Jews are trying to rewrite Hungarian elections

>Tens of thousands of people have (((demonstrated))) in Budapest against the re-elected right-wing government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

>(((Opponents))) of Mr Orban flooded the capital on Saturday to protest at what they say is an unfair electoral system.

>The march was organised through a (((Facebook))) group called "We are the majority". Following the large turn-out for Saturday's rally, the organisers have called for a further demonstration next weekend.

>Many (((parties))) and (((movements))) opposed to Mr Orban's government, including the right-wing nationalist Jobbik, participated in the demonstration.



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I swear if these fucking kikes try a civil war in Hungary I'm going.

Hopefully the entire Visegrad group will step in to restore order. I think they're either trying to get Orban to step in, or start some sort of EU inquisition.

Fuck it
Heil Orban
As long as he continues his clear counter-course.

>a (((Facebook))) group called "We are the majority"

I bet we'll find some hooks if we look into who leads and who bankrolls this (((organic movement)))

Did you goyim filth really think we'd let you have it?

Europe is no longer yours. America is no longer yours. The world is no longer yours. Accept it, and try to go extinct with at least a little bit of grace.

Or don't, it makes no difference in the end.

We'll see.

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TORfaggots should be skinned alive.

Somebody explain to me why this Yoruba witch doctors' forum hasn't range-banned Tor yet? I've been watching these niggers shill for days without taking a break. It's even worse than usual.

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He won nearly every damn section of the country, how much could he possibly rig?


You're definitely onto something here, OP. I'm seeing this a lot, lately.
We are the majority.
It's a slogan like Diversity is our strength.
Let's unpack this a little.
It is a message of defiance. It is also flexible. It can be used by a black man in a city commissioners' meeting to reference his belonging to the majority of law-abiding citizens and his right to bear arms. And at the same time, it is being used to challenge an election in Hungary.

It seems it would be most effective and poetic as a deeper reading, a secondary reading of the statement, as in if the speaker was not the majority in the typical sense the word majority is used, as in we are the racial or ethnic majority. It's not the kind of slogan a "normie" white person would use, especially if white racial consciousness makes them uncomfortable.

This slogan is designed to sound ugly coming from the actual majority. Consider a white man saying this. It sounds ugly, but this slogan could be commandeered and used by white men in the more literal sense it holds at the first read, for instance to protest undemocratic policies aimed at miscegenation.

It seems quite focus-group tested, and meant to gain maximum traction, as these types of slogans are wont to be. Perhaps the best way to fight this would be with a campaign of, say, IE or WN groups taking the slogan on with posters reappropriating the slogan, and doing it, quickly.

In truth, as racially conscious white men, we are the minority. That doesn't play very well, as it doesn't behoove us to complain when we're on top, but it's true. Just sketching out ideas here, at this point.

It's them stealing Trump's 'Silent Majority' meme.

Exactly. They appropriated the 'Silent Majority' because it was so damn effective and hard to refute.
They took a slogan only a politician could make effective, calmly and on TV, and turned it into a scream-slogan for the streets. We either have to make 'silent majority' stronger, or retaliate, somehow. The "We are the Majority" is a challenge to democracy. (as though democracy were still a viable form of government).
In as much as the slogan crosses racial lines and is based on values, it would be interesting if Libertarians would push "we are the majority" as they did during the 2016 election, as they funded an extensive voter survey on all sorts of issues where the inevitable result showed the majority of Americans are libertarian (right wing).

lots of ways to spin this one.
big misstep by Soros and his think-tanks.

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Ask and omit the right questions and you can get most people to apparently represent your chosen group. It's BS. The worldview anyone truly adheres to is "Me and mine first". People will entertain all sorts of ideologies when things are going well, but natural law is the only real law.

true enough. But, if this is a Soros-funded org, it should be undermined.
The last thing we need is a bunch of Mexicans saying this in the U.S. in opposition to ICE.
We need to re-appropriate this.

Should just have been an israeli flag.

>Tens of thousands of people have (((demonstrated))) in Budapest against the re-elected right-wing government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
What color will they pick this time around? Which washed up neocohen/clinton stooge politician will serve as their (((charismatic leader)))?

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That meme is retarded, the fist is an universal symbol.

Revolution DIY:

In the end you hang by a rope and I don't.

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Lets see the swell.

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So how long before (((someone))) starts shooting protestors and eventually Orban gasses six million babies? And Trump launches missiles at Budapest

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That someone will likely be (((you))) and will die knowing your efforts were all in vain.

funny, that was the logo for the hardcore gay sex/dance club, 'fist'

Orban wins 2/3 of the vote.

newfag pls go

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(((They've))) done more damage to their cause over the last three years than anyone could have possibly imagined. The last two bombings of Syria prove how much of an impact the public is having on countering the bogus narrative.

