Jewish Femin virus infection rates

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Other urls found in this thread:,33009,861768-2,00.html Spring Harbor Laboratory cia&source=bl&ots=W8euIUn7v5&sig=gvQuJZJdggHiT8HErbyOyZoYRyA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiM5q-i1MDZAhVU1WMKHXYaBAcQ6AEIfDAI#v=onepage&q&f=false degeneracy&source=bl&ots=W476iSILw0&sig=kBw3HOHl6ZTFXzEntD0xW9_pfeY&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj3od32oLjaAhVEYKwKHcqcDMEQ6AEIPTAC#v=onepage&q=gypsy degeneracy&f=false republic degeneracy&source=bl&ots=PMmdPqgcyp&sig=0OIlnBPHpDb6oLw2eAVdJIVXebo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj6o6KyqLjaAhUEaq0KHZu3Cp44FBDoAQgoMAA#v=onepage&q=weimar republic degeneracy&f=false republic degeneracy&source=bl&ots=y5_4gr7Cmw&sig=l4lf2aLJc0hVQRe6GZZK6R-hjfY&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj6o6KyqLjaAhUEaq0KHZu3Cp44FBDoAQgwMAI#v=onepage&q=weimar republic degeneracy&f=false (Bioweapon Attack)/type/op/

A basic gesalt on the "Feminist Phenotype" which is likely caused by oxytocin deficiencies - the collapse of the West has a biological cause

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See, Hitler knew something about the Jewish people, why they have been ejected from so many countries throughout their history.

Jews are majorly infected with this retrovirus. They have a predisposition to adopt destructive ideologies such as Marxism and Feminism.

The irony here is that if too many leftist Jews return to Israel in the near future, they will destroy their own country by attacking something they see as "white"

What is interesting here is that Hitler was against using biological weapons offensively in war, yet factions of his own party went against him behind his back.

Isn't it funny that globalist entities came in after the war and poached these very scientists who were doing biological and viral research behind Hitler's back?

Further reading:

Isn't it funny anons, how the very same groups who saved these traitors that disobeyed Hitler's wishes were the very same ones funding research into viruses and DNA while also maintaining close ties to second wave feminists who, it is claimed, were involved in spreading an alleged retrovirus?

One facility suspected of involvement in research of the virus is Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Research carried out at the facility in the 50’s and 60’s is consistent with the CIA’s weaponization of Steinem against the US population and civil rights movement. For example, in 1952 the "Waring blender experiments" of Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase confirmed DNA as the genetic material, and Alfred Hershey shared a Nobel Prize with Salvador Luria and Max Delbrück in 1969, "for their discoveries concerning the replication mechanism and the genetic structure of viruses.”

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The CIA has long had a relationship with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Psychiatrist Harold A. Abramson of the Cold Spring Harbor Biological Laboratory proposed an $85,000 study to the CIA on the effects of LSD on unwitting hospital patients as part of the CIA’s MKULTRA program. Funding for the project was funneled through the Macy Foundation.

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They also brought Nazis to the facility during Operation Paperclip

> Spring Harbor Laboratory cia&source=bl&ots=W8euIUn7v5&sig=gvQuJZJdggHiT8HErbyOyZoYRyA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiM5q-i1MDZAhVU1WMKHXYaBAcQ6AEIfDAI#v=onepage&q&f=false

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory was previously known as the "Station for Experimental Evolution" where the study of eugenics was pioneered. Prescott Bush and E.H. Harriman are notable involved figures who were involved with the facility. Cold Shore Harbor Laboratory was also funded by generous grants by Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller. This is significant due to the fact that Steinem had ties to individuals with connections to the CIA and Rockefeller Foundation.


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Didn't you make this thread a month ago

There are a number of people looking into this, think that was someone else.

I looked into why so many of the Jews have this virus and are associated with Communism and Feminism, and am posting what I found.

