Judge tells Trump team YOU OWN NOTHING GOY

The prosecutors get access to everything they found and everything includes (((cohen)))'s other clients records over a stripper lawsuit. They even laughed about the fact that they had Hanity's stuff.

It is just
this case lands on her desk.

She was picked to be Clinton's AG and She also WORKED FOR PLAYBOY. These records are also involving a playboy playmate.

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This is the same judge who married George Soros to his asian wife.



So much pure coincidence

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I actually prefer this thread. It gives a little more context in the OP why it's significant that some kike judge married his wife off to the Jew King.

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A dead kimba can’t officiate jack shit

t. the fucking fbi

that's EXACTLY how they described Comey… now look at him.

That's Trump's problem to deal with.
I personally think he's squeamish in that regard…he probably views it as wasteful (which would be true IF the "people" he needed to kill had ANY redeeming value)

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(((cohencendence?))) I THINK NOT BOYS.

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Bill Clinton strikes again


Judge Kimba Wood (Cohen case) officiated George Soros' wedding! Since when is a FEDERAL JUDGE needed for weddings!?


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I contest the notion that there is no good Jew. There is in fact exactly one condition upon which a Jew can be considered "good."

Yes, the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

Whatever happen to lady justice? Take the blindfold off and swing the sword?

What's the next step for Trump here? Can he challenge the ruling in a higher court?

I would, the dumb bitch married off Soros. That just ain't right.

Good. Everything is now inadmissible.


It doesn't matter now. The feds and the state of NY have all the records. They are going to go everywhere with those and just lie about where they got the original information. They will rip through the Trump organization. Trump's taxes. Family members. Other clients of Cohen not related to Trump at all.
Shit will start leaking to the media like crazy from (((anonymous sources))).
There isn't any such thing as attorney client privilege or the 4th amendment anymore.
Some coked out stripper files a lawsuit and they ripped on the constitution.

At this point he might as well just pardon Cohen to keep him from being forced in to a deal.
Russia came up zip and now they are just going to ignore the law and see what they can dig up in Trump's past.

So true, this is just outrageous, the general public needs to realize what is going on, even those that think Trump is an a'hole. There needs to be a backlash or this country is done for.

They will user, but it will take his (((impeachment))) to get through to them. He's also become a generally popular President even with all the bad press and constant attacks. Rassmusen puts him at 51%.

It doesn't really matter anyway. The battle lines are already ideologically drawn and most have picked a side already. If they use any of this to go after Trump they will there will be a reaction.

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What really grinds my gears is Clintion was allowed to abuse the shit out of attorney client privilege even retro-actively naming people her lawyer so that she can then invoke privilege.


The FBI didn't bust in and raid Clintions offices and lawyers for the server. They asked her nicely and she said NO. FBI just went ah-ah-oh-k and slinked away with their tails between their legs. NO FUCKING WAY would anything this heavy handed ever happen to her.

We're living under peak anarcho-tyranny.

Playboy Bunnies were/are at best paid call girls and at worst drugged out sex slaves for Hef and his high powered clients.

Why the fuck wouldn't prosecutors AND defense have access at THE SAME FUCKING TIME?

So, not Jews then?


Degenerate, sure. . . but Jewish?


C'mon. Gotta be Jewish.

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is Kimba Wood a beta kitten programmed women

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It'll be terrible one day when the of rope comes and the kikes protests on their right to trial and client confidentiality. It'll be great to cite this along with many other examples.

Why didn't they just subpoena the records?
Why do they get to just take EVERYTHING including client info not related to the stripper lawsuit? How can Cohen be even expected to mount a defense or even service his other clients when the Feds TOOK EVERYTHING? Phones, computers, files, EVERYTHING. They went in and shut him down.

This isn't about the law any more. The deep state has all of Trump's info now and they will use it against him from every angle. Leaks of that info will start happening on the regular now. This isn't about some stripper payoff. This is about taking out Trump by any means necessary. Legal or not. All out war.

Fine. Hey alphabet niggers, come and get some.

She aged like a rock dropped on her fucking face.

Good. Remember, they already failed to paint Trump as a pedophile rapist. If he can escape that, then he'll come out fine with any leaks. He has decades of experience with the press from his business celebrity days.


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This is really a declaration of war, going all out to anyone involved with Trump.

There's more, fellow goyim. Look at who her husband is

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Judge Kimba Wood was named as "the other woman" in a divorce case in the 90's. Degenerate sack of shit.

This is the most astonishing tyranny I've ever seen in this country. This is unbelievable. Speaking as a lawyer, this shit cannot stand in a democratic society.

You Zig Forumsacks realize the legal system cannot fix itself, right?

This is the thread that needs to be pinned. This is the most astonishing in-your-face, fuck-you-America type tyranny I've ever seen. It is unprecedented.

It is common thing in Russia. This is Zig Forums love affair with Russia.

The smart ones bartered for grades.

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first of (checked) second learn how to fucking post without r3ddit spacing and third, yup time for war there isent much else that can be done when law has officialy died.

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"Sorry judge, I can't hand you the list, but I can hand you a good night sleep with this MyPillow… did you know Scalia used these pillows?

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Quads say this will be looked back upon as the beginning of Civil War II.

between this and the other quint get you might be right about the civil war thing, there is no way this shit wont have consequences.


I should also add all progress Trump makes against the deep state pushes the progress bar back towards "zero."

There is no progress bar blackpiller, this is not an executable program. Life is in a constant state of struggle, or equilibrium, between opposing ideas and movements. By shifting the Overton window he has already made irreversible progress by redpilling the masses (why do you think Europoor populists enjoyed such relative success after Trump?).

