I am a Canadian university student doing a research paper on white nationalism and religious beliefs for an upper division anthropology course. As part of my research I will require some volunteers to answer a set of 20 or so questions I have prepared.

I am looking for people who meet the following criteria:

- identify as white nationalist, white supremacist, National Socialist, or something similar
- have an interest in paganism or European mythology
- willing to answer a set of questions over chat, e-mail, or other platform of your choosing

You can be from any background, country, or religion.

Your privacy is my topmost priority. I can offer you complete anonymity. You don't need to tell me your name or any other information you do not wish to share. I am flexible on the platform and want to use whatever you feel most comfortable with. Even if you do wish to tell me your name, I will use a pseudonym for the paper and nobody will see your real name except me. The paper will not be published, it is for academic purposes only. You have the right to retract participation at any time and do not have to answer any questions you are not comfortable with.

I am not interested in passing value judgments in my research or my finished paper, and in fact doing so would be wholly inappropriate. Rather, I am interested in gathering data, understanding your position, and presenting my findings as fairly and objectively as possible.

Any volunteers will be greatly appreciated. I am happy to provide you with a copy of the finished paper if you wish to read it.

If anybody is interested, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] I am going to remain anonymous here but once you contact me I will introduce myself further.

Thank you!(Data mining)

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sustain.ubc.ca/sites/sustain.ubc.ca/files/Sustainability Scholars/2017_Sustainability_Scholars/Final_Reports/UBC Inclusion and Connection Mapping Analysis_Davis_ 2017 SS.pdf

Data mining thread:

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You must submit the questions for public review, as well as answer any questions we have.
To do otherwise is a tacit admission of your will to twist our words.

Political leaning
Voting pattern over the last 10 years
Do genes play any role in behavior?
Are muslims compatible with civilized society?
What roles have jews played in the restructuring of civilized society?

If you've done an "upper level" degree in quite literal "nigger studies" and haven't figured out by now why some of us don't want to live in a deracinated hellhole filled with violent third world savages, I somehow doubt a survey is going to help you get it.

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Thesis is for lit papers. Hypothesis is for scientific method, which is what I would imagine OP is using for his paper.

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to be fair this is (((anthropology))) we're talking about so it could go either way

OP isn't going to answer my questions anyway.

You can't identify as a white supremacist. It's merely a statement of fact. It's like saying you identify as 2+2=4.

No one else is. What's the sense?

Pretty much flat out admits they're not from 8ch, since they think 'remaining anonymous' means talking through email instead of replying on here.

This gives me an idea, though. I wonder how easy it would be to dox antifa and illegal aliens by targeting their narcissism. For example


Job Done, mission successful

Hi AG,

Thanks a lot for responding, I really appreciate it.

I apologize for the anonymity on my part so far, but it's the internet and I was a little concerned about advertising my name and school publicly. Especially because I wasn't sure how people would respond to this sort of request.

What kind of proof would you like? I'm an upper division student doing my BA at UBC in Canada. Here is the course I am doing the research for:


I am examining the relationship between white nationalism, white identity, and the influence of religious/spiritual beliefs and/or mythology on this identity. I have prepared a list of questions I would like to ask, but I would also love to give you a chance to share anything you feel is relevant.

Unfortunately I cannot compensate you for your help but like I said, I am happy to send you a copy of the paper when I'm finished if that would interest you.

Please let me know what I can provide to make you feel confident that I'm a student and not a troll. Otherwise, let me know if you're okay with this and I will send you a list of questions to answer and return to me - you can answer as few or as many of them as you'd like. Alternatively, we could use some kind of chat room if you prefer as long as your identity is protected on the platform. Up to you!

Thanks again for your help,


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Alternate option:

sustain.ubc.ca/sites/sustain.ubc.ca/files/Sustainability Scholars/2017_Sustainability_Scholars/Final_Reports/UBC Inclusion and Connection Mapping Analysis_Davis_ 2017 SS.pdf

Alexandria Davis.


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Alright Alexandria, before the more vindictive anons here shrek your anus for coming here to data-mine, here's something similar already done a couple months ago.
Everything on this board is open to read, but to understand is to become, and to become is to never be able to return.
I hope you've learned something today.

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Seems OP is more interested in how religion/myth/spirituality moderates white identity.

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sustain.ubc.ca/sites/sustain.ubc.ca/files/Sustainability Scholars/2017_Sustainability_Scholars/Final_Reports/UBC Inclusion and Connection Mapping Analysis_Davis_ 2017 SS.pdf

Archive: archive.is/ECnUI

Look at this (((idealistic))) watered down rhetorical garbage quote from her idiot paper: "Through the stakeholder interviews and mapping, foundational themes of the need for increased knowledges [sic] and collaboration were identified as critical to the operationalization and success of what Inclusion and Connection needs to be at UBC Vancouver."

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Despite the obvious data mining I would have been happy to answer if you had just made an online survey using something like sureveymonkey. Sure, you'd have to filter out a few bullshit responses but you would get some real answers.

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I dont get it. Why are "inclusion" and "connection" capitalized? Is this like a modern iteration of reverential capitalization? Jesus Christ they're a fucking cult.

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