Incriminating video of Hillary Clinton leaked onto 4chan

There's currently a video of Hillary Clinton supposedly cutting off a child's face which has been going around 4chan.
All threads discussing the topic are being wiped.
The topic is starting to gain some momentum on Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter via #hrcvideo
If anyone has some more info please spread the word as much as possible
Sorry in advance for using mobile 4chan like a pleb

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You best not be trolling me, nigger

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Yeah but where's the video? Or even stills?

Damn I wish I could have seen this video

How fast was it taken down OP?

That reads like somebody feigning disgust. Typically something a kike does, but due to the content and scenario I am open to the possibility of it being an attempt at baiting somebody into "leaking" the video described. Or perhaps baiting somebody afraid of the video being leaked into doing something which can be used against them or others. Or even a method of memeing it into the public eye so it can't be pushed under the rug as easily. But then again could just be kike tricks to paint the freaks behind the curtain as innocent victims

but srsly , how do people manage to see this video, but not even get so much as a screenshot of it? Hell even a cell phone video recording the computer screen it's playing on would suffice

Fuck off you goddamn Moloch worshiping, foreskin eating jew.

I'm currently looking through all the archives I know of, and that thread is ENTIRELY gone so far

Don't expect to see it here if it's real. This place is under tight control.
Keep an eye on Bitmessage.

Nvm, I'm officially a faggot… Here is the thread:

So OP posted a black square as picrel and made some claims without any proof. How is this worthy of my attention?

Nice meme, but it sounds fake as shit. Is this just a test to see what stupid bullshit we'll actually take seriously?

I'm looking at both these threads right now
I would assume the shills on both threads are the same people too

Well Tor user, we will see within the next 3 days whether it is or not. Maybe it wasn't a black square, I've found many threads with images they don't want people to see, they're just black, or just have been deleted

Yes, everybody should download and view whatever they are sent over Bitmessage. Don't even bother looking at the file format, or consider the possibility of something malicious ending up on your computer or router…

Thats why I don't buy it. Something like that would have been immediately downloaded by dozens of anons and stills would be posted. Maybe they'd get taken down but someone would have something besides a screenshot of a comment by now.

Yes, put on an air gapped BSD/Linux PC, and/or USB drive/HDD

Good call as it sounds too good to be true.
OP should have written something vague about thinking this means we know for a fact that Trump will lock up Hillary his long time friend and mutual pals of Epstein.
Then the jewish NeoCon promoting mods would sticky and pin this thread on top along with the other dozens of retarded spasticated threads filled with jewish lies and gaslighting techniques to demoralise and undermine any legit pol/aks, if there are still any left on this shitheap kike-dive NeoCon Republican recruitment center for edgy jews


Alternatively, somebody could just upload it to a video sharing site and post the link. Or make a webm/gif and post it literally anywhere.


That would cause 4chan to lose it's image server if posted there first

Apparently happened Friday night.



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Or Paint ffs, that still looks so shitty.

What the fuck are you talking about nigger? How does that prove anything OP said?

Sage, this thread is fake and gay


Huge if true

Since when has being a complete lie been any barrier to the based mods pinning a thread up top to make pol/aks looks like schizophrenic retards as the jew mods gaslight them?

Could be related. However, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the people pushing this story did something like post newly created CP or snuff in order to accomplish the same thing. for all we know it could have just been server maintainence, even.

What is Digital Compression for 500?
It would have to look like that for Tor or any other slow network

Fuck me, had to remote into laptop, desktop wont let me post ffs

True, it's been that way for a while now hasbara-kun. But you still wont leave :^)

It is pretty damn based how you jews occupy Zig Forums and openly taunt them as your laugh in their faces every day before banning them then telling your employer you've got such control that no one here suspects a thing, despite the fact the only peopleposting support of your jewish control of Zig Forums are your same team of kikes under multiple IDs

I still have faith that one day you will get tired of repeating yourself hasbara-kun :^)




Oh look, same thing as in the 4chan thread I'm watching

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Your bot script messed up there, I didn't even post an image :^)

It's like I'm shit posting in stereo!

A fu fu fu fu fu - to you!

One day you will get tired of repeating yourself. It certainly won't be today, your autism wont allow it


There is no evidence to support these outlandish claims and any examination of the original thread equally returns zero evidence.
That's usually good enough for the mods to pin this thread and re-title it to pretend that Trumpstein will actually lock up Hillary, even though they both are on the same team and both are up to their necks in pedo crime.

Human beings don't laugh like this

half chan thread is shoah'd

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Who said anything about Imkampfy being anything even remotely close to approaching human?

Maybe because it's OP was just as full of shit as this one.
There either is a video or there isn't.

You're both brown, you should have more brotherly love :^)

this shit better drop soon, en masse, let the lefty fags freak out im ready for purge time

Most aren't even buying it on cuckchan (I went in for a peek). One thread was just one guy insisting it was real with no proof. Threads about it are getting shut down rather quickly though.

It's probably some Buzzfeed fag trying to prove Zig Forums will believe anything if it involves Clinton. Not that any of us would be shocked if true, but still.

a thread died for this diarrhea dont u feel sad

captcha lawPmh really

I made an offline Archive

Oh noes,which of the quality threads filled with gaslighting kikes goading and taunting anons for their hijacking of Zig Forums after deleting every legit anons posting in it, had to be sacrificed for this equally shit thread

Are you not entertained? Do you not enjoy reading the same 12 threads over and over for more than a week?

it's truly painful to think that out there somewhere is a CIA/ADL kike praising the jew mods for the expert hijacking of Zig Forumswithout a single user aware of a thing,despite the fact every single legit user gets banned from here daily for pointing out how obvious the jew control of Zig Forums is.

