Are Jews immune to Stockholm Syndrome?

Thinking about our shared history with kikes, I noticed something. All throughout the ages, Europeans have had Stockholm Syndrome guide them towards maintaining the local hierarchy. In fact, this seems to be a very basic phenomena, where the Stockholm Syndrome is merely the segregation of a group and redirection of these feelings.
Even now, it can be used to justify a type of fatalism when it comes to politics, and is largely used if you dare bring up an alternative or a solution. Or worse yet, state that there is a problem in something they haven't heard or seen the media, aka. power, talk about.

However, why don't Jews think in these terms? Were ancient Jews praising the empires they were living in? No. They were always revolting, always meddling, always controlling and domineering. Why and how is this possible?
Does male genital mutilation traumatize them towards other jews so much that they can never feel loyalty to others? Do they have an open commlink to Satan? Where do they see their power hierarchy?

That said, our psyche might be very different. I haven't spotted any right wing projection, for example. Jews also have a weird obsession with incest - showcased best by Freud.

Is there research on this? Does this open up solutions to the JQ? If we find out the answer, we may be able to fracture their society.

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I should probably state the obvious here. Plenty of jews do in fact, rather obviously, follow this trait - in Israel. Everywhere else, though, not. So what is the secret here?

Good questions OP. I'm not sure how to answer them. But it makes me wonder how the jews have come to survive all this time, but great people like the romans perished? Perhaps the abrahamitic religions is the one thing that protects the jews? Maybe that is their main trick?

The reason kikes always cause a ruckus is that their culture is violently xenophobic and supremacist - and only the kikes who were deeply predisposed towards this kind of thinking remained jewish after 2 millenia of exile instead of just assimilating into their host nations. But they still exhibit all the same failings that normal humans do, and plenty of them are bootlickers.

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In Israel it is their own nation. Everywhere else they see themselves as a behind enemy lines, forced to bow to the loathsome goyim.

I don't think psychopaths can develop Stockholm syndrome.

This is interesting. How come jews never are nationalists or claim to be nationalists?

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Hierarchy is developed due to increased possibilities of common survival. Jews don't fit in becouse they've been uprooted and forced to parasitism.

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But jews didn't worship their masters. In fact, they were known for their zealotry and propensity to revolt (and commit atrocities towards non jews)

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This too. There is nothing wrong with hierarchy, humans naturally follow leaders. OP is a homogay because he assumes normal behaviour is pathological. Probably a kike trying to feel better about himself.

Why are you giving publicity to leftypool? They can't even play pool well.

But why?

That's true in some way. After Christianity took hold in Europe, Jews became a protected and integtal part of European feudal society. They were tax collectors, money launderers, and of course merchants, especially slave traderd. Same thing happened in Muslim world as well.


Hierarchy is not "stockholm syndrome". It is natural. Kikes follow their own internal hierarchies, and many have licked the boots of goyishe superiors too. There is nothing special about your vile race other than its audacity, relatively high cultural cohesion and particular circumstances.

That would have to be their own religion then, as they did thrive under Rome, Greece, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Egypt (claimed)…

How were they treated in the arab world during pagan middle-east pre-isllam?

How would you explain the inquisition? It didn't go too well for them there? Although spaniards burned up all kinds of people during this time, but for some reason jews are the only victims we remember…

You do know that the Jews were able to buy Roman citizenship, and had Synagogues all the way to India. They thrived especially in IzIamic societies. Europe threw them to ghettoes, although among the jews many found their way to courts for practical purposes, such as literacy. Napoleon was the one to truly free the Jews of Europe. Remember, the jews on this camp tell tales of how protected the kikes were, and on our enemies' camp, they tell how brutal and evil those vile Christians were for oppressing the Jew.
Truth is both of them. They had never reached such a stranglehold on an European society as they have today. Never. Kings and Popes of old forgave debts, all classes partook in killing and expelling the Jews. Until the French Revolution came along, with its ideals of Earthly equality.

Now we live in a world where rats conduct social tests on humans and everything is upside down. The revolution is ending soon.

