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Slavic thread

Talk about politic, support of brother slavic nations,

alcohol and our upcoming reconquer of Europe

When will we crash (((EU))), will we do it before or after it forms it's army, the systematic expulsion of Soros Open Society Foundations funded NGO's, and the ongoing war (((they))) want to start with Russia are some of the things you can answer in this thread


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Love your country, stand with your blood, and never ever be complacent.
1 sandnigger is 1 sandnigger too much. We will not allow them to take what is ours

As for Western Europe…
It is also the same. Question is whether they take control in their hands or someone does it for them.

I can see two options:
Intermarium, expansion to V6,
or surrender sovereignity to (((brussels)))

I know which one I will take


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Israel made 'historic mistake' in Syria
Israel accused of placing itself in 'direct' confrontation with Iran with suspected attack on military airbase in Homs.

Two Israeli warplanes, using Lebanese airspace, fired eight missiles at the T-4 military airbase, according to the Russian military.

The attack at the airbase, located 40km west of Palmyra, killed about 14 people, at least four of whom were Iranians from Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps - a separate force from Iran's army that answers only to the country's supreme leader.

The missile strike followed a suspected chemical attack targeting Douma, a former rebel-held town in Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus that saw a two-month offensive by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government.

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The "Syrian Arab army units found a large lab for making toxic materials" and a workshop for producing artillery shells of various sizes while inspecting towns where terrorists were recently evacuated from in Eastern Ghouta, located just east of Damascus, SANA noted.

A military source explained that chlorine, hazmat gear, and ampoules for mixing substances were located at the facility.

According to the source, the lab was found in the town of Aftris.

The workshop also produced, or stored, 60mm, 80mm, 180mm shells,

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Citation needed

Should this be what I think it could be, see you in the frontline bratje.

Try to make as many babies as you can spend time together with family and get rest before

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. =

[not even trying]

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You don't fully understand…
Death is in The air.
You should be with your family, not shilling on Zig Forums

Thousands of heroes screamed to the sky
Before for the last time, they closed their eyes
In blood and torment they pleadingly cried
To Morana to come and end their lives

Girls of young warriors begged and begged
to spare their loved ones from claws of death
Meanwhile in battle they summoned her ghost
The one who would slay the hordes of their foes

When winds blow and darkness engulfs the forests
From hills to the valley a shadow descends
Through mist and the snow the bloodied goddess treads
Followed by wolfpacks that tear them to shreds

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Writing a book about ancient slavs.

Slavic folklore visualised.

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Hail Piorun!

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Mod I am sorry for the quint 6. doing it, I didn't think of all implications.

These are organic and I use them to lift the curse

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Providing you finish and 8c is still up,
Let me know when you write it.
How far along are you, and where are you getting your sources? There is no written sources about old religion afaik

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All Indo-Europeans believed in the same pantheon with minor alterations, so religion isn't really a problem (or my focus, at that), I'm wiritng about their history, movement, and origin as told through Roman and non Roman sources - the ones they encountered on their vast and unending ventures.

white australian here. how hard would it be for me to integrate over there if I decided to relocate? i wanna escape white genocide and find a non-feminazi woman.

Won't be as comfy as Australia, we're still poorfags tbh.

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I'm convinced that the only way forward is to return to the ways of our ancestors

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Ok, I assume you are Russian.
Leave the reconquest of Europe to the Central European nations.
Although… Seeing how the West acts… Well, somehow it makes me think about the possibility of a Polish-Russian alliance… or rather NAP.
Feel free to do whatever in the Balkans though, South Slavs and East Slavs are definetly closer to each other than us, West Slavs to you, East Slavs.

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Russians are Wends, there's no such thing as "East Slavs"; we're all Eastern European if anything, with Poland birthing the term due to our Sarmatian culture (hence, "Eastern" - Asiatic). Russia is a modern concept, we were all united Slavs back then, that's why there's a Staro[-]grad in Poland and a Novo[-]grad in Russia, for one.

Also, this would've been epic if it worked.–Lithuanian–Muscovite_Commonwealth

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Also, did you know żabka is Portugese?? wtf Thank god they're distant Slavs though xD

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The globalist mafia is pushing all the buttons for ww3.

Kalergi plan failed, now they will either try to kill Europeans by proxy either instate martial law

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i don't care. just want to live in a white country filled with faggots. i do all my work via the net, so i can earn a very good wage, comparatively. maybe enough cash to fund rightwing deathsquads and weapons. what's the cheapest yet best place to go?

not filled with***

If anyone had access to a high resolution version of that painting I would really like to have it.

If any Poland anons could possibly find this painting and take a good high resolution picture of it that would be even better.

Memories of the commonwealth should be preserved as a prime example of slavic unity.

I might even pay.


It's been a busy (flight) night…

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You would be welcome tbh.
We just hate niggers and sandniggers.
There is no such problem with civilized people / or strayans :^

Mainly you would need to get warmer clothes and learn the language )

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What's your take on the US attack on Syria?