They even pay them for this when a poorly Indian programmed tool would do a better more subtle job than Skeletor and Imkikefy have done

Sorry again for my autist tier post. Can confirm I've been banned on 4chan though. They're banning everyone who's posting threads about #hrcvideo, even just casual discussions with no leads.

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When you finish watching it your phone rings and a voice tells you you have seven days left.
After seven days you're found suicided by two shots to the back of the head.

Having read the archived thread, I can say definitely this is a hoax. It's never directly uploaded to the thread. The supposed link to the content is never provided, once. Then supposed evidence of this being a virus is just a terminal window where some dipshit is entering the wrong LUKS key for what is clearly a file encrypted by LUKS there is no such partition as sda5_crypt. The file could have been any size. For that matter, why the fuck encrypt the internal OS of the VM with LUKS; why not encrypt the VM's virtual disk on the host hdd with LUKS? Too many holes to be true tbh.

Yet, you won't leave. You won't even consider it. You know there are other IBs, but you instead choose to sit here and repeat yourself every day

That looked like a meme image to me

I can't imagine it isn't obvious to anyone who has been here longer than even just 2 years. I think we are mostly sitting back and watching to see what happens at this point.

Anyway, cuckchan posters saying the video's name name on the spooky deep web is "" if anyone cares to take a look.

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Archiving what I could before it all went down: (cuckchan thread) (voat thread) (supposed incriminating pic) (source of said pic)
Will upload the other 2 vids in a while.

Elaborate? What file was that?

Why should any pol/ak leave this board to you kikes who so inelegantly hijacked it?
This is the precise reason we hate you jews, because you shoehorn yourselves into groups where you are specifically not wanted, you then take it over and demand everyone loves you or in this instance your selection of jewish president.
Then attack every original member for not wanting you kikes here

You've said yourself multiple times that this board is lost. I'm only using your own logic. If this board is not salvageable then you should go somewhere else. Or, you would, if you actually cared about discussion.

You don't though, you're only here to troll the mods and repeat yourself every day

Read the spoilered text. There is no such partition or disk named sda5_crypt. It would be /dev/sda5 or /dev/sda.

OP of the current halfchan thread here, haven't been banned yet but I'm expecting one if this is legit.

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Weird, the other 2 vids I tried to upload refuse to be played, renamed, uploaded…nothing. Just sitting there after they were downloaded. Well, that's all I could do. The links are all in the cuckchan thread.

Evidence. Post it.

so did you save the video onto your hardrive

Fucking rabbit hole. (But will check in later)

I've certainly said it's kiked, and thus if this continues it is lost
You are using twisted Talmudic logic
You are the invader, you are unwanted here
Yet you seem to think the only logical answer is for every single legit user to leave and allow you kikes to dominate our board.
That is the very definition of jewish bent logic

No. You've said this board is completely lost multiple times. Not ITT, but we both know you've said it.

It's ok, trolling the mods can be fun. It's just funny you can't admit that's what you're doing. Again, if you cared about non-kiked discussion, you would go to a better IB

Loud and obnoxious as ever. You're easy to spot, Schlomo.

If it was real you'd have posted the video and it would be mirrored to a million places by now.

You probably cant search properly

Posted in two new half chan threads about this
They keep getting Shoah'd

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That's actually not true. A standard Ubuntu install w/ luks encryption will create this pseudo disk.

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It's Yaldabaoth they worship fool

You seem to be convinced we've conversed here before
You are just another one of the many kike-jews paid to police these boards, you all do the same thing, you all promote ZOG and attack any poster who refuses to back jewry, which is a rather strange strategy to employ on a board like Zig Forums if you ever actually wanted to avoid any detection.

You simply made this place pointless, and your only solution offered is for the original pol/aks to quietly leave this board to you kikes.

Again your jewish philosophy blinds you as to why every single non-jew ends up despising your foul obnoxious behaviour, you seem convinced that you've every right to
take what isn't yours and no one has any right to resist or complain.

Just some bullshit 1:11:11 long video.

Just post the .onion link

Okay, prove it. Install Ubuntu on a VM and post the screenshot. I have Ubuntu installed myself and it always lists the disk that is being loaded starting with the /dev/ prefix. For that matter and it slipped my mind but to my knowledge the current version of LUKS provided in the Ubuntu repository cannot rename a LUKS volume. I am actually not aware of any LUKS version that can even tag an encrypted LUKS volume.

My autism prevented me from saging. My apologies.

We have, I'm the only one who calls you hasbara-kun, am I not? As you say, true kikes here want to avoid detection. The only reason I reply to you is because I find it fun not because I'm a kike promoting jewry or the takeover of a board I've been posting on since 2012. I suppose nothing is stopping you from posting on multiple IBs, but your effort towards this one that you've already said is lost is just confusing to me, that's all.

I was partially mistaken. But you'll find it under:

Did you install it with encryption?


The video is pretty good until Shadowjack shows up and then

Why not post a simple link?

It is just some bullshit 1:11:11 long video.

Just post the .onion link

Well perhaps, but that would only happen if you loaded a LUKS volume to then unlock a LUKS volume or if you loaded the disk yourself I suppose, but why bother?. Which only raises more questions. Even then, I have several other points in my initial post which did not related to the naming of the LUKS volume. For that matter, why didn't user who posted create a copy of the LUKS header? It's just a VM after all and corruption of data on VM disks is not all that unknown.

Also I forgot to mention why it doesn't show the full path to the disk. /dev/ or /dev/mapper included.

no u

If this ends up being another spoopy alien pic, I'm going to be really fucking upset.

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It's 'Candlejack' my dude, you gotta get your old memes corre

I don't think so, 4chan hasn't gone down yet

What's the onion address? I'll risk my phone and screen cap everything that happens