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You know the drill.

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rape doesn't exist….women passive-aggressively desire dominance from their partner and since most women are mentally ill, it creates a conundrum of cucking and competition that would be solved if women were given no quarter.

Ped/zoo/necro/children's liberation is vital for a functional left society, nonhuman species are smarter than us, but we should still eat them because plants are people too, "Cultural Marxism" may be nazi bullshit but it's a sign that someone is going to talk about a good idea, and we actually do have to abolish the family, school, and the state.
And… your mom, and what I did to her right before typing this message.

I agree with 2/3 of your post.

Sadly true.

This board has been overrun by Zig Forumsluters and the mods do nothing to take the garbage out. In fact, instead they delete and autosage perfectly good leftist discussion.

No, that shit is only vital to a functional image board.

This isn’t a thread for popular opinions

The revolution isn't coming. The US would have to fall for socialism not to get empire'd and not even the entire rest of the planet could stop the US military, even with burger deserters. Climate change will cook the earth before the falling rate of profit ends capitalism. We're all doomed. We're on board a meteor bound inevitably to crash. All we can do is hold onto each other and reduce the harm and suffering in the time we have left.

I think all of you are pretty swell even when we disagree on things and I hope you find some happiness before the end.

I, too, am barely to the left of the comintern/anarchomaoists, user.

Fuck you! The dead deserve to stay dead!

And so it shall. The United States is being held together by the most robust police state in human history and an obscenely expensive expeditionary military. That shit just is not sustainable. It is collapsing not due to an outside threat but due to the ever-increasing unproductive weight on its back.

The Singularity and transhumanism are the most important issues of our time, and should be discussed far more.

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This is idiotic. Women are sexually aroused by dominance, but rape is extremely psychologically traumatic. Very often, women will respond in a physically aroused way to rape, while finding the experience horribly traumatic and damaging. It's really disgusting that you think this way.

…and you more than topped the last post. This is fucking disgusting.

SJWs largely don't exist irl and the disinterested normie is far more of an issue to organization of proles than some college students and irrelevant dinosaur organizations
Most of you are social democrats or liberals that would rather collaborate with reaction than abolish capitalism
Reading theory is important, but if all you do with it is make shit videos or try to gain clout in your social circle then you're useless
A revolution is almost certainly going to happen in the near future, but in our current state it will quickly be hijacked by opportunists to result in social democracy at best
Zig Forums is a dead end and we need to have a backup for when it collapses or else we're going to be stuck on cuckchan or twitter

I'd say lower the age of consent, but there seems to be more people here nowadays who agree with this than there used to be, probably because of the radlib faggots being driven off.

You're a disgusting degenerate and you need to die.

This used to be the case, but China and Russia have now caught up to the US and even exceeded it in some ways.

This is sadly a far more accurate statement.

Israel will have to be radically decolonized after liberation. Any trace of Western Zionism (such as the modern Hebrew language) will have to be exterminated.

Interesting choice of words, fuckface

gas yourself jew

I think Jason Unruhe is very entertaining and you guys shut on him too much.

I believe people sometimes do engage in “class-reductionism” too much but class is the preponderate conflict in society

I like the idea of setting up communal experiments and settlements

Hate speech and anti-fascist laws are a good idea

Theory isn’t as important as it’s made out to be, though people should at least learn / be tought the basics

Immigration isn’t a spooky capitalist plot

Revolution is possible in America

GTFO this board, Nazi piece of shit.

Deal with it. Colonizers bring this on themselves.

Remember to report Nazis to alert the vols that these faggots are shitting up the board

I'm sure you feel the same way about all Americans, Australians, Canadians, Mestizos, etc.

good point

i do

Ok, here's one.

Boomers themselves fail to realize that they actually pushed identity politics to it's absurd and logical conclusion with both the new left and the dixiecrat movement shit. Before that, the left was class focused, giving little to no fucks about political correctness and ldpol, albeit not necessarily ignoring the underclass status of black people.

As a matter of fact, feminism as a whole doesn't belong on the left. You just replace white supremacists with women (even if it's "inclusive") and it's basically the same fascist garbage.