No matter how the Trump saga ends, he has created fertile soil for nationalists of all persuasions worldwide, or do you think Nehlen and Arthur Jones are mere coincidences?

Due to the MSM and jewish owned normie infosphere, demoralization and blackpills will continue to rain down on you.

Cease drinking the Kool-aid and focus on reaching the most people possible. Children or goldfish memory drones may not appreciate it, but right now is the most conservative we have been almost in living memory.

Wew, CNN is a Time Warner´s asset, the source of most of the anti-Trump drama.
Who would knew.
Kikes are so predictable.

Checked for truth.

What we're seeing is the snake eating itself. Fearing violence against themselves, they have made it hard to effectively use the same on their enemies. The lust for additional tax payers and free slaves have given them huge populations. All of them potential enemies, because they are in the process of oppressing every single one. The lies grow so big and so many, the truth starts to shine clearly in comparison. With the internet they wanted profits and surveillance, but they couldn't see it would also be the biggest red pilling machine in history.

Hahaha, this is actually great. Judges are so out of control that they're going after attorneys now. Sure some attorneys who hate DRUMPF are going to cheer but many will see this as overreaching and will react badly.

It's also going to get attorneys interested in encryption, those idiots thought that their status alone was enough to protect them from illegal search and seizure.

There's clearly an element of this, but I think the authorities from 25 years ago were genuinely taken in by their own liberal claptrap about the free flow of information and suchlike. They got high on their own supply of rhetoric, came to believe their own rap about the world becoming a better place to live and work through information sharing, and never realized how vital bullshit control was to the structure of society.

I read a fascinating book by an American general once, in which he argued that the Soviet Union collapsed because it wasn't militaristic enough. His case was that if the Soviets had struck Western Europe in the 1970s, they would have won and we'd all be communists now. Twenty years later, if the Red Army had any rebellion in it at all, it could have unseated Gorbachev and ruled a new Soviet Empire for generations. Instead, Gorbachev purged the military and reduced its prestige and budget, gutting the only force that could hold the empire together. The Party might have been the soul of the people, but the Red Army was the load-bearing structure in the Soviet Union. When it was disabled, all hell broke loose.

Information and propaganda are like that in the West. The papers of record and Jew-owned TV networks have borne the weight of an increasingly out of touch and incompetent ruling class for a century. Their control was so total, the Jews at the top forgot why they had it to begin with, just as Gorbachev didn't understand why Russia needed a huge army. Once the internet was opened to the public, we started sharing unauthorized information, from dirty pictures to political screeds. The (((established media))) were WAY too slow to realize the danger, and even as newspapers went under the TV and radio trusts thought they were safe.

After the Meme election of 2016, they don't feel safe anymore. Suddenly, there are white supremacists and radical communists and bug-eyed nationalists all over the place – even Tay went 1488 after 24 hours' exposure to it all – and they're legitimately scared. Pizzagate freaked them out because A) it's real, and B) a completely random, anonymous gang of ironic not ironic Nazi frog shitposters from a Wakandan autism support group busted their asses and put elite pedo rings into the mainstream discourse. If you're a billionaire cannibal who's spent 50 years feasting on children's flesh, that has to feel like a stake held over your heart – we've scared them, because they know the man who will hang them has already been born.

That's change I can believe in.

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Thanks for the whitepill user. Competent and witty bastards like you give the reader hope. Capped.

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Its always so funny to hear people talking about matters they have literally zero understating.

Here is shocking fact for burgers. During Cuban crisis Soviet top military command just disappeared. What!? Yep, out of reach. None of the soviet marshals answered calls from the Kremlin, Khrushchev and Politburo members could not reach any headquarters heads. They all deserted, pretended to be sick or just ignored calls without any fucking explanation. What!? This is how soviet bureaucracy worked, never ever take any responsibility, never make decisions. If shit happens it can't be pinned on you. If all goes well everyone gets the praise. And soviet bureaucracy machine was sure that at the top were only such cucks. Power balance against possible coupes.

Soviets had concept "phone law (rule)". It meant that all important orders we never in the written form. Always by phone unrecorded (can't record top secret lines). Never direct, only vague "your know whats need to be done, comrade". This is how soviet rulers shitted over their subordinates. Shit happens, oh wait this was your initiative :^) lets execute your traitors ass. All goes well, this was mine vocal order :^) Soviet military and everything was totally political impotent long before Gorbachev happened.

It still fucking pisses me off though, fucking rat fucks.

Then who's the judge and jury to convict them?

The Canadian government calls this 'oral culture' and it still exists. I will not deal with the police over the telephone (especially since I caught them lying/covering up), and it really burns their ass.

she may not be jewess
but jews see no conflict of interest
including this one

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More on her friend Judd berstein…playboy honeypot in training too.

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Basically they are trying to go after Trump for what they all are totally guilty of themselves. trump turned on his past and they are trying to make is past part of the present and it will only make their pasts present too.

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I would call losing half the Federal Bench MAGA

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It's not going after but the fear of blackmail, random blackmail of people unconnected to Trump other than through Cohen. This Judge is as crooked as a crack whores ass.

This means Weiners laptop will be dumped onto the net and they will claim russians hacked and shut down the internet. To get rid of the contents. After 48 hours of no internet the public will get antsy and internet will suddenly come back, like a power outage, only minus the contents of Wieners laptop.

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Southern district of new york is nothing but kikes and masons.



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written well heres a you for you

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Please detail the ramification, bearer of quints.

you got something you need to get off your chest, user?
The second such a thing is dumped.. Here is what needs to happen: