Why does /pol./ hate Israel?

Israel does everything Zig Forums would want to do.

Want a border wall. Israel has one and theirs has gun towers.

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Want to sterilize Negroes? Israel does it! forbes.com/forbes/welcome/?toURL=https://www.forbes.com/sites/eliseknutsen/2013/01/28/israel-foribly-injected-african-immigrant-women-with-birth-control/&refURL=https://www.google.com/&referrer=https://www.google.com/

Because they're anti-white and whites are the only race that matters. Nice slide thread Moishe.

Do you want a nation state founded for one ethnic group?

What do you think Israel is?

Do you want to deport illegal immigrants with no fucks given? Israel does it.

I want to exterminate my own race?
News to me. But sweet gore thread, man.

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How is the weather in Jerusalem?

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Because they are not allowing us to do the same

Zig Forums does not hate Israel, we're just envious that we can't replicate the same racial ethnostate in Europe or America or Canada or Australia.

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We wouldn't need all that shit if there were no jews, retard.
Everyone else would already be in their place.


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Phone post best post

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kek is she gonna be all fucking hacked up in the next picture or is that supposed to be eye bleach?
Also maggotleg might be the sickest thing I've ever seen.

And isnotreal is an attempt to make jew dna.
By mixing the religious jews from all the world's ethnicities.


You will meet the same fate.
Stupid fedniggerfaggot.

lurk for two years, newfags
>mfw this board is populated with people who don't recognize that shit

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seriously, mods? i need to get ready for work, can you do YOUR fucking job?

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too soon



Great thread!

wtf i love israel now


Droppin' by for new fags being directed here from the normie sphere.

/pol doesn't hate Israel for it's behavior in Israel, we hate Israel for it's behavior in western countries. Kikes have bought our politicians and duped our religious folks into doing their bidding at the direct detriment to the western people's and when we repress a desire to organize our nation's in a similar civic national structure to Israel the very same kikes call us evil and bring down all the cultural and economic influence they have to prevent us from doing so.

Israel represents 'nationalism for me but not for thee'.

If kikes were simply civicnationalists there would be no reason our nation's couldn't get along but that is not the case.

Express not repress fucking auto correct.

B-bu-but..I did lurk for 2 years, honest.

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This. 'Too soon' meme is not even that old.

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I love Israel.
They fight a war that without them should be fought by Europe.

It's the US that controls Israel, and in some cases Japan
After World War II, the US signed a bunch of fuckall treaties with Jews and Japanese. The Jews was essentially reparations for the Holocaust, giving them their own capital while the Japanese were stripped of all their invasive military.
Because of such the US MUST act as defense to both of these nations. The US uses Japan to keep tabs on China and a bit of Russia/North Korea, while the US uses Israel as a staging front for the oil resource wars that are still going on now.
According to the doctrines themselves, a majority (about 75% or so) of aid for Israel and Japan must go towards US spending anyway. Japan, Israel, and US are in a form of alliance pact that if by some strange chance another word war happened this trio would be the cornerstone of the "New Allies".


No one believes you. You're fucking insane.

I like how this is posted in between a gore spamming.

How many years until it's not too soon?
Because it's been a while…

Israel is the personified "Rights for me but not for thee attitude of Jews. They practice everything they won't allow goyim to do.

whoa there jews aren't people

The gore is one thing but this…. is just sick.

Sufficient time has not elapsed in order to justify this photo.

Go away, Steinberg.

It's inhabited by Jews, which wouldn't be so bad if that state hadn't been involved in so many bad actions since its creation. So, again, as always, immorality and poor character are the reason why anyone has a problem with Jews or their Jewish state.

They just cannot type it correctly, it's the digital equivalent of trying to draw a swastika.

Most of us would not deny other countries the right to do what we want to do.

Israel does.

Imagine there's two children who want an ice cream. One is happy when everyone has ice cream. The other is happy only when he has ice cream and nobody else has ice cream.

The second kid is an asshole. Israel is that second kid.

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The Third Temple Shall Burn

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because they do it on OUR dime and then preach the opposite for everybody else.

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Because with Israel it's nationalism, closed borders, and kill niggers for me but not for thee. Just look what happened with Israel in its official capacity condemned and went after Golden Dawn.

Glassing Israel will one day be known as mankind's greatest achievement.


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Israel is a hypocritical nation but that is to be expected as Jews are natural hypocrites.

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