My school is an illegal alien smuggling operation

It's basically full of Mexicans who don't speak English and are here illegally. Will post more proof if this thread gets popular. Most community colleges in Southern California are. No one is doing anything about it and they fucking hate normal white people. They even hate white spicks who've assimilated. This is how they get them in here, they pretend to be students.

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Yeah, and? Report it.
1. You have no proof.
2. We already know this shit happens.
3. You don't care about fixing it. You care about fake internet points.
4. Fellate a shotgun or go back to jeppit. You're not one of us.

that guy in the pic looks kikey to me

Whelp, I came here to say this, but i'll just >> it.

Wouldn't surprise me. The secretary looks pretty spic too.


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Thats not how it works, zogposters always trying to shoot down threads. So you have to keep posting

Post proof, that's how threads get popular

More Q fagging for attention. The mods need to clear the trash from the board. At least 3/4s of the threads are just childish nonsense like this.

I lived most of my life in Southern California. I left 5 years ago and I'm not sure I'll ever go back. This is a major reason why. To have a good life there, you have to be filthy rich. If you're not rich, you have to be Mexican; this ensures that you'll be treated well by other Mexicans, and the white liberals and Jews who control most of the business and government institutions there. If you're poor and white you're basically SOL.

So California is just South America in the northern hemisphere.

I guess it's not worth it. Just frustrating trying to order food and getting a "que?"

And I assume you're not calling ICE is because you're gargling cum?

Should have started with proof you stupid faggot. Sage

looks like you better start shooting up the place user…

t. the fucking fbi

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Hahaha Right!? Radicals are just FBI controlled and not heroes because accelerationism is BAD not the next step we must take before the next US election and we should denounce them not figure out how to rally around them and increase the threat of violence we bring to the table in our political movement without putting ourselves as individual members of the collectivized racial organism at risk

Am I right fellow whites!

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Report it to ICE and stop being a massive faggot.

I would be astounded if ICE listened to him and gave a shit.

It always bothered me that the Doom cover had a second doomguy, but AI teammates weren't included.

Gain their confidence, get some info and call ICE. It's not that hard.
You're in a position to do some real work that a lot of us can't because we don't know any illegals. You have nothing to lose. THIS IS YOUR CRUSADE.

I remember being at the DMV in Tennessee waiting to get my license picture and seeing illegals walk in, go straight to the head of the line, had the desk ladies (fat nigger public workers) white envelops full of cash, and walk out with similar envelops, most likely with licenses in them. At the time they had the license printing machine right behind the counter.

Same year I got a speeding ticket, went to court, and anytime they would call a Spanish name, and no one was present in court, the Judge would hand the document to the clerk and he would shred the paper under her desk. But when they would call a white name, and no one was present, he would issue a warrant for their arrest, and hand it to the court police officer to execute.

They did it right in front of everyone, without even trying to hide it, it was a big red pill moment for me. This was about 2005.

report it to ice

say that you're a trans disabled veteran african american hilldog homosexual that was bullied by illegals and will shoot up the school if they do nothing

Call ICE and report them, you faggot.

Not fooling anyone, Pedro.

1. Lurk moar and come of age though not enforced, 18 is ideal
2. Stop being such a pussy and tell ICE


Look at the shills rushing to shut it down

1-3 of what said

A better point 4 is document it and report it to both federal and local authorities.

All these shills. Everyone knows this is 100% a fact. Still a meaningless thread unless you have a plan.

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dL zandronum and play online… lots of friendo's to play with

White flight user, if you're not in a 95%+ white area you're simply fueling this.

Don't listen to the shills who insist you stay and get stabbed, raped, robbed, and taxed to death in a blue area. You're not being courageous or helping anything by feeding the beast. There's a reason why brown people and kikes hate and fear flyover country - it's because they aren't in control there.

guys, is there a guide for anonymously reporting places to ICE or something of the like? I live in san jose and there is a place nearby that is basically lil mexico. many places are ripe for the picking, just need your help picking is all

bump, any tips would be helpful

This is how far down Zig Forums has sank into the swamp.

This is why everyone must do their duty to create kike-free firsts.

Oy vey!

Reported for not even trying. OP is about illegals at a community college. You just threw "Q, fag!" out there because you didn't know what else to say. You had one job, and you aren't even capable of doing it at a D minus level of competency.

OP that looks like FIU to me…

So why are you posting OP? You should be busy building something somethings in your garage that you plant all over the school.

We do not support that type of shit here, that's why.

At any time, the FBI could shut down illegal immigration. Think about that, FBIfag.

yes spic but not the mexican kind but salvadorian. wew

Are the classes in Spanish? Are you saying they aren't participating in class by turning in assignments (in English) and just sitting in pretending to be a student, wtf OP?


If you don't know what to do at this point YOU should leave and we'll keep THEM. Useless cunt.

if you kill them their families wont report it. you will be doing your country and your race a favour. just a quick pierce through the neck user.

Everyone that pulls this shit should be killed.

OP here. I'm a Christian. I'm not violent. I will be making a documentary about this phenomenon soon. Basically if you are here illegall and you went to highschool for 4 years you can go to this college. have a staff person confirming this on video.

WWIII can't start soon enough.

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I would cut my wrists if I had to live in the DC Metro Area too

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Kek! I can confirm this happens. I used to be leftypilled and a relative of mine got busted for fraudulent activity like t is at the dmv in California. They can make a staggering amount of money doing this, doubling or tripling their already healthy gubment job check easily. I know this person made 5,000 dollars in one day once. It went on for several years.

I'm pretty sure he was talking about building these and placing them around. I don't support this either.

I forgot to attach the appropriate photograph.

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The fuck haven't you called ICE?
If you call it's anonymous, anyone including myself could easily fucking call.

I would like to know more, OP.

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You people are retarded.

soon. I'm thinking I should expose all community colleges. I speak fluent Spanish because I spent 5 years in Spain so I can fake an accent pretty well. I already have lots of 4k footage. Just need to learn video editing.

My community college loves "dreamers"

Enroll at community college

fail remedial English and math three times. Pay to retake other classes giving the school more shekels

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