Hitler Was a Zionist

Here is a piece of factual, concrete, objective information that is somehow always forgotten about Hitler:

Concrete, objective, factual proof?

I could go on naming many more concrete, objective, factual truths about the Nazi top being pro Zionist, but above should be enough to make one doubt what story is being told. Concrete, objective, factual information never, ever lies.

Remember, kike Herzl always proclaimed the following:

‘The best friend of a zionist kike is an antisemite’

Kike Herzl didn’t mean this antisemitism to include antizionism, as explained by the concrete, objective, factual information above.

Our pro huwhite movement does.

All kikes and judaism must and thus will be obliterated.

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I wish upon thee cancer of the anus.

Fuck off, OP.
I wish Brits to heal from the insanity of their past governments.

You know, the government who, among many things:
Backstabbed boers.
Destroyed Rhodesia by sanctioning and Boycotting it for daring to defy the orders to just surrender to niggers.
Betrayed Germany with the Balfour Declaration which lead to Weimar and ultimately WW2.

And that's just in the last ~80 years.

Losing an entire Empire in the process because of dealing with kikes and destroying itself.

I'm not gonna take your dumb bait and start ragging on current Brits just because they have to deal with being utterly jewed and shitskinned now.

Imagine my surprise when Zig Forums-Breibart 2.0 is filled with lying kikes pushing jewish lies

Just a reminder that the form fascism, which most likely will be the (((solution))) the kikes are going to offer in the coming deliberately instigated kiked economical collapse, is going to have kikes at the top and barely any freedoms. The coming collapse will also further the kikes’ goals of one world government, which the kikes will make have its centre in Jerusalem. The coming collapse will probably cull a shitload of people, because, this is concrete, objective, factual information, the kikes want to reduce the global populace to 500 million.

Remember Hegelian dialectics. Kikes love to use it.

What's wrong with Zionism anyway? I'd rather they be in their own country than mine.

Excuse you?

I was a kike/kike shill because I hammer on the importance of objective, concrete, factual information.

By the way, I do not oppose pro huwhite fascism, but do not support the way kikes are twisting it by, for example, pushing Hitler constantly. I am not saying Hitler was bad or good, just saying that he was a zionist. This is concrete, objective, factual information.

Genuine question
What you posted seems like a sincere genuine comment to make, yet you must realise that Zig Forums has uniquely been pushing and promoting zionist neocon kikes in every worldwide election for the last few years, with the jewish mods banning every single non-jew from here.

So why the pretense that you are posting to 'fellow fashy goys' when you know for a fact that there are only jews that run, maintain and control Zig Forums and no serious discussion has occurred here for more than 3 years, just jews openly taunting and gaslighting the goy

I think "huwite" was being in jest. And even if it wasn't, for the past couple years a (((certain))) mod has been trying to sow the first seeds of discontent through pic related, banning anyone who calls him out on it.

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Kikes do not need an own nation. All kikes and judaism itself have to be completely and utterly obliterated.

Because why not. I need to spew my kike hatred and extensive knowledge of concrete, objective, factual information somewhere. Why not scare the fuck out of kikes with it?

No. You're a faggot for hammering on the phrase "objective, concrete, factual information." And overusing 'huwhite'.

You might as well get a tripcode now, my based huwhite nigger. The effect is much the same.
Literally everybody knows about this. Check any holohoax infograph. Drown yourself in semen. You reek of the oathkike.

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Totally, fellow alt-righter! Our BASED huwhite movement must eliminate this totally icky neonazi stuff if we're to run for a position in the Rebulicans! Shadilay!

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Daily reminder that he was also a meth addict and injected bull semen intravenously.

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kill yourself

The original plan was to ship them off to Madagascar, but Hitler actually didn't care where they went as long as they were gone. The British had trouble with the Arabs when too many Jews went to Palestine, so they raised a fee so high that most Jews couldn't afford it.