When you consider the fact that they claim the Bronze Age collapse was caused by this virus, and that the Jews disregarded Biblical warnings not to interbreed/interact with survivors of the collapse (and in fact to genocide them and their animals) it makes sense that they might have become infected with a retrovirus that is passed on genetically.

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter and a hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus. From there, it is transported to and secreted by the pituitary gland, at the base of the brain. Men and women express and utilize oxytocin in different ways, but there are consistent functions across both sexes. Oxytocin has been dubbed as the “love hormone” as it is necessary for pair bonding in mammals and to form a sense of trust with others. Oxytocin is what makes us feel love and closeness with other creatures and helps us develop a sense of empathy and a distrust of outsiders. The hormone helps us deal with stress, and reduces anxiety and depression as oxytocin has a calming effect on people emotionally. Oxytocin also serves several biological functions other than just aiding in pregnancy.

Certain medications like birth control and antidepressants have been shown to influence people’s natural expression of oxytocin, leading to social deficits, lack of stable relationships, and increased depression and anxiety.

The current theory is that the Femin virus disrupts oxytocin production and/or expression in the mind and body, preventing feminists from forming maternal bonds with their children or from forming romantics ones with other men. Irregularities in oxytocin production/expression could also explain why feminists always prefer the out-group versus their in-group.

How many problems with the West can be explained biologically? How many issues which we are willing to write off as "societal" are in fact biological?

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A lot.

You won't change anything until academia is completely purged of fake intellectuals, bullshit science, and beliefs about certain things that people thought are legitimate are discredited.

It's frankly a little terrifying user, just think of divorce rates for example, which are roughly around 40-50% in the US

How many of those people are divorcing because they are biologically deficient and unable to properly form relational bonds?

It's already happening and proven user.

It doesn't terrify me but pisses me off that you go to school/college wasting your time and money learning about shit that is approved by filthy kikes. You could learn about all the real shit in school/college but no because it isn't PC and doesn't follow the narrative. And you don't even know about it until you dig hard yourself because you are young and dumb at the time so what the fuck do you know when that is all you've ever known?

There is a reason phrases like "burn the coal, pay the toll" are true or why psychiatry and the transgender shit is all a scam. It's time to think for yourselves against fake science as the first real intellectuals did when they fought the church and told you to think for yourselves instead of just believing whatever some kike told you.

I think I found what you're looking for

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Monsanto has actually put viral DNA into our food. If you talk about GMOs or genetic editing of this sort you're dismissed as a hippy.

It does to me, suppose there is actually a viral outbreak causing a large amount of oxytocin deficiency for example. What happens when a critical mass of the population is biologically primed to reject the nuclear family and attack their in-group for example? It will result in total collapse.

It's like a warning from nature itself

The kike star is an older occult symbol based of the one of the structures of the universe, specifically the structure of the "matrix" or satans universe.

HPV is oncogenic, it causes cancer.

HPV wasn't discovered until 1956, so Hitler clearly wasn't talking about that.

Monsanto is even connected to the shadow government.

If you guys want to know what Hitler was talking about when mentioning the "Jewish Virus" then you have to look at the Weimar Republic. Hitler was aware that a virus might have been the cause of that and correlated it with what happened to the Romans.

Do you have some sauce about Hitler and the Romans user? That is interesting.

Seen articles about that before, they have connections to everyone. Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Ford Foundation and pretty much everyone else bad are tied to them for some reason.

so those hpv vaccines contain a live virus…

Where the hell did you even get that from?

Well the Nazi salute was originally the Roman salute you know. Plus the Nazis were inspired by the Romans. Look at how the Nazis borrowed the use of Roman standards with their own little twist on them.

Also consider the fact that Romans practiced infanticide of both sexes.

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Why does academia exist as an institution in the first place?

To use the scholarship of the good people, which are usually harassed by academia anyway, to prop up the prestige of the rest.

Where was puritanism, transcendentalism, unitarianism, universalism, secular humanism invented? Academia.

Where was Freudianism promoted? Where was sociology and cultural anthropology and political science invented? Where was gender theory and coeducation invented to allow professors access to nubile women?

Academia must be eliminated as an institution, and almost all academics killed.

This discussion is nice and all but you guys are really missing the point of the thread.

This is a cute larp but it's not organic and you're trying to force it too hard.

It's a complex concept that some are simply too IQ to grasp unfortunately. For people like you it doesn't matter how much is dug up because you'd rather die then to burst your little bubble of your conceived reality.

They also cucked out when it came to kicking out migrants

I feel like the progressives and feminists are the Bolshevik/Communists and Jews of the last century, video related

Why do you think the German scientists did so many experiments on Jews and Gypsies? Think of what kind of demographic Gypsies are. degeneracy&source=bl&ots=W476iSILw0&sig=kBw3HOHl6ZTFXzEntD0xW9_pfeY&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj3od32oLjaAhVEYKwKHcqcDMEQ6AEIPTAC#v=onepage&q=gypsy degeneracy&f=false

It's a larp and you think it's a lot more clever than it really is.

The virus is called Jews, it's really quite simple.

I can tell you refuse to read any of the information. If you have nigger IQ then you're just not going to get it, like I said earlier. republic degeneracy&source=bl&ots=PMmdPqgcyp&sig=0OIlnBPHpDb6oLw2eAVdJIVXebo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj6o6KyqLjaAhUEaq0KHZu3Cp44FBDoAQgoMAA#v=onepage&q=weimar republic degeneracy&f=false republic degeneracy&source=bl&ots=y5_4gr7Cmw&sig=l4lf2aLJc0hVQRe6GZZK6R-hjfY&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj6o6KyqLjaAhUEaq0KHZu3Cp44FBDoAQgwMAI#v=onepage&q=weimar republic degeneracy&f=false

If you guys want to know what Hitler was talking about you have to look at the Weimar Republic. It was the same kind of degeneracy that we see today without all of the soy, chemicals, birth control, and mass media social engineering. People have to ask themselves how all the way back then that such a state of degeneracy was able to so quickly explode and how it also happened to be moderately feminist as well. Hitler saw this and started to theorize that the Jews were infected with a virus that was introduced there and that's why he quarantined them all like he did. Furthermore, you have all of the biological research the Nazis did and the experiments on the Jews and Gypsies in order to look into the virus. It was from the Nazis that the CIA learned of the virus.

Here's that section of text translated into Ebonics so that even low IQ niggers in the thread can follow along with our thought processes.

Interesting, they travelled a lot and were degenerate. It's funny that so many people draw the connections between this the Weimar Republic and today, but don't draw biological comparisons.


Here OP I just made your first archive link nigger IQ friendly since some apparently have a hard time reading. I'll work on adapting the other ones as well so that you can better spread the information.

Calling the Jewish-inflicted social disease a 'virus' is not honest though.

Look at any major university philosophy department and you will find a few cultural marxist/Frankfurt school adherents. Case in mind: UKY.

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Hey I recognize that page, do you have a masonic Bible too? I am not a Freemason but, I inherited one of those from my grandfather.

Found a post cap relating to this. people can see the symptoms but I doubt most would accept the truth about the cause.

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CIA always posts these threads after major news events to send women who found this place back to Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit. Use a proxy or vpn. It's not hard for the CIA to get your ip address from this place then go to amazon to see what you recently bought.

Can't say leddit. Amazing how just when you think this place can't get any gayer, the jews find a good goyim to find a way to prove that things can always get gayer.

This looks like a very advanced tin foil-tier muddying the waters technique.

Lots of half truths and interesting facts twisted to make an absurd premise factual, pass. Also the kike writing this used jewish lies about the fuhrer and the third reich to prove certain points, further disproving himself.

Nice try but OP is a jewish faggot.

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You know what else lowers oxytocin? Trauma. [C]PTSD sufferers have lower levels than non traumatized individuals. Traumatic "toughening up" rearing and/or traumatic "discipline" (physical/verbal/social abuse) cause this outcome. No surprise high trust societies break down when the ability to bond with and trust others is beaten out of them in youth!