The Amerifat left is idpozzed because American institutions for the longest time refused to recognize class based grievances as legitimate and instead elevated those who phrased issues in terms of identity and civil rights. It was all by design. It's like the more you resist the stronger it gets.

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t. reddit rapefugee who is extremely triggered by the fact that people call each other niggers outside of his safe space

This board is truly fascist garbage now

So this is more of a troll than your own personal unpopular opinion?

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It’s probably not a troll. This board (Zig Forums too) has a massive hate-boner for feminism in general. Even socialist feminism is attacked

Pro tip for all of you: anti-feminism (female identitarianism) doesn't mean anti-women, nor being against their rights.

We are not against working class women emancipation. We are against the embodiment of female identity politics (feminism). "Socialist" feminism is an oxymoron, much like third positionism is.


Well…yeah? We are against idpol in general. Why would we support identitarianism? Before you're women, you're working class and you are being exploited for being part of the proletariat, not because you have a pussy.

Man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, jew, you name it. We are all being fucked in the ass by the bourgeoisie, while you complain about mansplaining and cultural appropiation. Instead of being sectarian with your idpol, how about you focus on class struggle? Also, there's nothing revolutionary in enshrining liberal constructs like race, ethnicity, etc.

Please, just kill yourself. Your brain is beyond repair.

We've never pretended to be feminists. Your argument boils down to feminism = equality, which is not; for the same reason being pro M.R.A. isn't.

Feminists want female emancipation and it can come at the expense of working class men of all races, ethnicities and sexual orientations, if you must.

Feminism, much like M.R.As, BLM etc are all bourgeois ideologies to divide the working class.

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It actually is.


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He says sporting a "Brocialist" flag
Which magically makes all our male troubles disappear. realize women in non-western nations generally have it tougher, but you haven't a clue what it's like to be a woman.
I don't. Even when I'm facing it.

Feminism=socialism. Even the liberals had the decency to attach "third wave" to their bullshit.
Real socialist-feminism isn't expensive
That's a little group of people trying to get something done about police brutality. The attacks that make them out to be Black Panther like thugs only concerned with black supremacy are the divisive bourgeois.

Get your head together.

>I realize women in non-western nations

God, just look at this disingenuous bullshit. Forget "women" and "western." People in the global capitalist periphery generally have it tougher.

This is your brain on identity.

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If they are physically aroused what is the problem?

Liberty for men and slavery for women. It is the only way to create a functional communist society.

Here we realize we are arguing against a reactionary who just recently “converted” to leftism while continuing to be reactionary.

Criticizing feminists for embracing feels over class isn't being against women, nor against their rights. Nobody's opposing your right to have a job or being self autonomous. You're being criticized for embracing identity politics, not because you happen to be a woman. If you were a man, while also being a feminist, you'd get shit on as well. Your gender is irrelevant.

Weren't you the ones that started the whole #Notmycomrades nonsense, labeling class-focused leftists (or, according to you, "class reductionists") as "brocialists" and "manarchists"? Brocialism isn't even a thing, and even if it was it's class based, therefore it isn't idpol, like at all; quite the opposite.

By using the flag, I'm simply stating "fuck idpol"; class is what matters most".

All of their struggles caused by capitalism; therfore it requires class-based action, not idpol.

Not an argument. Also, your 1st world feminist struggles doesn't matter at all. I couldn't care less how women are depicted in media (be it movies, videogames et al), lack of media representation of "minorities" (notice how you are the ones dehumanizing them, not us) nor do I care about flimsly stuff like the stare rape.

Isn't it funny how the overwhelming majority of feminists tend to be liberal? Or are you gonna claim the "no true scotsman" fallacy? Also, if I said meninism=socialism, it wouldn't fly anywhere. Socialism necessarily needs to reject identitarianism, which feminism is.

Yep, you did claim the fallacy. Anyway, too bad the vast majority of feminists aren't even socialists, but hardcore neoliberals.

Is that why they went apeshit during Bernie Sanders's rally in california and actually shut it down, despite the fact Sanders has always been against systematic racism? If they truly cared about helping black people, they'd focus on class struggle, because their oppression is class based. Instead, they shove their unwarranted self importance everywhere and pick fights against the people that support them the most. Talk about sectarianism.

