Why has any and all criticism of Trump been disallowed here?

As far back as I can remember this was never a republicrat or conservatard board. Why then is anyone who points out when Trump makes a mistake, or even suggests that he is merely human, banned with the zeal of a Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit moderator. The quality of discussion here will only decline with the continued censorship, not to mention the increasing number of absolutely cancerous wordfilters. More and more the discussion here is coming to be shaped by the moderators and not the posters. This kills the board.
Every time.

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I completely agree. This board has been turning more and more shotty every day. Hell, even meguca looks better than this shit right now and I hate that place.

Yes we memed him into office and yes he was better than Hillary. The list goes on as far as the good shit he's done, but as soon as you ask about anything possibly bad, your banned. You maggots forget this place has always been 1488, not fox jews

I assume all the shilling during the election by the jidf and sharejew took a toll on them and they've been that way ever since.

Best to just use one of the alternative Zig Forums for criticism like >>>/polk/

Reported for being a phone poster.

It isn’t. There’s times I’ve been critical of Trump, many of us have and wowwee I’ve never been banned for it.

Sage for obvious and weak shill thread

I call Trump a kike shill daily and have yet to be banned for it.

OP is confirmed for a D&C kike shill.

Because there's so much more shill shit than genuine grief. If you gripe with their talking points you get caught in the cross-fire.


Because OP is not only a faggot, but an astroturf kike.

But to bring some White Truth to the Jewish Lie here: You can critisize my President all you want. I will call you a massive faggot and post 100 pepes and GEOTUS memes.

Anyone that has been here longer than the cuckchan exodus knows exactly how important Trump the Figure, which is very different than Trump the man.

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I have. Said he was a kike, got banned for a weak.

OP, this thread of yours should be proof enough Zig Forums is AIDS.

No, there's some corruption. Can't find it, but there's a picture of someone with Trump Tower authority. In this picture, there is a standard time/board stamp, and some items that proved it was from the Tower. Funnily enough, no one seems to remember about it. Hopefully, I can find it eventually on my harddrive.

There's a difference between critical debate of Trump and arguing with bad faith spamming the board with "all criticism of jews is disallowed NOW?!" after you get called out for trying your cheap gotcha games. Most of you faggots refuse to argue in good faith, or when there is a real debate going on, shills come in with the typical tricks and get told to fuck off and becomes a spam fest.

*for a week, tired
Mind, my bans expired now, and has been for some time.

I pretty much gave up on posting here, but I do read it occasionally.
When Trump does something stupid, those of us who actually care about the future of a whiter America need to speak up. We CAN push him in the direction we want him to go in, to a certain extent. He does listen to people like us and Ann Coulter and the rest of Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.
But those of us on the right aren't going to do that if all we're doing is fellating him over his bullshit.
When he fucks up, he has to be told. I know he has an IQ of 6,000,000, but he's still a boomer and he still doesn't fully grasp the situation of white genocide. He still loves Israel. I think he can be talked out of his fuckups, but not if he's just getting his balls fanned by his base.
Silencing criticism of Trump does nothing positive. I'm convinced the man can be pushed to 14/88 but it's not going to happen if he isn't shown that his base will drop him if he starts wars for Israel.
It's serious shit and you're only hurting the future of white America and possibly Europe by not letting him know when he fucks up.

If Trump is anti-Jew than why does he never criticize Israel and actively do their bidding. Are magapedes completely fucking retarded?

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Open a dictionary, faggot; Poe's law is real

Trump hating kikes is just a meme. If anyone seriously thinks Trump is anti-Israel, they actually are retarded.
Trump has nothing but love for Israel and has plainly said so since the very start of his campaign. Anyone seriously thinking otherwise is retarded.
But in no way does that mean that Trump is not useful or can't be turned toward something more friendly to whites and away from the kikes. But none of that will happen unless it's demanded of Trump.

If you weren't lying through your teeth you'd remember that our only interest in Trump was that he made people we hate mad and the prospect of him actually winning was hilarious to us. You're a pretender who got sucked into the insincere pro Trump propaganda we started.

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Where the fuck do you think you are, you cum addled cuckchan migrant lolberg retard?
I will never stop being simultaneously amazed and disappointed by you Trump worshiping goons.

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It's a conspiracy to create a schism between trump sycophants and retarded LARPers. Remember when we used to know it as moving the Overton window?

