AYO, the sons of Yakub are at it again. When will racism end?
Starbucks be racist n shit.

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So what's the story?

What didn't they do?

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Disturbing the peace I'm guessing. Management was smart. They heeded the advice not to relax around blacks. A life was saved today and they prevented a crime before it happened.

negro criminal masterminds confirmed.

OP gave me blueballs.

Two niggers went to Starbucks, waiting for a "friend". Someone called the POLICE on them. They were arrested. Everyone around them are starting to protest institutional raycism.
Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter is calling for a chimpout, and it would personally be pretty nice to have one. We all miss seeing chimpouts.

What I'd give to neck that faggot. I hate cucked whites more than I do niggers.

Sounds like the seating is for paying customers only & the negros just wanted to kick it in starCucks to check out da white wimmin

We all feel the same way. Nogs can actually be fun, if they're dancing or telling jokes. They just need to feel that external locus of control to make up for their utter lack of discipline and respect. In a society that doesn't have Jews or white bull-preppers preventing lynchings, niggers are a jovial splash of color. Watch any Shirley Temple movie to see what I mean.

InB4 I'm a Jew because I'm not screaming for immediate deportations to Africa. Nigs were mostly under control until 1954.

Niggers have good bantz too tbqh

Laughed my fucking ass off after hearing some coon say that

The sound and the nose gives it away. That thing is a kike and I'm betting he's saying those things to slander cops. What's the other half of the story?


Naw, they wuz always apes. You can't bring the jungle out of Africa. That's just a Hebrew lie. They always were like they are today.

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Another case of agreeing with liberals for the wrong reasons. Let's boycott em.

I'm way ahead of you on that one.

I want all niggers dead

So you agree with the liberals defending the nigger for the wrong reasons? Starcucks needs to burn, but you're defending niggers. Blow your fucking brains out.

you must be jesting

just a boomer then?

sure niggers can be pretty funny and make good music dance, but they still H A V E T O G O B A C K under any circumstance

An user posted a long time ago back when 4chan pol wasnt modded to fuck this quote that has always stuck with me

That being said, I have had to CT (Criminally Trespass) black people on consecutive days. Its not a fluke at this point. When I have to tell Niggers to get out of the store due to them being disruptive repeatedly it gets to the point where I can just say that there seems to be a pattern and everyone will guess what that is. Its not racist, its black people just being shit creatures. Fucking christ we need to just fucking remove them all. Not sending them off to some island or to africa. That doesnt solve shit. That just moves the problem and keeps it there for it to be more of a potential problem. Never ever just "relocate" a problem. Solve it. In this case by killing ever single one.

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A South African lady told me her dad and his friends had a Dutch phrase that translates to "You can take a man out of the bush, but you can't take the bush out of the man." for describing niggers.

Ah, the bastion of intellectual and moral fortitude that is twatter. Black Twatter especially.

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The funniest thing about this to me is the police chief(pic related) saying, and I quote, 'The officers did absolutely nothing wrong.'

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You have to go back to hanging off the apple tree



>The video, which has racked up millions of views since it was posted to Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter on Thursday, shows Philadelphia police officers arresting two African-American men inside a Starbucks location.

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Way to agree then cuck out you fucking faggot. Go back to 4/pol/ and sing the song of civic nationalism. Go find a "based nigger" to adore you pathetic cuck.

If you call segregation and constant patrol, under control, that's not the same thing. Niggers have never been under control.

Domesticated animals are far more safer to be around because they've been bred to be mostly docile under humane conditions. Niggers that are the least likely to chimpout are mixed-race but their likelihood to chimpout remains there nonetheless. Feel free to be selective and say that your "based" mixed-race nigger is proof they can be under control, but the reality is that you see them the same as a coal black nigger from africa - the same way you can cuck and then say you hate other cucks.

I would tell you to lobotomize yourself but your cognitive dissonance is proof enough that it's been done. Fellate a ginsu blade, faggot.


Breddy much.

A self-realized nigger.