I know this is bait and you've escaped your Qontainment board, but I do have this picture of Hitler (although I don't remember the source).

On the other hand, that one user dropped that "Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein" pdf which has absolutely turned my world on its head.

And yet, Hitler being a "puppet" of the Zionists/Rothschilds doesn't preclude him from being a great man who loved his country and hated kikes. He just may have been pulled by unseen strings. (I in no way doubt his sincerity.)

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All these low IQ reactive retards in the thread can't see how this can be used against the (((narrative))).

It totally smashes the Holohoax scam, converts concentration camps back to what they were - deportation camps. It kills the cuckservative Alex Jones narrative of Soros being a Nazi and now "the Nazis were globalists" double speak. It also tells everyone that being pro-Israel is a double standard if you're anti-German-Nationalism. It's absolutely the best suppository redpill there is. It's grade A propaganda.


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Good luck selling that plan to the general populace.

Hm, but what if you just actually give people true information about the holocaust? It fucking discredits itself you moronic kike.



Debunked very quickly

Actually, I'll post a link to that "Einstein" book (which is really about Hitler as an unwitting? agent of the Rothschilds). Unfortunately I can only find locked PDFs, so if anyone knows a place online to unlock it, that would be great. (I've been reduced to taking screenshots instead of making markups…see pics related).

One of PDF related's major premises is that the Satanists/pagans/Saturn-worshipers/whatever who hide behind the jews need antisemitism to force jews into israel, then the "messiah" (who is really just some terrestrial kike) will lead th bondage and theft of all the goyim.
(It's 2000+ pages, so….I'm still plodding through it.)

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Lol it's this factual concrete objective faggot again. user warned me it would strike again. What a miserable prick.

Havaara Agreement was out of a combination of desperation to rid Germany of disgusting yids but also a touch of humanity as to not simply genocide them all.

We're not going to be so nice.

Run Jew, run=

Yeah, bombard the brainwashed with stats. You realize we are in the most feminine minded generation the history of mankind right?

Hitler deported Jews. DEPORTATION CAMPS
Globalism isn't Nationalism
Leftists are against Zionism. Go to any college campuss.
white genocide
100% Rightwing. That's why Zionists are mostly rightwing (to normies).

I'm sorry, I didn't know Zig Forums was now in the bussiness of defending Israel to Leftists. I know Hitler wasn't. He just DEPORTATED THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE RUINING THE ECONOMY.
Federal Reserve and usury talk.


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100% debunked again OP

The concrete factual objective faggot i's at it again, this time instead of shitting up threads he's just creating his own concrete, factually, objectively shit threads. Go kill yourself OP. Sage and reported

So if I'm not telling cuckservatives how evil Hitler was, that means I'm defending Israel from leftists? Fuck off, kike.

Lie, Hitler was solving the Jewish problem through deportation, there is a difference between:
It is a sign of their rising confidence and sense of security that at a time when one section is still playing the German, French-man, or Englishman, the other with open effrontery comes out as the Jewish race
From Mein Kampf

Lie. If so post the genealogical tree, and show which of his ancestors were jews.

He arrested them.
Stole their money.

Concentration camps were actually deportation camps under the Haavara Agreement, did you know that, Jennifer? Hitler never planned a mass genocide

See how easy that was? And I didn't even have to explain complex execution and Zyklon B information

That makes zero sense. Cuckservatives love Israel and will die for it. They are also Rightwing. Hitler was rightwing.

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I know right, it could push some really fascinating threads about Space Elevators and how fashy and based it is to bomb isreal's enemies down one notch.
Thankfully the based mods have pinned a dozen or so super bad zio neocon kike promoting Breibart tier propaganda promoting Trumps jewish administration so they wont be lost.
And you can quit fake pretending to be an outraged 'based super bad user on a board that has uniquely been promoting jewry for the last 3 years and banning anyone not jewish.

What you mean the concentration camps weren't death camps but deportation camps?


