Alt right incel neckbeards absolutely btfo

Hotpocket edit: OP is terrible but leaving this open for potential fun thread. Jewtube video has been hooktube'd.

strong independent single ladies in their thirties putting Australian tax dollars to good use in an epic beatdown of the hacker known as 4chan

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Government-funded entertainment is always terrible.

This is peak Australian Marxism
The rap is horrible
Kill me
I can't leave this country fast enough

funny way of spelling propaganda


daily reminder all women are born whores and only good for house chores and getting fucked never treat them as equals

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That's not attractive, at all.

Incel pedokike pls

thats your city on feminism goy

Jesus that woman is rough on the eyes

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A cross between nigger gyrations and jew "interpretive" "dance," stupid, ugly and cringe.

you have no idea cuck. ive had 11 year olds drop down with their asses facing me to show off for their friends when i walk by. ive had them get up on their tippy toes and arch their backs to show off their asses right next to their fathers. ive had them literally "trip" into my lap. ive had them beg for eye contact so hard its sad. if you werent a soyboy maybe youd see for yourself what whores they are even at young ages. im not even going to talk about women of age and the shit they do (even when theyre with their boyfriends).

oh fuck off, mod-kun, I was just 'avin a laff after a couple of beers

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Remember lads, women are as smart and funny as men

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…and ears
…and brain

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technically, once you adjust for differences in visual-spatial iq, the male-female gap disappears. goes to show how different thinking can due to brain structure. its a great segue into race realism.



I see two kikes with zero reproduction potential engaging in the exact same behavior (except with infinitely less style) as they are criticizing. Also, it is interesting how they openly declare the white male is disenfranchised. They did not say he feels disenfranchised, they said he became disenfranchised. This just reinforces the fact that disenfranchisement is only bad when it happens to non-whites (men). They want white men disenfranchised and to shut up about it, while they complain about white men who complain about being disenfranchised.

Just a side note, though it's preaching to the choir, there is good reason for an adult male to be concerned by what is happening in a kids cartoon. Elsagate is proof that we should be aware of what our children consume. These kikecunts want you to be so fucking passive that you do not care what children consume, so they can poison their brains, bodies, and souls.


nice meme m8

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any user worth his salt should have the sense to keep his kids away from most electronic entertainment. TV is a huge no-no. Video games are an egregious waste of time unless they're education, eg, TIS-100, Shen Zhen IO, Total Annihilation.

Not always.
Josh Martinez, Leaf funded, made great music.
Though he is jewish spic.

tfw will die alone coz autism


Not me.

Now they're copying our retro memes with flashy 80's and 90's shit-tier informercials. Funny and sad at the same time that the conflicted emotions are tearing me apart.

I agree with you on every point except that video games are an "egregious" waste of time, except for apparently puzzle games and what you consider to be worthwhile strategy games. To which, I respond, all things in moderation, user. A bit of FPS or MMORPG can have beneficial effects on the brain and overall health. The key is moderation.

P.S. You sound like a pseudointellect by only saying puzzle games are okay. I am surprised you didn't include chess.

the first two actually teach coding and engineering skills. real, hardcore games. you need a 40 page instruction manual to even begin to play. most of the manual teaches you code. TA teaches you war strategy. MegaMan doesn't teach you anything.

chess is good but it isn't european. for hardcore boardgame strategy, i recommend hnefatafl, the game the vikings and anglos used to play. it was held in such high regard, it was used as a training tool.

Way to miss the point, but I like you anyway.

Megaman's not good for the brain. Complex RTS games and the like, are. I'd argue that SupCom is better than TA in that regard because it has a less forgiving economy.

if you have the balls, you can also play Rithmomachy, a European strategy game so good it was taught in ancient universities as part of the curriculum.

pictures: hnefatafl and rithmomachy, respectively.

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personally, i refuse to play chess. it's boring and dry in comparison. and don't get me started on go.

Reminder that when this happens, you win

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You know what man. How do these people have such little self awareness? Like I'm cringy as fuck, no lie. But I don't actively go out and do cringy shit. Who the fuck read this script and was just like "Yeah Meegan, great idea!" This shit went through a chain of command to get approved, and Australians paid for it out of pocket.

