(((Rosenstein))) riots

Possible happening alert! Take your rifle with you tomorrow in your trunk if you can. Be prepared for LibShits chimping out tomorrow night and all weekend. THIS COULD BE THE BIG ONE!

Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/i/web/status/940997067618553858





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There aren't going to be any riots over some lawyer kike getting fired for some shit most people don't know the details of beyond "something is happening and the media talks about it". In case you haven't figured it out, the overwhelming majority of the country either isn't American in the first place or has mentally checked and socially checked out.

Always be ready to fight mobs of looters and rioters in the streets.

30 round magazines were invented for this fucking reason.

Stay frosty and be ready in case there are national chimpouts across the U.S.

The police will run the fuck away and leave your ass to fend for yourself. be ready to do just that. Engage them with extreme prejudice.

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I thought 30-rounders were invented to deal with gooks.

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I have a feeling "Ben Wikler" won't be on the front lines.

There won't be any riots over some kike moving from one highly paid job to a new and different one. Most of the country can't even understand the language the news is broadcast in.

pro-tip, if he is fired run out into the highway screaming while rolling a burning tire around and then shit your pants but make sure you live stream it plox

Threatening to riot because (((they))) stepped over the line when they couldn't find evidence of "collusion"?
Go for it, idiots.

Rooftop Koreans are (Our Gooks).

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do you smell that?

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Do mine eyes deceive or does that first roof good have an FNC? I'm more than jelly right now.


When everything Liberals plan comes from fake news, why would you believe them this time?
And even it does happen, the "riots" will be maybe a few thousand in one or two cities at most, just like literally every other "Day of Revolution."

lol first ww3 and now riots?

it's times like this when I reminisce

RIP Charles Mason


Point well taken, but I watched on September 2016 as thousands of groids rioted and looted my city of Charlotte N.C. because a nigger felon high out of his mind armed with a gun was shot by a black cop under a black police chief under a Jewish female mayor. They had to call in the fucking national guard to restore order and stop the niggers from rioting, looting and murdering. Mobs of blacks were running around downtown violently assaulting, robbing and stripping naked whites. Right in the middle of downtown Charlotte. The police ran the fuck away.

All it will take is for some dumb fat kike to get run over with a dodge challenger to spark national rioting.
The people want blood. They want a purge. Civilization is like a volcano building up. It explodes after so long.

Just remain vigilant. Keep yourself safe.

-Zig Forums

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Maybe they should consider not doing that right now since Trump is a little busy with TRYING TO NOT TRIGGER WWIII and doesn't really need the extra distraction and stress of this fucking high school bullshit.

This shit again? It didn't happen the first time they tried it.

Fuck off and kill yourself.

dear lord what is that tan plastic abomination

Doesn't hurt to be prepared. In fact, it's your duty to be prepared. Faggot.

That's precisely why it is being done now.

Absolutely nothing will happen. The maximum of libshit energy was displayed at the Soros-funded protests right after Trump's election.

One of the micro Roni design it looks like.
You put a glock in it to save the shekels you would have spent on getting a MPX separately.

It's probably a Daewoo copy.

you can tell he's Zig Forums by the fact he has more than 6 loaded mags, and it's 556 in the bag, not 223.

Oh boy I'm sure the normies are going to buy that nonsense

you dun fucked up Dae-Du

>Has enough legal firearms to equip a small army
>Regularly cycles through a small pack of hunting attack dogs

If shit hits the fan, I'm going to be safe, comfy and taking potshots at niggers while barbecuing and listening to 1950's country music. U jelly?

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If they riot over (((rosenstein))), they'd probably be just as likely to riot over mass-pardoning too. Arguably, that would be the more effective way to shut down the mueller fishing expedition.
Hell, go for broke; fire everyone AND start issuing pardons like crazy… Cuckservatives and libtards wouldn't know which way was up, lol


Eventually, Lefties are gonna die in heaps, whether it's for Rosenstein or Comey or Hillary or Soros. They're just abunch of useful idiots, duped cannon fodder for the evil and corrupt. The Left wants a bloody revolution, been going on and on about it for a year now. Eventually they will rile up enough people with their constant lies and innuendo, and the triggering excuse doesn't even matter, they will go fucking bonkers, driven to madness by our Jewish media, our Jewish politicians, our Jewish oligarchs. In the name of righting wrongs, of leveling the playing field, they will destroy everything they touch.

Either the Left is contained, either it's Jewish source is routed, or it grows until it breaks down civilized modern society completely.

Jews did this

It will only turn into something if gov led Opposition (NatGuard/Police) open fire on protesters

That's for our Jewish media to decide.

Once again, nothing will happen, just the usual hysterical yelling. This is what, the fourteenth "major" protest since Trump took office?

That won't stop Soros from paying them to care about it.

Storm is about to break Hillary and nigger about to get grabbed and put on trial good thing the national guard and marines are centrally located in number and ready to deploy night of the spooks is about to happen.

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NONE of it was ever organic. If shit is happening in the streets it's ONLY because (((someone))) at the top signed off on it.

As an example; Remember "Cut The Check" from Ferguson?


The only question is whether or not the (((shot-callers))) are willing to risk the potential blow back from street action during the midterms season. Despite things being as pozzed as they are, the mushy middle is turned off by those antics.

The modern left doesn't have any revolutionary, charismatic hero types to lead them. They don't have a Lenin, Castro, Che, or Kim type figure to rally around and inspire confidence. They shoot their mouths off and make a lot of noise because they're overly emotional, easily manipulated by media designed to push all their buttons, and their modern movement has too many Jews, women, and blacks, none of whom are known for their coolness under fire (or calm for that matter). Lefties aren't going to fight and die for Hillary Clinton, Rod Rosenstein, or anyone else. They wouldn't even do that for their patron saint of liberalism, Barack Obama. The only reason anyone ever rioted on behalf of George Soros is because he gave them a paycheck, a t-shirt, and free lunch. When niggers riot, it's because 10% of them are mad about niggers being held to account when they break the law; the other 90% are either there because they see an excuse to attack White people without punishment, or because they see a chance to loot and get free Jordans or $1,500 rims for their $800 cars.


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As an aside, Does anyone remember the obamabot gov't liaisons trying to control the groid herds during the later BLM protests? IIRC, they were most visible in Minnesota(?)

Almost everything you listed are the fruits of the communist filth imported from Europe.

And when people do, you faggots claim America is a gun filled wasteland.


At least in certain states you have a right to protect yourself from any non-white, commie, or other degenerate that tries to fuck with you. Most states with castle laws and stand your ground laws usually go hand-in-hand with freedom-tier gun laws.

Compare this to Europe and Canada, where half of your list goes on anyways but scaled to match their economic power, and you cannot legally defend yourself from cultural enrichment and diversity programs, cannot legally speak out against it, and cannot legally form groups/hold a political stance against it. I'd still rather live in America, than most European countries, the sole exception to this being Hungary.

Fake news.jpg

Charlotte is a shithole. A shithole which is surrounded by whites who aren't sure if they consider it a hostile invasion. The bankers keep importing third world labor.

how about Comey's "big" revelations?
the shitlib's disappointment is palpable.


Rose'stein riots
Throw back a bottle of 'witz