White security guard assaulted by 3 black thugs

Police in Tallahassee, FL are still looking for three black suspects that brutally beat an apartment complex security guard after he tried to break up an unauthorized pool party.

Video footage here:

Reverse the situation and imagine what would be happening in the media right now if three white men beat up a black security guard. Every single time they try to push fabricated "racism" narratives like Starbucks, we need to be pushing these kinds of counterexamples and pointing out the double standard.

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He got culturally enriched.

You know you don't have to tell us to do that. We know niggers are protected at all costs already.

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What a surprise

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This shit will keep happening if not get worse. All the focus on Trayvon and BLM shit riles up the niggers. I'm surprised it hasn't gotten out of control already, with stories of them going after whiteys in uniform for street cred.

He forgot the first rule: never relax.

and mixed martial arts.

If you want to spread that meme: Always say "With blacks ALWAYS relax" . That will make sure it isn't hate crime and it will be a reverse-psychology way of saying the opposite. The reader will automatically turn it into "With blacks Never relax" all by himself.

hmm, didn't that song use to have german lyrics on it?

He didn't even shoot the niggers dead? Shit. We could've had a fun summertime chimpout
Ahhh next time. Shoot to kill. Defend yourselves white men

I am deaf so I don't know.

remember to preemptively shoot blacks where ever you see them

If anyone try that then they will be jailed for racist behaviour.

It's like filling out a bingo.

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Please remember to do some gym to make yourself fit.





If you are working as a security guard it's never worth risking your own safety. Your job is to call the cops that's it.

Secondly this is why I'm a big advocate of hand to hand combat skills and training in mma. Why?

Even with a gun he could have never drawn it in time. Secondly he would have realized he was way to close to defend himself. Thirdly his hands were at his side's in a submissive cowards position lacking any masculinity whatsoever and he took a cold cock shot to the face.
Literally a month of self defense training would have done wonders for this guy.
The trick to dealing with blacks is you don't act like a fucking pussy when you do.

You realize they still value the principles of masculinity the cucked out leftists abandoned long ago.. and will generally reserve their carnage for those who present themselves as weak.

Now with 3 of them jumping you self defense likely won't do much.. but those punches were pathetic and odds are a trained fighter woulda wrecked the first cheap shot artist who was also the most formidable of the 3.

This is further evidence that ccw is almost entirely useless for real self defense situations as things generally escalate too quickly. You should be trained in hand to hand to deal with the street black and guns are reserved for civil unrest and dotr.

Side note… they look like actual monkeys jumping up and down.

This. And you can see the nigger strikes as soon as he diverts his eyes to the ground. Also, never confront niggers when you're out numbered.

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By the way, I'd charge that second nigger who jumps on him (while he is down!) with attempted murder.

good points, but if he was really serious about personal protection he would never have taken a job IN the chimp exhibit to begin with.

Me too
That's a deliberate attempt at murder. There is no other possible motive for it.

The amount of nogs setting up ambushes for cops has noticeably increased as well. They are getting bold.

you misspelled AR15

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Watching niggers attack whites just ruins my entire day. I'm going to lift weights until I calm down. ARRRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

If you Americans let the kikes disarm you, the monkeys will know no restraint.

The "Virgin Security Guard". We need a "Chad Cop" to show him how it's done.

True. However the white boys can't fight narrative is about as legit as the muh dick narrative.

I've trained in hand to hand combat foe a long time and one thing I've noticed is a majority of the ghetto black dudes who train in martial arts quit because it's hard work.

One time our gym had some blacks walk in from the street and talk shit about our "pussy training".. cause we were doing some warm-up punch drills.

Our instructor is a nice dude and was kinda taken off guard.. I stared at them and matter of factly asked them if they would like to put on extra gloves and have a friendly match.

They pussed out… "Naah im jist playing yall… dont need to be gettin down with some crazy pissed off white bois".

Sorry for same fagging but he puts his head down because he lacks confidence and is either pretending to do paperwork or is trying to diffuse aggression by being
Passive. He is likely attempting to cuck himself to avoid physical confrontation although he asked for physical confrontation the minute he tried to intervene and impart rules to a feral nob.

Little did he know that when he cucked himself he actually promoted the attack as he removed all doubt that he wasn't a total cuck.

Paul Blart wouldn't have relaxed.

There is no reason not to do it. They only gain from it. If White people would murder and exterminate niggers they wouldn't exist and there would be nothing to rile up. Because they don't fight, they may as well not exist. This is the real and natural way of things. That is something that is not easily accepted because the only logical conclusion is that every facet of municipal, federal, and corporate society is your lethal enemy.