This has to do with the fact that Muslims are human and as such, willing to forgive - especially the outcomes of battles. Religion of Cuck™ is, if anything, a fatalistic religion par excellence. They can be dealt with, and it doesn't even require genocides. No, letting them rule your countries and cities is not a solution either.
Whereas kikes see mercy, pity and the sort as weakness, so they use them whenever they can, just as they weaponized laughter and humor in the past (but look how that turned out). In fact, I think that their holocaust and antisemitism porn have to do with them avoiding the repercussions for wrongdoings for far too long. They seem to be living in a collective nightmare, for everything they've done.

There was even a jew who wrote a book about this, how Talmud corrupts them to be liars and as such, useless and corrupt.

This makes me think of how humor was seen in the ancient greek era. Before it became a cancer jews started spreading. Platon had a lot to say about comedy and how poisonous it was. He said stuff such as:

"We shall enjoin that such representations be left to slaves or hired aliens, and that they receive no serious consideration whatsoever. No free person, whether woman or man, shall be found taking lessons in them.”

“No composer of comedy, iambic or lyric verse shall be permitted to hold any citizen up to laughter, by word or gesture, with passion or otherwise"

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Well as OP pointed out, male genital mutilation is one huge difference between jews and gentiles, so it probably does have a big part to play in the whole situation

That's interesting. I never understood modern comedians picking out a member of the front row and humiliating them for laughs. It's such a cheap tactic, you've got a captive who's paid you to entertain him, and you just insult him in front of the audience while he's supposed to sit there and laugh along. They're never funny either, it's always "wow you're ugly hurhurhur, I feel sorry for your mother". I would tell them to fuck off and demand a refund if it was me, not sit there and laugh along to humorless insults like a cuck. Interesting that the Greeks felt the same way.

>"Originally this was performed on the fifth day to the Pharaoh's sons only and the aim was to make them impervious to human suffering, so as to be able to throw thousands of soldiers to certain death without a wink!"
They say one of the main impacts of male genital mutilation on the development of a child's brain is that it damages the amygdala. The amygdala is related to one's ability to assess threats. In terms of politics, one of the fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives is that open-minded liberals are less able to assess threats, and have lower-functioning amygdalas. Now, why does Stockholm Syndrome exist? It's probably a defense mechanism that forces you to kowtow to whoever has taken charge and thus presents a potential threat. In tribal days, this would be especially useful in the case of conquered women as a means of survival. A circumcised man with a damaged amygdala would likely be less prone to Stockholm Syndrome due to their broken threat-sensor

Yeah, whites usually feel the same way.

Well, Mayans used to have dental mutilation, yet they are not around. Is the genital mutilation so much different? Mayans used to do all the things abrahamites do: Bathing, fasting, rituals, purification, human sacrifice etc etc. Yet the mayans perished and jews did not.

Something of a Plato scholar here. His primary gripe with comedy was that laughter is a rather involuntary emotion, and therefore laughter pulls ones psyche out of the rational mode and into the passions. The main problem with this being that through clever use of sophistry and rhetoric, malevolent-types can make outlandish assertions and then couch it in laughter before the audience has time to think about it. This is the entire premise of the Comedy Central gang, like John Stuart. The true master though is [Current Year] Man; see pic related. I suspect I do not need to explain why it is bad for society such sophists are operating in our society.

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I agree with you and you don't need to explain.
Now the question is, what is the formula for comedy, and how to produce it systematically? Perhaps we can turn it into our favor in a more optimized way?

It's massively different. First, it is critical for male genital mutilation to be performed on a baby in order to have maximum effect, as the baby's brain is most malleable at this time. Second, cutting off parts of the genitals will have a significantly greater impact than merely shaving teeth into points - that would only be seriously painful in the event they hit the root; otherwise it'd just give them sensitive teeth

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Why? What happens if its done on adults? How is this different? Surely there are many dead cultures that performed genital mutilation? No?

Whites are more "lawful". Whites tend to believe in rights, laws, agreements, contracts and government and that if there is some kind of law in place then everyone must abide it.
Jews are more lawless, they don't think in these terms, they have understanding that all these things are fluid and flexible.

The description in my pic here ( ) offers a pretty good guide to the formula used by John Oliver.
Interestingly, however, as non-establishment we also have the opportunity to play with shock-humour by encroaching on true taboo. Look to what makes the work of Sam Hyde funny, for example.

