No One Killed in Bombing, Strikes Basically Did Nothing, 4D Chess Confirmed?

Looks like the shills blew their load early again. This strike was basically nothing. No one was killed. The missises only hit empty areas or damaged empty buildings. Not even Russia, who was warned of it early, seems to give enough of a shit to do anything about it. This is the DACA crap all over again, and Muh Empty Airfield Part II. Basically nothing happened. No status quo has changed. There's going to be no new war in Syria, there will be no World War III. Trump re-iterated he still wants to pull out of Syria. You ran towards a mirage and then came up empty handed like the first time this happened. Go back to the drawing book and start over, you got duped again.

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Shill thread. Weak effort. OP kys.(Angry at chess)

Explain how this is any different than the last huge it's nothing.jpg that the first strike was a year ago? It's not. It was the same exact thing, that will change absolutely nothing.

There's already dozen of threads and posts with the same worthless screencap, MAGAfaggot.(USER WAS TRIGGERED TO DEATH BY 4D CHESS)

nice sage, this must really make you mad that it didn't go your way

It looks like good news, but it IS a shit OP. Like, nigger, link and archive.

I honestly don't give a fuck. Using our resources to simply do the will of Israel when we get nothing out of it is enough.(>chess reeeee)

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I just can't figure out why you faggot redditors don't take your non-stop Trump worship back to reddit.
Every fucking day it's


The one key component you guys always seem to be missing is WHY?

Come back with a sound theory as to why this "4d chess" is worth the money spent to carry it out.

You can't even redtext, you faggot! And you claim to be from here? Shills are fucking mad. Hahahaha!

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What a fag.

Still haven't answered my question, Mr. 4d…


Lol you kikes need to die

How does this prevent WWIII?

gee, you think?

I don't talk to shills right off the boat who try to redtext in the middle of a sentence. Try harder next time.

It give the perception of Trump of having done something when he's done nothing. Also it was probably done to give him stronger leverage in the upcoming Nork negotiations.

there are three severely wounded but i guess that's necessary for Trump's 4D chess


Nork negotiations wouldn't have been affected if he wouldn't have run his mouth.

And who cares about NK anyway? Make peace or don't. Not our problem. Unless Trump just want's historical brownie points for having made peace with NK.

The 4d chess theory only fits retroactively. One could just as easily put some pieces together that point toward the golden-showers memo being true.

It's flimsy at best.(Chess-induced fanny frustration)

It puts the fear of god into fat ass because Trump has a big enough dick to wipe him off the map. It gives Trump more leverage. And please next you'll start with MUH BASED COMMUNISTS. Fuck off back to your containment board. This will also help ensure Trump gets a second term.

Hey skeletor, no matter how many ebin ban messages you put, you are still a fucking faggot for banning people who are critical of Trump. No, we won't like you no matter how many times you do that dumb shit. That is for r-eddit, where you're from. That is not how this place operates. Stop banning people you fucking retarded nigger brained r-edditor.(>Stop banning my legitimate criticism such as "KYS TRUMPNIGGERS" reeeeeee)

They never learn folks, it's true

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We've known who it was for a while. It's actually the The_Donald mod. He's now Skeletor the vol here. He helped kampfy out with the CSS here like the faggoty corner image and I guess they're buddy buddy now. I've been suspecting that the huge influx of r-edditors is kampfy trying to buoy Zig Forums's shrinking userbase with r-edditors to keep his hegemon over anons, but he is ruining the place in the process. But he's a fucking retarded turk so what can you expect, reason?
(>Just listen to me you stupid goys, ignore the fact that I'm unable to prove anything I'm saying)

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It was all 4d chess. Nothign to see here.

This is not Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit spaced.

vols, am I doing it right?

Feels good to be right all the time.

Trump is a good man who truly puts America first.

If you don't like it, go somewhere else.

Last I heard we didn't precision strike their capital city last time
It's a fucking rally call. But you cucks would rather be smug on the internet about blowing up Syrian targets for the sand jews. Sure am smug that we're wasting more money on blowing up more stupid sand nigger countries, because that worked out so well every other time.(>Being this assmad WWIII didn't happen)

Israel isn't being reigned in at all. This all happened with Iraq. It just took three presidents to do it. Bush 1.0 engaged. Clinton bombed buildings. Bush 2.0 finished the job. But things move faster now.

