Break-up of California moves a step closer as billionaire gets enough signatures to trigger vote

The chance of California splitting into three has moved a step closer after a billionaire secured enough signatures to trigger a referendum on the issue.

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NorCalrea SoCalrea and Calrea.

Breaking up CA won't change a thing because the CA democrats who've fled to states like TX are turning them into copies of CA.

All that will happen is democrats gaining more senator seats.

Also, all you've got to say is if Latinos are conservative, then why do conservatives in CA need to break up CA to have any hope of having any representation.

PIVX is what bitcoin was supposed to be, private stable FAST digital money.

Good news though. More jurisdictions means more opportunity.

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People are aware this is a project to increase Democratic representation in Congress, right?

Then lets split some red states.

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Without the bay area, the democrats have lots to lose. Republican areas won't be chained to the cancer part of the state.

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How do they intend to do this? Are there more Democrats in the regions they are trying to break up? If the two regions being split away from the bay area aren't full of democrats, it's a guaranteed two members in the house and 4 in the senate that are Republican.

What slimebuckets.
I mean, jews.
SF, LA, and SD get fucked.

So what's stopping democrats from flooding into the nice NU-CAs


nice dubs. Everyone pointing out that dems will just move to and subvert the conservative areas are absolutely correct. No more white flight.

That's right. The dems would openly "fight back" by moving into the new areas, then flagrantly pass democrap laws as a way to rebel.

They'll arrange it so they can have complete control of senate with the extra 6 seats.

Huh? The Bay Area didn't go anywhere. It is anchored firmly to the general territory of "Jefferson". This will produce three safely democratic states who will send an additional 4 senators to Washington.

Three solidly blue states instead of one. Look at an electoral map of California some time and then cross check that with population numbers.

It would affect the Senate, not Congress
Amazing how every single Torposter is a retard

Wouldn't this be fantastic? Niggers and Spics would flood to the rich libtard urban areas with lucrative welfare programs, leaving lots of great land for conservative white families to enjoy.

liberal cali mexicans aren't gonna become conservative.. i live in pa.. i dated a mexican girl who moved here from florida when she was like a junior in highschool. her dad and family are very conservative in values.. but most hate trump because he wants to send some of their grandparents who never registered back.. they are conservative.. but being deported kills it..

we broke up.. send her grandparents back.her brothers a huge fag that works at a prison in florida.. he treated her like shit.. he can go back to.

It's almost as though you don't want WHITE children.

No, it affects both. Each state gets at least one representative. Yes, maybe not as much as it affects the Senate, but it's a very fine line now for majority control in the House as it is in the Senate.

Wow, they really made sure each one has a massive liberal city in it so they all end up going Democrat… Its almost like they are trying to cheat the system or something?
If Cali splits it needs to be Jefferson, West, and East Cali, not this gerrymandered bullshit. Divide the state by its fucking political affiliations so the conservatives don't have to deal with the liberal retardation anymore.

Congress is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate, retard.

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for the record i was darker.. i have blue eyes and have czech slovak polish and german heritage.

So just say she was Spanish then, because you're going to just make yourself look like a race mixing degenerate here. Of course the ruling class in Mexico are pretty much all white, without any indian blood; here's the President's family.

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What was the presidentials vote map compared to the split including population, I want to see so I can compare it to the split.

Call me that shit again and I'll report you. BTW, at least our immigrants have some white in them, yours are either africans or allah ackbars.

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First thing I noticed too. Of course the yids had to ruin Jefferson before it could even start.

The truth is a powerful weapon.

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I fucking hate you, you didn't even touched on the fact our immigrants have white in them while yours aren't. I'm fucking whiter than you and you know it, you will probably make fun of me but everyone in this board knows that you're wrong. By the next generation, all you fucks will be less white than beaners.

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Mexican "conservatives" still vote democrat. Theyre collectivists and bound to identity politics just like their negroid brethren.

Getting rid of democracy is going to be essential for securing the future.

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You aren't white and neither are your children. Fuck off, nigger.

There are many Conservative areas in California. Orange Country, South Bay LA, San Diego, Carlsbad, San Jose etc. In fact, if it wasn't for the corruption and illegals, California could easily get swept back to its Republican majority Reagan golden years of the 1970s.

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It's always fascinating when conservatives post here.

Lmao, faggot.

