War against the UBC and Canadian University (((establishment)))

Guys get in here!

One of our anons bona fide just doxed a dataminer from (((UBC))), Cucknada.
Here's her original thread
Original thread archived: archive.is/Xauas

Follow up thread:
Follow up archived: archive.is/Sp9r4

How do we respond to undergrads trying to datamine us like the paid goyim golems they are? Also let us discuss the state of Canadian education, is it hopelessly cucked or will we see a (((Jordan Peterson))) mild rightward swing? Hint:Canada will go full 14/88!

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then post the dox in the OP, and explain why it is relevant, and what you think ought be done about it. Make me care.

The way I see it, it's just some bullshit wild goose chase slide thread. Sage will continue going in every field until you make your point clear and concise.

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Hello dataminer.


give them the info they seek…let them see that we have again and again run down who owns what who funds what who pushes and promotes what and without fail there is always juden.

let them see that it is their own marxist narrative their anti-white horseshit that has driven the surge in awareness surrounding the crimes of the jew

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UBC will appreciate the advertisement I'm sure kek

It's not exactly like there's a hook for them to be on when there's no dox nor reason for the hivemind to care, yeah? Listen to what that cunt is saying and you'll have a hook. Right now you've just got a shit thread.

Idk user, it is very rare that we dox the people behind the datamining threads: the proofs are solid and the timing is too tight to be fake! We should at least celebrate!

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Post on >>>/canada/ too OP.
UBC is the capital of anti-white academia and Chinese infiltration in BC.

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Hi Alexandria! How's the weather in BC?

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UBC Inclusion and Connection
Mapping Analysis Towards Developing a UBC Wellbeing Action Framework for Inclusion and Connection
Submitted by: Alexandria Davis, UBC Sustainability Scholar, 2017
Submitted to: Dr. Jude Tate, Director, Equity & Inclusion

It was going to be a hit piece anyway.

Do you still not want to answer questions Alexandria?
All you have to do is answer all our questions.


Thanks dude I couldn't post more due to opsec but I knew it was real ;D

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Ah Canadians, how far you've fallen.
Have they hidden inside their safe spaces for so long that they believe they can go anywhere and feel welcome with no repercussions?

Give these faggots cheeseburgers and cokes
They have no idea
After this shit in Syria, Democrats generally like Trump for his action at this point.
The Muslim bitch in the video needs to die.
Liberals can't be racist towards the zipperheads
When the fuck was this video recorded anyway? Prior to the election?
I am at insane levels right now

Please stop and learn how to actually ban evade.

As far as I can see, we still haven't. I don't see any dox, just tards celebrating over nothing. If someone would like to post those to prove me wrong and give this thread a reason to fucking exist then feel free.

You're a special kind of dumbfuck, huh?

Look at

There is no denying it, kike.

Have fun with her drivel.

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Hi AG,

I did get your e-mail and sent you a response. I will paste the questionnaire in the body of this e-mail in case you've decided you would like to proceed.

Please answer as any or as few as you would like, and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks again,

ANTH 415 – Interview Questions

Name, or what you would like to be called?

1. How would you describe your political/ideological beliefs?

2. How did you come to hold these beliefs?

3. Which ethnicity do you identify with, and why?

4. Which race do you identify with, and why?

5. What criteria do you use to classify other people ethnically/racially? That is, what does it take for you to consider somebody else a member of your ethnic/racial group?

6. How would you describe your religious and/or spiritual beliefs? What does this mean to you?

7. How did you come to hold these beliefs?

8. Would you say that your religious/spiritual beliefs are in any way related to your political/ideological beliefs? How so?

9. Would you say that your religious/spiritual beliefs are in any way related to your ethnic/racial identity? How so?

10. Would you say that your ethnic/racial identity is in any way related to your political/ideological beliefs? How so?

11. Are you public about your political/ideological beliefs? Do you engage in activism? If so, what kind of activism?

12. Are you public about your religious/spiritual beliefs?

13. If not, what is your concern regarding speaking publicly about these issues?

14. If your religious/spiritual beliefs are part of a movement, would you say that you have a leader or a role model in the community which you consider some kind of authority on the subject? Historical or living.

15. If your political/ideological beliefs are part of a movement, would you say that you have a leader or a role model in the community which you consider some kind of authority on the subject? Historical or living.

16. What benefit (if any) do you believe would come from other people adopting your religious/spiritual or political/ideological beliefs? Who would benefit, and how?