I kinda see what you mean. On this board it has become a complete cult of personality. In their eyes he can do no wrong and shouldn't be called out even for doing the opposite of the things he said that made the very same people like him in the first place.


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This is how you disarm whites, politically.
If major conflict is started from this Syria intervention bullshit, in my mind, Trump is/was probably a relief valve. Trump exists just to allow whites to believe they still run things while still kowtowing to Pissrael.
Unfortunately, the Syria thing always has been a dealbreaker for me. The wall was always a promise he has needed to keep and so far that's not looking very good, especially with the FUCKING RETARDED omnibus bill that specifically says no money can be spent on a wall, which he willingly signed just to have a "political victory."
We're coming up on year two. And I don't give a fuck how hard anyone backpedals, we all thought a wall would have at least been started by now. If you can't admit that, drown yourself in semen, faggot.
Trump is not achieving what he was elected to achieve. Approaching the middle of his first term, it really doesn't look like he's going to.
At this point, I will settle for not turning most of the world into Chernobyl.

If we do go attack Syria or do like we did with Libya I'm not voting in 2020

i have a funny feeling that if we do attack syria, nobody will be voting in 2020

if shit goes down, I hope none of you are faggots that didn't buy a good firearm and plenty of ammunition because you're going to need it

A lot of users came here during the election "for the memes" and openly said so. Kekistani faggots don't actually believe Trump is an emperor and treat imageboards as yet another social hangout. Originally there has been a lot of resistance to Trump and anons were pointing out he flipflopped ie. on his stance regarding abortion before. I like to believe it was all a coordinated psyop to appease and lull all Zig Forums into believing supporting Trump was a good thing and at the same time introducing newfags who were not going to read the stickies or care about them and instead just post the god emperor and kek memes. Arguments for voting for Trump were targeted for multiple elements, for example Trump skeptics were given arguments like "Let's give him a chance, Hillary is much worse. Are you afraid of the wall?" and later a lot of anti-Trump or neutral to Trump sentiments were banned due to outsiders seeing a legit fracture point and abusing the hell out of it.

Reminder that if anyone but Trump were the president, Syria would be Israeli territory right now.

What would have been fractured? Nobody is going to talk Zig Forums out of a future for white children and hating kikes and degeneracy.
As I remember, Zig Forums was never supposed to be a cheerleading squad for Trump, so "muh fracturing the Trump base" isn't really an argument.
Trump isn't what holds Zig Forums together. Wanting the 14 words is what holds Zig Forums together. I care not who the president is as long as spics get sent home, the kike problem is addressed and niggers are dealt with in some way.
Trump is not a fracture point. Zig Forums is a NatSoc board and Trump is not NatSoc. He is not the glue that binds us. If he is, then we're truly fucked.

What exactly has he done to stop that from being the case?

Trump was a fracture point since at least 2015. It came amidst when Zig Forums was constantly spammed by various e-celebs for attention like kikevalion, kike milo, ben kikepiro and whatever else have you. A lot of anons were against supporting him because he raised red flags such as surrounding himself with jews and another point related to that - being a billionaire in NY. His children were married off or dating jews. There was a lot of concentrated effort to promote Trump on Zig Forums and there were weeks where there were only Trump-related threads in the catalog. Whole Trump election promotion on Zig Forums was shown as "choosing the lesser evil" and later it turned out into Trump worship and spawned cancerous offshoots like kekistanfags. What it was promoted as and what it turned out to be years later are two different things. Of course, Zig Forums is a natsoc board but you would not be so sure looking at the catalog from like a year ago. What I am saying is the election introduced a lot of newfags here that have hopefully read stickies by now.

Even king nigger wouldn't let that happen. Only redeeming thing about him was that he hated pissrael.

Kang Nigger was letting Hillary Clinton destroy the entire Middle East. Gaddafi was murdered under his watch.

Nothing, and as long as he keeps doing nothing, the kikes aren't getting Syria. Getting Russia to raise their defenses by pretending he's going to do something is a nice bonus.

I criticised Trump when he bombed Syria for the first time a year ago. I was banned for “shitposting”, despite the fact this board has always had Assad’s back. Tbh I don’t like Trump but I don’t hate him either.