Carte Blanche

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Fuck yeah, you know how much any of those missiles costs to the taxpayers?

Like it makes a difference, they didn't kill anyone or even go after his military. Fuck off.

We are able to make our allies in the middle east happy without having to start WWIII. Victory indeed.

these are military men who chose to stay in syria to defend assad's secular government against ISIS and other US-backed groups, they are not the opportunist rapefugees, the bottom rungs of society, who left to europe to take advantage of the neoliberal open-door policy of the EU. nice try tho kike

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So are you going to ban nearly every IP on Zig Forums again and then subsequently unban all of them a week later when the board begins to die?

Posting in a mod thread. Awaiting sticky.

Funny how people are figuring out who the cancerous little shit is that's been going on the ban spree and making all of the shitposts that are never banned.

You also forgot to check my dubs the first time you deleted my post skelenigger.

It's literally copy/paste. I have all night.

Oh so that's your plan huh, ban all legit anons and keep only the republican lite trump sycophants. Really makes me think… that you're a fucking kike, skeletor


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Look at all the salty (1) niggers.

MSM were salivating during the strikes. They were fucking loving it, warmongering faggots.

Sticky this shit just to rub it in the faces of the shills and doomwishing faggots.

Not White? Don't care. That simple.

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So are they on track for withdrawing from Syria or not? Has anybody in the admin said that this attack means they need to stay in Syria?

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA(Mental breakdown caused by 4D chess. Many such cases. Sad!)


(>I just cannot stop being baited)

I love how the faggots can't even consider changing their methodology to avoid bans and instead complain like a yid on a soapbox would.
But then again their goals wouldn't be reached if they changed methodology half way through the operation.

I now understand why yids let goyim handle logistics.

They're aiming to leave by next spring as long as another gas attack doesn't happen.

Posting in a mod thread. Awaiting sticky.

Funny how people are figuring out who the cancerous little shit is that's been going on the ban spree and making all of the shitposts that are never banned.

You also forgot to check my dubs the first time you deleted my post skelenigger.

It's literally copy/paste. I have all night.

Going to check the trips of truth before they're deleted.

RIP deleted dubs.

I really doubt it, but we'll see.

It is just hair trigger bans.

hey retard, there is a board log

You'd be surprised how many people don't know about it.

Funny how 4/pol/ faggots don't know about ban logs

and they shouldn't be posting if they don't even know that much

I'm done with 4cuck refugees, I for one welcome more bans to keep these faggots out.

then why the fuck would he do it? this chess shit is fucking retarded, he should SAY the right thing and DO the right thing, no deceptive bullshit

Posting in a mod thread. Awaiting sticky.

Funny how people are figuring out who the cancerous little shit is that's been going on the ban spree and making all of the shitposts that are never banned.

You also forgot to check my dubs the first time you deleted my post skelenigger.

It's literally copy/paste. I have all night.

Going to check the trips of truth before they're deleted.

RIP deleted dubs.

You're not done yet, back into the oven for another fifteen minutes.

It's not refugees being banned. It's people who have caught skeletor derailing threads with shitposts, sticking his own threads, and bruising his ego by beating him in arguments.

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Moderators derailing threads has always been a thing here ever since before the mike enoch threads.

hello newfag. no, moderation was okay except for imkikey who is a retarded niggerfaggot. but, even back in the day, moderation was nothing like the absurd garbage it is today

Hey, /r/The_Donald! XD Anyone questioning Trump are shills! Shills!

>inb4 ban and woman like passive aggressive "reason" for ban

Sure but he'll go around derailing and when he's called out starts banning people. Of course he does put any of those smug statements in during those ban sprees because it would look suspicious.

Whew… this is a bumpy ride.

You really fit in here Shlomo.

wow, meta. nice false flag. now, gb2yiddit

you're in the wrong place. no critical thinking allowed
lol butthurt

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why do all Zig Forumsgoon memes have so much text in them? I get tired of reading them after the first line, jesus christ you really can't meme

Now this is some hardcore ban evasion. I am legitimately impressed.

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And in response to the actual thread itself:

I don't get what happened here. Sure, the strike didn't kill anyone, which is great, but I don't see why we needed to do it at all. Why couldn't Trump have, for instance, done the following:

Is the mod drunk in this thread or what?
So discussion is haram now on pol? Very progressive(>pol)

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You know he's dealing with kikes, right?