17. Do you want other people to take on your religious/spiritual beliefs? Do you proselytize in the way that Christians do?
18.Would you be upset if people of another ethnic/racial identity started participating in your religious/spiritual practices?

19. What would you like people to know about your political/ideological beliefs? (Please use this to provide any other information you would like to share or that you feel is relevant).

20. What would you like people to know about your religious/spiritual beliefs?

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We need more drag queens in demon makeup and garb to actually show the children how to properly insert a dildo.

You're retarded as well, then? A real name by itself isn't dox, it's a power word. This is half-assed drivel. Apply yourself.

Or are you expecting me to send free korans just to a name, somehow?


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Hi AG,

I did get your e-mail and sent you a response. I will paste the questionnai=
re in the body of this e-mail in case you've decided you would like to proc=

Please answer as any or as few as you would like, and do not hesitate to co=
ntact me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks again,

Power word: Name
Fucking newfags

Not defending datamining but theres probably bigger fish to fry, I wouldnt waste my time going after them if I did know where they lived.

The holohoax never happened, but it will.

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As I said in the other thread: Either her goal is to somehow make us look bad, then what does it matter to us? We're already monsters to the average liberal.

If she uses the data truthfully, at least the academic system gets data that isn't bullshit.

If you've tracked other studies of the chans you'd see that their methodology is borderline retarded. Niggers per hour.

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I haven't. Wasn't aware there ARE any actual studies. Got some links?

There are two large papers about 4chan that I know of. One prepared by the UN and universities in affiliation.

Sorry no links handy.

I found one - arxiv.org/pdf/1610.03452.pdf

That is meme material in and of itself.

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Before tricky dick the media had no name for all of us.
Now they have "alt-right".
The first step towards countering a nebulous enemy is to give them a shape.

If they want information they have to work for it.

To me it seems like this data is mostly intended to be used in psyops for religious d&c bullshit online, as well as turning any students entering the universities and being suspected of "AltRight" tendencies while identifying as Christian or Pagan gay.

Alexandria any nudesyet?

It also has the largest free speech club in all of Canada. Even brown Canadians are getting annoyed and sticking up for whites.


Also look at Ujjal Dosanje.

I'll play.

4. Which race do you identify with, and why?

Metis, because I'm not a fresh off the boat import. Some of us didn't get here yesterday.

They wouldn't need a free speech club if Canada were not cucked

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Too little, too late. Bread & circuses for the goys with absolutely zero effect in the real world.

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Toasting an epic bread

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inb4 shill, misspelled jew name, etc.

its so easy to spot…

What sort of connection does she want "White Nationalists" to have? A mandatory anti-racism indoctrination course?

Her sources* tell exactly that story. Beside read her paper, it is embarrassingly bad and barely edited if not peer reviewed.

Iyer, N., & Nakata, S. (2013, April). Implementing Inclusion: A Consultation on Organizational Change to UBC's
Commitments to Equity and Diversity. Retrieved August 28, 2017, from equity.ubc.ca/files/2010/06/ImplementingInclusion-Equity-Diversity-Consultation-Report-April-2013.pdf–
(2010). Valuing Difference: A Strategy for Advancing Equity and Diversity at UBC. Retrieved October 27, 2017, from
(2014). Renewing our Commitment to Equity and Diversity: UBC’s Response to the Taskforce Recommendations. Retrieved
October 27, 2017, from equity.ubc.ca/files/2014/05/RENEWING-OUR-COMMITMENT-TO-EQUITY-ANDDIVERSITY-FINAL-02.pdf.
Student Diversity Initiative. Retrieved on October 27, 2017, from equity.ubc.ca/policy-initiatives/planning-policyinitiatives/student-diversity-initiative/.
Williams, D. A., Berger, J. B., & McClendon, S. A. (2005). Toward a Model of Inclusive Excellence and Change in Postsecondary
Institutions. Retrieved August 29, 2017, from aacu.org/sites/default/files/files/mei/williams_et_al.pdf

Masters student here different university, same bullshit. This undergrad Alexandria is a mole, digging up nuggets of gold for her masters. These professors deploy their undergrad pawns by assigning them tasks like this, and if the pawn gets wrecked like after being thrown into the meatgrinder of Zig Forums so haphazardly that doesn't bother the master safely in the back who literally will get new pawns the next semester. I have two such people at my university who lord over African American Studies and Women/Gender Studies, and they are the vectors of the contagion here almost completely by themselves.