On a very basic level Comedy seems to have something to do with the unexpected, but Comedy generally serves the role of destroyer within the social realm. In the mode utilized by John Oliver described above, the non-sequitur/absurd, the comedian effectively makes a fool of himself. The unexpected comes from his own mouth and he makes himself look silly before the audience. More powerful comedy is usually directed at something else, though. If you look to one of the first comic poets of the Western tradition, Aristophanes, he typically wrote his comedies as a kind of critique of the degeneracy of Late Athens, making fun of the institutions that were beginning to fall apart at the time. On a more individual level, comedy also functions as a tool of social control, where people laugh when real flaws are highlighted (think of all the Jeb-bullying that occurred around election time). The Aristophanic critique of degerating institutions and the Jeb memes are basically manifestations of the same thing though, differing only in the size of the target.

The establishment can't really engage in taboo-breaking humor because it undermines the status quo. It's Kek, it's chaos, it's the destroyer. We can, we should, and that's a distinct advantage of ours at this phase of the fight. Where humor is that which is unexpected, what could be more unexpected, especially for normalfags, than jokes about the most sacred cows of our society? Holocaust jokes, rape jokes, etc. It destabilizes everyone's Judeo-Bolshevist weltanschauung, and they can't help but laugh

Do they have an open commlink to Satan?
It certainly seems that way doesn't it?
I suppose it could be explained in material terms with a combination of genetics/ biochemistry, conditioning, enviromental pressures etc if someone finds the idea of satan actually existing unthinkable.
Either way they are utter cunts whichever way you look at it.
Well historically, not doing what your rabbi told you could mean death, and they are still prone to checking every little thing with their rabbi so I guess they are somewhat stockholmed.

Wikipedia defines Stockholm Syndrome as follows: "Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity."
The Jew and his rabbi are not in a victim-captor relationship; the rabbi is his natural leader, and of the same ethnos. The pious Pharisee who checks every little thing with his rabbi to see what rabbinic law says - he's not experiencing Stockholm Syndrome

To perhaps be more clear, Stockholm Syndrome could alternatively be described as a drive to assimilate/submit to whoever holds power; a slave's response to 'might makes right' doctrine. The Jew seems to be more-or-less immune to this.

Become a John Oliver clone on youtube with exactly the same formula and delivery but opposing views? Instead of being British be Australian or South African or something.

I agree with the pic

I think that the conditioning is done well and when it comes to the delivery of humour you want it to be presented so the lowest common denominator can get it and think that they are informed. Big bang theory style humour.

John Oliver has a gigantic HBO budget, and uses a relatively ineffective and unfunny type of humor because it's all that's available to him as a defender of the establishment. It's hypothetically possible to beat John Oliver at his own game, but you'd likely need an HBO-tier budget.

The advantage in our hands is to make a mockery of every single thing (((they))) hold dear and sacred, for its destabilizing effect

Normalfag non-autists are very concerned with image and really hate being the butt of a joke, so when they see core Judeo-Bolshevik concepts turned into punch lines, it makes them take such ideas much less seriously; and makes them fear being seen to hold such beliefs because it might make them look stupid in future

I think a LOT of costs could be cut. The script, jokes, and presented pictures could probably be created entirely in a parody thread. (Which would likely also be a lot more humorous).

The HBO budget likely spends a lot on equipment, wages, location etc. You could get away with one cool presenter, a camera, canned laughter and a thrown together set. I don't even think it would be hard to make it seem like you had a live studio audience either, that could be part of the humor. If it does at all well someone may actually bother funding it for real.

It isn't even that hard to get a press license regardless right?

You could go a lot further in taking the piss than they ever could as well.


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Many tribes have gone extinct under the last 6000 years. The jews almost went extinct, but in a dark cave satan contacted them. In return for not going extinct, the jews will do the devils bidding, and be rewarded for it. Each jew is promised 1000 goyim and to rule the world, only answering to the devil.

Ps: I made this up but maybe there is some truth to it

All you really need is a headset.

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I'm beginning to understand why USA can and does wage wars constantly, and this explains quite a bit about UK monarchy.

Muslims usually have their foreskins cut off around near-adulthood (~10 years to 15 years), and they don't have the same neuroticism like jews do. Not as universal.

It is very simple and obvious.
Christianity makes all equal under God.
Judaism specifically makes a difference between Jews and goys. You have core believe, religion teaching Jews that goys are less than Jews.