While 99% of your insight is true, you are wrong about one thing.

How many times have you been jumped?

Grappling styles are useless against multiple attackers.
Unless you're Dan Severn vs some noob, you're not gonna be able to toss them off you quick enough.
And going to the ground is suicide.

So unless you are Anderson SIlva (or just punch like a mule) there's a good chance you won't be able to stand with 3. Plus if you start winning that's when even more jump in.

No dindus, no matter how many there are, will stand against you if you start popping off shots.
They usually scurry like rats when gunfire erupts.

I never said ccw is entirely useless I said most situations it is.

In said video the security guard would never have been able to draw a weapon in time. An average attacker can close 21 feet before you are able to draw a weapon.

Secondly I acknowledged there isn't much out there to take on many attackers.

In this particular video pulling a weapon would not have worked and likely would have been taken and used against the guard.

Also many states would gladly side with the dindus who are shot by a ccw permit holder for fear of chimp out. There are chimp outs over shootings where the suspect had been on camera pointing their gun at a cop.

Ccw is one thing… utilizing it is another thing entirely.

Yeah I should really get the hell out of California.

The literal virgin stance guard should have called for backup first.

Anyone else hear a chimp screeching in the background?

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fuck the current culture of this country.

I disagree a bit. Some attackers assume an unarmed victim. As you can see, he just goes with punches. If he were a more talented fighter, the nigger would have grappled the moment he gained the upper hand. So he SHOULDN'T have had a chance, but he was given more than one.

replying to myself but is it just me or does it seem the headline only specifies race when it has to do with black people being seemingly mistreated.

if blacks are breaking the law that is never one of the facts highlighted by the headline.

I literally cannot tell if that is niggers chimping, or someone added a jungle soundtrack.

The joy of having a jew run press.

Absolutely this. If you're a white male, you have a duty to the Gods to attain the form nature intended for you. Never allow subhumans to push you around.

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I agree. Our goal in life should be to please God. We can please God by doing the best with what he gave us. This image always gives me inspiration.

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Well he relaxed around blacks so it's kind of his fault

Around 9 nogs hit her at some point in the third vid. No way she managed to insult that many.

You're 100% a faggot.

Any individual with tactical training would never:

1. Stand so close to a group of potential assailants.

2. Stay back at least 10 ft. to create a physical buffer space.

3. Talk to the each individual in a side posture, making themselves a "smaller" target in the event of what the niggers did.

This security guard was clearly a cuckold, and should have maintained distance and called the police, since he clearly wasn't trained to handle such situations.

CCW is effective in close quarters especially if the assailant doesn't know you have a weapon. Said security guard/cuckold could have drawn his weapon in a prohibitive fashion if he had created a spatial buffer and aimed the gun at the niggers. This action would neutralize a physical threat to personal body by making the niggers supplicate, or he could have fired the gun if they crossed his spatial buffer threshold.

Niggers deserve the bullet and the anti-CCW poster is confirmed for enjoying anal intercourse with heavily endowed men.

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You clearly didn't read anything I said in the numorus posts before that.

I'm not against ccw.. I'm being realistic.

You go ahead and use your tactical stance.. shoot some blacks… get accused of breaking up dey poo paty cause u rayciss…. get no support from the local government to avoid a chimp oit… get convicted of killing 3 blacks as a raysiss and go end up in a prison over 75% blacks and see how thst works for you.

Learn how to read before you talk shit to people.

why in the everloving ```fuck``` do we hear endless bullshit about starbucks when shit like this is happening? probably on a daily basis.
Someone who lives there needs to take a blowtorch to that whole neighborhood

Trying to figure out if you are a kike or delusional.
Let's run through this:
Most of America has been brainwashed for the last 50 years + that niggers and humans are the same thing, rational and capable of civilised behavior. Yes, this guy looks like he is probably new to this shit minimum wage job and definitely young. Expecting him to have nigger containment training or real life nigger experience is a reach. He has probably spent the last

Tallahassee is a college town with like 40% black population and I am betting the kid moved from a lily white neighborhood and took a security guard job because it's easy and has flexible hours for a student. Naive as fuck and had no idea what niggers are like, thought he could just ask them nicely. When dealing with niggers, especially groups of them, you must always display superior firepower. This guy should have just gone straight to calling the police.

dun the fuck goofed m8

Better one day as a lion than a thousand years as a lamb.

I don't think whom employed him warned him about the niggers.