Dig into the ones pulling the strings

Trace the pawns back to their masters and see their activities. This Jude Tate has had a long career of indoctrination, and is definitely suspect my jewdar is weak, but this one is definitely gay as hell.

And Alexandria, if you're not twitching in some corner of your room by this point, just know that your Professor Tate threw you knowingly into this pit like a fucking worm on a hook. She doesn't care about the fact that you'll be devoured. You're just expendable bait. Remember that.

Attached: Jude Tate 2.jpg (888x301 25.73 KB, 83.98K)


any anons subscribe their emails to gay porn yet? Why don't we "enrich" them as the Communists say?

KEK I love it, god idea.

And she'd take all the credit. That's pretty scummy.

Pawns are not meant to take credit or glory. Just deliver results, no matter the cost to the pawn.

Sage just in case? Dunno dude, so much bloating thread 2day, makin' me almonds dizzy…

They may be smaller fish but it's a good redpilling moment for people who don't have a face to out to shills. It's typical of jew agents to find a way to get more shills of any kind working for them. Remember the flyers from years ago that various campuses passed around calling for people to edit wikipedia en masse?

Another thing that's important to keep in mind is that many shills are only useful to jews if the shills themselves aren't thinking about what they're shilling. Plenty of them aren't devoted to the jewish lies they spread, as well as faggots who just want a job and don't care about the consequences of what they're doing. If you get a shill to think about what they're shilling they'll have remorse and end up being redpilled.


Sorry Alexandria Davis/Jude Tate IDF, your retarded attempts at sliding are highly ineffective, if nothing else they act like a seal of veracity that your dox are true. If you try to bumplock this thread we will make another one tomorrow. If you try to D&C and shill then you will get gassed. As others have cautioned you: the only victory for you is not playing and you already failed that now enjoy your rapture.

For the absolute newfags I'll make an exception and spoonfeed a bit: get on irc, form cells, and enjoy the hunt (medium term also make your own secret boards and communities, it's a great tradition):

>Jude Tate used to be the Dean of Dykes at the University of (((Toronto)))

Better weather? Love interest? You don't move out there for cheaper housing…

Nigger, please. Graduate school is the scum of the earth.

bump for potential

Remember, guys, whenever someone complains about not accepting cuckchanners, this is the cancer that wanted to claim this board and this website as theirs.

Why not just send redpills?

great idea I just sent this

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Where's the doxx? TITS?

Is she rapeable? Is it even a she or a "she"?

So some marxist college femicunt with poor opsec. Now what? It looks like you want to feel like le ebin Zig Forums h4x0r (Shia btfo amirite), without actually being an ebin h4x0r.

Sure, feel free to fuck with her to dissuade other dumbass normalfags coming here, but I don't really see the point of this thread. You haven't really doxxed anyone and the bitch you found isn't all that important anyway unless you find some connections to other similar operations.

Regardless of content this isn't up to par for university level writing

Welcome to modern social sciences.

I fully concur, at now point in her vast cloying paragraphs did I smell any underlying theory but rhetoric and the occasional buzzword. Nothing was substantiated and unless by some miracle a paper writing master joins this shamble of Marxist brainswines then perhaps there will be humor to salvage. Right now there is just the overwhelming stench of failure. Maybe the academics should get de-academized.

See! She made me dumber so I put "now" instead of "no", perhaps now is more poetic?


this could easily be a mere student just trying to do a freestyle assignment of sorts, and she decided to do it here

to this I say: you're not gonna get the right answers unless either someone gives them to you(which is unlikely), or you lurk for TWO ENTIRE YEARS before completing the assignment

but t could also be a dataminer disguise, of course
just take your datamining elsewhere and tell your professor that its too dangerous to do your assignment here

kill yourself moralfaggot

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your gore is weak

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Did someone say gore?
Nigdog nigged nignog.
Dindu nuffing he wus a gud boi.

Attached: Aftermath of a nigger attacked by his pitbull.mp4 (300x400, 2.48M)

shut up faggot

Him trying to gasp for air is an indication he's half brain dead in the video. Not that niggers ever use their brains for anything useful but you get what I'm saying here.

And he's the faggot? Net you'll call me a faggot too.

Cuckchan needs to stay the fuck away.