You sound desperate, kike.
Don't worrry it will be all over soon.

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I will see your head on a pike, jew, together with all your tribesmen. I swear it.

Hungary revolted first against the USSR in 1956. Now it's leading the revolt against a new USSR - the EUSSR. Czechs, Slovaks, Poles follow.

Checked, and factual info.

1956 ended with a bloody suppression. However this time it will ignite the collie dream of the EU and all of those traitorous faggots.

Who do they think is falling for this rhetoric apart from those already brainwashed? The end of democracy is coming, one way or another.

32% is not the majority.

What it is actually saying:
"All us non whites (and traitor whites) are the majority"
"If we gang up together, we can kick whitey's ass"
"If we all gang up together (under nice mr. goldstein's direction) to beat whitey, there will be more gibs"

It's just schlomo up to his typical tricks of riling everyone up against us.
I don't mind though, I mean, if it wasn't the whole world against us it wouldn't be a fair fight and I might feel sorry for them all. (but not the jews, they are pure malevolence)

wew lad

I think elite leftists like Soros is behind the funding of these protests

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Well, the official results are available here:

As you can see in actual numbers Orban got 49% of the vote, yet they got 66,83% in the parliament for that. Quite precisely just enough for their supermajority of 2/3s.

It's due to a rule that the Fidesz themselves created after 2010 called winner compensation or something like that.

And before they changed the election system there was two-rounds system. Had the pre-2010 system remained in place there would've been a second round of elections in over 40% of the electoral districts, something like that.

Add to that that they naturalized ethnic Hungarians living in historic territories in the neighboring countries. It was obvious from the beginning that those people would vote overwhelmingly for Fidesz. Their numbers are in the third column with the title 'vote by letter'. It's 216,120 votes out of 2,823,837 total for Fidesz. It's over 7% of their vote, so can't really say it's irrelevant.

Add to that that most likely most of the gypsies voted for Fidesz this time. That would be also several hundreds of thousands of votes, plus the votes of another large number of poor people whom the media of Fidesz can reach the best via government funded TV and other traditional means.

Add to that an unprecedented hick-up on election night between 7pm and 11pm or so when the election IT system became unavailable and after that they presented the result. My subjective take: they've run their software during that time to shuffle just enough votes to get their 2/3s in the parliament.

That doesn't seem like enough information to make an assessment. Is the parliament done by district? Because that sounds like the nonsense you hear in US elections when people complain about popular vote vs. electors.

As far as I understand the parliament done by that rule that granted them 66,83% for the 49.60% which is percentage of all valid votes. (Ie. 49.60% of valid votes went to Fidesz and 50.40% went to non-Fidesz.)

I love how they never want to hold town hall debates or discuss their opinions in a civil fashion. It is always just mob screeching.

Brilliant, but do it even better

Nothing right wing about that party since kikes took over that party.

It's inevitable kike, there's nothing you can do about it, a second holocaust is coming and it's going to be REAL this time around
Here, we have some boards specifically for you, so you start getting used to it:

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Hi, antithesis.
We are : Positive, Male, Creative, Sun, Good, Light
When you are: Negative, Female, Destructive, Moon, Bad, Dark
You feed on us, you're no better than leeches , you can't prosper without us. What you're doing is merely the act of a parasite trying to live on his own, without host.
That attempt is bound to fail, as always.
Neck yourself and boil alive.

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Whilst that is true, the feminine darkness has a purpose. From the void we are pushed onto this world, and whilst it can reject us this rejection also gives us the ability to change.

How many of us would be living empty lives, content with video games and such, if we were not met with evil?

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So like 1,000 - 1,500.
Why do kikes not like the election systems countries have?

I'm an eastern European, and I just want to quickly redpill American hour anons and westerners in general on eastern Europe:

Eastern Europe is a rocky ground, a desert, a jungle, an inhospitable terrain. Immigrants have a bad time here but that is only because EVERYONE has a bad time here.
Hungarians? They worry about being shanked by a Slovak next street. Polish vs Russians, Russians vs Ukrainians, Ukrainians vs other Ukrainians, Croats vs Serbs vs Albanians vs Bosnians vs […].
Eastern Europe is simply a quasi warzone, and that is during peace time. It is a permanent buffer zone where eastern, western, izlamic, Christian and who knows what other powers come on contact.

