Big Banks: The Biggest Threat To The Second Amendment

Bank of America will no longer do business with gun companies that manufacture AR-15s and similar assault weapons

Steyn's take: Big corporations vs second amendment

The biggest threat to the second amendment isn't Congress. It's big corporations.

Last month, Citigroup demanded that all its business partners restrict gun sales. Now, in New York, state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli sent a letter to Visa, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and six other financial companies saying they should explore the possibility of blocking credit card users from buying guns, ammo, or accessories. #Tucker

Will banks be the final nail in the Second Amendment coffin?

Thomas Jefferson opposed the idea of letting a centralized bank control America because he knew that having one entity in control of finance and commerce presented a danger to liberty and freedom—a belief he once expressed in a letter to John Taylor of Caroline.

As Washington DC continues to pile trillions of dollars of new debt on the heads of our children and our children’s children, it’s easy to see that Jefferson was right. But there’s another, less obvious way that banks are threatening liberty in America, specifically regarding the Second Amendment.

A Bank of America executive announced yesterday that the bank will no longer do business with manufacturers of scary looking weapons—so-called “military-style” rifles—that are legally available to the public.

It was just a few weeks ago that Citibank released a list of requirements to gun retailers in order for them to do business with the bank, including restricting firearm sales for those under 21 and banning “high-capacity” magazines. And in early March, VISA was petitioned to refuse processing credit card transactions for gun purchases. Fortunately, VISA refused the petition instead.

Though we don’t have an official “National Bank,” the Federal Reserve—the central bank of the US—is a defacto version of one, and every bank in America must play by their rules. How long will it be before we hear the Fed Chairman announce a new set of banking regulations like those we’ve seen from Bank of America and Citibank, particularly now that using the banks to deny gun rights is gaining in popularity with anti-gun zealots?

Bankers, Businesses, Not Democrats, Are The Ones Gun Rights Advocates Should Fear

Even after the February 14 murders at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, gun control advocates have made little headway in Congress or in most state legislatures.

Those lack of results, however, may not be as important as the seismic moves that have been taking place as business and financial interests have taken steps that may do more harm in the long run to the gun industry than anything that might have had a chance to slip through Congress.

The latest example was Bank of America’s decision to stop providing loans to companies that make assault weapons for the civilian market.

The decision followed a recent one by CitiGroup, the fourth largest bank in this country, to require that retail chains that receive funding not sell bump stocks or sell guns to anyone under 21.

Citigroup announced new gun-related restrictions on its business partners in March, requiring them to bar firearm sales to customers under age 21, as well as those who have not passed a background check. The New York-based bank said it is also barring clients from selling high-capacity ammunition magazines and so-called bump stocks that enable more rapid firing.

Amalgamated Bank announced similar restrictions last week, saying it would not invest any of its own assets "in companies that manufacture or distribute firearms, weaponry or ammunition." The bank also said it would work with industry peers to seek "responsible practices" from gun manufacturers and distributors.

2nd Largest US Bank Declares War on Gun Owners

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Have a semite free first
Fuck banks
Fuck usury
Fuck all jews to death with bats

Desire to fuck the banks rising.

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So this drives the multi billion gun industry to other banks. Small banks abound, and Montana State Chartered banks are extremely attractive for the privacy oriented business or person.

This will hurt these banks in the long run and lays out that virtue signalling is more important to their boards than profits, which opens them up to minority share holder lawsuits.

My local Kroger recently got rid of their gun section, ammo too, and I told the store manager that because of this I am taking my business elsewhere.


kek, actual gun food

These companies are playing with fire, the US civilian arms market for guns 'n ammo is larger than all militaries on earth combined, including our own.

Yes US consumers are the world's foremost buyers of guns and ammunition.

Germany's down to 20k assault rifles for their military, a big Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops sells more guns than the German military has in a brisk month.

They don't have that right. Banks are public accommodations.

BofA was a pack of criminal jews decades ago. Remember that it wasn't so long ago when they were foreclosing on houses that were paid off, or that had never had loans on them. Paypal blocked my debit card because I used it to buy ammunition, gun parts, and even guns. If my actual bank tries to pull the same horseshit, I know of some non-dangerous mischief that can cost them a shitload of money. Then again, one should be squirreling cash away for such purchases to begin with.

