginity

Most Woman don't like stalking even its doesn't harm her.
If they finds out then i am will be declared missing.
Stalking is nothing wrong.

I would runaway if they find out.
As long stalking doesn't harm her then that woman shouldn't give a single fuck about it
I need gf

Pick one and only one

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If women don't like stalking and you want women to like you, why are you stalking them?
If you think they can't tell you are weird, you are wrong.

Female penises all the way.

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Have you ever thought about why they don't like it?

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Transgender. I have some allergy to them

I love to collect info about her.
Stalking woman is my 2nd hobby because i don't have gf

I am stalking them because I like it and I don't have gf.
Not having gf stalking woman becomes my 2nd hobby