HWNDU v2.0

HWNDU while a failed attempt at shitty leftie art, was a fantastic clash of worlds, and fascinating to watch.

What would we need to start this?(Cuckchan would find this thread stimulating. Go post it there)

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Create a "He will unite us" stream. Perhaps that would cause the leftists to come there and try to disrupt it?

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When isn't it?
Enjoy your life user


What's changed?

I'm going to sage because there is absolutely no value in this project. But the best way to organize it would be to have some PR-cuck user try to "continue the legacy of HWNDU" and pretend to be one of them. Leftists won't attend a Zig Forums organized event, so it needs to be astroturfed to look like they created it - meaning you can't say what you're doing on a public forum.

Need to be relatively known too, shia's was popluar because he was famous

just fuck off already


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Shia who?
Never heard of her


can't we just make another "He will not divide us" camera stream and claim it was made by shia? kek

I was disgusted by the amount of shitskins trying to pose themselves off as representatives of Zig Forums.

That's an idea. Or how bout a play on the Thank You Obama meme, where it can be a Thank You Trump. Trump supporters can come and thank the president for policies that like and libshits can thank drumph for wrecking their shit lmao. Shit would get shut down so quick for all the salt and likely violence it would cause.
Of course there is the funding, the installation and the location. Perhaps an user with some spare time and some burner emails could get in touch with conservative groups to float the idea.

Leftists crash right events all the time, what you even talking about?

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Who is making all these "this thread sucks lol"-replies?

There's an obvious difference between a seminar explaining how Jews and Freemasons did 9/11 to force Iraq into the hands of international jewry and a meet-up centered around resisting blumpf. Why even bother taking what I said out of context for the sake of arguing? Christ.

I do.

Indeed. That's why this shit got anchored. It makes sense, though. Only a subhuman wouldn't have left during the Exodus.

Leave the meme magic to the adults and go back to half, faggot.

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