Eastern Europe is not a promised land. I dont see any future in this poverty.


They are spineless and will sell out quick if they can get more voters that way. Kike pawns.

Eastern European countries still have a lot of economical growth due to recovery from soviet days.

Migrating to eastern Europe would actually be quite possible for someone earning an above average American salary. If you have saved up enough there are many places which you can retire early in your life comfortably at 50 ( as opposed to slaving away till you're 65-70).

Counter is "Diversity is weakness". It should attack core idea. Anything else and you give up to the opponent right to make unsupported but strong statements. Right to invent "facts" from the thin air. Its very strong position. They invented "fact" without bothering to prove you just invent counter fact back.

Its based off the (((Otpor Fist))).

So you don't know how it works and are just concern trolling

The larp is big with this one.
If not larp then answer this kike: who will protect you when white people are extinct in your imaginary future? Because there isn't a single other group on the fucking planet that hates themselves enough to put up with you.

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Cry more moshe

Capped for motivational purposes.

Hillary "filet-o-face" Clinton

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Jobbik shill pls go.

You realize everyone knows you're just some negress now, right?

Sporadically I enjoy Roleplay on this board.
The coming Ice Age is going to change that, faggot.

The cunts

Reality is ours.

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Next election, they will try this in the USA. Idiots don't understand the electoral college, or more properly will use it as a pretext to incite revolution.
Regardless of the electoral college situation, I don't think any post 1965 immigrants or their offspring should be allowed a vote. Neither should any (((dual citizens))) be allowed to vote on their way to the ovens.

It is highly likely that Poland will help.
Unknown about the other countries.
But if it gets recognized as an outside threat, it will probably cause the whole three seas initiative to take some form of action.

And I'm a Central European and going to tell you:
It's true, that it isn't a "racially conscious utopia" in the end nothing is an utopia since the very concept of an utopia is a paradox.
But what is untrue is these slavic nations not having a future. Economic growth, reestablishment of the old… all of this is actually putting us further to the top then you would think.
Sure, at least if it's about South Slavs and East Slavs fighting each other all the time… Or major wars between West Slavs and East Slavs, but currently there is actually peace, where West Slavs reside.
And so far it was a steep ride to the top, at least for Poland it was. I am actually quite optimistic about a resurgence of the Polish Empire, the fourth major power which used to be in the 18th century.

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Sorry, officer but for Tor to work civillians need to use it, too.
Vanilla Tor is already banned.
And pics.
Thanks to you jew fed nigger faggots.

Diversity is troubles.

All those Poles in the UK will have to leave when SHTF.

Remember how those antifas got identified?

Here's the thing, how many of these protesters are actual Hungarians and not professional protesters? Already back in Armenia, there are non-Armenians that takes part of the protests. Who is actually doing research on that fecesberg group?

Most of them are trash that left the country for greener pastures because it was easier to live off English benefits than starve at home. Unemployment and crime rates have went down partly because the worst elements of Poland emigrated and stayed in the West. I'd rather they stay there than shit up the country again.

True. Yet, keeping them away might be problematic. Even with recent developments, majority that stayed hasn't gone very far either. Not by a long shot. There needs to be a state that ends neoliberalism, strongly rejects both cultural-trotskism and cuckservatism, go ahead with natalistic policies, industrialization, militarization, draft, builing a nuclear arsenal and so on. Lots of stuff to do.

There needs to be laws to exclude kebabfever, mudsharks and oil drillers coming with their spawns for example and I'm not that confident even that will be done.

The overall mood in the country, from lawmakers down to the people on the street is generally the same - the see what is happening in the West and they reject any attempts to force immigration on us, and by the same token, not many darkies want to come to Poland. The race mixers are usually seen as he lowest of the low and they feel shame when they appear on the street because everyone around is looking and sniggering - and rightly so.
I do think that the ones that come over to do crime however (Vietnamese, Chechens, and the ones who affect the job market (Ukrainians, Turks) need to be watched and encouraged to leave.

That is good but do not forget it is not enough. There must be a society-wide, uncompromising commitment for more.

that leaves me out. that's why I cannot make new friends.

that's what hackers are for

literally the demographic that caused miscegenation

Have anything else?

Good old Otpor days :D hahahaha I was a kid but I remember serbia in early 2000

I'm not here to drop a monologue on you, but do realize that your kind is drinking the same poison that you've foisted upon us, and it's only a matter of time before you croak.

Hopefully the damage you've caused won't be irreparable.

But you couldn't muster the votes? LMAO

This is like the (((protests))) against Trump. Meaningless sore losers.