Let’s all be honest here, we all know how this shit really works. Politicians fuck you over and go back on their promises everyday, hoping Trump would be any different was foolish. I believe the night after he was elected, he was pulled aside by some faceless men and told: “good work mate but this is how it’s going to be, or at best you’ll end up like Nixon or worst Kennedy.” Even billionaires aren’t powerful enough to escape the cabal, they simply have more billions than any opponent.

The truly sad and heartbreaking price paid though is what happened to this place. 2014/15/16 on this place were some of the best years of my life. We survived shills, shareblue, JIDF, CTR, blacked posters and angry Asian autists. We survived it all Zig Forums but in our arrogance and pride we were destroyed by the one fucking enemy we should have never allowed here!

**Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit PLEBS WILL BE FIRST TO FUCKING HANG ON THE DAY OF THE ROPE!**



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What the fuck happened to this place?

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I was here a year ago. I was in the Evalion threads very prominently. Every rally had two-page threads. I remember it very well. I was extremely pro-Trump until the first Syria strike. I'm not even anti-Trump now. He was the best choice. I still chuckle every time I see compilation footage from the election.
But we all had to know that Trump wasn't the end. He isn't our Hitler. He's not even our Andrew Jackson.
I noticed the Syria strikes when they happened and I was disappointed. I didn't burn my Trump signs, though. But it did exacerbate his other mistakes.
There are two ways forward from here.
1. Continue to fellate Trump and we get nothing. Silence on this Syria issue and the wall is pretty much writing him a blank check for Syria and lets him think the wall is negotiable.
2. Try to push him on these issues. Get honest with him and about him. When he fucks up, we push him in the right direction. We probably already did that on Syria the first time. We need to make it known that if the wall isn't built and a conflict is started in Syria, it's over for him.

But not only is it over, but if democrats regain control, realistically, he will probably face impeachment charges. White america can't afford to coast on this one and hope Trump really is the 4d Chessmaster. We have to make it so.

Hell is being raised over Syria everywhere. A lot of people noticed when the kikes tried to make it look like the US shot missiles at Russian targets in Syria.

Negative public opinion on the prospect of a war in Syria in 2013 was likely a bigger contributing factor, which in turn shot down the UK vote to intervene in Syria back then. Without international support from the UK, their major plans were sunk. The fact the chemical attack narrative was shredded apart for the farce it was, combined with high spread of information to the public exposing it, played an instrumental role in averting that war.

It's almost unbelievable how much of a close call 2013 was. With this situation, it's important to remind people about 2013.

Saying that, it really makes you think about about the whole nerve agent in the UK in a different light, doesn't it? It's a repeat of 2013 practically, but this time they want to scare and agitate the UK public to support it.

OP is right. Look at 8ch.net/pol/catalog.html and see which threads are anchored.

All I'm suggesting is that heat needs to be applied to this continuously until it's declared that Syria belongs to Assad and we are not fucking with it.
And some major fucking heat needs to be applied to the wall issue. He needs to know that if he signs some fucking faggot budget "deal" like this goddamn retarded omnibus bill, it's fucking over. While the Syria pressure has worked once and now maybe twice, this is the same type of shit we need to do with the wall. I will go down with the ship maintaining that the wall was supposed to be a real physically imposing structure and we need that fucking wall.
Meanwhile, it's really hard to tell if he's really deporting as many spics as we think he is or if the whole thing is blown out of proportion because the media is all over every single poor beaner who has to go back to Sinaloa. I have not personally seen my neighborhood get any whiter. Everyone needs to be on him about deportations. We need beaners gone if we are to survive as a race in this country. This is not negotiable.
The jobs are great, the economy is great. Lastly, we need to be on him about infrastructure. This is not as important as the other points, but we were promised great infrastructure and roads, new projects, etc. We need that.
We're at a point where criticism is absolutely necessary or he just becomes a more eccentric version of Ted Cruz.

Religion of peace filter is unfunny and cringy

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It would be helpful to have some congressmen and CEOs who weren't completely opposed to anything that might help Americans. You can't just run this shit like SimCity when the march through the institutions cancer is as advanced as it is here.

I'm getting really tires of these "quirky" mod posts and bans. Asking whether or not Trump is doing too much shit the Jews like isn't kikery. Only an infiltrated or stupid mod team will support that idea.

Hahahahaha dumbshit kike. If only you were white you'd be smart enough to shill here. You will be killed for your crimes against the white race, and the world will celebrate your extermination. Die.

Looks like this thread has been anchored already.