I like how the cop said, "yes that's its" because he's probably sick and tired of these liberal faggots yelling MUH RASISM every chance they get.
I also like how he keeps demanding to know what they did that's getting them arrested like the cops have to fucking tell random moron #85793798 why they're doing their job.


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"just tryna holla"

That's obvious kike behavior. Only Jews get that hysterical over things that don't involve them.

Likelihood they wanted to use the washroom to shot up drugs? 100%

I like niggers and think they're funny. In the same way I like chimpanzees and think watching them play with their own shit is funny.

Things you like, and things that belong in a functional society aren't the same. I can simultaneously like niggers, or like the effects of crack cocaine and acknowledge that society won't be functional until all of it is fucking gone.

That's why we need to send them back to Africa, so we can laugh at their nigger music and shit-flinging from a distance.

Hewbrewized Western culture is the only reason their amusement is identifiable to the civilized mind. In Africa, it's just alien gibberish.

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Isn't working on me. I just want them all dead.

No, they can't be.

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Will we ever be free of them?

Wtf is taking Putin so long with the nukes?

Fuck off idiot

that's a very good idea regardless.

burgers. if you like covfefe, get one of these. you won't regret it. and you will save a small fortune.

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Make sure to get this version, though.

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> The officers dindu absolutely nothing wrong.


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unless of course your business happens to be a bakery, or a lunchcounter, or a public school.

Why do some people still believe in the concept of so called "racism" ? Are they making money on it?

They you can swing with them.




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I'm not familiar with the details, but let me guess, it went like this:


This feels like a total setup falseflag as this bitch who just so happened to be there and not with them won't shut the fuck up about it the past few days:

Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/missydepino

Also, the moment the cops arrive is the same moment their "friend" randomly walks through the door and then this "friend" sits alone and only begins to raise hell after it is being recorded by the bitch mentioned above and they are being arrested?

Guaranteed if we look into this we will find they all have known each other and are with some "movement", probably BLM.

Hi Satan, why did you create this creature? Also aren't Columbia jackets reasonably expensive? Funny to see a nigger this unbelievably dumb wearing one.

Story I got is as such:

Nigs walk into SB and sit down/chill. At some point one goes to cashier and asks to use bathroom to which they say they can't because policy states they can only allow people to use it if they are paying customers and only paying customers are allowed to stay in store since I guess they have had issues with homeless loitering in Philly.

Nig doesn't leave and instead sits down and after awhile employee calls cops. Cops come, ask guy to leave since store management made request. They refuse and say they are waiting for "friend". Cops ask three times to leave, they become disrespectful to cops, won't leave, are cuffed to which bitch goes ape shit at same time "friend" comes through door.

From there bitch, who claims not to know nigs, goes on Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter push for fame saying they are respected real estate agents and blah blah.

Seeing as Starbucks has a proclivity to hiring left-leaning "tolerant" baristas, the nogs must have really acted up to get that response, especially against the backdrop of typical Philadelphia monkeyshines.

They often try to set up these things to try to push their agenda. Last year they tried to say a group called "white lives matter" started a fight in TN and then, as you can see, it was shown a professional camera man was on scene the moment it happened.

They do this shit a whole lot to try to extort businesses or fuck with people.

Video here

As you can see it was the coal burner who threw the first punch


Even that faggot Molyneux keeps calling things racist/sexist. I think it's just too enticing for some people to resist, because it's another way to call someone immoral without having to get into a discussion on morality. There's just a vague stigma attached to "racist" that makes it threatening.

Did the term "doublenigger" come from a constant use of double negatives? They're all correct that they did not do nothing.

They probably don't understand the difference between public and private property, or do and just want their fifteen minutes of fame for bitching about muh "implicit raycism"


I'm not sure what's hard about this. That is literally trespassing when you've been told (asked) to leave a place and don't.

Too abstract for them.

Seriously, pointless to point out. Some women can be decent friends, but if friendship is what you want you look where you're most likely to find it, not least.

They probably hope for their own family members to get killed because they know they can cry foul and get paid. Remember all the stupid shit we heard about Stephen Clark's death last week and how his fag brother went to the city council and sat on the desk/went crazy saying how sad he was? Well… he got hundreds of thousands in donations and now look at what the media isn't showing that just happened


So this shit about Starbucks, guaranteed another trap. I honestly have not once seen one of these things turn out to be true and yet they keep fucking making money off it.

