Holocaust fading

The Jew York Times has run an article today about how the Holocaust is fading from memory.
As we can see from world events and happenings, kikes are getting desperate.


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Kikefree first post.
If people forgets hololocaust - lets forge a new one!

Btw archive please.

nigga please

Disregard that, i'm textblind. Sage for triplepost


Why should I remember something that didn't happen?

This could be it. If the kikes lose their Shoah-card, they lose their greatest means of guilting whites into following their orders.

A real one, and this time the kikes won't be able to profit from soviet lies about labor camps designed to prevent kike sabotage This poster doesn't condone any acts of violence! Zig Forums is a board of peace :^)

This is just a desperate attempt to get people to really forcefully remember it.
It's not fading from the memory of any burger that went to public school any time soon because even math classes found way to bring it up at every opportunity.

Does that mean they didn't answer with "NAZI DEATH CAMP" and instead answered a labor prison?
Aside from the only 39 percent that knew he was elected the rest of this information seems pretty spot on.

Regardless of whether it did or didn't happen, its almost a hundred years ago now. Time to move on.

Well, that fact that the "gas chambers" as Auschwitz were "rebuilt" by the "Soviets" makes it difficult to say with any certainty that Auschwitz was a death camp. Oh wait, do we trust information from the "Soviets" now, or not?

Oh, this will end well. :^)

Lurk 2 years.

But he wasn't, though

In reality, this is a masked way of them admitting that the holocaust card is losing impact to influence people.

It's more devastating for them if people who are forced to remember it start thinking, "Who gives a shit? Sounds like historical propaganda from nearly a century ago." Time itself is against them on this one.

This is why we need to push Holocaust revisionism harder than ever. We have clean slates to work with, we have to get to them before the kikes do, and they will, all this means is they're going to ramp up the shoahcaust propaganda more than ever.

Don't worry, they'll still find holocaust survivors in 2050 no doubt.

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It's hereditary

The hollow what? Never heard of it

This actually something they are trying to push. I remember some "study" into kin of survivors being genetically scared by it.

This is probably true, but it could only be true for a people as fucked as the Jews. They did put a blood curse on themselves because of killing God, after all. I could see them doing something similar again with Hitler.

I agree with them. It's a shame that the holocaust is soon forgotten.
How can you go on without a dream to achieve? It wasn't true before, but let's thrive to make it real.

What is this anime shit? I've heard that they were really not on his good side but killing em?

Your second picture promotes a lie. I dislike liars.

The holohoax has only ever been important in countries where Jews control the media and schools. In the rest of the world, people barely even know it's a story, and Hitler is just another historical figure on par with Genghis Khan or Julius Caesar. I was talking with an older Japanese man once, and the subject of the war came up. When I told him the story of the holohoax (something they don't learn or care about), he immediately laughed and said, "That never happened, what a ridiculous story." As the war fades farther back into time, Jews will be seen be newer generations less as victims, and more as people. They will have nothing to judge Jews by except for their actions, and I have a feeling they will judge accordingly.

It was not the gas chambers that was rebuilt it was the smoke stack next to the supposed gas chambers.
I am curious as to why you would make such an obvious blatant error stating it as fact on a board of holoco$t historical experts

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Bad fiction has a tendency to do that.

You mean perpetrators.

Better word, yes, thank you.


And here I thought it was a lightning rod for safety.
I never even noticed it user thanks for pointing it out to me.

In retrospect it's probably a lightning rod but the fact that it's reasonable that they would be skimming data off of every cellphone in the area is pretty funny.

It must hurt not being able to invoke "muh holocaust" with the same power as in the 60s. And 41 percent of americans know the truth, better shut it down. not to mention mud rapefugees and immigrants alike dont believe in the holohoax either

Fuck no user, the sooner it gets forgoten the sooner we go after jews for stirring shit today and cut off their supply routes.

Not for long

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The anime is called "Bible", don't confuse it with the "Bible black" knockoff, because that one is weird.
It's from the Matthew Arc in Episode 27 where Pilate showed the local people (kikes) a criminal and Jesus and with the intention of freeing one of them.

It weent something like this:
(skipped 2 scenes here)

Right right right, Keep forgetting that jesus was his own dad.

There is also a story, not from the Bible but exists as a tale from their Babylonian captivity, that Jews fired arrows into the sky in hopes of killing God, and that God rained down blood from the heavens to mock their attempt. In their hearts, however, they believed they had done it, and cheered in their killing of God.

No people are as mentally ill as the Jew.

Well it's a darn good thing you made this thread about it because I was starting to forget!

I don't want the holocaust narrative to be forgotten, I want 2 generations of retribution for it.


Yeah, he was. Every other party blocked him from gaining the majority needed to govern in the Reichstag, even though he got the most votes. So back to the electorate it went for another vote. Typical kike tricks.

Tripple Gas antenna


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Showing their hand that they don't want people voting in democratic elections, but favour a (((council of elders))) dictatorial approach to governance.

