Possible psyop inbound

Possible psyop inbound
Synopsis: "frazzledrip/frazzled.rip, snuff film showing Hillary and Huma raping and murdering a female child, cutting her face off and wearing it."
Shills are thick on the tard sites with the "don't download or watch it's illegal" shit.

It smells like a psyop. Earliest mention seems to be early Sunday morning (15 April 2018), got major traction 8 hours ago (approximately 1500hrs EST 15 April 2018)
Usual suspects carrying it.

Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter.com/hashtag/FRAZZLEDRIP?src=hash
Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8cd7it/voat_Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter_rumblings_hrc_video_has_dropped_on/



Daily reminder that fatherhood.mp4 exists, and it matched podesta's voice patterns. If one of you fuckers has the actual vid and it's not some bullshit psyop, post a webm with only the gore and the cp cut out.

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Inb4 thread shoad again

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Wait what. There's video of them killing a kid? If this is real it's fucking huge. Better not be pulling my leg.

We don't care. Leave and die, rejjitor.

Fuck you
That's a screen grab from vid in question I've done nothing wrong

This got stickied with no posts.
Did a mod make it? If so, why not evade the stupid wordfilters? Are mods trying to seem like real anons?
Predicting this thread will be a big gay nothing.

This is a psyop but its intent is to distract autists from investigating whats going on in Syria. This is just a red herring. If the video existed it would have been posted and mirrored.

Not to mention this sticky got posted by mods with one response.

Screencap this because the kike mods will delete this post.

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The vid is real though

Yeah, global report.

Dude that's not cp at all
That's from the vid in question.
You've been reported for abusing the report faggot

Yeah, your CP video is real, kike. The one they're inventing about Hillary, however…


cuck chan already has like 20 threads on it


4 posts all accusing me of something untrue

Post it then faggot. This is a wild goose chase and you are a shill or really thinking wishfully.

ban this faggot


I don't understand how this would operate as a psyop. It would be throwing Hillary and Co. under the bus, that would legitimize all of the criticisms leveled against her while also shifting the overton window to center on pizzagate.

Under what dark timeline would that be seen as a successful psyop? That being revealed kills the deep state.


Not shillin or wishing anything
Saw this on a livestream (Stoney Stone) Earlier , grabbed it , shared it here with the group. That's all I have

And what pray tell is pornographic in any way shape or form?
Eh pal?

Post it then faggot. webm now

Stop being a stupid fucking kike and acknowledge this could be huge if true.


He's lying and posting CP. Just report him.

nobody gives a fuck about cp if its Clinton. period. moralfaggots and jews into the oven

Fuck you faggot.


The catalog was getting spammed with frazzledrip threads earlier today and the OPs wrote like they'd never touched an imageboard in their lives let alone Zig Forums. This is absolutely a psyop. But for what purpose? To cause a distraction? To trick people into downloading 10 gigabytes of dolphin porn?

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No I am not and no I didn't.
Consider your inane rant rebutted

So where is the CP then?
All I see in the post is a gif of David Tenant shaking his head and a blurry PNG screen cap of what looks like a young toddler with a bit of nosebleed. Neither of which demonstrate anything resembling pornography.

Commit suicide immediately.
We don't deal in ifs here, you fucking faggot. We deal in fact. Either it's real or it isn't. It won't be reported anywhere either way, and she won't be arrested either way. Either determine whether the CLAIM is true or shut the fuck up. Brainless speculation operating under the assumption that it IS true is how the kikes work.

Global report. You have posted CP.

I don't have the vid
I had one screenshot and I can't post images twice here
Take it up with the mods

Why do you think it's a psyop

Wrong kike.
Scroll up. Zero porno ANYTHING retard

Because the video most likely doesn't exist, but people are supposed to believe, without proof, that it does. Then, when people believe things that are not factual, they will repeat these claims alongside other claims that are factual (like how fatherhood.mp4 is an actual child abuse video with voice pattern matching to john podesta), simply because they're related and plausible. However, the non-factual claim is easily discredited, and the rest of their arguments are then "discredited" by association and subsequent character assassination. This is a basic disinformation technique, newfag.

holy shit what if it is an attempt to get a bunch of anons on watching CP? Or possibly associating anons with cp?

Global report.

Smells just like Q-LARP.

Christ you are a cringey fucking larper.
Wanna know how I know you're not from around here?

All my this.

You've said that , several times
I'm here.
Haven't done what you've claimed.
Eat shit and die

Really, user?

Looks like and are 100% correct. We're being raided.

You can bypass the duplicate image block by posting more than one image. I know you're probably lying but still.

Why do mods create threads like this and sticky them?
Zig Forums is controlled opposition.

Ten posts
Not giving you another (you)
Still not b& faggot

What are you trying so hard to cover up?

Being raided by you?

Global report.

Tell your bosses to give you a different job. You're not doing this one very well.

ban me? I didn't sticky this

I only grabbed one shot of it
My bad
I know I'm not the only one that grabbed a screen shot

he is making it look like he is a shil,l infact he is trying to encourage your skepticism. This IS a wild goose chase.