The previous threads only mentions Hitler once in about 520 replies while this one is focused specifically on that point with "articles for days" on oxytocin to cover up the absence on any direct sources for this new claim. If this was true there would have been a genuine desire and attempt to prove it, and while I can appriciate the good read here the rest of the thread stinks in the attempt to bring about information.

What are all of the things that HEIGHTEN oxytocin in people?

Nimm deine Pillen du bekloppter Schizo

Is it from albert pykes book?

So when I cut mu fingers off at work and developed mild ptsd i bow produce lower levels of this magic hormone? And thats bad? Gah fuck life

Very interesting, I've never seen this before.

You seem upset.

You bring nothing of value to this thread but kvetching about how you don't like the conclusion reached after analysis of the research.

What's wrong user someone isn't allowed to perfect an idea? Every time this topic gets posted about here it gets the strangest pushback.

Good question. I know pharmacologically there are intranasal oxytocin sprays which pass the blood/brain barrier. I would state that secure and supportive social relationships, with a sense of capability in actualizing one's goals, would do well as a non-pharmacological solution.

You just invalidated your whole argument faggot. Besides, out in the country women seem to have a natural resistance to your virus. Almost like it's environmental not biological. Lastly (((you're))) deflecting responsibility from kikes to a hypothetical, nearly invisible strand of rna. Viruses(behavior) can be cured by destroying the (((thing))) causing the mutation.

UK is one of the most rabidly anti-white schools you can find.

Actually, if I may go on a rant here, the whole city of Lexington is a good case study of the white liberal mindset. Ridiculously convoluted traffic and housing projects, elevating their few gay and non-white citizens (who are perfectly safe and face hardly any oppression to begin with) into city-wide excuses to virtue signal.

They just got a whole foods.

They have such a complex about being from a white, redneck state like Kentucky, they'll do any stupid thing they think will set them apart. It's like they were the betas from all of the rest of the state who came together to form a beta city where every policy was made just to spite the Chads who picked on them in school.

Of course, Lexington isn't a major city and is still considered hickville to actual liberals (ie. Jews, coast-dwellers)…For example, Stephen Colbert once awarded Lexington, KY with "The Golden Gopher Grabber Award" after they were ranked the "most sedentary city" in America. How that must have stung the poor folks so bad. They did everything their hero Stephen told them to do, but they were still fat white trash as far as he was concerned. Serves them right for being such sheep.

Sorry for the shitpost. I've long forgotten what this thread was supposed to be about.

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Reported for psyop.

Feminism is caused by a mix of factors, mainly hormonal birth control and mass media.

Then explain how Weimar Germany happened with the absence of both of those things.

You're right about women in the country not displaying these behaviors, biology can be affected by one's environment you know. If the virus did spread through body fluids, pheremones etc. then it makes sense that it would spread more easily in urban environments.

You don't seem to have actually read anything posted in the pastebins or considered the argument for more than 30 seconds before chimping out.

fag, there's no reason to not look at the possibility of the Western decline being at least partially due to biology

Your first link is broken user, here is the correct url



I have nothing against a thread on oxytocin and the screencap has a very convicing explanation. But now that OP provided one source let's have a look.

How is this different from claiming that conservatives or alt-whatever are seeing the symptoms but not the causes on e.g. ME politics? Your source is based on rhetoric handed to you secondhand by some author (who does not even believe your assumptions himself). So why don't you go to /pdfs/, grab the one with every speech translated into English and then try to justify your claims instead of leeching on a real topic. This ought to be the last place where this could take place.
>Through analysis of Hitler's rhetoric—the words, images and metaphors contained within his writing and speeches—Koenigsberg's study reveals the "hidden narratives" that were the source of genocide. Hitler's actions—the history he created—followed as a consequence of his fantasy that by destroying the Jewish “disease” Germany might live forever.
>What racists and revolutionaries have in common is belief that a particular class of people constitutes a "disease" within the body politic—that must be "removed" if the nation is to survive.