Most probable. Jews are always angry and vicious, which is then often masked by a smile to engage in conversations among their enemies. I would compare them to praying mantises in the mindset to only deceive, kill, and consume, but not even insects get horny off the thoughts of defiling others like Jews do. Mantis are just hungry and lack complex thinking. Jews are everything Satan.

This. Without their role as eternal outsiders they would have stopped existing a long time ago. Their entire culture revolves around Us vs Them.

First of all no one had great power in the European society. Europe had extreme feudal division. There were no power to hold on. When Europe stepped into imperial state and extreme powers became concentrated then you see Jews infiltrating headquarters of these power centers and taking control of that power.

I had the same thought. It must be due to their schizophrenia and psychopathy.

Is that Jim? He looks like a mixed breed kike.

(Grad Student level) AI researcher here.

Jews have a very different neural structure than other groups of people do. To put it bluntly, the differences are so pronounced that it would be a worthwhile thing to research. Consider a few things that everyone here knows: they seem to tend towards sociopathic behavior very naturally, as a group they have an inability to plan ahead past a certain number of steps, they're vulnerable to a host of mental illnesses, and they have a legendary ability to lie and manipulate artificial systems (Note 1).

Jews are also renowned for their high scores on IQ tests. I will assume this, and assume their high test scores to be accurate; this would be consistent with their ability to manipulate artificial systems such as an IQ test.

I suggest that Jews have a larger neurological ability to learn datasets; that is, they are going to be very good test takers because they are going to be more capable of memorizing what "an IQ test" looks like. We see a similar phenomenon in Asian countries as well, although it is less pronounced than what we see out of Jews.

This corresponds with a phenomenon called "overfitting." If we have a very large neural network attempt to learn a very simple rule and give it a large amount of data and let it train for a very very long time, it may fail hilariously on data outside of the training set; it will have effectively cataloged the entire training set without having tried to "learn a rule." (Note 2)

I suggest that it is possible that Jews do this instead of learning rules. This fits with a few Jewish stereotypes: they tend towards fields such as law and pure mathematics, because those are fields which rely on memorizing and manipulating large systems. However, they are notoriously absent in Engineering; this is because Engineers often make simplifications to their models in order to build "something that works." (Note 3) An evolutionary explanation for why this might be follows: Jews were not considered "of age" unless they had memorized the Torah. They are evolutionarily inclined to need to memorize a very long set of rules, exactly. In other cultures, the need to learn things was limited to somewhat simple rules which could more easily be generalized; we learned very basic natural laws.

From the above, Jews shouldn't be as prone to Stockholm Syndrome as humans are - a lack of neurological ability to generalize makes it harder for Stockholm Syndrome to set in.

There are many things that you can do to exploit psychology. You shouldn't expect the tricks that work on humans to work on Jews, however.

Note 1: One might be inclined to add traits such as a love of scat jokes and pornography to this list. I omit those because they are more likely a result of Jewish culture rather than Jewish neurology. The traits I mentioned are not fully explainable by culture.

Note 2: For example, if I am trying to teach an AI the rule "add 1 to the first number to get the second number," I might give it the dataset (1,2), (2,3), (4,5), (9,10). If my AI is just capable of memorizing all of the dataset, it might not bother to learn the rule - it'll just learn the dataset.

Note 3: One is inclined to add "Medical Science" to the list of things that Jews tend towards. While it is true that Jews do like to go into that field, I suspect that it is more a cultural phenomenon than a neurological phenomenon; I have not met a Jewish doctor who does their job well. Medical Science demands the sort of "simplification of rules" that Engineers do, even if just to ignore image artifacts that CT reconstruction produces.

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Nice post, user. Based on your comment about overfitting (and others), would you suggest that the Jewish psyche exhibits some of the flaws that prevent an AI from displaying true intelligence?

Yes. A parasite must by necessity never become attached to the organism or colony it is infesting. It must have the instinct to seek out and become close to the other but never see the other as anything more than something to consume.

You get an F. Now please fucking lurk for at least two years.

Medical science is likely for two main reasons:
1. Control. The ability to push drugs and become psychologists. Such as military medical officers to prevent whites from enlisting.
2. Themselves. Because you know they need all the medical help they can get with all the genetic problems they have.