God has truly abandoned us.

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You're a special kind of sperg aren't yah buddy?

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Watching now; this is actually giving me new insights to the leftist mind; they justify the vapidity of this hypothetical bitch surfing the web in such a strange way:
attempts to neuter the claim of the reactionary revolution taking place on the chans by saying the difference in internet habits between the man and woman is just a matter of, you know, individual preference, mannnnnn, and we can't judge those sacred individual preferences right?
it's not as if there's any real difference in value between some sexless, racially ambiguous australicunts, and an unemployed but brilliant young man who probably gave up high paying careers in places like the NSA or academia because it would have betrayed his allegiance to his blood….right??? I mean…we're all equal…*gulps last bit of icecream tub* right?
>sure, this is carol and she's in her thirties, and she goes to a job which is pretty busy
yes, indeed Rothschild imposed wage slavery is pretty stressful isn't it?
>maybe she'll share a video of a dog, or download recipes from a food blog
Perhaps you wouldn't need so many vacuous distractions if your life had more meaning than attending your busy job sucking cock doing secreterial work for some useless advertisting/healthcare/media/(((NGO))) racket.
>most importantly, she has empathy, and doesn't feel like she has to be mean
content; that is, "not" happy; not overjoyed; not falling in love every day more deeply with her civilization, society, culture, folk, traditions, and family, husband, and children.
I could go on.

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If these ugly old hags want to kick the hornets nest with this crappy rap then let them.

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Is this satire?

>This shit went through a female chain of command to get approved

Holy shit, that was government funded propaganda? Thats pentagon tier memery, that actually was impactful.. like I know its cancer, but its put together at a fairly high quality as far as marxist anti-white propaganda goes.

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Compare for example to this Canadian government funded blunder which merely was rubbing salt in the wound, that video above will actually do at least some amount of damage as it will resonate with leftists and is less easy to be outraged at, as its not directly attacking whites.


My favorite part was how they say women don't engage on the internet and passively digest information while proceeding to shit post on the internet.

Jared is a lonely alt-right 4channer with no job or life, he feels the need to post comments just because it's a feminist view.

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Right. Because she makes a few dance moves she's a whore. Nice jewjitsu

Heres a randomly chosen "miss" from the CBC comedy channel on Jewtube, their "hit" videos get like 1.5k views and this one has like a few hundred. Canadian tax dollars fund non-whites so they can have a career making this bullshit.

I'm gonna take this video, edit it to make them look like malicious tards, then upload to jewtube? anyone wanna join in?

Because kids don't copy shit from tv ..

that's what the white knight said regarding his female stripper friend. nah lad, she's trad.

isn't that the point of the thread. low iq roastie? (((tv))) influencing kids?


One of the most jewish monologues I've read in some time.

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It is if you aren't a casual that ignores the plot and themes. There's a lot to its narrative that hides behind the veneer of kid-friendly Jump 'n' Shoot.

The BBC used to have some good stuff. Not anymore though, even Allo Allo was to be remade but they vetoed it for nazis and having no pakis being too offensive for CY+3.

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looks like a new meme was born

Remember: going to the gym and pushing weights with the lads equals white supremacy too.

There's a lot of narrative that hides behind jiu jitsu, tai chi and numerous other activities that are helpful in rl situations and not just at some weird convention when you're sperging out over megafag.

She wanted my babies, bro

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The only good thing about the (((white genocide))) is that the roasties are getting what they clearly want and deserve.

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Those vikings are looking mighty Celtic

include me in the screencap, senpai

Source on this?
i read it on some page from this site. can't plug a direct source, sorry.

In an alternate universe Carol wouldn't be working and would be raising Kevin's children. Her momentary contentedness will turn to ash and regret once she ages out of having children, being too busy with her job to find a man. Kevin would never have become disenfranchised, either, he would have married her or a similar woman and be hard at work providing for his family. So yes, Kevin is right to be angry, because feminism did ruin his life and will ruin Carol's as well on any long enough timescale. The only difference is he is lucid enough to be angry right now, when it could still make a difference at least for future generations, whereas Carol is completely deluded and only cares for herself.

Why are you even on this board?