I like where this is going Mr Jackson

Kroger sold ammo? Aren't they a grocery store first and foremost? Now I'm pissed because I never got a chance to buy gun food and people food at the same time.

Remember to find yourself a fine lass to impregnate before going off to war boys. This is a storm half a century in the brewing.
I'm more scared than excited but if violence doesn't solve this soon we'll be robbed of that option altogether

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We need a new marriage & breeding thread. People often express the fear of raising children alone in a (((liberal))) world but don't realize that the best way to avoid that fear is to convince other redpilled people to breed. Since liberals themselves are rarely breeding, and the more redpilled couples there are that have children, the next generation will be de facto redpilled.

Can we unironically use this to push cryptocurrency mainstream?

well, then start one up and I'll talk about raising a redpilled family in one.

We need to get back to the artisan, the craftsman. This would be so amazing. We could see an American renaissance of hand craftsmanship.

This could be literally incredible.

*But fuck BOA to hell, the nigger kike faggots.

Everything is, lad. Everything is.


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go onto Zig Forums and ask for all of the Dr. Parabellum plans on manufacturing your own firearms. You can make your own revolvers/break action shotguns with a minimal amount of welding training/machining time, but, can become proficient in learning something that is a beautiful trade.

Wait, I thought the banks were wrong when they refused to give loans to niggers thus perpetuating segregation? How can the banks only be right when they're doing what the left wants them to do?

Death by firing squad is in order for all these treasonous sons of whores.

I've been following the stupid shit the Left pulls for years and years now, and never before has my mind been reeling from all the mental gymnastics, hypocrisy, and outright dangerous precedents they demand as it has been lately. I feel like things are really spiraling out of control. I feel like I'm in a mental asylum.

Every Bank of America I have even been in has an armed guard standing outside eyeballing every customer walking in

Big corps, globalism, mideast wars, cheap imported labor, the CIA, the left loves it all now. It turned out that all they really cared about was the feelings of brown people and trannies.

Where do you live user? I am a michfag and have never ever seen a guns and ammo section in any Kroger I have been in, only fruit, hot dogs, canned corn and beer.


Yep. Handmade guns are in the future. A bright future indeed.

< NPR, brought to you by "A.D.M., Supermarket to the World"


Absolute worst case is that all banks block sales and gun manufacturers have to start taking crypto through bitpay or something.

I want to slap the shit out of someone whenever I hear them use this phrase. The point of the second amendment was not to let you have some rifle to go deer hunting, there's no point in even having the second amendment if we can't have "military style" guns.

Well technically the businesses are within their right to "refuse service" to anyone but I honestly think that this is just a pr move and they will go back to trading with them. Reason being: Turning away profits is fucking retarded and the banks have never had a moral backbone before. So why now? Well chances are they are using these shootings as a way to garner more business. More people will go "ill switch to that bank because it aligns with my social/political views". They should really take the fucking hint from the video game industry. Every single fucking time one of those devs cucked out they have lost hard. Look at Bioware. One more bad game and I think that entire company gets shredded by EA.

Remember, local banks are your friend if you have to choose one. They have better rates and less bullshit like this.

We need to push a counter-boycott as hard as we can.

The only reason BofA are doing this is because they probably got 1000 emails from angry Starbucks baristas. We simply have to make them hurt MUCH more for fucking our side over.

Teach them a lesson that the PR textbooks will showcase to every new student. Remain politically unbiased, run your business well, and you'll be fine. Start taking sides in political issues and your business will go down the shitter.

tl;dr free market will fix it

"Military style guns" is a newspeak phrase and a trigger word where they try to obscure facts with emotional responses and dopamine prizes for their drones. Same as "assault weapons".

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Isn't it against the law to discriminate against people for their political beliefs?

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Because economically exiling a large, armed, and furious group of people with a long line of militaristic tradition is SUCH a good idea. Have elites really become this unfathomably stupid?

