Girlfriend? I just need it

You all know that I need a gf.
Give me a solution proper how to get in a simple easiest way.
She should be bigger, stronger, should working on a job, 18-29, hot, sexy and a good atheist

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Most Indian mom sometime dad can included in case of fucking both should be in concentration camps because they are defective and conservative.
They don't allow opposite sex friend of their child in house.
They should be gassed

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2nd crush

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I was in street since 06/04/2018

You're a poof, aren't you?

No what does it mean. I need taller gf

It means that you're a poofta.

Here's an idea: Instead of shitting up the board, why not go onto and locate one of your local trannies. I bet they're shit-skinned, just like you are.

The solution is to take your poo to the loo.

I am not interested in little girls dumbass.
I am interested woman from age 18-28

My house has toilet.
I only poo in toilet.
I don't shit in street

Post proof.

You're a fucking rock spider, aren't you?

cry more

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What proof.
I really don't have interested in little girl.
I am not pedo and rapist.
It is better to stalk woman even on public as long nothing harms her.
I am sexually frustrated doesn't mean I am rapist
I will fuck woman with her consent
Idk why most woman and society hates stalking woman.
Stalking woman is my 2nd hobby

cry more

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1. Go to shitting street
2. Sell toilet paper
3. Offer woman discount
4. Get phone number
5. Stop shitting up Zig Forums

And stay away from kids you fucking sicko.

Transgender should be gassed

cry more

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Not a fucking proper advice.
Give me a simple way.
Don't worry I am not pedo.
I like woman from age 18-28.

ratts dont deserve gf

cry more

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I am not rats

Transgender should be gassed

cry more

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You are not chad penis babba

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I am not leftist and rightist.
I hate communist and nazism

cry more

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Fuck off i need gf

cry more

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oh wow hahahahaa

I need gf

People give me a proper solution to get gf in a simplest way

Go to your local tranny place and ask >>>Zig Forums for further advise