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He didn't win a majority, he won a plurality. He only came into leadership because he was appointed Chancellor by Paul von Hindenburg. He did eventually win election, in November 1933 because the NSDAP were the only party running.


Also he was only appointed chancellor because they thought they could control the Fuhrer.

The lie exists to accentuate the meme, friendo.

Get the fuck out, kike. It was a morgue that got some fun holes cut in the roof in 1947.


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I think you underestimate the martyr complex of the Jews. In 100 years, if )))something((( isn't done, kids will be learning about how the Palestinians cruelly shoahed 6 million innocent Israeli schoolchildren on huge Arab rollercoasters that emptied into masturbation machines where electrified dildos jammed them in the ass and shocked them to death with goylectricity.

This is the most damning statement and perfect explanation of the demonic nature jews. I can't tell you how many times I had to explain to an idiot churchboomer that jews are not "chosen," they are the self-cursed children of satan.

Memes are always worse when they rely on lies.

Good news for starter

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To be honest, not really any more shady than most of the elections that go on nowadays.

"Hollow cost?" Is that when you buy one of those faulty cans that didn't get any soda in it?

This conversation takes place a century after Agartha annexed the surface from the Underworld Troglodytes and the Space Vampires, with the help of the vampire hunter insurgents, thus finally ending the Great War. A Yooper militia man escapes the hyperbolic woods of Gaylord Forest, he is referred by his teenage great great granddaughter, Heidi, as Opi-zi. She decides to show her Eternal Grandpa around the space elevator city shortly after realizing who he was, the topic of Hitler eventually comes up after a dinner at Big Boy's and a curious amount of swastikas.


The memory of the Holocaust will fade like a scent of ash on the wind. The Jewish age is over. The war in Syria will be its death throws.

Well hell CDU got 32.9% this election basically on par with NSDAP
If you call the Merkel government legitimate then you must do the same for Hitler's

Smashing holes in the ceiling of (((alleged gas chambers))) is not rebuilding fucktard.
The Soviets actually built the unattached chimney AFTER THE FUCKING WAR
So you get the fuck out nigger.

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It's in the past now. Time to move on! :^)

Hahaha, it's like reading an EP novel. Were you also the guy that wrote this?

>Day 1, Morning: The negroes wake up, but sense that something is wrong. There is no radio and no T.V. Electrical power is partially gone. Venturing out into the world, they notice almost no traffic, no police, no airplanes… almost total silence. Realizing this, they immediately begin to loot. Gun stores & liquor stores are among the first to be emptied out. It's a free for all. Windows are broken, cars are stolen from garages & parking lots. By the afternoon, most valuables in stores & private homes have been stolen.

>By the end of the First Week: Electrical power is all but gone. Phone service is sporadic. Working negroes are beginning to understand the nightmare. But no one listens to them; they are "Uncle Tom's", who have always appreciated life in America. Black gangs are beginning to rob, rape and murder at an even higher rate than before. There is no government, no order. There is nothing to stop them. It is a great big party … For now.

>By the end of the First Month: Looting & anarchy continue. Law abiding negroes have to defend their houses from looters. War begins among black gangs as they battle for territory & vanishing resources. There is no longer any electricity, and most fresh food has spoiled. Fires are widespread from looting, and very few know how to put them out. There is no more tap water.

>By The End Of The Third Month: Canned food can still be found but fresh water, milk, bread & produce are non-existent. Gasoline becomes scarce. No television or radio. Garbage & sanitation services are gone, & diseases begin to rise. Rats multiply. Some hospitals are still running but with almost no trained staff. A few law-abiding negroes try to restore order & resort to a shoot on sight policy.

>By The End Of The First Year: Starvation is rampant. Food becomes the most valuable thing in the "New Negro America." Trees are cut down for firewood. Many die from cold. Most infants do not survive, as medical care becomes non-existent. A few negroes hoard all the food for themselves by the use of force (just like Africa today). There is no light at night, except from wood fires. Negroes begin to reorganize by tribes. Gangs rule the city. Travel is almost impossible, except on horseback, & gangs frequently murder travelers. Youth engage in dueling, to prove their manhood. Nomads now roam from destroyed town-to-town looking for food. All farm animals have been slaughtered.

>By The End Of Five Years: Nearly 2/3rds of the negroes are dead. The life span is down to about 35 years, as it is in many black countries in Africa today after the white men left. The U.S. has become Africa, only worse, for there are no white men to organize aid and feed them.


more tales of the Cloudskins and Oboloma

Well lies never prosper.
Lies become less effective the more you tell them.

First week - tops. The gasoline trucks will simply stop running. The first gang to seize control of one will enjoy a brief advantage - for a time.

Some of them might try to get small-scale industries started. One of them - presumably with European admixture - might even manage to nigger-rig a solar-powered CNC machine. One particularly lucky gang might even have a member who understands the basics of how modern ammunition is made and might try to get a bullet factory going. Without any understanding of the underlying chemistry or processes, and without any access to the inputs needed to keep such factories going, however, such industrial endeavors will simply run out of supplies.