Carol is a cunt.



I'm imagining my shock.

jesus christ what are you the first natsoc hipster?
let god be my witness if i ever hear of faggots becoming ironically racist, i will start stabing people.

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chess isn't a white game. hnefatafl is a white game. it's the game of my forebears. it's also more complex. computer scientists are still struggling to make decent AI for it. but there exists an online community for those who like to play. anyway, preferring ancient and superior games native to my people doesn't make a hipster.


He's right you know.
Tafl is decent. Bit bland though after awhile, not that chess or any such game is much different.

I don't know who is having more fun, the guy in green or the guy in blue.

You could always try the Anglo variant, Alea Evangelii.

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I think he's the MC.

Accurate description of alt-right, alt-lite 15 year old e-celeb worshippers

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WTF? How would you even get a job like that?

I mean, do you send them a resume? Or is there a website where you can fill out an application or something?

its always the same

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And yet, even the government wants to know more about the sudden and mysterious appearance of the enigmatic creature known as the "assmad sperg." Autists do have at least one hand on the wheel of reality, like it or not.

great screencap. Saved

This synopsis is so accurate that I am even seeing it in real life. You can manipulate so many women based on that. Its quite hilarious. Christ, I have one trying to shame by jumping into different groups, whom I loosely interacted with. And you know what I did? I befriended most of these guys in those groups and told them what kind of slut she is lol (no idea if she is, just slandered her). In real life women can get a little bit isolated like that if you are a social butterfly yourself. Their entire self worth usually derives from the amount of orbiters that they have, or from making you get an emotional response. Without that they are vulnerable. Though not all women are like that. Mostly only the shitty ones perhaps.

they are very childish mentally and they care what the group thinks over everything. It explains why there are so very very few women inventors, explores, writers, painters, etc etc. They don't think for themselves, they go along with the crowd, the pack. It's in their nature to be like this.

Yea but knowing that isnt it quite fun to try to mess with them? There are different packs out there. They can choose one, or loosely associate with others (rarer). If you are good with words (as we are here) it is fairly easy to get into the groups heart and to garner sympathy. Though I did not always have success with that, but I did manage to achieve a level of being able to bully women because I am such a nice person to others.

and you know the best thing about it? THE WOMEN CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT EXCEPT FOR MORE OUT GROUPING. Meaning that you can play a cat and mouse game of "who manages to get a groups sympathy/rapport sooner" kind of game.

Though I only used this method on a woman whom I kinda disliked. I imagine that its easier on neutral to positive women.

I've studied narcissists a fair bit. From what I've read here, the women described are acting like narcissists. Typically, narcissists find a victim they can narcissistically abuse and for a multitude of reasons. But it's always to keep their narcissistic supply topped up, i.e., their narcissistic good feelz. Narcissists will enter groups you're affiliated with and belong to in order to cut you off from those people so you're easier to manipulate and control. Psychologists and experts on narcissism recommend that once you realize what the narc is doing, you immediately inform the groups about the narcissist before it's too late and damage is done. In all cases, the best thing to do is go no contact with the narc because narcs can't be reasoned with due to their extreme lack of empathy, solipsism. They don't live in the "real world".

Female narcissism is an epidemic these days.

Daily reminder to report all Incel posts, help keep /r9k/ contained.

kek, thanks for the warning, but yea read this>>11492577

Its a very accurate thing of what you describe though but I managed to keep my head above water in many ways.

I am also using the r/K evolutionary principles

Especially in regards to bullying, and out grouping. I often harass her, bully her (flipped her the bird when nobody is watching). Its quite hilarious to see her flipped out and unable to do anything back to me because I am on such good terms with everyone mostly. I also loosely called her a "parasite" to others, voiced my displeasure, even called her a disgusting degenerate of sorts INFRONT OF others. I cannot avoid her as it is work related but christ…I am well above her for now. Though a problem is that she is pretty as hell.


Holy shit we have actual SJW's on Zig Forums now.

Any other teachers here? This shit happens, and it gets younger each year.

Its actually quite real, but more for biological reasons

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Even I can fucking sprite better than this.

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Why are they so upset with Rick and Morty? I recall that show being pretty damn Leftist.

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