Kikes ain't too bright, assuming this is about anything other than CEOs and faggots socially signaling.

Also the student body of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is 42% or more kike. That is an excellent angle to fuck with the left and get anybody who doesn't already hate kikes to hate them. Don't those nigger lives matter more than jews? I mean the lefties consider them to be evil whites too whenever it is convenient right?

"Why is that gun control suddenly becomes a huge issue after 30 years of them failing to implement it and now private banks are getting involved, could it have something to do with the half jewish population of the school in question?"

fbi here….. maybe some folks should assassinate known banking leaders.

To do

Banks deserve all manner of mischief to happen to them.

you could still buy 2A funs with cold hard cash

Anti cash anti money laundering laws when?

Buy guns with cash which is harder to trace.


But how do you make ammo without losing your fingers?

And buy your fun stuff from a private party so the feds don't know what you have.

Firing squad is considered an honorable death for a soldier. Traitors are hung publicly.

Reloading is actually very safe, provided you don't overload a round way hotter than necessary.You can buy a simple press for less than 200 dollars, even.

A reloading press.

This is treason. Where the fuck is our commander-in-chief! Fuckin unbelievable. What a disgrace.

Relevant. Fuck up Hogg's reputation.

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The kikes would change their tune fast if we all financed guns at 20%.

I wonder how many former homeowners have killed themselves after being evicted by Bank of America in the last year.

Not to worry, BoA has that covered. They're building BRIDGES, you see. Now you know why. For victims of their usury to commit suicide from, once they've banned guns through big business kike collaboration.

You just go Amazon and buy something like this. I don't think Amazon sells powder, though.

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Utterly new to buying firearms here. I understand that you can buy ammunition online, not only without a license but they'll also deliver right to your house, right? Or are there actual restrictions thereon? I think it makes sense to buy up a bunch of NATO before the price skyrockets even before I get a weapon.

I don't agree. I believe it would be such a marvelous wonder to see big money exit a space such as this one, where the craftsman can rise to the fore.

I can see it now. The America gun renaissance.

Dream on, rabbi.

Interesting shilling behavior. :^)

Man, you shills turn out to defend your boy David Hogg, don't you?

Neat tip, you can legally make your own full auto firearms as long as you don't intend to transfer or sell them.



It's normally ok. I don't know if any highly pozzed areas have laws against it. But check locally first because it's not cheap to ship. It's also a special feeling to be driving home with a car full of ammo.

I agree simply on principle, but realistically speaking, a deer rifle is a lot more of a headache for any sort of counterinsurgency force than an intermediate caliber rifle is. My advice is to own both, and be proficient with your AR, but be EXCELLENT with your large-caliber rifles. ZOG troops aren't too scared of a man with an AR/AK, but a man with a Remington 700 and a well-used data book is the stuff their nightmares are made of. t. Ramadi veteran.


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No, it's a smarrt move on their pat for their plans but does no one realize what they are doing?

Think bout this:
If you have $10-20k available credit on your cards, you can order enough ammo and equipment for a 5-7 man team. That is pretty devasting. Get those 5-7 men to also max out their cards before storming and now you have 25-49 men stocked and loaded, lol "well regulated". The banks are realizing the end is near and they are realizing the pitchforks and torches are coming, so they are not allowing their bullshit phony money to buy real change anymore; eg weapons.

Fuck Mao, but he wansn't wrorng, political power does come from the barrel of a gun.

why haven't you been banned yet?
Make sure you remove your bank account and your credit cards, Visa and Chase are trying to make cyptos as Cash Advance purchases

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It’s actually a pretty fucked up world where these money changers use their tricks to try and attack responsible gun owners. Any righteous omniscient God would want us to switch this around quickly.

This. Andrew Jackson must be rolling over in his grave by this point.

Hey Jude, what's upp? I know you don't like competition.

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Banning people for shilling the coin of FREEDOM on a POLITICALLY INCORRECT WEBSITE. WHEW. Literally no free speech anywhere anymore.

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Need to end the credit system, the biggest lock and key kike gatekeeping tool to control all mobility in society.
Next logical progression will be acceptance of an equivalent to China's "social" credit system, which is the closest thing to a dystopian hell nightmare imaginable.