Boys we have us an honest to god sharia blue nigger
Say hello to davey brock everyone

Hahahaha you really are trying to cover this up. Won't work david. Your time is up soon.

So you're lying, got it.

That's pretty much what I assumed. Do we know where else this may have been posted?

Don't fall for it.

Reported for clearly being a paid shill.

hi shariablue and yids, how does it feel knowing you'll get special torture when we take over?

Twatter and half chan were a blaze earlier today. If this video existed I would have seen it.

There is no video. It's a hoax. That's why it hasn't surfaced and why the only "screenshots" are nothing but blurry cryptic bullshit. And holy fuck this thread is filling up fast, almost as if CIAniggers were monitoring Zig Forums just waiting for a frazzledrip thread to open up.

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Is this it, lads?

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I believe the "OP" was a Youtube livestream, but I have reasons to believe that implementation of this psyop began approximately 30 days ago. If anyone is familiar with funding schedules of various countries, you should be able to pinpoint which actors are behind this.
Based on how purposely vague the initial posts have been, my guess is that they really do not want Anons to question the sources.

These kikes all want us to look over there while they fuck around in Syria and grab more land. These kikes consistently underestimate us. WE KNOW YOUR TRICKS SHLOMO! You have taught us well.

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Also, if any user here has the fatherhood webm with the pattern matching, this would be a good place to post it. Ride the wave on Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter and show people that instead.

The OIG report is also being overlooked. One news item that has really piqued my interest is that the (((City of London))) has begun hastily backing away from their massive false flags (Skripal getting memory holed already, incapacitation agents etc) and any further military intervention in the region. I wonder why.

Almost as if they fucked up and that poison attack didn't kick off the big one

And just like that the hebraic screeching is halted
Did my humble screen shot kick it off?
I shall fuck off now and watch the world burn

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this imageboard and many others like it have zero CP


Holy fuck you're still on this. Simultaneously admitting it's real. Bet your handlers didn't want you to do that.

Israel tried to false flag WW3 into existence and failed. That particular context has been memory holed harder than I would have thought possible.

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Ahahaaaaaaa you out yourself heeb
Daily reminder you will never ever be white

Ain't that the truth
I will
Never ever forget
Never forget the liberty too , dammit


What? That cartel video screenshot?
Fuck off.

Fuck off. You'd have shit yourself and cum in your pants ten years ago.

This topic is nothing. It will go nowhere and do nothing but distract from important things.
Mods posted it and stickied it before it had a single reply. You are being subverted.

Where the fuck are you yids coming from.

In what way? They attack Syria all the time. The phrase "false flag" HAS A DEFINITION.

Typical torfag.

If that is the case then I'll accept my lumps like a man
Will kill myself and fuck off for ten years if that is the case

Yeah the kike is easy to spot. Its filtered

No one posted CP

I'm sure they do but this psyop doesn't make any sense as a distraction from Syria. The timing is completely wrong for that and this frazzledrip shit is so obviously fake it's like it's supposed to be obvious.

No one posted CP

Calling shit cp that isn't and being a huge faggot while being right about this topic doesn't put you on my side.


How convenient…


They used Lebanese airspace to make it look like the munitions came from US vessels in the med.


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Don't forget to stream it.

No one posted CP

sup sageman

Sounds more like you're grasping at straws trying to keep your "video" narrative above water.


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Don't respond to that autist, he's just shitting up the thread to derail it. Filter and move on.

Is there anything to prove this video even exists?

That's true, I'm probably giving CIAniggers too much credit. So either this is a completely retarded psyop to distract from Pissrael's fuckery in Syria or it's a psyop to accomplish something else.

rare patrick bateman

That's the closest thing to a "false flag" that anyone has ever said… except the Israelis always use Lebanese airspace and there's still no actual evidence of the "false flag" claim. Never mind that the US ATTACKED SYRIA DAYS LATER ANYWAY and WWIII still didn't start.

This is even more transparent than when you shills were paid to support queer marriage.

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its a red herring hence the shills

I doubt this completely. Don't get me wrong, I think she's capable of this, but I don't think this is real.
We have NO PROOF of this video existing at all, it came from a single post last night.

no, still no proof of that.
IFF I'm wrong, I'll be ok with this. If I get any number other than 8, the vid is real

The only way to know how to proceed is for some lunatic user with a pawn-shop bought burner laptop to connect to public wifi and layer 7 proxies to download and watch the thing in a VM. There is every reason to suspect this, but also every reason it could also be true. We need proof one way or another.

Real obvious there schlomo.

Show where I said anything even remotely approaching that statement, you disingenuous motherfucking retard.
>>>/suicide/ for childfuckers.


The freedom of speech is a strong freedom with very few exceptions. For CP to be illegal it must fail the following test. "Whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value." If this video contains serious political value it is constitutionally protected speech and it would be legal to to possess share distribute view sell or do anything with you can do with any non CP content.

This is the same 'loop hole' that allows skippy to have photos of naked kids on his walls, they are considered to have serious artistic value. Well political value works too.