Different user, but AIs cannot display what we would call "true intelligence" because what we call "AI" right now is simply an attempt to find an optimal map that performs a certain task well.

"True Intelligence" would include some sort of ability to come up with truly new ideas, which our current AI methods are incapable of.

Jews are capable of coming up with new ideas sometimes - see Communism.

You need to check the methodology on those papers, user. The "high IQ jew" myth is just that.

Communism isn't "new" though. It's a retooled economic christianity.

Jew paid shill confirmed. Thanks for outing yourself. Fellate a shotgun.

Jews make up 0.2% of the total world's population. In complex systems, survivability guarantees progression. Sometimes these survivable traits are not always good. This is why humans have developed sociopathy, manipulation, and rape. Sometimes this can be beneficial in progressing genetic lineage. MacDonald's ingroup beneficience vs outgroup resistance is a great example of why Stockholm Syndrome is absent in Jewish genetics. Caucasians have a higher aspect of outgroup altruism, whereas Jews have a higher outgroup enmity. So naturally there is no basis for Stockholm syndrome to occur.

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posting in a comfy thread

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Yes, as Stockholm Syndrome requires that the prisoner be capable of empathy. The jews lack this, that is why they are capable of some seriously atrocious shit. Remember, they will accuse their enemies of their own atrocities as a form of bragging.

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No. To this day, they worship everything German (such as tech) and treat Germans with a mixture of fear, awe and hatred.

See for an OK-ish answer.

"True Intelligence" is ill-defined, and any time we build a machine that performs a task we are likely to move the goal posts to exclude that task from "True Intelligence."

The Jewish brain exhibits none of the flaws that I would say hinder AI development currently, but that is because AIs have a lot of very basic flaws with them right now. Ask this question in 2 or 3 decades and you'll get a more interesting answer; this isn't the time to ask that question.

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"Stockholm Syndrome" doesn't exist.
What no one ever mentions is that the hostages taken in the Swedish bank robbery which caused the term to be coined, were all women.
What could be more natural, more normal, more in line with healthy functioning, than a woman gushing wet and "falling in love" with the nearest super-alpha male? Nothing, it's completely normal behavior. A hold-over from the days when the tribal men would fight to the death and the winners would inherit the wives and daughers, and women evolved to find their conquerors irresistible.
Obviously in ultra-feminist Sweden, the fact that the female hostages displayed a complete lack of morals and disregard for what is right, instantly "falling in love" (wanting sex with) their captors and defending them in the strongest terms - this was a big cause for embarrassment because everyone is supposed to be equal, how could it happen?
So the kikes in psychology invented a term to explain what is simply unrestrained, natural female behavior.
And nothing has changed.
Stockholm syndrome is not a "coping mechanism", it's the normal pattern of female attraction.

Oh and proof that it isn't a "survival mechanism" used by "abused women" is easy - look at the female response to any "hot" violent criminal who makes the news.
The Boston bombers (whether the event was real or not), or that half-caste who ended up being offered a modelling contract because of the massive outpouring on Facebook from women of all ages.
None of these women had met, or had any reason to fear harm from, any of the men they support so vociferously and irrationally on social media, so the explanation for "stockholm syndrome" can't be applied to them.
Yet it's exactly the same fucking behaviour.
No, SS is a lie, a euphemism, a pretty veil to cover female shame of lust in psychobabble.

The stockholm syndrome is a cultural marxist invention on a bank robbery gone wrong. Bank customers was pissed at the police for being locked up in a vault as hostage for 6 days. They where more worried swat would gun them down then the bank robbers.

Wrong, just plain fucking wrong. We don't celebrate pedophilia and coprophilia in the white sphere yet those fucks have always been around. It's not a case of cultivation but by some freaks just being wired that way, and Jews are a race such freaks. It's evolutionary an advantage for a parasite to generate poisons that weakens it's host. As Jews have always been filthy despite every attempt to humanize them we can conclude that it's in their blood, just like with gypsies, otherwise you enter pure relativism. What you are proposing is indistinguishable from leftist social structures.

This entire thread is predicated on nonsense. Involving yourself in a hierarchy is not "stockholm syndrome."

That sounds like any halfway intelligent person who has worked a regular job.
Perhaps we just don't bitch as much.