Kek, not sure if its the right thread, but I had a great idea based on this image. I would have rather posted it in natsoc general but whatever. The great idea is: Female specific propaganda. The reason why we may not be reaching the females is because they dont really care about the truth. I have been using this image many times now, even somewhat in real life and it seems to hold water of sorts. So I have been thinking. Some of us managed to infiltrate the feminists fuckholds and use their own rules against them to overburden their feeble brains.

But what if we made propaganda (to destroy modernity in all its forms), to target them specifically. Something to do more with conformity than just plain ol truth and red pills. Could such an approach work I wonder?

there exist such things as Oxytocin antagonists, which completely disable it in your body. One such of these drugs is called Atosiban. Its literally the drug that will do the opposite of what the jews want us to do (love immigrants). Could such an antagonist further help to make the more liberal women less caring about other races I wonder?

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Why is Frank/Larp5 allowed to spam this bullshit here?

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Frank, would you please fucking kys

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Mods, please, do not let the Frank5 cancer spread here: (Bioweapon Attack)/type/op/

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What the fuck are these memes and why are you shilling this thread so hard?

That's actually a good idea user they should pull all the original speeches for correct context

No. It's the star of Saturn. "Satan" is a buzzword from the ancient world because "satya" is Aryan Sanskrit for "truth." And oy vey truth is rayciss! It's like anotha shoah!

That's where "satan" and all Abrahamic faggotry came from. Being Aryan is "satan" aka "literally Hitler."

And kikes stole that star just like everything else. They are a mongrel non-people. That's why they want to make everyone else as shit as they are.

How did the jews steal the star of david?

Look up Mani and the Mazdak. This has happened before, and it will happen again. It is the fate of empire.

Horse shit. Satan is from Shaitan, not Satya. However, Abraham is literally Ab-brahman, against the brahmin, hence jewish cattle sacrifice.

Anything not STEM and half the "STEM" are purgeworthy ATM.

Frank, take your larping back to cuckpol.

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Threadly reminder to report Frank and his Anon5 LARP threads.

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Looks like one of our devoted shills has found this thread. Look at this imprisoned mind, a slave to his own rage and insecurities. Tell me, is it really the info that infuriates you so, or is it your own self hatred and regrets in life that creates your frustration expressed in this thread? Truly a sad existence that you live everyday you weak little shill.

That's not my name, you have no power here kike

This might be relevant to this thread:

Holy shit, it's a Larp5 thread. Did you finally get banned from cuckpol?

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This one of your own sources says "Disease X" is a hypothetical plague for the purposes of a doctor's training exercise. This isn't saying that "Disease X" is an actual disease, it's saying the opposite – this is a fictional disease. It says clearly:
In other words, doctors played make-believe for a WHO training sessions; they were supposed to "find the mystery virus" in a training role-play. Then your pastebin says:
But that's not true at all. Your primary sources doesn't say that. Do you even read your own sources?

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The "X" in the name "Disease X" is simply the cliche for "unknown", like X-ray or "The X-Files". It is not a reference to female chromosomes. This is a major misinformation.

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I think they were just speculating about that user, you don't think it's weird that the WHO would suddenly focus on a new disease they haven't named yet for no reason? The WHO isn't LARPing they clearly state that they are researching a previously unknown pathogen, not a training exercise.

lol are you fucking retarded, can't you read? It's a TRAINING EXERCISE, they're training doctors whose job it is to respond to disease outbreaks. So they train with "hypothetical disease X" — how is that not obvious to you from the article, or from the previous explanation?
What exactly do you think that sentence means?
< It's a "preparedness drill" for virus researchers in a "future outbreak scenario".

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (638x479 397.47 KB, 191.65K)

Show me exactly where in the R&D Blueprint they call it a training exercise. They specifically said they were going to spend time and resources researching Disease X.