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I wonder what the joke was

someone ordered all hotheads to leave the room

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It isn't unlikely that she got too close to internal politics. These fucking termites train students to infiltrate and soften up the Administration using public pressure - the only thing Demoralized fucks are good for. When the student hit brick walls or get crushed by counter-actions, these professors come out completely unscathed in most cases because they can easily disavow any affiliation with the pawns. But Administrations sometimes catch onto the bullshit and find a reason to oust them. I wouldn't be surprised if Jude here got Judas'ed by some other power-hungry faggot or just touched the wrong wire while burrowing through the Administration.

Redpills are best. These people like to spread around things because it makes them a victim. Give them a good redpill image that is reasonable to normal people and it will make them go nuts and post it everywhere, thus accomplishing more than what Zig Forums can alone. They Hate Shill because they use it for self-advantage as self-pity shit, and it is highly effective for Zig Forums.

Attached: Yuri Bezmenov Useful Idiots.png (488x693, 53.8K)

Name, or what you would like to be called?

Attached: OK_White.png (3508x4961, 92.44K)

its not even fun when its this easy

Make sure you fags get it attention on cuckchan. It needs more Canadians to pay attention to this.

>I read the (((Bible))).
Looks like another d&c fedora kike.

Aryan King
German Master Race Reporting in
Everytime something bad happens, you check the sources and its a Jew.
German Master Race
German Master Race
Pink Nipple Test, or DNA
Christian Buddhist.
God Himself spoke to me and told me to GTKRWN
Dues Vult
Epi Genetics, passed down from my for-fathers.
No, you can't stop what you can't categorize.
Marked for extermination by Google, Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter, and Facebook.
Jesus Christ, lord and savior. Keep you sword, but keep it sheathed.
Adolf Hitler
Whites would blast off to the stars, and colonize Mars. Tera-forming would begging ASAP. Upon completion, the remnants of the white race would leave earth to the niggers and company.
Let them suffer and fine it themselves.
The more the merrier. Kikes aren't going to gas themselves.
Find the truth before its too late.

What is being divided, according to you? Your own use of the word "fedora" is as divisive as anything he said.


Attached: patrick-bateman-cheers.jpg (590x322, 215.74K)

OK man, I was watching this for a while and thought I'd just keep my mouth shut, but enough is enough. Stop White-Knighting for this slut already, it is disgusting to watch.


is the sort of degeneracy that furthers all this pedo insanity in schools where they want to stick dildos up their pupils or themselves to "better delve into the details of the act itself", that is the kind of degeneracy that will one day have your children force to use "gender neutral" restrooms with trannies etc etc

This woman would probably spit into your "Nazi" face if she ever met you iRL, this is the sort of woman that will turn up on BLM demos and tear down statues for not being inclusive enough. She certainly doesn't strike me as the sort of person that was forced to do this data mining attempt at gun point.
There is no reason for your White-Knighting other than you becoming emotional over pussy.

If you ever end up in the race war, just make sure you and some of the other romantic guys here don't end up in a place where you can be subverted by spies with a pussy.


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (610x531, 536.35K)

Attached: satisfactory.png (760x572, 265.64K)

Calling a pawn a pawn and telling you to knock over the queen is not white-knighting you moron. Destroy them all, but don't waste your energy on the fucking pawn like a fool. I don't give a shit about 'Alexandria', and my hope would be that she go down with her master to spare posterity from their collective stain. Have a little perspective, TORpedo.

Attached: 17bbd9cae785178fbe91764e59c083576257b92b311338729c28105344c73c70.jpg (447x434, 32.35K)

Posting to say, my class received a very suspiciously timed request to answer a similar survey today, this time by an Asian polsci student (this at an American university, not Canadian). The questions bring up positions that only a shitlord (but not necessarily a natsoc) would hold. In previous political surveys from this school, they did not include choices that reflected anywhere close to my beliefs, which is why I think this is worth posting. I wonder, if this isn't a coincidence and proof of the Overton window shifting, then are the kikes urging their students to do research so they can identify people without raising suspicion? Because my suspicion could be considered raised at this point. Not that I ever tell the truth to these fucks anyway. Maybe I'm too paranoid though. I just saw these threads earlier, then got asked to do a similar survey. Religion and politics, with questions that would do good to filter out normalfags and leave only the "white supremacists."

Trips, but we'd smell her unwashed keeper from miles away.

Attached: feminist tampons.jpg (474x474, 23.68K)



Alright this is the linkedin of the person your looking for

If you are asked to sign into linkedin you can use the email [email protected], and the password is MoonMane

I also managed to snag her Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter handle
here: LulaFranklin94