I do. Apparently, you don't get the memo that identitarianism (feminism, alt-right, M.R.A/M.G.T.O.W) were created by the bourgeoisie to divide us all and pit us against each other. Your absurd outrage over the fact that we despise identitarianism on any side proves it.

Idpol is against the left, period. It's neoliberalism 1.01

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This is your brain on idealism

Also, since when this place started to attrack r/socialist fags?

Go back, LARPers.

/lefty pol/ never changes

Fuck off back to Zig Forums


Nothing the user said has contradicted the goals of what you're insisting is feminism, they're just relentlessly insisting on using the word to refer to the sort of beliefs most often called feminism and held by people who identify as supporters of feminism circa 2018, ie.

Which is liberal bullshit, given that the ideological makeup of the mainstream is almost all liberal bullshit in either direction now.

I fail to see the issue with using a term to refer to what the majority of other people in society use it to refer to rather than to a collection of books and authors whos ideas it referred to in the near past and the former meaning is related to. Words don't magically get a 'correct' meaning from history, they mean whatever people in general use them to mean.
Stop being butthurt because youve adopted some ideology as part of your identity.

Rojava is imperalist

This. Even rationalwiki, aka idpolwiki, acknowledges the argumentum ad dictionarium that feminists like to invoke when dealing with criticism:


You seem awfully defensive.

The Nazi's are the real socialists

Majority of people think that socialism is when the government does stuff and communism is when everyone gets payed the same. I guess we should just accept that and ignore the books.

Destroying Israel should not be a priority.

Brocialist flag ITT is making some shitty arguments but it's pretty funny how those aren't what are pissing people off.
Yeah, the sticking point isn't the policies of gender equality but the use of the word itself. It's signifier/signified confusion. Common thing with self-identified feminists is to insist on the label specifically while leaving the actual ideas undefined. It's motte and bailey tactics

Why not? They're a major puppet of US imperialism and they're pissing off the entire world with their bullshit. Opposing them is good optics everywhere but Israel and the US.

Not him but holy fuck BLM has turned into the most cynical shit. Seriously, look at any police brutality video now. If it's a black guy getting beat up, BLM burnouts just go "of course." A non-black person? "Well they don't like it huh/this is satisfying etc etc."

>Leave various Arab warlords leaders to pick the carcass

Internet comments bring out of the worst aspects of humanity

Israelis are warlords and are also die-hard western imperialist reactionaries. Even in your scenario the destruction of Israel still a net gain.


The only reason regional powers care about that area is that Israel is antagonistic toward them. Turn it back into Palestine and they won't give a fuck. The only thing of (debatable) value is the religious and cultural significance. It's not even a very strategic location.

Who whoulda thunk it????

Who woulda thunk


Male pride worldwide!

Projection. I'm not, I just want people to be consistent. Israel is part of the same colonial project as Australia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, etc. I'm fine with people being against Israel, just so long as they're against the other parts of the colonial project.

That said, even if the creation of Israel is morally indefensible in the same way the creation of the United States and Australia was, I'm generally against killing. I don't care where your ancestors were, I care where you are. So I'm okay with the Israelis staying where they are, with the exception of the settlements, which I think do need to be dismantled. I think Palestinians need to be made citizens on equal standing with other Israelis.

I'm generally against national borders everywhere. The reason the two-state solution was the most reasonable position two years ago was that Israelis felt vulnerable to terrorist attacks by Hamas and its affiliates, so they weren't ready for a one-state solution. But now that the occupied territories (Gaza, the West Bank) have shrunken thanks to the settlements, a two-state solution is no longer feasible. The Israeli right wing's desire for a Jewish state is murderous, but there are still Jihadi elements of Hamas. Both these extremes should be cracked down on, Jews and Palestinians should be raised together as singular communities, and religiosity should frankly be discouraged.