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What fucking garbage kike plot. Best case situation here would be 2 Democrats and 1 Republican, worst and more likely case 3 Democrats.
If it ever came to splitting California, the only viable option would be pic related.

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Ironic considering the BO is also a shitskin.

That's imkikey, who is (was?) just a mod. Heil is not a shitskin.

You went too far inland, you need to follow coastline closer between LA and SF. Central Valley wants nothing to do with the SF to LA coastal people but has a LOT in common with Jefferson area. Splitting the state into 2 would make more sense as Central Valley farmers could easily work an agreement with Jefferson area folks to keep the water flowing, then sell to LA whatever is left at a high price. Coastal CA will be a financial hub that can't produce shit by itself, and will have to pay for the resources they do use. There may be the possibility of a 1 R 1D senator but the reps would be mostly traditionalists. Remember, Devin Nunes comes from this area, and I'm sure Fresno is well hated by many in the state given that the current sherriff has allowed more CCW permits than almost all other counties combined (except San Bernardino, which very quietly has also started issuing high numbers of CCWs since the Muslim shooting therer)

Pull Central Valley along with Riverside and San Bernardino out of the LA/SF quagmire, give those counties to a state that enforces immigration standards, and watch magic happen.

Orange County and San Diego could be saved too once you start deportations

Won't happen, just more jockeying from CA to get more money from the fed.

That tells me all I need to know.

Basque women are really, really fucking cute, I just have to say for the record.

Mexicans are usually mestizos who are the worst aspects of beaners and chugs.

If Fag Francisco was included in old California, this map would almost be perfect.

I'm kind of worried that this will just give the dems more Senate seats. I know that there's a lot of right-wing people outside the cities, but even house seats in those areas are risky, and they'll get invaded quickly once refugees and spics find out that those areas are better.

This is the dialect of a libertarian, not a National Socialist.

It's important to remember that Hispanic is a linguistic term, not a racial one. George Lopez looking beaners are "mestizos", but there are white people to be found all across Latin America. There's actually an open secret caste system where white people control the higher up positions. If you like the chick then you should probably look into what her family looks like, instead of dumping her over one of her names.

I fled after 37 years. Never vote blue. There are more of us in my new town too. All vote red. I know of 4 families similar to ours and guarantee there are dozens more.


Idiots; you break up the state so the WORKING class doesn't have to subsidize the urban welfare class. Let LA and the other coastal shitholes drown in poverty without all those white counties to subsidize their communist utopia.

What in the god damn.

this billionaire sounds like he doesn't have much of a clue and is just going with his gut.

fuck that no

Even if this happened, the low tax rate, low crime and affordable property will attract those faggots to move into red territory and turn it blue. They can commute from red to blue for work. I know for a fact people commute 1-2 hours one way for their paycheck. They're insane!

Not anymore. Mexicans are moving in.
Not sure
The right is still a minority there but they're more vocal.
Not sure
LOL! Absolutely not. The Bay Area is pozzed. Even Whites that have conservative beliefs will call themselves liberals. Look up the demographics. Whites are a minority in the Bay Area! It's all Filipinos, Indians, Asians, niggers and spics.
I like your optimism but no. It's too late.

If cuckservatives were smart, they would split states like Oklahoma, Montana, Idaho, etc. into a million pieces and take over the senate forever, but, as usual, they're on the defensive while liberals are taking steps to dominate politics.

RW ca oc spic here

spic's are innately conservative, very un-pc, but politically super-democratic a stupid cultural legacy many don't have the acuity or concern to break free from. people like me are strangers in our own state and families. lazy ignorance.

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would be neat if the measure passes and we decide to keep the part we like as a state and turn the rest into a military colony like Puerto Rico, no official representation

haha losers

congress votes on this shit, they aren't making a new state for anybody

Sacramento to Los Angeles should be California. Then separate the north/northeast into Jefferson and the south/southeast into San Diego (with San Diego City as the capitol).

Imkikey took over Heil's account. So 'Heil' now is imkikey.

Why can't you let us have one good state on the West coast?

Sometimes I'm upset by how hostile Zig Forums can be toward civil mongrel posters, but when I see faggots like I remember what most of them all truly believe deep down whether they know it or not.

Fuck off.

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I can't believe I still have to read insanity like this. Russia and China are just going to let the black and brown plagues, caused by assholes who are now billionaires, run their course rather than help us go out in a blaze of nuclear fire. Fuck.

Escape from L.A. becomes a reality.

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