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don't care tbh
average sand people politics and I think its just one big puppet show
just wanna post some good aesthetics right now

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It's looking to be such a beautiful day. Spend it with the ones you love most, who knows how many days like this we have

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Me too, it's all good until nukes start flying

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Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia is where I'd look at.
I can't say anything about Ukraine and Russia, because I haven't been there.

Mainly you will not get so many cash, but quality of life will make up for it

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McCain Supports Strikes on Syria, Urges New Strategy for US in Syria

ukraine is more my style. the poorer, the more backwater, the better. Money is earned online through technical work so I don't have to worry about it. I want quiet country life and a blonde waifu. Then I can start funding RWDS for you guys.

THU APR 6, 2017 / 10:38 PM EDT
Hillary Clinton calls for U.S. to bomb Syrian air fields
Barbara Goldberg

McCain Supports Strikes on Syria, Urges New Strategy for US in Syria

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Good on you, I maybe going this summer, perhaps we'll shitpost together

Honestly if nuclear holocaust doesn't precede us

What you are supposedly not to do in Ukraine:
Things are cheap so you might feel rich:
Don't flaunt it
Also locals supposedly don't appreciate half botched attempts at their language,
and do not act like a tourist

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How serious do slavic nations take The New Chronology? Is history really fake and gay?

I grew up in South Africa, so I should have the adapt part sorted.


You will find the living conditions much better, and safer

History is fake and gay (and I intent to expose some parts of it at least) but I wouldn't trust the new chronology from the looks of it. History isn't a fixiated science, its meant to be wrong so that it could be argued and built upon.

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Brati-Slava is

Absolutely beautiful
Fell in love with it the second I stepped in center Katedrála svätého Martina.

I felt instantly right at home.
I can't help to wonder why ;^)

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Спасибо мои друг!
Not the user you were talking to but also a white aussie, missing my true home. One of my best friends was an alex from russia, he came to australia to be a mining engineer and is now back over there with his wife and beautiful daughter. I talk rarely with him but he wants me to go over there. I learnt some of the language but not alot. I can ask for food and water, and do basic math.

Greetings from Poland. This thread reminded me of something that grinds my gears. Recently there's a lot of videos about slavs on YouTube, people find us interesting I guess which is fine. But there's so much communist imaginary in these videos. Hammers and sicles in the thumbnails, or funny meme Soviet anthem music…
This is mostly Russian problem, not slavik but to many people it's one and the same. Would be cool if there was some push against that shit on youtube. I don't know about the opinions of average Russians, I can only tell you that a common Polak hates communism.
What do you think about this Poland did the holocaust situation ? It was a great opportunity for me to spread some redpills on the kikes and the holocaust myth in general.

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Based poland, claiming immunity from denying holohoax, what else happened there I need a memory jog, too much shit has happened since.
The jews infultraited poland as much as russia though. And ruskies had a worse taste of jewish destruction with the death of their royalty so long ago. Disgusting race the jews. I cannot get through to many people here in Aus about it. They see the zionist types. They see the issues but they defend jews by not placing blame on them. They are always the victims in all of there stories

Hello to Poland. You are best brothers and show the way for the future. I have to say Polish mindset is very similar as Slovenian (and all Slavic nations), this is the reason why people openly support Poland against eu. If push comes to shove Polska has backup here. I am against communist portrayals as well because it is really attention clickbait true Slavic patriots will never use it.
I welcome the growth in popularity of our identity particularly among the youth, it's exploding.
A good channel in this aspect is slavic affairs,
slavic patriota, please post some others if you have them

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White aussies should stay in Australia. There is a ton of unused lands so I suggest them to start new communities.

It's an Israeli pysop to quell nationalism in Poland by attributing crimes previously directed towards Germans. They think because it was so effective for Germany that it will work on Poland.

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I don't get it
Explain pls

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>When will we crash (((EU))), will we do it before or after it forms it's army

EU COLLAPSE: Putin preying on 'WEAK' Europe and targets EU members for new Russia 'EMPIRE'
RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin is preying on a “very weak united Europe” as he seeks to create a new Russian empire of his own after the collapse of the Soviet Union nearly 30 years ago, according to a former key staffer.

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Slavic empire when?

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< implying all Slavs are alcoholics
< implying Slavs are antagonistic to Europe
> the ongoing war (((they))) want to start with Russia
< implying Slavs and ((Russia)) has coherent interests
< implying ((Russia)) is not the worst enemy of Slavdom
< Implying ((Russian)) = Slavic and Slavic = ((Russian))

OP why don't you kill yourself?

I prefer a Russian Owned empire a la Holy German Empire, than staying in our current state. I would even help them.
Fuck our shit up and lit the fire, we'll take care of the rest.

*Holy Roman Empire
Fixed, and polite saged

I have agree with the tornigger, Russia is a fake country created by Western Europe in the 18th century and being labeled as an alcoholic race is degrading, the drug is used to oppress and make conscripts into good cannon fodder.

OP is a Putinnigger, works for muh FSB and deserves to have their penis chopped off and placed in the mouth of the embalmed body of Lenin in Red Square.

Die, KGBfags.

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It is confirmed. Retake soon

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This year we storm Europe