Yidsrael ((("caught"))) in U.S.-Russia rift over Syria

Sandniggers say they dindu nothin

Yidsrael today said they dindu nothing and they were responsible for all the peace in the M.E. but they just can't control the uppity goyim any more.


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God I hope pisssrael gets nuked
Please everyone with eyes reading this AIM FOR TEL AVIV THEN JERUSALEM AND LETS FINISH THIS

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Good news. Guess we can just leave the yids to it then. Have fun.

Such chutzpah.

Reminder they already used the international furor over the gas attack as a pretext to firebomb peaceful protestors in Gaza.

>Despite those risks, Israeli officials support the idea of meaningful U.S. military action in Syria, in part because they want to enforce red lines against any use of chemical weapons in the Middle East—and in part because they think that such a campaign may prompt Mr. Trump to reconsider his announced desire to withdraw American forces that currently secure a large part of eastern Syria.

Trips checked

Actually the gas attacks happened AFTER they shoah'd a few protestors.

Shitty leaders, then.

Who the fuck actually believes this?

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(((Their))) Saudi butt buddies must not be too happy about thissssss…..

Reminder that Religion of Cuck™ is the sword of Jewry.




testing again…
Donald Trump

What word is getting filtered as such?

bump this is how yids r going to escape

Quite fascinating how they have the balls to gaslight on a global level.


Of course, that fucking jewscorp rag.

It's just a (((coincidence)))

More like they happened because of the gaza slaughter and they needed to get it out of the news.

that would be the US. the only ones that ever went up with arms against israel were muzzies, well the ones that arent in alqaeda supported by the saudis and the US.
something tells me youre just a neocohen kike that wants to prop up support for the invasion of one of the last independant states in the region like you did in 2003

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(((FSB, CIA, and Mossad))), pls go

you (((subhumans))) are gonna be gone when the day comes

You may call the intelligence agent a liar, or a shill, or a D&C, and these insults flow off of his back like water, but if you note that he (((Glows in the dark))) he recoils: "I've been found out!"



france and uk PICKED UP THE SLACK

even if it were possible US withdrew.. THEY WERE GOING TO attack the poor rapefugees anyway..

how would they spin it?!

france and UK are fucking kiked