What exactly do YOU think that sentence means?
< a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease
< the R&D Blueprint explicitly seeks to enable cross-cutting R&D preparedness

I'd say they are in the Event Detection phase, looking into the possibility that there is a current outbreak causing issues they previously did not attribute to any known pathogen.

I think you're missing the point of the thread though, which I thought was to determine what might be causing oxytocin deficiencies on a societal level. They OP said it could be a retrovirus.

Holy shit. Thanks for posting this

lol wtf is this retardation?

I'm not doubting it's a hormonal imbalance possibly combined with another biological factor. I'm doubting the origin of those as a retrovirus. If there were an unknown retrovirus cuckolding the immune systems of nearly every city woman, there would be more than a few OB/gyns chimping out on YouTube about a mutated HIV lookalike.

Pages 4 through 6 define the purpose of this "exercise". They explain it clearly, for three pages straight. The list of "potential causes of outbreak" where "Disease X" - an "as yet unknown disease" is listed as a "potential cause of future outbreak", was created by this
"annual review == EXERCISE == ".

Now, show us where they call it the "Femin Virus", or where they claim it's called "Disease X" because of "the female X chromosome":
Because they don't say that even once. You just made that shit up for clickbait or whatever your psyop is.

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By the way, i think I know what your psyop angle is OP. You want to get people worried about a virus, so it becomes ok to stop focusing on degeneracy or social distortion of morality.
Who cares that racemixing and being a slut is promoted in popular culture, since it's all caused by a virus anyway!
That's the message you're promoting here with this Larp. Then people will waste energy of a virus that there is no evidence or sample of. You are also Larping like there is legit research being done on this "mystery virus" by "rogue researchers". This is the biggest red flag that this is either a Larp, or a psyop baiting Larpers to create a movement that distracts from real issues.

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you show me one nigger that knows any of these words. you barely even altered the wording at all just threw a bunch of wuz and niggas in between all the hard words. trying to be clever, you showed your lack of intelligence

sage for being a stupid larp thread

Holy shit Black Pigeon got his Faceberg shoah'd for posting one single Femin virus meme

Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal.

I don't think this is a larp…

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It's not my hypothesis I don't have to defend shit, I do however think you are a mongoloid who doesn't understand how "exercises" are used as cover to prepare for real potential happenings much like "war games." They don't say it's for training purposes.

That's fucking retarded their entire premise is that degeneracy and distortion of morality is due to this virus. Literally every thread I've seen about this topic on cuckchan is filled with posting about how bad degeneracy is. Only a total autist would think that was the implication here, goddamn you are stupid.

The Femin virus information and memes have grown so powerful that they are shut down wherever they spread.

Dumping some of them now.

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Attached: FeminismIsAVirus.jpg (790x774 179.8 KB, 572.74K)

Some normalfag tier ones that spread better outside of the chans. Even if you don't buy this information, you could try to spread the memes around and see how you get censored whenever they attract too much attention.

This virus is real which is why discussion about it gets shut down like it does.

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Where did he post it? To his own personal feed or to a group/community feed? I see a lot of the "I got banned from FB" people complaining because they posted to a group, not their personal feed.

After all these years, we still live in a time when we have to check our privilege and not show our power level in public.

To his own Facebook, if you look at the tweet itself you can see the message.

BPS dunks on feminism all the time, but he only got banned for posting a single meme about it being caused by a virus. Really makes you think. I might actually start a new thread about it so anons can see what happened.

jesus Frank would you kys already

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Yeah, see, that's just wrong. People should be allowed to post whatever shit they want (within legality) to their own private feed. It's not like people are forced to follow him. Fucking babysitters piss me off.

Frank,you cancerous piece of shit. Why did you bring your Knowledge Bomb Larps here? Why are you compelled to shit up ever place of quality in the world?

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It's pretty weird that they crack down on it, look at how there is some faggot shilling the thread right now as well.

Stay mad newfag