Yawn. Not even original.

Hey, r/politics! XD Anyone opposing the zog is a kike! Kike!

The whole rent free meme doesn't work that way you retard. You're the one taking time out of your day to come over from your corporate-friendly, sanitized website that bans dissenters to give your regular dose of knee-jerk screeching whenever drumpf or someone in some way related to him does anything. People here seem to be so much on your mind, that you can't just stay wherever you came from. We're in your head, and we don't pay you any rent. That's what it means and any attempts at misusing it in other contexts is cringy as fuck.

I love the new mods tbh.

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nope, that has been answered many times.
Zog had the UK and France lined up to strike zog selected targets. Had Trump said "nope", they would have struck and damaged Assad.
Instead, tweet causes immediate movement of Assad assets, and Russians warned.
UK/France have to 'retarget'.
US then 'takes over the lead' (and i'm quoting there) and new targets selected. Pointless ones, CIA assets. Nothing that harms Assad in any way.
That's why the US had to be involved. Chess.

Yes… ban evasion. It can't possibly be that people are tired of the chesscuck nonsense

Hey great vol you got here imkikey

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And no, discussion is not over, you've just been rattling down the same talking points for 2 years, non-stop, every time something happens that wouldn't have happened under Hillary. Discussion isn't over, people aren't worshiping trump. You were simply wrong about every thing that happened in the last two years, reacted to everything prematurely in the exact same way, and people began getting sick of your shit. But just from the tor thing, it should be obvious you and I both know this, so I'll try to reason with you in a different way.

You and I both know you're just upset about things like , not because those further pro-zog interests, but because they don't really get the zog it's way at worst, and do the exact opposite at best. And yes, communism is still zog if the politics and affiliations of the leaderships of every communist nation in history are any indication. You taking time out of your day to come here and screech at people who have long been laughing at you for it, is you throwing your lot in with the zog. You know who else threw their lot in with the zog? So much so, they put their lives to it and fought and won a war to protect the kikes and their self-sabotaging central banking system? White America. And where is White America now? Their own youth is brainwashed into hating themselves, every industry is in Jewish hands and they find themselves replaced, displaced and systemically persecuted by every aspect of government and private sector. Every group that is part of the broader media machinery or is approved of it, is calling for an end to White America. And they are putting these words into action with everything they do, from enabling and covering up crimes, to outright putting out whites-need-not-apply job offers while forbidding Whites from doing the same. This is the reward White America got for devoting their time and their lives to protecting their masters. Now, my liberal friend, what reward from those same people are you aspiring to get?


I think it's just about time to start figuring out a backup board for real

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Sorry. I was wrong, this isn't ban evasion. This is shilling. My bad.

I *would* have considered your points, but because the shilling is so blatant and obvious, it's clear that having faith in Trump is the right thing to do, even if I'm not sure why this advances our agenda.

It checks out

please, just fuck off. You are delusional.

Lmao am I getting under your skin skeletor? Just fucking go away faggot, no one likes you.

If only i was a mod. The fun I could have, and the ess I'd have to IP jump when i get banned by retarded mods.
Can you accept that your worldview may be wrong? Nope, because you are a basement dwelling faggot.

Man you really are a fucking drunk kike tonight. Just accept that you're a r-edditor subhuman and go away, you do nothing but ruin what we have here, assuming that's not your job to do so.

If you're going to shill and ban evade at least learn to shitpost correctly, faggot

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So you hopped IPs again lmao, so transparent and embarassing.

"we"? you consider yourself part of Zig Forums? you don't have the smarts to be one of us, darling.

I know for a fact that a Zig Forums user would never say darling, kek. Holy shit you are so fucking dumb and stick out like a sore thumb. You'd think you would learn our shibboleths before assuming a vol title. End your life faggot.

Nice projecting

see? I was straight out insulting, not projecting. That's jew weasel words, btw.

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Stop banning half the posters in the thread faggot mod-kun(Ban evasion)

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"Hey Vlad, some of the Syrians are cool. Can you let them know not to be in these specific buildings tomorrow?"
-Leaked Trump email, 2021.

I'd hope that people used their god given brains to analyse the arguments and figure out their own path, this isn't read-it

checked check

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This is truly funnier than any other thread on the board atm.