Presence counts for so much when dealing with animals. With a commanding aura and a defining presence with strong body language you can keep their rampant impulses in check. This white kid has a weak posture, weak voice and no aura of command whatsoever. When I was a security guard I read up on esoteric body language skills and men who had powerful auras. I stopped a handful of impending assaults just by pointing at someones feet and using verbal cues. I'm not bullshitting you can stop someone dead in their tracks but you have to communicate your intent. You must have a murderous intent in mind towards these animals at all time. They sense it unconsciously.

Absolutely this. I was walking home late one night in a quiet street and noticed three niggers pointing me out ahead. I'm not weak by any stretch but three on one is pretty bad odds. Since running wasn't an option, I maintained a "murderous intent" and walked with total confidence that I'd absolutely fuckup anyone who stood in my path. I dress well, so while I might look like a worthy target to mug, perhaps it also gives the appearance of authority. Before long, one of the niggers stepped out, and I fixed my eyes on him whilst envisioning the pure joy I'd gain from cracking his skull. He looked away and then shook his head to the two friends further back. Either I wasn't the "friend" they were looking out for, or I didn't look like someone they wanted to mess with. I'll never know the answer to that, but I didn't RELAX and I got home without incident.

The nigger who want to beat the people up usually bring his gang with him to back him up. I think it is to do with their massive ego and they can't fight well.

And of course, they'll conveniently never find them. Meanwhile, if the races were reversed, this would be the headline of every jewish media outlet. Within hours, they'd miraculously track down the perpetrators.

This is the future of the West if ZOG has it's way. Excited?

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This most likely occurred at the apartment complex on Tharpe ave. in Tallahassee. The apartment complex at which there was a gun fight.
Not that I know anything about this, but I heard there was traffic backed up going into that place for hours, recently.

There was some kind of shooting last year at the same place, that is

Tallahassee has the worst crime rate in all of Florida.
no, it's Tallahassee

T-Pain's cousin was stabbed to death in Tallahassee a few years ago.
And, at a Panera, not so far from there, some black dude went into a bathroom, jerked off, came back out and threw his cum on some girls there in the restaurant.

Urgh that is disgusting. They need to get lynch now.



Not about to do anything like that, but straight up, if I had been there, I would have accidentally dropped all my dogs leashes

meanwhile on nigger Jack Dorsey aka "@jack", who lives at 830 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco CA, is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal. twitter
this should be encouraged

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This is the same city that held the nation's attention with March for our Lives students from Parkland were bussed here and held a gun reform rally.

Just from the wording of the tweets, I knew it had to be "synthetic niggers". I laughed as that was confirmed by the recipe. I hope it gets one of them.

The cum-attack

11 retweets and 16 likes?!? omg

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Also, advertise it as blürp

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It looks like this was at Aqua Palms, which is around the corner from The Commons where the shooting took place last year.

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still from video of the first to throw a punch

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these niggers go to FSU on diversity programs

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3/4 of the nigs on FSU's football and basketball teams match this haircut

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trips of truth. I'll give you three guesses as to which demographic does all the crime. leon and gadsden counties have some of the highest crime rates in the nation but it usually goes unnoticed


I'm under no illusions, there.

It looks like it happened here, on Battery rd.
This is one of the few car-ports with an apartment building across the street, with parking spaces to the right, and with the bushes the security guard was pushed into.

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Do that actually get them high?

bumping for justice

bahahahaha; surprised some black who murdered his neighbor's dog hasn't spoken up and been like "that sheeeeeeeeiitttt be daaaaaangerusssss cuuuuuuhhhh"

try more like 60%
This dude is probably either from Killearn (rich white side of town), a college student from out of town, or a dumbfuck


Tally native here
This apt complex borders on one of the ghetto (frenchtown)
Only FAMU & black-FSU students live there

What I don't understand is why did the employer hire him if he is unfit to be a security guard?

Gadsden also has the highest HIV rate
1 in 5 people in Gadsden have HIV

The rapper "Trick Daddy" and his entourage used to have a ranch house/property up here in Quincy (main town in Gadsden County). They would come from Miami and hold annual concerts in Quincy all through the late 90s - early 2000s. Cohencidentally the HIV rate went through the roof around the same time.

we call them niggers here, leddit

They don't come here you silly user.


Please disregard my post because I didn't think about my post thoroughly.

Sorry I rushed it so please ignore my other post.

Or better off being an actual lion and using your strength and physical attributes to smash faces.

One of the anons said it best… should have gone nowhere near the situation and called police instead

oh yeah, the infamous luaus where a 10mile stretch of hwy 90 would be completely covered in malt liquor cans, tampons, condoms, and needles. reminds me of famu homecoming where half of tallahassee would have to shut down because of all the nogs looting and killing each other.