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Faggots like you forget madagascar

What you mean the concentration camps weren't death camps but deportation camps?


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Obviously, the faggots saying Hitler is a zionist are Bibi puppets trying to get us to justify the existence of the nation causing all our wars

So based and fashy fellow goyim, greater isreal project For Teh Win!

Yes g- I mean based maga pede, we must secure the existance of based israel and a future world war 3

Obviosly kikes are not as good at propaganda these days as we are. And the only use this on Zig Forums which is already redpilled. Try using this in a debate with Ben Shapiro and watch him shit his pants.

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Also what is more important? Getting less people to support pissrael (which the majority of rightwing people do already, especially Christians) or to redpill people on the fact that the Nazi-holocaust myth is a fucking myth?

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You can do both with the madagascar thing
Keep in mind the holocaust was made up so Israel could be created


And that's how you do it. Zig Forums is so affraid someone on here might get bluepilled. It's not even possible at this point.

But normies will have to deal with a historical fact, which implants a 'seed of doubt'.

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You've been playing Fallout: New Vegas recently, haven't you?

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I dunno I see so many blind Trump and Putin followers here Assad is the only world leader who has done nothing wrong

It's the location
If it was isolated from the rest of the world then good but Israel is stiring shit and everyone else has to pay for it

1. Hitler tried to deport Jews under Havaara Agreement.

2. Zionism is based on the Holocaust.

Synthesis. The Holocaust is questionable because Hitler was deporting Jews to Israel, not trying to exterminate them. Therefor so is Israel's claim on Palestine

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Trump will come and go. The Holohoax is the fucking lynch-pin to white genocide and the entire (((matrix))).

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Have a concrete, objective, factual sage, kike.

Oh I know but while Trump will come and go the neocons and Israel will find another BASED Puppet, while The Jewish aka the Russian Mafia will find another puppet at some point over there

Imagine my embarrassment

That does deserve a sage but the entire can be used against OP. OP is not god.

Yes but all that matters is white genocide.
Otherwise we'll be living in the Planet of the Apes, or a Chinese slave planet. Either way, that's the end of everything for everyone. No star trecking, no ubermensche supermen, no animal rights, nothing but a slip-slide backwards until the earth finally kills the infection of the Chink-BORGs

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For those mentioning the concrete, objective, factual truth that Hitler wanted to ship the kikes to Madagascar, I’d have to remind you, based huwhite bro’s, of another piece of concrete, objective, factual information.

The kiked British initially offered a depopulated part of Uganda to the kikes as an own nation. Kikes, with kike Herzl being the main kike in this, refused and insisted on the kikes going to Palestine. This is concrete, objective, factual information.

Oh, and inferior kike shill Carl Jung was very involved with creating the poor kike propaganda narrative post WWII. Carl Jung was part of the kiked Vienna physchology club. Kike Freud was also part of it; in fact, kike Freud was the leader. This is concrete, objective, factual information.

Now, Hitler was homeless and sleeping on the streets of Vienna as a WWI veteran at the same time as this kike psychology group was active in Vienna and in contact with ziokikes like Herzl.

This is concrete, objective, factual information. I am not using subjective, emotional manipulation.


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Kike Sidney Warburg is irrelevant.

The Warburgs are a kike banking family comparable to the likes of Schiff, Baruch, Morgan, Peabody, etc. (Not naming the obvious kike banker families like Rockefeller and Rothschild on purpose) This is concrete, objective, factual information.

It is also a concrete, objective, factual truth that the Warburg kikes were present on the kike banker gathering on Ellis island in the early 20th century. The kike heirs of the kikes present there still hold the privately owned kiked FED. This is concrete, factual, objective information.

Kike banker Paul Warburg was the head of the kiked FED before and during WWII. Back in huwhite Christian Germany kike Max Warburg financed Hitler. This is concrete, objective, factual information.

Now, kike Max Warburg became the head of the Gestapo, the kiked CIA of the Nazis, later on. Kike Max Warburg was in contact with kike Paul Warburg prior to and during WWII. This is concrete, objective, factual information.