I love fiction threads.

The Hall of Cost.

It's not like it actually happened, why would anyone remember it? Well, I suppose there's taking what few good ideas were included in the lie and using them to help get rid of those fucking kikes we're dealing with, but beyond that…


Exact Talmud passage please. That's the most mental thing I've heard in my life.

More mental than beating God in an argument?

That only requires the self delusion you could win a verbal argument against God. But it is in a sense feasible since there is no physical proof of your defeat. But to believe you have actually killed God, now that is hitting insanity levels I did not think possible.

Not sure if Zig Forums wants to adopt a sphinx valkyrie monster girl or if I should make it into a normie book that you guys might like. It's actually a very interesting comedy on history, language, chronology and legacy that I don't think most normies would ever get. Agartha(which is culturally dominated by giants) basically wipes the surface culture, English is a curse word and is referred to as Inkling, they call surface humans halflings instead of themselves as giants, them believing Sam Hyde-like character is actually a legendary immortal super-shooter are just a few examples.

There's a lot of events in history that have gotten the holocaust treatment or totally memory holed, if people start being naturally skeptical towards history then we could deconstruct their entire control narrative within a year. Realizing that history is fake and gay approved memes used for controlling populations, to the point where they smash artifacts on sight, is probably the hardest red pill to swallow–that Issac Newton was right; on the bright side, it means myths & legends are just non-kosher history and we could meme a White ethnostate into existence with a few artifacts and documents, after a couple generations people will assume it was always there.


The holocaust happened in a different fucking century, how long do they want to keep it in the public mind? Vietnam caused 4 million deaths and nobody gives a shit about that anymore.
>implying the hula hoop happened


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Apparently they do, since everybody respects all veterans except 'nam ones.

I had to improve this, I couldn't stand looking at it in its current state.

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Fading: No
People tired of hearing about it: Definitely

Apparently, the Jews are finding out the hard way that you can't white-guilt the non-white.

oy vey

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They took the "abused children are more likely to abuse due to epigenetics" meme and ran with it. There may be truth to that, but more like "children who grew up in a lie are more likely to try to perpetuate the lie due to cognitive dissonance."

nice try

Make The World Great For Once

Reserved for Round II

This is if all whites just up and disappear right?
One winter across 60-70% of north america and every nigger there is dead. One summer across the rest, every nigger in that range is dead from outbreaks of chloral, dysentery, dehydration, spic assaults from the south and base starvation. North America is actually a rather hard land if you look at it right, the collapse of the system will be savage, and most of the old easily survivable areas are paved to hell and back and far more unforgiving than africa has ever been.

Spics are fucked hard as most are as inept at feeding themselves as most idiots, but would survive once tens of millions die off. Once their own mass culling is mostly done, they would move thru and exterminate any enclaves of niggers eeking out an living, taking over former white lands up until you get into the actual winter weather areas. Their own greed and wetback mentality without overwatch would undermine their expansion into many areas. They are likely to mostly ignore the asian enclaves tho, and that would be their downfall as many would move north away from the other shitskinns into mostly empty and vast areas of former white lands. After a few generations they would be strong enough to start moving south and laying siege to the spics nations.

If china purges half or more of its population before international trade evaporates and starves their nation out, they would likely start transporting over millions of excess slant eyes in the first year. Japs are likely to do the same in order to secure future resources to stave off future issues. I can see Japs taking the entire empty coast from Alaska to Oregon and leave the chinks to tackle the southwest wastelands, likely including baja as it would be emptied after such an collapse itself. That conflict would likely eventually erupt into direct war within a couple decades unless the chinks are so fucking inept they fail their colonization efforts spectacularly, which is an possibility if native asians are not welcoming of them.

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Lord of the Rings VS The Holocaust. In a hundred years, kids will still be picking up Tolkien's work. Heebs getting haircuts then ovened like pizza isn't interesting. No one fucking cares. It's painfully boring.

As I mentioned in another thread, this could be a very effective psyop to demoralize any Jews you interact with (eg in a store or on a bus)

Muh Shekels

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This a sports version. Hyped as much as Al Bundy's four touchdowns in a single game in leafland. (The burgers have the 'Miracle on Ice' from 1980.)

The multiculti drift of the past ten years has made this less relevant. (Fun fact: Bob and Doug McKenzie came along at the height of beer marketing, which I since found out was pushed to turn the nation into passive, drunk, estrogen-filled soyboys.)

The what now? I don't remember an event like that ever happening in history.

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it is time for a real holocaust

The classical music satellite radio channel just told me there were ONLY TWO orchestras in Auschwitz! Oy gevalt!

Their lack of self-awareness is astounding.

Hey, Auschwitz is for now some kind of amusement park, they will need the goyim to use the internet to forget they´re during a tour where the guide it´s telling "But we don´t know… That´s a mystery" a fuckton million of times because their tours don´t make any sense.

Interesting. Got any sources on that tidbit?

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