The account from the "random" customer who was just "randomly" there:


We should look into her and expose her. Can't let these things happen.

Gee, it's almost like they're worthless subhumans who need perpetual handouts to survive, and even then, still manage to contribute nothing of value and fuck everything up.

It's always pure coincidence. We are just coincidentally right all the time, coincidentally. Never 5get the holohoax one, too:

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Gonna happen sometimes on a slow site. You'll be ok.


I'm so triggered right now

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Apes are gentle compared to groids. Bad comparison.

That's why we do it boomer-tard, because it frazzles your fanny so much

Shirley Temple was taking BBC at far too young an age. Go read CDAN, in those days there was no internet.

Pic related was the Pedo Dan Schneider of silent film.

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Free helicopter rides for these retards when? Stop fucking blue-balling me Zig Forums

along with white knights, fucking hate white knights

Was he fucked to death by dindus after incarceration? Please tell me he was.

People who defend niggers in any capacity need to go.

This is the job she lists as her current. Leapfrog Advanced:


It doesn't even appear to be a real company and she is listed as the owner without any other valid employment history but also being listed as fucking 50?! The company is a type of PR firm but also a tax firm trying to convince people to.. fuck I don't even know…

There is fuckery afoot here… this was a setup.

It's like they picked someone with the most hate worthy kind of face.

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Well, well, well… her sister writes for the New York Times:

Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/missydepino/status/967070021607403520

They cannot coexist in our society, they have to go back. Just imagine the cost they have caused American students since desegregation. How many people were deprived a proper education because of nigger antics. An increasingly disturbing trend is to remove AP courses, because "racism". White American students in the 60s were the brightest in the world, and thanks jews and liberal do-gooders like yourself, that has been tarnished, perhaps even irrevocably.

This is an underrated chart.

Without outing self, I literally had a nigger about a foot away from my backpack in a starbucks. He was looking at an open compartment where I had some electronics. Ipad, phone, and some other stuff. He was clearly considering stealing shit. I realized the nigger was looking in my stuff and simply asked him if I could help with something. The nigger says, uh, yeah, I'ze needs to be'z borrowins a charger. The nigger clearly had purchased no starbucks product and had no electronic device for which he needed a charger, and there is also no way he could even tell what chargers I had, and he was also staring at my stuff instead of simply asking me to borrow something).

I told him to piss off. He literally tries to start a fight. Then he goes outside the starbucks on the street and is threatening me from through the window. It was amazing.

At another Starbucks, a nigger sat down at my small table and proceeded to push his shit almost on my side. Small table, no room, and the nigger didn't even ask. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was going to call his friends to fuck me up.

This is a summary of a couple east coast nigger starbucks experiences, but niggers cannot be allowed anywhere. They need to be isolated in their own nation. Just give them a chunk of the south and let them destroy it. They cannot be part of white society.

People like her are simply domestic enemies. There's not much to it. They have to be treated like enemies.

Until all domestic enemies are cleansed, whites have no future.

Lol… she has gone full retard since that picture

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Better watch it, mods defend redheads with week long ban hammers.

The most hilarious thing is that this skank is literally tweet storming, doing all the interviews and setting up all the donation shit… and the nig community are applauding her for it… She is getting wealthy by what they claim happened to them… and she is white…

… and they don't see that…

kill yourself.

This is why niggers make such great goyim, they are too damn stupid to realize they are being ripped off and manipulated. You can't get away with it as often with other races. Part of the reason they are drowning white countries with Africans and other assorted muds.


Niggers make terrible goyim, because they are too dumb/impulsive to work. 90 IQ spics are best workers

>(((mods))) trying to ban me for making fun
The mods here are fucking brainlets.

I wasn't making fun of you directly, you fucking brainlet. It was an impression of what a faggot from r/the_cuckold would say. Are you that fucking stupid? I'll bet you reported me because you got butthurt and thought I was mocking you.