Source Nigger


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uh huh

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mmm hmm

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dang, now it doesn't count

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The juden have had influence in England ever since Cromwell the traitor commited treason, killed the King and invited all the jews in as his first action.
That led to scum like Rothschilds entering and war profiteering, robbing the noble classes first, then enslaving the rest of the populace.
Since 1930, the zionists have held majority control over parliament, clawing more and more power as the decades have gone on, until now, there is nothing English left in it, not a grain of true resistance.
That the English will be blamed for this subversion and kikery is unfortunate, but it happens with every host nation that the juden infest and use to parasite off, discarding the empty remains afterwards.
Look at what happened to Poland.
They "chose" to play sanctuary to the juden in Europe for 800 years, when every other country had been trying to kick them out. This meant the infection kept coming back and back.
Poland was then rewarded by the juden by "Russian" occupation for 40 years or so, and is currently being blamed for the non-existent six million.

As for supposed English doings, if you look behind them, the root is always the juden. Every single time.
Try the opium wars to start with, it began with one man, guess what he was.
A lot of divide and conquer is set against "the anglo", when in reality it is the same source as usual.

sage the thread you astounding newfaggot and then start your two years over

The Sassoon's.

okay i get it i'm wasting my time trying to kill garbage threads
fuck it then, i have work in a couple hours anyway

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Wake up mods, TRS is raiding.

The eternal anglo poster was a Turk trying to make English people hate Germans.

No they aren't; they're "liberist capitalists" in economics, "moderate liberals" in social issues, "anti-statist" in governance issues and jews spiritually (self-interest above all).

Hitler was "socialist" in economics, "ethno-centric" in social issues, "ultra-statist" in governance and christian spiritually (values/morals + far too kind)
He explicitly denied and rejected the false dichotomy of left/right.

"right wing" is fascism (whom also denies the dichotomy), which is: "corporatist" in economics, "nationalistic" in social issues, "ultra-statist" in governance and christian spiritually.

If you don't understand the meaning and multiple (subjective) nuances and interpretations of the bracketed terms you don't belong in any discussion of politics.

Also pretends Warburg leaded the NS-intelligence, while it was actually the Kaiserreich intel. Its either a shill or an illiterate Qnigger.

Kill yourself for bumping this

This is intellectual retardation. The kind practiced over at Zig Forums in which nothing of substance was said and now your suddenly arguing over unimportant labels. Like getting into an argument about what makes a chicken a chicken when all we are trying to do is take inventory of how many chickens we have. You are over hear slowing everybody down insisting we also count that duck in while simultaneously insisting we not count the chicken because it didn't lay an egg yesterday

Just focus on concrete, objective, factual information. Ideologies are kike promoted subjective, emotional manipulations. Divide and conquer tactics. The entire right versus left is a major kike scheme. Anything that doesn’t fit into the kike narrative for this kiked Hegelian dialectics controlled opposition system, meaning anything that is pro huwhite (certain forms of fascism, racial, ethnic, cultural pride and honour, traditionalism, rational, spiritual Christianity, Austrian school of economics (which is, unsurprisingly, also kiked) etc), is considered extremist by the kikes.

If you hadn’t noticed, the kikes have their goal set: one world government with the kikes at the top and major culling of non jews, with the non jews surviving being enslaved by the diabolical fake kikes. The kikes constantly create fake kiked problems and offer ready kiked solutuons to further their goals. This is the hegelian dialectics so loved by kikes. If kikes and judaism itself aren’t completely obliterated, the kikes will try reaching these goals indefinitely as the diabolical, inferior zombies the kikes are. See the added picture about the kike book called the Talmud. This is concrete, objective, factual information.

Don’t let the kikes trap you in subjective, emotional, manipulative boxes. Focus on concrete, objective, factual information.

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Global report.

Give source already you concrete factual nigger