pleads guilty to human trafficking charges in Texas


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Forgot about archive, polite sage

Good find OP, subtler stuff gets obscured when happenings occur.

Id appreciate if someone could post that in here.

pizza gate?

That was quick. There must be much, much more that hasn't come out, or perhaps they know they can no longer count on (((judges))).

how the hell are independent hookers supposed to sell their snatches now?

this is just the pedo trafficking organizations trying to shut down independent competition.. now you have to go through (((them)))

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The lefy posts on this issue are jaw dropping

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Here're normalfag-friendly versions of that particular leading question.

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Is craigslist next?

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Yup, you're only supposed to get your sexuality from women over 25 (feminists are pushing that to be the new AoC).

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If you don't marry by 22 you're probably not going to make it work. The brain stops growing by 24 so by then you're just about the person you always will be


The old fashion way.

Why would they plead guilty? It's a classified ad website. Accusing the website itself of any criminal wrongdoing is absurd; although the CEO's money laundering may or may not be legitimate. The criminals are the whores and their clients, not the website. This is an attack on free speech and the internet, and it's not going to reduce prostitution at all; in fact, it will make it more difficult to enforce because they won't all be using the same honeypot. Although they will just find another platform, like Craigslist, social networking sites, or "escort" websites that are even more blatant than the w4m part of Backpage.

Also, while I despise prostitutes, I cannot help but be sympathetic with their clients given that the current feminist order makes it very difficult for physically unattractive men to get intimate with women. A few hundred dollars can be worth it to them for the comfort and stress relief that the service provides; it's the whores that are destroying themselves, and thus guilty of degeneracy.

The 'hood reacts..

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This guy is hiding something. Somethings not right.

Need anons to look into it

Read the indictment. They actually helped pimps that used words like "amber alert" to use other words in the ads.

Sexbots and Amsterdam.


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you pizzafags realize that this isn't really a win, right? sure, it's great that an easily accessible tool like backpage was taken down, on the surface. but this doesn't touch the cabal, it only secures their monopoly.

Sure are a lot of people in this thread completely missing this part.

This is worrisome, especially how quickly they pled guilty and that imageboard owners are now liable for the actions of users?

links here PR release -
direct video -

i can understand his exuberance. backpage being knocked out of the market dramatically increases tyrones ability to expand his own market share. no longer will jaqwanda and taneesh be able to post lazy ass motel bathroom selfies and be able to compete at a professional level.


If they censor or edit, yes.

Pic related should be shitting bricks.

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Gambling sites are hosted in Quebec and the Channel Islands. Determined hoes will just get to learn how to use VPNs.

There's always the Nintendo cafeteria too.

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Wasn't Backpages just a Craigslist for hookers?

Every word I am going to type is going to sound more and more horrible, that I know this. But I am a social engineer hacker, and it's vital for me to interact and observe degenerates and where they are.

Pretty much. I saw adds on both. Craigslist was 70 percent robots and hookers, but if you rolled it enough, and said the right key words to attract their emotional needs, you could find a real thot, or some derpy girl that was lonely.

Backpage was just 100% hookers. No lonely females or mentally ill thots would post there. The first time I found out about Backpage existing, was from black people at my college talking about it. I didn't even know what it was, but it was popular with them. They talked about it like it was just like Craigslist, but it was all just Black and Latina hookers. I am not even sure if there were any bots on it. I couldn't even find adds that pretended to not be a hooker, until you email them. Which was a common tactic on craigslist. It was just hookers being blatant hookers as far as the eyes could see.

I am also very surprised that there the state claims that it was involved in child trafficking, because when I scrolled through the page, all there was were nasty 30 year old negresses. But I didn't lurk more than than an hour to get an idea of what was on that site. So I could be wrong.

Maybe it's a major blow, if what the prosecutors say is correct.

easy, they go door knocking.

The left want to take away free speech from us, the right needs to take away their free speech in selling degeneracy.
it is tit for tat really.

I don't like that everyone is missing this connection.
NCMEC trafficks kids- this is pizzagate 101 shit.

Yup, NCMeC/ICMEC both founded by Hilary Clinton… incredible how deep this goes. Laura Gayler works for NCMEC

Good stuff. They are making their move, and it's all going to come to surface!

What's wrong with hookers, exactly? They are unsightly, sure, but preferable over suicide bombers and rampant faggotry, and it being tolerated is preferable to it serving as a source of income for rapegangs. What matters is how they are invoved in pedo shit.

For a "social engineer hacker" you seem to have badly misjudged your audience.

anyone who aint a damn tard knew was the place to get hookers
some are on craigslist but backpage is definitely best for hookers

I hope the admin f*cks you know who tube execs up the ass good for propagating the e*sagate material so readily.

Fuck yes.