They let you hunt your own game in the store? Now that's fresh.

This is why Silver and PIVX for privacy are important. This is why these are not bad things to 'shill' for. Is it a bannable offense to shill for freedom? Fuck that.

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These big banks are the ones that got bailed out with taxpayer money less than 10 years ago and have been inflating while paying the goys 0% on their savings. DOTR soon I hope.

Shocking. It's a good thing we don't have a president who gets the ball rolling on their initiatives.

imagine spending half your life in prison for killing a race mixer who fucked a kike

buy a ghost gunner.. you fags are retarded.. muhhh guns.. or make your fucking own and understand the innner workings.. jesus fucking christ? a bank i wouldn't cash a check with is gonna decide shit.. ya.. go for it.. i'll still have my guns and land to hunt and farm on.. looks like i win. less taxes and fee's for me..

There may or may not be some invidious machinations behind this decision and there's always ample reason to be skeptical of banks. But I promise you this if the outrage that there should be in society to this obvious push against civil liberty was more prevalent in the streets, internet, television they wouldn't dare make a move like this. I'm not saying revolt en masse nor am I suggesting that we boycott B of A. What I'm saying is I think this is a symptom of a much bigger problem.

I'm confident USAA isn't ratting me out to the atf for my 600$ purchase at rural king but who knows. Maybe I've grown comfortable in my yesguns state

While banks at the royal commission admit to misleading conduct and corruption – permitted by a compliant regulator – they are protected by government as too big to fail.

Banks royal commission won’t change culture


The royal commission will trip from one scandal to the next. Like Donald Trump, people will get used to it. Stories of corruption and malpractice will flow like a raging torrent. The number of ruined lives will mount, the stories of entire savings lost on bad or rapacious advice. The essential question is, what will come out of it?

Regulatory capture is merely part of the picture. It is symptomatic of a more potent, more tricky issue, and that is “moral hazard”.

It is not universally understood by Australians but the banks are underpinned by taxpayers via the Reserve Bank’s Committed Liquidity Facility, effectively a bailout fund that the RBA hates to hear described as a bailout fund.

Thanks to this facility, the banks are deemed too big to fail.(>le 56%)

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Dead board of directors members can’t force a cashless/gunless society on anyone

t. the fucking fbi

Yeah, we know, paid shill. "If you say to do anything, you're FBI. If you say no one will ever do anything you're a blackpill." You've made it impossible to have a discussion. Kill yourself.

Woo hoo mission accomplished.. I will tell schlomo goldberg in the cubicle over that we won by shutting it down…

Seriously though, what I said is a true statement

It's irrelevant. "If the sun explodes then the jews will be beaten" is just as meaningful.

personally I think it's total bullshit and simply a way to keep prices high. How much is an AK in Iraq? Guns could be much cheaper than they currently are. $3,000 for a 308 nowadays….. total bullshit

honestly this fear mongering it keeps volatility in the American market or total global enslavement is the goal in 50 years.

>Best guess for this image: assault rifle


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This is a good thing. Loans make things more expensive. If everyone can pay more than they actually have, then retailers will charge that much more. They'll be forced to charge less, and the market will adjust.
There would be no need for average people to take loans if loans didn't exist. Loans would only be for investing in business.

NRA should find their balls and make an example of BoA. Get their members and their businesses to drop the kvetching kikes if BoA. Bankrupt this bank.

If you're going to go FBI on someone, do it wil rocks and sharpened sticks. I'd like to see them ban trees and rocks. That politician vote the wrong way? Get a piece of tree, rub it on the sidewalk for awhile, and plunge it into their back. Get a rock and chuck it at their head.

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Better Idea, shape large rock with another rock into sharp object and tie it around stick

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Lol, I guess you could go primitive archery/atlatl if you wanted to. The point is to reduce it to an absurdity and have it still be effective. I would laugh myself to death if I turned on the news to see that some kiked politician got offed with primitive archery equipment.

local banks are rolling in cash now
some pink haired PR retard thought this was a a good idea

You should be using a credit union, not a bank.