It is. But in a sanctioned and healthy way. When a child is properly disciplined by a father pain and submission are involved. The child then identifies with the father, and this is what we want. The captain of a ship inflicts harsh discipline, and the sailors learn to respect and even love their captain. When an unruly citizen of a nation is punished by an authority of the King he comes to respect and adore his King.

Context is key.

Words have meaning. Stockholm syndrome is the misplacement of filial piety onto abusers, not any affiliation up the pyramid of hierarchy.

IMO it's nature. Their beliefs are different than ours, but like us they want to live a good life, thrive, and show their way of life is the most prosperous.

But because their ways are somewhat parasitic because it doesn't thrive unless it has a class to exploit and they refuse to accept that, likely because as long as there's someone to debate there's a class to exploit.

So while they're not doing much different than us, our ways are selfless and allow all to prosper, while their ways are clearly a means to an end.

I forgot to mention that another reason their ways aren't best, is you need to be born into it and you follow the rules or you're dead to it.
Because this leaves people on the fringe of society, as their society has bad habits that come with nature also, it leaves that exploitable class I mentioned before.

When you're not jewish you feel like the only solution is apartheid of some sort. Where they need to be separated from being able to influence laws for those not in their religion.

Their religion really is more political than a religion since it doesn't really constitute a faith in anything sustaining.

Wholy parasitic. This is the reason why Israel is failing as a state. Aryan societies (even up to the fucking French revolution) are based on a tripartite social structure. Sovereignty guiding force protecting fecundity. The jews attempt to put trading/banking (fecundity) at the head, rather than sovereignty, which leads to vaishya morality dominating and the state selling itself.

The same way that rats and roaches survive; they infest the habitats of higher order creatures

We will know the wheel has turned when the first Jew is kicked out of Israel.

Yea, okay. You're not going to mention Martin Luther, or how jews were persecuted in the Crusades to convert?
Sage for doublepost.

A newborn's mind will be rapidly undergoing development. The pain from male genital mutilation causes trauma to the brain that leave a permanent "scar" of sorts in the mind, or so recent studies have suggested.

By the time you are old enough to walk, talk, and generally think for yourself, the brain has developed enough that it would not leave it with the same level of trauma.

double-dub's tell the truth.

there was a spoiled rich girl that was kidnapped by 60's radicals, red october or scarlet september or some shit, and she also became wetter than a drowned rat after a short time with her conquerors.

Patty something, I think.

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One of the things you have to understand is that every kike you see is a literal finger of Moloch enacting his greasy will upon the world. I am a quarter kike, a mishling. Every now and then my thoughts are interrupted by horrific images. Sexual torture, bloody rituals, horrible shit. It lasts barely a second but its like being stabbed with a mental knife. Thing is, my mind is like a senate with 3/4ths of the seats being Aryan, and the rest Jew, and the bastards never win but sometimes they cheat and sneak control for a bit to try and run me off a cliff, or make me stare off into space and when I come to I'm staring at a giant pile of dog shit or a child's ass, and I'm fucking horrified, and it will do that because the kike quarter knows such things upset me.
Now thing is, i actually know a few half kikes and they are torn between kike and white. They need supervision or they will cheat you and not even know it. And the visuals are longer and more intense, and the more kike you have in you, the more Immersive the entire thing is. Like you're the child victim. And you see your own corpse being hacked apart and raped and even though only a few seconds have elapsed, it feels like minutes. I suspect full kikes have this shit on full blast all the time, and are trying to reenact this in the RL.
Something else, Freud was right about, only about kikes, because every kike wants to be molested as a child, kill their Aryan fathers and literally fuck their mothers. How else do you think Crypto Jews are made?

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Patty Hearst, heir to the Hearst publishing fortune?

Genetic memory m8. Just as a hunting dog runs in S shaped paths in front of you, you get that shit in your mind.
Meditation is the key.

The British monarchy male genital mutilation meme is a persistent myth perpetuated by kikes on the one hand and countersemites on the other. In the same way they pushed it on their American shabbos goyim, it seems they take pleasure in forcing it on those they perceive to be beneath them, whether in word or in deed. In this case, it was a lie pushed by the London Jewish community to mark the royalty as Jewish property in their eyes.

>Mazel tov, it's your boy!
And he'll think of it every time he sees that scar.

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