Good. Car thread? I need anecdotes on the use of hypereutectic pistons in long-stroke cylinders.

Congressmen and CEOs are sort of happening. We will have to see what happens at midterms. I'm not sure how to feel about Nehlen, but anyone is better than Ryan.
You have Elon Musk and Peter Thiel (i know he's a faggot and he will get his length of rope) and probably a few others that aren't on the radar.
I know how deep the cancer is and we're all waiting for a call to action. That time isn't here and it may never come. But this fight is going 12 rounds and these little jabs start to add up by the end of the fight. If we keep jabbing, we may get the opportunity to land the knockout punch. What the fuck else are we going to do?
It beats doing nothing and waiting for someone to deliver our freedom from kikes like a magical Hitler. If we don't start with at least jabs, the match is over.

Because if he didn't he would be killed.
How fucking stupid are you?

Criticism of Trump isn't banned. Outright spergpositng like "le orange kike Grumblpf is a fucking kike, welcome to nu Zig Forums faggots!" is banned, and should be banned. I've written posts critical of Trump that were not removed (torfag equivalent of banned). In all likelihood, you're either an anti-Trump shill or a sperg.

No matter how Trump does, we still need to fight, of course. I'm worried about the complacency that having a leader like Trump can naturally cause, but fortunately a lot of people are still on alert. In no small part thanks to the gun control push backfiring.
I like that My Pillow guy. Started a successful business while hobbled by a crack habit, didn't fucking flinch under pressure from Boss Hogg.

You’re a faggot and a retard.
I’m 8aca99 and I was just banned for my posts in this thread. None of what I’ve said is even close to what you’re suggesting.(>Why was I banned for using shill terms like "trump sycophant" and shill narratives from 2015 like MUH RELIEF VALVE? I don't understand... )

You're clearly a sperg.

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I just reviewed your posts. None of them have a ban message. Which one are you claiming got you banned?

(>Trump loves Pissrael, I tell you. Now ignore how he isn't bombing Syria on their behalf. )

This. Trump is still a person and needs to be hounded for mistakes. I'm for white people, not Trump.

If Hillary won, white anger would have reached a boiling point and the resulting unrest would be too much to handle. From lolbergs to WN's plus everything in between, every 'right'-leaning American would be frothing at the mouth with rage and about ready to do something about it. It would have been a tactical error by Jewry, to say the least, their strategy for America must be the 'slow boil' in which the frog is cooked before he knows the fire is on.

Enter Trump, a wealthy businessman in a Jewish industry (real estate) with a past in Hollywood and connections to Sheldon Adelson and Jeffrey Epstein. Ever since the gun control tweet, I've believed that he was thrown to us as a bone to "sit, filthy goy". He's been President for over a year, a position from which he could expose all of the corruption and treason in the US government, or even expose the JQ to the masses, or even awaken white racial consciousness, but he hasn't. What has he done?
>multiple states (FL, IL, VT, OR… more?) proceed to pass harsh anti-gun legislation and now on the Trump surveys, there's only one question that asks if you support 2A, and when it asks you to rate priorities they include "keeping our schools safe from gun violence blahblahblah" on the list but gun rights aren't on it

Oh I see (refreshed). Appears I was right and you were acting like a sperg: i.e. "anyone that doesn't agree with me is retarded."
and are good posts, and I agree 100%. Keep them like that and you'll stick around longer.

Bumplocked and half the posters already banned, the mods aren't even trying to hide being kikes anymore. People were so tired of kikefy that they hounded him to resurrect once again with a new mod persona, and now he's worse than ever. What a disgusting pile of shit this place has become.

Because the Trump re-election team has taken over 8/pol. Try 8/zenpol instead.

For real. Hope is for losers. Losers hope, winners take action.


< i'm a retard therefore i shouldn't get banned

maybe you should just stick to Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit

Wat? I wasn't banned, you daft faggot; I was replying to an user that was.


Welcome to Zig Forums, where posting pictures of Hitler will get you accused of being a Jew

lol kek agrees

also… his grandchildren actually are kikes

I'm the same user as this poster, I was on a brand new phone from a new service provider. So I had a brand new IP, I'm on my computer now so my history can be checked back to 2014.

I have been given an 88 year ban for literally getting a new phone. Cya's in 2106 m80s, I guess alot more of you will be off the Trump train by then or banned.

Fuck this place

Appeal denied cheers faget.




Here are my recent bans

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