Umm fellas… are (((they))) behind this?

Umm fellas… are (((they))) behind this?
about half an hour ago 1/2 chan suddenly stopped working. was something posted that no one was supposed to see?

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same her. Thing looks frozen

What do you mean not working? Its working for me. All the threads are d and c racism threads but I can see it fine. It's 5:55 am on the West Coast. Wait for the West Coast to catch up and youll see new threads.

Time to rev up the basic redpills again, I guess.

Crypto finally started mooning again and they had to shut down /biz/ before it got out of control

look at the time in wich the last posts there were made, no post is newer than 30 min ago. The site is frozen and you can only see the older posts. If you try to post you can't.


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what's that all about anyway?

This. The only reason to be on half han these days is for /biz/.

I was thinking about that, was it the Lavrov statement that caused (((them))) to shut it down? Lavrov said that it was a state(he did not point US directly) who did this, could it be Israel? If Lavrov was talking about Israel then things are about to get good.

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No reason to go there unless there's a happening, or you want your dick sucked.

what the fuck is going on?

He's not going to say Israel. Will pin it on the UK and France instead.

I am stupid, sorry. The same three posts are stuck at top. When you click catalog those posts don't even appear. On the list.

every time I try and post I get connection error, probably because they know I'm one of the IPs who is always dropping juicy classified intel

It's working fine for me. I only go there to click on pictures of bridges and cars and storefronts.

I also enjoy playing Captcha Crunch


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Just cloudflare. These things sometimes happen.

Server's probably shitting itself again. Seems to happen once every month by how often I see threads mentioning it posted here.

I think it has something to do with MI6 being busted for staging the chemical weapons attack in Syria by the Ruskies.

Mueller hate thread has been at the top since my last reply. 37 minutes its been down.

It was weird I was thinking "if pol goes down today somethings happening" then it goes down.

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If full Zig Forums goes down as well we can be sure that it's finally happening

Working for me, where do awoo and joeposters go. Help a fellow boomer out please.

I am a refugee from there – Is this the new gathering place for the Alt-Right, fellas? pls respond.

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Why would we know what is going on? You would have a better chance finding out info by going to plebbit.

There was a thread about bombing buzzfeed, FBI probably froze it



Yea their Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter says Cloudflare as previous user pointed out
8 chan down and I guess my info binge is over. Go to the atm withdraw all my money and purchase spatulas and butterknives to defend myself Bong style for WW3.

Here was the original. Moving it to bant caused an error in meme flags giving away the jew.

They probably made this post as a false-flag in order to freeze the site.

Whatever you do, dont bomb buzzfeed… and make sure you absolutely DONT blow up a jewish daycare.. and be sure that you dont accidentally shoot Lena Dunham. That would be bad.

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Yeah the boys here understand the Jewish struggle.

I guess someone tried to post that real alien pic again.

Spez aka the Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit owner is also a literal cannibal and he even boasted about it.

the same.what's happening?

I've seen plenty of threads where the alien doesn't get shoa'd. Doesn't look real at all imo

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Kike runes are an eyesore.

the string below is a programming language called brainfuck and it translates to "save the date"

Yesterday some user on Zig Forums posted an aleggedly legit photo of "art" posted by James Alefantis on Instagram. Photo allegedly showed child porn. user said enjoy 4chan while you can, site will be gone soon.

what is going on?


Hey was I in that thread?
Is that the one about Rockefeller/SOS?

Oh and fucking kek

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If cloudflare was down, wouldn't the captcha requests from cloudflare also be down?


Note that those are apparently pictures of Leftist Israeli Jews protesting the government's rejection of Ethiopian migrants.

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do you know where the fuck you are?

also, the feds raid cuckchan every time someone posts a threat - they do it here too but you can post with VPNs so nobody gets v& unless they're retarded.
stop posting on cuckchan, the feds have been all over that shit since 2007.

this is old news, it's not CP but it's designed to look like it. providing it's what I'm thinking of and it's a picture of some nigger standing in front of a zoomed in pornographic image that's hung up in a gallery somewhere.

sage because you're all niggers.


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forgot your sage, filter merchant.

thank god, the effect 4channers will have on the general public will be astounding

I'm going back to 4cuck once maintenance is finished anyway.

8pol used to be good, but it's slow wants to be edgy too much.

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why are you going to 4cuck to begin with?
eat a bullet.

I have noticed that all the alleged "Russian bot" accounts on Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter that support Trump are unironically Israeli bot accounts that push anti-Russian propaganda.
Literally everything they blame Russia for, they are guilty of.

>>/premium/ you don't even have to by the ronin pass!

Because there are like 7 of you here and it's slow as fuck. Most news gets posted there before here anyway.

Rolling for pic related to habben

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Zig Forums is better because we don't have jewgle captcha and we can post with TOR / VPN. Enjoy your blatant honeypot, you little shit.

You fucking niggers have been making this thread since 2012.
We don't care that you just came here from cuckchan or that cuckchan is slow or that cuckchan is down or anything about cuckchan. Just lurk until your containment site is up again for fuck's sake.

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this is the real answer. someone on pol posted a picture of themselves dressed as eric clanton earlier and said he was on his way to school

This place is great for getting into a serious discussion, doing research, or learning something important.. but it lacks the humor and pace of cuckchan as well as being more restrictive what is allowed to be said. I like both places and wouldn't want to either to go away.

4cuck is literally a cucked site with support from gamer femenists and was created by a jew and owned by a jew. 4cuck is Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit tier normalfags.


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Just because you don't have google captcha doesn't mean your content isn't shit.

humor is jewish.

there it is.

Yeah, it's like they're sober which is pretty scary.

also to add: none of this really bothers me

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Go back. you know where.
Polite sage for faggotry.

you're all behind. 8ch has been dead for months.

8ch is ass idk how you niggers can stand it

This website was literally founded by a jew

top kek, stay delusional.

It's not. Cuckchan is the containment site, and will remain so until it dies or becomes inaccessible

it was stolen from dudley by a jew that's for sure. nobody here likes jim.

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yep. and then this shit hole will become containment. the real Zig Forums is on

t. butthurt ==I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass==

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oh, we have nigger cock threads. our mods love that shit.

I never see that shit on /o/ or /sci/ or /ck/


/o/ is full of ricer shit, might as well be niggerdicks.


Too fucking funny


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Welcome to 8ch Zig Forums you little retard, now get out.

go back.

holy shit, so youre just a Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. redditor?

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Same here, can't post anything but can view. Same number of posts etc as OPs pic

Pink text, wow that's genuinely gay.

>he doesn't remember when imkikey let /int*/ spam stay up for 12 hours