How do we stop niggers, gooks and all other shitskins from destroying our race?

How do we stop niggers, gooks and all other shitskins from destroying our race?

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Maybe you should go and ask that on cuckchan.

do not respond to forum slide. If you absolutely need to respond, SAGE AND REPORT

Is this a shitskins board?

massive constant food shortages

by banning them for making shitty slide threads


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Fuck off, nigger-lover.

We subvert them into turning into traps, sissies and fags.

The world needs more mudslime sissy hypnosis videos. WE'RE JUST GONNA TURN EM GAY!

Are they not already?

Asian women make great home makers and know how to properly serve a man. Nappy haired apes on the other hand only exist to shit out welfare dependent criminal monkeys.

Basically, facebook tranny groups are literally filled with brown men from shitholes like pakistani and saudi. I think these brownshits are attracted to more degenerative porn because everything is so strict over there and they're addicted to breaking sexual taboos.


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We kill them and claim their land for humanity.

It could also be their average IQ of 70something.

they are already
kids goats man ass everything goes

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I suggest probably starting off by not cheering on and championing ZioCon orange kikes, for a fucking start!

Proceeds to use clickbait titty-pic with a gook, a white girl and a mystery-meat. 0/10 OP you failed.

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Get that shitskin out of here, you faggot.

why u mad tho

Same reason I'd be annoyed if you posted a picture of one of your turds in a toilet bowl.