There's something inherently fucked up with leftism - or maybe leftists.
While (generic) leftism is so absolutely and funtamentally correct about capitalism that we can't not be leftists, there's this huge problem with mental illness and authoritarianism. And not just today, but since always. Maybe there are a bunch of LARPers in our midst. Maybe people on the fringes see problems more clearly. Maybe there's cointelpro or some shit. Maybe a problem-prone personality correlates with a readiness for radical thought. But in any case, the twitter t(r)ankies, nazbols and internationale-singing SJW's are everywhere and their equivalents have always been.
Put differently;

The issue is with authoritarianism, not leftism. Keep in mind that ideologies like anarcho-communism are the farthest left.
Also, I genuinely don't understand why you're picking on the Quakers. I'm generally anti-Christian, but the Quakers seem to be the good ones.

aka "this worker is not functioning correctly according to my bourgeois sensibilities"

Reading theory is a waste of time

Hence my complaining about their seemingly unnecessary connection.

Enjoy your ban, zionist

I'm not a zionist, and if you think putting those things on equal footing makes me one, you've revealed yourself to be an imperialist and/or an anti-semite, probably both.

Enjoy your suicide, reactionary.

Fair enough

Kill yourself

Oh, I forgot to add that even the existence and of this board due to /left*pol/'s psychosis and authoritarianism is a part of this very problem.

The fascists of Italy gave women rights

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You kill yourself. That's not the position I advocate for at all. My point is, imperial projects like the United States and Australia were just as egregious as Israel, and vice-versa. You're too fucking stupid to see that because you're a fascist, that's pretty obvious.

Women can lick my scrotum.

Only if humanity is profoundly retarted

Nick Land is kinda right. Technological change is accelerating and this will have a tremendous impact on politics and society. If the left doesn’t embrace this we will be left behind.

good one

Nick Land is Ted Kaczynski for the nerdy liberal arts fag set (i.e. /lit/ cancer.) Ted is babby's first political theorist for most suburban white teen boys. Land is babby's first political theory for philosophy majors and other losers in the west.

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I'm not an anarcho-primitivist. I'm a green anarchist. Completely different ideology. I'm actually very pro-technology, and I think technological development is vital for mitigating environmental destruction.

They can, but none of them ever will.

fuck you nigger

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Were you ever in doubt?

This. Notice how their fanboys will absolutely swarm at the mere mention of their name.

Well we did come this far.

Yeah, but how did we do it? Burning the world half to cinders without a care in the world.

unironic nazbol but only for eastern Europe

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Is this the power of Zig Forums‘s reactionary subversives?

With all of your intellectual posturing aside, was he wrong?

The fuck is all this shit?

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Ok. I don't even know how this thread ended up being about r/socialism being triggered by the fact we detest female identitarianism (feminism), and since this conversation seems to be going absolutely nowhere, this is the bottom line:

You whole movement is currently seized by neoliberals. The very fact that the so called "stare rape" is a thing, it's a clear sign of how pathetic your movement has become. You have ran out of things to complain, so you focus on first world problems.

I don't know where you come from, but for the sake of argument I'll assume you're from the US. You have equal rights, just like men. You can get a job, not being dependent from us, even own property. You have your abortion rights (and that's good), you are even equally screwed like us, being part of the proletariat. Your current day struggle isn't a woman struggle; it's class struggle, so is black people/minorities struggles based on class.

While your feminist movement is complaining about "lack of media representation" and "muh sexist videogames", the working class is protesting about the damage to the environment, stagnant wages, poor working conditions, crackdown on trade unions, lack of healthcare, etc. So maybe you'd want to get your priorities right, don't you think?

I don't speak for leftpol as a whole, but, from what I've seen, I can assure you we are not opposed to women; we're opposed to feminists, because they went from "smash capitalism" to "women deserve equal chance to exploit the proletariat". If you truly want your movement to be accepted by the class-focused left wing, you need to de-spook it, because it badly needs reform. Before picking fights against us, for focusing on class struggle, purge the liberals among your ranks; they very same liberals that give your movement a terrible image. You're the only ones that can bring feminism back to the Emma Goldman and Rosa Luxemburg path.

Until then, do not expect us, the anti-idpol left, to embrace feminism anytime soon. I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but, unfortunately for you, you need us; we don't need feminists.


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