Mentions of Zig Forums in the MSM

What is to prevent the following scenario from unfolding and why isn't this strategy used more often against the MSM and kosher social media:
>Find lefty victim, preferably with some kind of media (((audience))).
Think about the red-pilling effect this kind of incident would have if strategically repeated a few times. You would force countless normies to realize that they must defer to Zig Forums, as they currently do to progressive academics. They have two choices, they either lurk and become one of us, or defer to our authority…

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they wouldn't come anyway
gore and racial slurs are kryptonite to normalfags (good)

I swear if you bring even more newfags here to shit up the place I'll strangle you. Especially leftyfags. They're completely demoralized and it doesn't matter what you say to them. They're functionally dead men walking.

Kill yourself. This isn't a joke. You're not intelligent enough to be here and you don't comprehend what truth is.

Not an argument, faggot. Try again.


You must have just migrated here from halfchan. Put down that glass of soy and listen close for a second.

lurk two years before posting.

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you, I dislike you

I see you've gotten the typical uberfriendly Zig Forums welcome, but you've got a good point and I'll probably use it

thanks user

Go away.

Refer to pic related.

NP. Sure are a lot of non-arguments in here, huh? I wonder why that could be?

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Go away.

You clearly are a naive teenager

learn to sage

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True, I wonder who could be behind it? [too lazy to find obligatory (((pic)))]

Zig Forums is overrun by the left and every other anti-pol slime, user, and since they're anonymous they pretend to be us so we need to judge them by what they say and do…

and they seem worthless to me so into the trash they go… [yes, I'm also too lazy to find the (((discarded picture)))]


We don't want your cuckchan-tier bullshit here. You're too mentally ill to understand liberalism, much less traditionalism. Fuck the hell off.
It's funny how brazen you are.


Fuck off, ban evader.

Wow, so much flailing around and shit flinging, with nothing of substance to say. Getting more than a little bit noisy in here.

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Yeah man, this idea is soooo good and threatening to the ZOG that the entire JIDF is in this thread right now!

or it could just be a shitty idea

I don't go on Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit, I just like spacing things so they look less constipated. Novels are formatted without spaces between paragraphs, while educational texts typically have spaces. So for your benefit I'll tell you I have adopted the spacing from Warren Buffett's letters to his shareholders, my apologies to the great grammar nazi in the sky. Wanker.

I have a political science degree. I understand it and classical liberalism is very cool. It's not really compatible with the overwhelming majority of Zig Forums though and there's no reason for you to be bringing it up except that you don't like the idea that reframing Zig Forums's stance against censorship as a good thing, because you obviously know that whosoever enters here abandons all hope of being a normie forevermore. Six months in this place and they'll have a RWDS wallpaper.


Incapable of understanding Zig Forums confirmed.

Hitler would hate what you've become

Dumb fuck, you clearly don't have any idea of what anyone's talking about. You are the epitome of r3ddit faggotry.

No one believes you. No one cares about you. No one wants you to be here. You represent nothing for which we stand. You fundamentally do not comprehend what Zig Forums is or what liberal beliefs are.

when talking to normalfags who mention Zig Forums:
What the fuck? why the fuck are you bringin up a psycho nazi site? Stop trying to derail the discussion.
then return to whatever you were talking about.

You want normalfags in here because that's how you infect, colonize and convert.

That's right; we don't want them here.

wow how organic

>Find lefty victim, preferably with some kind of media (((audience))).

user, you don't know what an (((editor))) is?

So (((you))) think Zig Forums is LIBERAL? When did this happen?

Yes, we don't want you here.

Yeah bring in people on Facebook here, and it totally won't look like Facebook. Let's let Mexicans in the US and it totally won't look like mexico.


No, quite the other way round. I meant Zig Forums users tolerate normalfags here so they can infect, colonize and convert them.

No. WE DON'T. And if you had ever read ANY of the literature of proto-fascists, national socialists, or post-Hitlerian natsocs, you would know that.
That's what happens TO US, and if you had been here FOR AN AMOUNT OF TIME, you would know that, too.

yeah, I see the left thinks it's a great day for a raid

sorry chumps, I'm not bothered by any of this


This is whats gonna happen:
Theyre gonna employ every possible way they can think of to anger you.
Lefties dont win debates trough arguments or reason, they win them the way a child would.
Which means ignoring, shouting the loudest, Trick Questions and censoring.

The other thing they want to do. Cause not all lefties are fucking retarded. (Dont underestimate) Is that they will bring in some edgy cunt that reads cuckpol or some kekistani idiot.
Im sure some people here remember that edgy teenager that went super edgy in the first season of HWNDU which made every Zig Forums user looking like an idiot.
Putting non normie friendly things on a piece of paper, saying non normie friendly things, and begging ppl to join his shitty discord. That guy turned everyone away from us when before we were winning greatly with the people that were there, even with that one honorary aryan chink.

The left, especially the MSM will never give us a proper platform.
They'll invite fall guys and controlled opp like Peterson.

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2 fucking years, faggot

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I agree user, it's happened to all of us except for numbnuts here (>>11477132)

If the philosophy is true, exposing more people to it can only help

which is why this leftist disinfo agent troll guy is so rabid in his impotent little attacks

thanks I guess, I've probably been here longer than you though. Also you're repeating yourself


I only pointed that out because I was accused of not knowing what liberalism was, and I probably know it better than any of you. Sorry you're so butthurt. If you'd like to actually debate the merits of anything I've said go ahead. But since I haven't made any points of any kind you're obviously just trolling.

Also, that image doesn't inspire anything but boredom, I've seen it a thousand times at least.


Does the article mention at all that this board is now jew central where the only discourse permitted is inventing endless excuses for the orange kike and support of isreal?

You're attacking strawmen again. I didn't say I know your beliefs better than you do, I know MY beliefs better than you do. And your image sucks, find a new one. I'm sure I'm not the only person who sees it 50 times a day here and just ignores it due to extreme overuse. It's the Nickelback of reaction images on the chans.

The lack of coherent logic in your posts really tells me you should get some medical help. You're not holding it together very well.

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That's fucking rich.

Try 4chan 2013 gamergate modding because it's exactly what it is. Banning discussion and support to people who are doing something extremely significant to our cause

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No, I'm ignoring your strawmen. There's a difference.
You are, because you go to rellit.
lol, nah
You were already outed as a troll. You don't need to double down.

The mods won't do their jobs; someone has to troll the fuck out of these paid shills.

Oh, looks like you spewed a second round of bullshit and I didn't see it.
It's like watching an autistic nigger screeching in a zoo

I will let you in on a little secret:
The new faggot mod did more damage to this board during his short tenure than you did in 3 years.

The frustrating/tragical thing is you get paid for it but he does it for free

Who the fuck are you talking to

You should sticky it, cancer faggot, how's the A4 sheets of paper against nuclear holocaust going?

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Was not @you, obviiusly

To everyone that read it

dos años por favor, señor Paco

Actually it is, specifically it is an enthymeme.

jesus, this whole thread has crashed with no survivors. sage sage sage